"Merry Christmas, Jack." Liz handed him an envelope. She was proud of this gift, although going up against the world's greatest gift giver was always daunting.

"Let's see what the 'bird of creativity' has brought me this year." He opened the envelope and read the stationery inside.

"One year of free babysitting." He looked at Liz. "Well thank you Lemon, that's very thoughtful for when Sherry has an off day."

"You're welcome. I'll have a great time doing it."

"No doubt. If fact, my present to you is actually the opportunity to babysit Liddy for a year."

Liz grimaced. "Really?"

"No." He handed her an envelope of his own.

"Huh, it's a newspaper clipping." She opened it and read.

"Kabletown executive Jack Donaghy is leading a consortium to purchase clothing chain Brooklyn Without Limits from its parent company, Halliburton."

"Jack, this had to have been a lot more than zero dollars."

"Yes, but I'm not giving you the store. I'm buying it with the expectation of making a tidy profit... including off of you. I got a good deal because Cheney, uh, owed me one. So in fact, it's a negative-cost present."

Liz's face lit up as she realized the implications. "I won't be supporting Halliburton anymore!"

"Yes, no more choosing between your 'lesbian Mario Brothers' look or buying your clothes from a right wing extremist." He grinned. "Instead, you'll be buying them from me."

Liz looked around. "Boy, you really went overboard with the Christmas decorations around here this year..."

Jack shrugged.

She realized something else. "And you were accusing me of getting a self-serving gift!"

"What do you mean?"

Liz smirked. "You're the one that's going to get to see me in those jeans every day."

Jack nodded. He had to admit, that was going to be a nice benefit. He, and the rest of New York, was going to enjoy that.