Dear Diary,

You will not believe whom I just ran into! No, really, guess! You know that book, the Odyssey? Well, I met the guy who wrote it! His name is Homer (that's right, just Homer). What's so funny about this is that no one knows if the things he wrote about actually existed! Homer was a poet and wrote some of the greatest works of all time. He lived during the 700s B.C., and would you believe that he was blind?

Homer said that he wrote two of the best known Greek epics. These are the Iliad and the Odyssey (of course!). I've read the Odyssey for myself, so I already know that it's an intriguing book. However, the other book I hadn't heard of. He said it was about a Trojan prince who fell in love with the wife of a king. Well, I was of course immediately hooked. I can never resist a good romance story!

Apparently, the prince kidnaps the girl (Helen) and takes her to his home in Troy. The king and his people (the Mycenaeans) are so mad that they attack Troy for ten whole years! But guess what? They can't win! Ha-ha! But eventually they thought of this cool plan to trick them. They build this huge horse and pretend it's a gift to the Trojans. Really though, a bunch of guys are hiding in it! Then, when they bring the horse inside, they all jump out and kill everyone! Wow!

You know the Odyssey that I mentioned earlier? Well, the Iliad is its prologue! Pretty neat, huh? You know that king? That was Odysseus! Man, Homer taught me some pretty cool stuff! He didn't just write for entertainment either. His stories also are great examples of Greek culture. His works have been used in ancient schools and in my school! There's just one thing that's bothering me about all this. If he's dead then how…? Awe, forget it. Goodnight, Diary!