A young woman constructed a structure made of obsidian that stood by the wall. The structure itself was not that impressive, for it was a oval that stood against a wall. A jet of flames from the woman's flint and steel however, made this structure beyond impressive. Within the oval, purple particles flew out and a set of purple swirls occupied the inside of the structure. She gave a smirk, obviously having accomplished something she had wanted to do for a while. The woman in question had brown hair that complimented her brown eyes. She wore a lab overcoat on a black shirt and black skirt. She wore black boots that hugged her feet as she walk, barely out of repair thanks to careful actions in her feet. She stepped into the howling portal frame, and soon was transported to a red wasteland.

The wasteland itself was littered with danger. Lava pools covered the below spaces, while dark red fortresses groomed over some the land scape. Pig-like zombies littered some of the landscape but meant no harm, despite carrying gold swords. She took out a pickaxe and began to mine some of the red stone. Some of it was on fire and she saw that it would not go out after a period of time. She had a bunch of this red stone, which she had now dubbed "Netherrack" and saw a wonderful glowing object in front of her. She grabbed some Netherrack and safely destroyed some of the glowing stone. "Glowstone Dust" came out from the stone material and she greedily grabbed the dust. After some time though, she heard a strange noise.

She look behind her to see a white blob with nine tentacles underneath it. It had tears in it's closed eyes, and she almost felt sympathy for the creature until it opened it red eyes. She was shaken back a bit, and the creature leered forward with it's white tentacles coming closer for her. She screamed, thinking it would attack her. She knew afterwards this wasn't the case at all. She could feel the tentacles grab at her skirt and lab coat, pulling both off. Four of the tentacles grabbed her wrists and ankles, and she felt helpless as it shook off her boots and ripped her shirt. One of the tentacles went into her panties, going into her slit.

She screamed as it plunged in deeper, feeling a deep sense of pleasurable pain. Two more of the tentacles wrapped around her bra and ripped it off. They pulled and tugged at her breasts, and she screamed even louder. The sound of air coming in and out came from her slit, and she felt immersion of pleasure which escaped through her throat as moans. The tentacle went deeper into her pussy, and then she gave a large moan and juice began to back up against the tentacle. The tentacle shot out, and the juice flowed out. Her breasts were tightly squeezed now, so much they started to drip a little bit of milk. The tentacles loosened around her breasts a little, and now the free one went into her ass.

She could feel the tentacle moving around her ass as it began to move inside. She felt so much pleasure now that all she could give out where large and loud moans. The tips of the tentacles on her breasts touched her nipples and she felt pure steamy heat through her face. The tips made her feel a massage on the breasts and then the Ghast retracted the tentacle out of her ass and let go of her breasts. The tentacles gently put her onto the red barren ground, leaving her only in her panties. Slightly drugged from the intercourse, she stumbled into the portal, feeling bits of pleasure escape slowly.

The End.