Alright, peeps, final boss, so play "Seven Rings In Hand" by Crush 40 (link on Unholy Frightmare's page on the Wiki.). Here we go!

Kirby, Darkrai, plus the evil nightmarish incarnation hovered far over the town of Nightmare Land, ready for their battle. "Oh, if it isn't my dear friend, Kirby. What happened 300 years ago will not happen again! Once I'm through with you and my son, Nightmares will RUUULE!"

"Mweh… POYO!" Kirby exclaimed.

"Enough blabber, Father! Let us END this!"


Final boss: Unholy Frightmare

Kirby and Darkrai charged toward the evil incarnation as Frightmare waved his arms, throwing mini dark stars that Kirby was able to deflect with his Star Rod. "Hey, Boss! Kirby, it's Customer." Customer's voice sounded through a PA. "Listen: that thing is still being controlled by Darth Blinks on the inside. If you can break Blinks' control, Nightmare should fall."

"That big beast is ugly, nyar! Don't despair, nyaaah!" Bowyer exclaimed.

"HWHACK him once for me!" Yarodivich shouted.

"Don't fear, my Nightmares." Darkrai said. "His power should be weakened by all the damage from before. Let's attack, Kirby!"


"Mwah ha ha ha! As if a couple of children could harm me in anyway! I'll show YOU ALL fear! AHH ha ha ha HAA!" Kirby dodged more as Frightmare launched rapid stars at him. Darkrai caught some inside his cloak and spat them back at Frightmare's face. Frightmare vanished and warped behind them, wrapping its many arms around Darkrai. As the current king struggled to get free, Kirby fired his own stars at the arms, forcing him to release.

Frightmare then warped several feet in front of them and started throwing large slashes with its large fingernails. "Mwah ha ha ha! You can't avoid me forever! DARK VOID!"

"POY!" Kirby exclaimed at a giant Dark Void ball which Frightmare launched. Darkrai flew in Kirby's way and hit it back with his sword, then had to keep bouncing it back and forth as Frightmare did so. Kirby then caught the Dark Void on the tip of his Star Rod, spun, then tossed it back, stunning Frightmare.

"UGH! Your power is STILL great…"

"You've seen NOTHING, yet. AHHH-YAH!" With that, Darkrai charged his sword and sliced Frightmare down the middle, splitting him in half. They then noticed Darth Blinks on the inside. "There he is, Kirby. Attack him!"

"Pie!" Kirby said, flying fast as a shooting star to the dizzy Gungan.

"BLYPE!" Blinks exclaimed, shooting lightning hands at Kirby. Kirby inhaled the lightning and blasted it right back, stunning him. Kirby then proceeded to beat him several times with his Star Rod before charging his wand and blasting the whole form back. The Unholy Frightmare put itself back together, then started launching fly swarms at them.

"OOF! Your power is nothing compared to mine!" Frightmare yelled, firing needles at them, too. Kirby just inhaled all the flies and spat them back at the needles, destroying them. One more needle came at Kirby, but he grabbed on and started riding it, driving into one of Frightmare's many slug eyes.

The Unholy Frightmare then launched a Fear Scream, but Darkrai countered with his own scream, the two blasts of energy holding the other back. Kirby shook more stars over to Frightmare, doing some damage, resulting in Darkrai's blast pushing back Frightmare.

"Watch out for those portals!" Darkrai exclaimed as dark portals started appearing around the area, trying to suck Kirby in. He was nearly captured before using his shooting star speed, flying over to Frightmare.

"Watch out for that tornado!" Annie exclaimed from the throne room as Frightmare split himself open, revealing a massive tornado that started sucking them in.

"Huhu, LOOK THERE!" Eenus yelled. "That's Gungan's in the tornado! Purdy stupid, huhu!"

"I'll handle it!" Darkrai said, slashing horizontally through the tornado with his sword.

"Poyo!" Kirby said, unleashing a swarm of shooting stars into the tornado. They all spiraled and shocked Frightmare, destroying his tornado, revealing Darth Blinks. Kirby then proceeded to shoot more stars at the stunned Gungan. He shot over to the Gungan and whacked him with the Rod like a baseball bat, then flew back over to Darkrai as Frightmare reassembled himself.

"Give up, Father! The Power of the Stars will shone upon and defeat you once again!" Darkrai exclaimed.

"Pie!" Kirby followed.

"…Uwah! Such power the two of you possess. But this isn't the end! The Nightmares shall RULE yet." He then extended several tentacles from his back that tried wrapping around them, but Darkrai and Kirby sliced them off with their weapons, then eluded as Dark Void lasers shot at them. "I will make this a whole UNIVERSE of Nightmares, ruling as the most powerful spirit in all Galaxia!"

"Oh, give me a break." Darkrai said. "These bad guys and their plots."


"I give him an 'A' for effort." Customer said.

"And then I'll give Customer his old, stubby legs, mwah ha ha ha!" Frightmare said.

"Gah! Quick, Boss, destroy him!"

The Unholy Frightmare then launched thousands more stars that the two heroes had to knock back, and Kirby destroyed all Vocaloid Dolls that came his way. He launched another Fear Blast, but Darkrai caught in his cloak, screaming it back. Frightmare then created more dark portals that fired asteroids at Kirby from all directions, but he inhaled them and spat them at Frightmare's eyes. When Frightmare threw more fingernail slashes at Kirby, Darkrai sliced them with his sword, then cut off the arms.

"OHH! !" Frightmare flew back in pain, then launched another star storm at them. Kirby and Darkrai barely knocked them away just in time to see another gigantic Dark Void ball. Frightmare threw the large sphere at his son, but Darkrai caught it in his hands, barely pushing it back. Just before the sphere could overpower him, Kirby shot up and gave an extra push of energy on the ball, the added momentum knocking it back over and stunning Frightmare.

"This is it! Let's do it, Exor!"

"Yes! ! For the sake of shutting you up!" With that, Darkrai charged his sword and sliced Frightmare vertically, horizontally, Diagon Alley- er, diagonally, then stabbed him.

A small hole was then visible because of the stab and Kirby shot inside, flying through a dark realm and finding Darth Blinks. The Gungan used his lightning once again on Kirby, but the Star Warrior absorbed it all in his Star Rod. Once Blinks was tired out, Kirby beat him with the Star Rod a couple more times before firing the lightning right back.

Outside, Darkrai, and everyone on Nightmare Land watched as the Unholy Frightmare began exploding all around. "N-NO! Wh-What is happening? !"

"Now it's your turn to be scared." Darkrai said as Kirby shot out of Frightmare, holding the unconscious form of Blinks. The puffball dropped him back on Nightmare Land before flying back up to Frightmare.

"No… NO! The Power of the Stars has bested me again! I cannot be beaten by a pint-sized puff again! I… I… AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! !" And with that, the Unholy Nightmare's form started scattering into dark matter until it was just the small form of Darkrai the First, who looked just like current Darkrai.

"Poyo?" Kirby looked confused.

"Ugh… ugh… GAAAAHHHH!" Soon, Darkrai I's form dissolved into matter as well.

Kirby waved his wand and captured all the matter into the Star Rod, then fired it all at Nightmare Land Town Square, remaking the Nightmare Statue. Kirby waved his Rod around before it vanished, then flying back down to Nightmare Land, followed by Darkrai (stop the music).

The many citizens of Nightmare Land cheered as Darkrai landed back down in his true form. The old King couldn't help but blush at all the applause he was getting.

"BOSS!" He looked over and saw Customer, his henchmen, and all the operatives running over to him. "Boss! The two of you did it!"

"That's our king!" Mack exclaimed.

"Darkrai saved the day, nyar! Hail to the king, nyaaahh!" Bowyer sang.

"Heh heh! Let's see if he still thinks you a failure now!" Yarodivich said.

"Yeah, Darkrai, that was pretty cool!" Rachel said.

"Heh, being a half-spirit ain't really so bad after all!" Virginia said.

"I wonder if you'll ever get to use that sword?" Katie asked.

"Oh, it was nothing, really." Darkrai replied. "It's just my job as a spirit."

"Yeah, a spirit that totally kicks butt!" Emily said.

"And, of course, Kirby helped, too." Nova smiled to the little pink puff.

"Poyo!" Kirby smiled.

"Well, now that that's over with, what about him?" Kami asked, pointing to Jar Jar, still unconscious.

The two slowly approached the fallen Gungan, who lost his robe, and he slowly woke up to face them. "Oh… wha… whuh-suh HAPPEN? !"

"He doesn't remember?" Eva asked.

"Of course. It seemed, all this time, he was possessed by the Holy Nightmare." Darkrai explained. "About 30 years ago, I sensed a great darkness coming from Nightmare Land. It must've been a part of Darkrai the First, escaping from his prison and finding a dimwitted vessel to use for his evil plot to escape."

"And that vessel was Jar Jar?" Ava asked.

"Heh, don't get any dumber than that." Kweeb replied.

"Ooh, Da'ky. I-sa possess by a monster?" Blinks asked.

"Yes, Jar Jar, for a long time. But you're safe now. The Holy Nightmare is at rest once again. The universe is safe."

"Oh-si, dankie, dat good thing about dat. How 'bout some milk?" he asked, holding up several milk bottles.

Everyone just exchanged glances and each took a glass, drinking it.

Nigel yawned, "Speaking of which, this is one night I'll never forget."

Rachel yawned, too. "We need to get some sleep."

"Got that right." Violet yawned. "It's nearly morning."

"Oh, finally." The spider said. "Time ta get sleep." With that, he walked off.

"COOKIES!" Cookie Monster exclaimed, following after him.

"But ah never got to hear a knock-knock joke!" Eenus whined.

Jar Jar approached him. "Knock-knock."

"Who's there? !"


"Book, who?"

"Bookie WOOKIE!" With that, Jar Jar held up the Textbook History of Textbooks and crushed Eenus with it.

"Huhu, that's a good 'n', huhu! Huhu!"

"Mmmm, but I never got my car fixed!" Mr. Oldman whined.

"Handle it on your own time." Darkrai said. "Come on, kids, let's get you back home." With that, they followed Darkrai back to the transporter.

From high atop the Spear Pillar, Dialga, Palkia, and all the gods just watched on their reflecting pool as all this happened. "So… the Holy Nightmare Spirit awakened." Cresselia said.

"And was vanquished by the children." Dialga said.

"The Kids Next Door have helped us once again." Palkia finished.

"See? What do I keep telling you guys?" Grim asked, sitting with them at their large table. Compared to the rest of the gods, Grim appeared quite small. "These kids can hold their own just fine."

"Don't go placing your faith just yet, Grim." Dialga said. "We all know who is returning."

"Or should we say YOU do." Palkia remarked to Dialga. "O God of Time."

"Mind your mouth, Brother."

"We talk with our minds, not our mouths."


"Yes, yes, the Dark Master is returning." Grim interrupted. "But if those kids could handle their minions before-"

"'Tis not just the Dark Master we have to worry about now." Dialga said.

"The Eight Firstborn have been apart for too long now, and are feeling the urge to reunite again." Giratina continued.

"They have already sent the calls out to their Guardians. Any time, now, the Guardians will find and reunite them." Rayquaza proceeded.

"Bzzrpt. Chances of Guardians reuniting Firstborn are: 99.99%." Regigigas stated.

"Already, the Time-Space bonds are breaking." Palkia said. "Pretty soon, the Gap Between Dimensions will be opened… and He will be unleashed into the universe."

"If the right ones do not find the Eight Firstborn first, our very reality could be threatened." Dialga continued.

"The children alone are not enough." Cresselia finished.

"Hmmm…" Grim closed his eyes and thought for a minute.

"Don't worry." The many spirits turned to look at Clockwork, who had just flown in. "The children will be fine. I've already sent for help. As a matter of fact… help… was already there." With that, he showed a vision in the reflecting pool.

A large spaceship had just flown in Earth's atmosphere, coming down and landing in the forest. A staircase lowered itself and out came several creatures: a blue hedgehog with running shoes, a two-tailed yellow fox, a red echidna, a pink hedgehog in a dress, a purple cat girl, a black and red hedgehog, a silver hedgehog, a bat girl, two Italian plumbers, a princess in a pink dress, and a kid with a mushroom head with red polka dots.

"Hoo. Can't believe we made it through that." The red echidna, Knuckles said.

"Heh. Blue Typhoon never fails, heh heh!" the yellow fox, Tails said.

"I'm gonna be sick for weeks." The pink hedgehog, Amy said.

"Mama Mia." The plumber in green, Luigi said.

"Mama Luigi!" his brother, Mario said.

"Oh! We have to find Yoshi!" the princess, Peach said.

"And Omega, too." The bat, Rouge said.

"I'm worried about Cream." Amy replied.

"I've tracked Lord Bowser and Dr. Eggman to this world." The black hedgehog, Shadow said.

"I wonder what they could be planning here?" the silver hedgehog, Silver asked.

"Whatever the reason for avoiding us, we must save our friends and stop them." The purple cat, Blaze said.

"I've detected a military base here." Shadow replied. "They seem aligned with GUN, in some sort of interdimensional agreement."

"Those guys sure are high-tech, huh?" Amy asked.

"Well: I don't know what Eggman could be doing here…" the blue hedgehog, Sonic began, "but he's crazy if he thinks he can outrun me!"

"Well said, Sonic." Tails said.

"Ready, Mario?" Luigi asked his brother.

Mario nodded. "Here we GOO!"

"Hi. You've reached the auto-repair shop. If you'd like to make a call, please leave a message at the beep."


"Hello? It's Mr. Oldman. My car got wrecked! I drove it into a giant monster, and now it's gone. I need to have it fixed to get back to the home. My location? I'm in a floating city that's eleventy kamillion miles from Earth's atmosphere. I need my car fixed to get back to drink my prune juice. Hello? Is this the right number? I never learned how to work with phones. Hello?"

The old auto-repair shop was dark and gloomy from not being used in ages, the only sound coming from that old phone. Wesley Dodds ignored the old man's call, walking past the room down to a secret basement chamber, where he sat at a round table. He watched as several old men entered in through a door on the opposite side.

"The Members of the White Lotus heard your call… Brother Dodds." Master Piandao said.

"What reason had you to summon us to this world?" Master Pakku asked.

"…" Dodds was silent.

"You had the dream again, didn't you?" Iroh asked.

"The vision?" Jeong-Jeong followed.

He nodded. "Yes."

"…So did we." Iroh said.

"Hello?" Mr. Oldman's voice could still be heard. "I want my car fixed. The Nightmares won't do it. I'm too uninteresting for aliens to aid me. Hello? When will I have the right numberrrr." He sobbed.

Ho… and so ends the Nightmare Series. Next time… you guessed it: Legend of the Eight Firstborn. I'll see you then.