Life Is But A Song

by Willowfan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney movies or Glee. I'm just mushing them together and seeing what comes out.

Spoilers: None unless you have never seen the Buffy Musical Episode or the first two seasons of Glee.

Pairings: Quinn/Rachel (eventually), Brittany/Santana

Rating: T

A/N- I just had this CRAZY idea and couldn't shake I wrote it down. I hope you like it. I am also going to be adding to a few other stories soon...hopefully before Christmas. Thanks for your patience.

Rachel brushed her long, dark hair out as she stared blankly into the mirror. Her thoughts weren't really on the here and now. They were on earlier today. Mr. Shue's assignment was a simple one, and she loved it. After all, who didn't love Disney?

"Good afternoon everybody!" Mr. Shue entered the music room smiling. He set his bag on the desk as he walked in, and he seemed to be in a great mood.

"Mr. Shue, you seem to be awfully cheerful." Kurt grinned, not able to help himself. Mr. Shue's excitement and great mood were palpable.

"I am Kurt." the teacher was nearly giddy with excitement. "Last year, Nationals were in New York City. But, as you know, they are moved every year. The venue changes and keeps things lively and fresh."

Not everyone was excited about this new change. They actually liked New York. But, since only a small number of them had been anywhere except Lima, Ohio, they were ok with the change.

"So were are we going this year?" Puck smirked.

Mr. Shue grinned back. "I love the confidence, Puck." he said, pulling out a brochure. "This years Nationals convention is going to be held in the happiest place on earth!"


"Las Vegas?"

"I thought you said it wasn't in New York?"

Mr Shue waved his hands. "I'm talking about Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!" he passed out copies of the program. "It will be a week, three days of performances and four days to spend having a GREAT time with full park passes for Walt Disney World, Epcot Center and Universal Studios!"

The Glee club was buzzing. Some, like Puck and Santana, would maintain they were to badass to be excited about going to frikkin Disney World, while others like Brittany, Quinn and Rachel, were beside themselves with excitement. Brittany was literally jumping up and down, cheering. Santana quickly changed her mind and was excited as well.

"This week, to help us get into the mindset and focus on the prize, I want you to have Disney on the brain! Think about it, read up on it, plan a dream trip and itinerary...because like Puck said, we ARE going."

Rachel set her brush down and smiled. She loved the idea of going to the theme park, and she loved it as a little girl. But this would be a class trip with her peers. People she was pseudo-friends with. She just wanted to make sure they had a great time and that they actually made it there. They had a lot of work to do.

Rachel's grandmother had passed, she lived in a small town in California just south of Los Angeles. She had received a box of things that belonged to the woman. One of the things was a small necklace. It seemed to be very sentimental to her grandmother as it came in a very expensive looking and very old box. There was a small prayer inscribed inside the lid of the box and Rachel felt drawn to the necklace, small musical notes decorated the lining. She picked the piece up and smiled, thinking of her grandmother. She read the small, latin prayer and closed her eyes, kissing the gemstone. For luck.

She didn't notice the small flare of light in the stone, which had died out before she even opened her eyes.

Somewhere else

An eager grin tugged at the corners of the read beings mouth and he rubbed his hands together. "Showtime." he said softly, straightening his shiny, red tie. With a wink of light and swirl of smoke, he vanished. He made one stop before heading to his destination...Lima, Ohio.