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Kaitou Kid, Phantom Thief

"Just who do you think you are?" The leader growled. He knew he was beaten, but he wanted to take out his frustration in some way.

"Me? I'm Kaitou KID, Phantom Thief. Pleased to make your acquaintance," Kaito bowed deeply and then disappeared in a puff of smoke just as the policemen came rushing into the building. They knew where the intruders probably were. They burst into the gem exhibit, but were completely unprepared for the sight that beheld them.

Their intruders were all stuck to the floor and surrounded by pieces of confetti. The police looked around, checking to see if anything was damaged. They couldn't see anything wrong. Then one young man called out, while standing next to the Shah Diamond case.

"Sir, this one is empty! And there's a note here!"

A man with a thin moustache strode over to him and took the note. 'To my dear friends in the police force: I'm sorry, but I just had to have the Shah Diamond. I think it's much happier now. I also apologize for the short notice. Next time, I'll remember to call before I host a show so you can enjoy it too! Sincerely, Kaitou KID' There was a doodle of a grinning face with a top hat and monocle next to the signature. The man turned red with anger.

"Is this guy screwing around with us? I'll show him Division Two isn't that easy to play with!" He crumpled up the paper and flung it to the floor in irritation. "I, Ginzou Nakamori, vow here and now: I'll catch this Kaitou KID !"

A few days later…

The whole incident at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum made global headlines. The owners of the Shah Diamond were in a panic. Kaito tried not to laugh when he heard about the Tokyo police's promise to get it back. Meanwhile, the note left behind at the crime scene was baffling them all. No one knew of any Kaitou KID, and criminal psychologists were already trying to figure out who it was. Kaito considered sending another note, but he knew Shinichi would take him apart, stuff him into a mailing box, and send him to police headquarters if he did.

Shinichi was back from the hospital now, and already worrying about how to make up the work he missed. Kaito told him not to stress so much, but Shinichi would hear none of it. Kaito finally hid the phones and kept him away from the computers to prevent him from calling Heiji about the work he had missed. Their mother had practically strapped him down to his bed, and told him to stay there or go back to the hospital. Shinichi stayed and put up with it.

Jii kept coming over and thanking Kaito for everything he had done. Kaito told him it would all be even if Jii became his own assistant. The older man said he would seriously consider it.

But Kaito knew that his best partner would always be Shinichi. Even though they butted heads so much now, they were still as close as twins should be. They were firmly keeping the promises they made to each other.

Shinichi had considered telling the police the truth about the diamond, but Kaito and Jii advised against it. No one would believe that the Shah Diamond had been a magical gem that could grant immortality. It was just too obscure a legend to take seriously, especially now that it was gone. And the police believed that some new thief had stolen the diamond anyway. A teenager was an unlikely culprit.

Surprisingly, the men that the police had apprehended were silent about everything. They didn't admit to knowing anything about the diamond, but they couldn't deny the attempted murder of Shinichi Kuroba, a 'young, innocent teenage detective who was investigating a possible break-in'. They were charged and convicted of this, and unofficially with assisting the theft of the Shah Diamond. That at least made the owners slightly happier.

Even with all these loose ends tied up, or being worked on, Kaito still felt like something was missing. He wondered about it for a few days and finally came up with a conclusion.

Kaito sat on the roof with Shinichi. His brother was finally allowed by their mother to move around as long as Kaito kept an eye on him. Kaito had taken this job with mock seriousness, following him like a puppy everywhere, much to Shinichi's exasperation. He even gave Shinichi a plastic eyeball to hang onto when he went into the bathroom.

But their moments on the roof were always more serious. These were the moments that they were just brothers.

"Kaito," Shinichi said softly. "Dad just wants us to follow our passions now, right?"

"Yeah," Kaito agreed. He really didn't want to ruin the moment yet, but Shinichi had reminded him of the revelation he had recently stumbled upon. He would wait for the perfect moment to spring his trap, in a way that would have even impressed his father.

"I mean," his twin continued, "We found the diamond and got rid of it, so Dad's work is done."

"Do you feel like he's left us hanging?"

"I guess so. I suppose I wanted something else that he left, some kind of last advice."

"You just said it. He wants us to be free to do what we want to do." Kaito waited for a few seconds of silence. Not yet, not yet…


"Hey, Shin-chan~, do you remember what you said a while ago? You promised you'd never put me in a situation where you might lose me, right? I've been thinking about that. You do realize it opens a whole world of opportunities for me, right? So could you be a detective who's after me, but who doesn't actually catch me? I think I really like this whole phantom thief thing, but it'd be even more fun if there's competition."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm Kaitou KID-ding!"

The End, or Is It?

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