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Normal POV

"Don't just stand there Makino!" Domyouji yelled. "Just be yourself!

She smiled and went after them.

"We can observe them in the special room from this monitor." the MC said.

The pink screen suddenly turned in to a live feed of the play room where several cameramen were setting up.

Play Room

Ayano played the piano as the children sang.

Dashing through the snow... On a one horse open sleigh

Tsukushi peeked through the door.

"Oh, crap. Things can't get any worse!"

She took off her sash because it had been annoying her since the beginning of the competition.

As soon as she walked through the door, four boys approached her.

"I heard your family's poor!" the tallest one said.


"Can you do tricks? You hobo!" another insulted.

"Don't tell me you can't do anything?!" another boy asked.

"They're just like the F4..." she muttered. "How old are you kids?"

"Seven!" they answered.

"I'm ALREADY 17 years old!" she bragged.

"You're an old lady then!" one of them said.

"Why are you bragging about that? You hobo!"


Tsukushi's lip twitched.

"These brats...!"

"It looks like she's no match for Ayano." Sojiro whispered.

They looked back at the screen.

Tsukushi started to tell the boys off.

"You brats have never earned a penny in your lives!" she pushed each of their foreheads. "Don't be so full of yourselves!"

"Doesn't that sound oddly familiar to you guys?" Evelyn asked remembering that day.

The smiled remembering the first day a girl had ever told them off.

"Let's go over there." one of the boys said wanting to leave.

Tsukushi noticed something in the huge bin of toys.

"You kids probably waste ALL your time playing video games at home, huh?" Tsukushi held a kendama in her hand.

(play it for yourself or just google it)

"Can you brats do this?" She took the kendama and started to do tricks.

The ball landed on the peg and she kept throwing it in to the cups on the side with ease.

"Cool..." they said in awe.

"I-I can do that!" the tallest one said.

"Let's see you try." she said handing it to him.

He took it and failed several times.

"Pft!" she sighed and took it from him.

"I can't even do this measly trick, then you're just a bunch babies "

She held the kendama by the string and swung it. The ball landed perfectly landed perfectly in the cup.

"Oh, ho, ho, ho , ho!" she laughed.

"What's with that weird laugh?" Evelyn muttered.

"Did she forget she's being monitored?" her mother asked.

Her brother and father nodded.

Tsukushi took a bicycle and rode around the room while the boys chased her.

"I'm over here!" she taunted.

They started to throw balls and soft toys at her and she threw them back.

They ran around the room laughing. The group of kids who Ayano was reading to watch as they played. She tickled one of they boys and threw a ball at another.

After a few minutes, the boys collapsed to the ground.

"You're not bad for an old lady." one of the boys said out of breath.

Tsukushi was also out of breath.

"You runts aren't that bad for a bunch of babies."

"That looks fun!" a girl said running towards Tsukushi.

"Me too!" her friend said.

Soon, all the kids started to run towards Tsukushi.

"Wait! Wait!" she said as the kids surrounded her. "I can't handle all of you. Okay! Okay!"

She picked up a little girl spun her around.

"Wheee!" the girl squealed.

"Tsukushi, let's play next!" a boy said handing her a long skipping rope.

Ayano watched enviously as all the kids followed her.

"Hey, Ayano-san!"


"Can you help out? I can't do this by myself." Tsukushi asked as she was being pulled around by the kids.

"Oh, okay."

"They're playing together!" Sojiro exclaimed.

Ayano held one end of the rope and Tsukushi held the other.

The kids all took turns jumping. Everyone was smiling and having a good time.

Domyouji smiled as he watched.

"I knew you were the best... Makino.

The bright pink screen lit up again. This time it said, "Final Round Results"

Tsukushi and Ayano stood facing the audience. While the group of kids stood behind them.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen..." the MC said. "Every round has now been completed."

The lights flashed around.

"The grand prize winner of the Teen of Japan this year will now be chosen at last!"

"And now, our special little judges..." he addressed the kids. "Which lady did you have more fun with? On the count of 3, please give us your answer, okay?"

There was a drum roll.


Evelyn crossed her fingers.


Everyone held their breathes.


Nothing happened. The kids had stayed in their spots.

"Er... What's the matter?' the MC asked them. "Gather around the lady who was fun!"

"I like them both!" a boy said.

"Me too!" another agreed.

Everyone else agreed.

"We can't choose!"

"Could this possibly mean...? Akira and Sojiro said at that same time.

"This is unprecedented." Rui said.

"Mrs. Chairman, what shall we do?" the MC asked.

She whispered to the judges and agreed on something.

"Ladies and gentlemen. After a brief discussion, we've agreed that the grand prize winner will be decided by the point totals thus far."

"Who will lose?" Sojiro muttered.

"Only God knows... I guess." Evelyn said.

Several Minutes Later...

"I'm very sorry to keep you all waiting." the MC said. "We will now announce the grand prize winner."

The chairman held a tiara in her hand.

"The illustrious Teen of Japan grand prize will go to..." she did a dramatic pause.

"Kurimaki Ayano-san!"

The spotlight landed on her.

"I lost..." Tsukushi said.

Evelyn sighed and uncrossed her fingers.

Domyouji sighed too and leaned his head against the door.

Some girl placed the tiara on her head, and wrapped a cape around her. The chairman handed her a bouquet of flowers.

"The winner's crown belongs to Kurimaki Ayano-san,' the chairman started. "but the special child judges called it a draw. Therefore, as a special prize, we shall award Makino Tsukushi-san with one million yen in prize money. "

"Eh?" she said shocked.

Domyouji re-opened his eyes.

Her friends stood up and gave her a standing ovation.

"Great job, Makino Tsukushi!' someone yelled.

Soon, everyone stood up and gave her a standing ovation.

"I'd vote for you!" someone else yelled.

"Tsukushi-san, you're the best! I've changed my mind about you!" another yelled.

Tsukushi just stood their speechless as everyone clapped for her.

"Tsukushi! Tsukushi! Tsukushi!" everyone chanted.

She smiled and started to tear up.

Domyouji looked at Tsukushi and gave her a weak smile before walking out of the auditorium.

Domyouji Finance.] Group Japan HQ

"Executive Director. Kurimaki Ayano-san has won." he reported.

Kaede gave a smirk.

"Of course."


Evelyn's POV

We met Tsukushi on the stage when the audience left.

I hugged her.

"I told you you could do it!"

"Makino, good job!" Sojiro said.

"That's awesome! You won 2nd place!" Akira exclaimed.

"Congratulations." Rui said.

"But 2nd place won't change anything."

"That's not true." he retorted.


"You can just focus on your future now." Sojiro said.

"They say, 'tomorrow's wind will always be blowing tomorrow.'" Akira added.

"We'll always be there to lend you a hand." Rui said.

"Alright!" Evelyn said. "Let's forget about all those things right now and celebrate oursecond place victory party!"

"Let's all go party F4 style!" Akira exclaimed.

"Please don't tell me we're going to a club. Last time I went it didn't exactly end well..." Evelyn said.

"Where's Domyouji?" Tsukushi asked.

"Oh, he was just here in the concert hall." Yuki said.

"Tsukushi!" her father yelled. "You did your best, Tsukushi!"

"I was touched!' her mother said.

"Onee-chan, you were so cool!" her brother added.

Sakurako stood behind them

"You did great." she said.

"Everyone, I'm sorry I couldn't win." she apologized.

"What are you talking about?" her father exclaimed. "Tsukushi, you're the greatest daughter ever! You're my pride and joy!"

Her family hugged her tightly.

I never saw her saw bigger than at that moment.


"Congratulations on your victory, Ayano-san." Kaede said as Ayano stood before her.

"Thank you very much." she said before bowing.

"And in the future, you'll take care of Tsukasa for me, won't you?"

"Aunty... "

"What is it?" she asked.

"The girl most suitable for Tsukasa might be Makino-san."

"Oh, my. Even you're saying that, too?"

"I won the contest, but Makino-san won the hearts of the entire audience at the concert hall. I realized the true reason why Tsukasa likes Makino-san through this contest. At this moment, I can't proudly say that I'm engaged to Tsukasa."

The Christmas lights were hung on all the trees and bushes in the street making the city almost glow.

The colours varied from red to purple. Many people bustled around doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

Domyouji walked by himself compltely deep in thought.


"Makino, congratulations on winning second place!" a student yelled.

An abundant amount of confetti rained down as Tsukushi walked down the hallway.

Students lined up against the wall and they clapped. Some even throw more confetti.

By the time she had reached the end of the line she was completely covered in it.

The F4 and Evelyn stood at the end of the hallway and threw confetti.

"Where's Domyouji?" she asked.

"He said he would come after he finished some business." Rui answered.

Domyouji Mansion

Kaede spun a chess piece in her hand when some entered the room.

Tsubaki walked in and stood in front of her mother.


"A promise is a promise." she replied.

"I understand. I couldn't do enough for her. But seeing Tsukushi-chan, I couldn't help but think... The only thing that can touch the hearts of others... is indeed the heart of another person, isn't it?" Tsubaki said with a smile.

Her mother remained silent as Tsubaki walked towards the door.

She turned around before she left.

"Well, goodbye, mother."

Evelyn's POV

Yuriko, Minako and Erika bowed in front of Tsukushi.

"We're sorry!" they said.

"So you girls DID rip up my outfit." Tsukushi said.

Erika spoke up.

"But in the end, you really touched us, Makino-san."

"We all started crying." Minako added.

"We started feeling really bad about what we did." Yuriko said.

The three looked extremely guilty.

"But I guess it's a good thing you ripped my outfit. It helped me get past the second round."

"That's SO true!" they said in sync.

"I guess we can join you guys then." Yuriko said before the three ran in to the party area.

"Why those two-faced little..." I muttered.

"My, my..." Tsukushi said and then she just laughed. "Come on let's go celebrate."

The five of us walked in to the party room.

Sojiro handed me a champagne glass.

"This isn't alcohol, right?"

"No, it's non-alcoholic." he answered. "I know you don't want a repeat."


I took the glass and tapped on it with a fork. I stood on top of a chair.

"Excuse me. I would like to a toast." I held my glass up. "To Tsukushi, congratulations for getting second place. We are so proud of you."

Everyone raised their glasses or clapped.

A Half a Hour Later...

"You didn't answer my question." Sojiro said. "How do you know so much about etiquette."

"Oh... Uh. My mother taught me..."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Really? Why are you avoiding eye contact then?"


Sometimes I just wasn't really that great at lying

I took a deep breath.

"IwasinabeautypageantwhenIwas ten. I'm gonna go check on Tsukushi, okay?"

I was about to escape when Sojiro pulled me back by the shoulder.

"Hold on. What did you just say?" I swore I could hear an almost mocking tone in his voice.

I took a deep breath.

'What have I got to lose?'

"When I was ten, I was in a beauty pageant."

He looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"Go ahead. Laugh."

He cleared his throat.

"No. I wasn't going to, but I'm curious as to why you joined?"

"Estelle had already signed up and she said it would be funner if we did it together..."


"The contestants were real snobs and a lot of them were around my age. I ended up winning first place." I took a sip of my drink.


I nodded.

"And now you know why. Don't tell anyone."

"And why wouldn't I?" he said with a smirk.

"Or else I'll tell everyone about your old crush on Ayano." I said mirroring his smirk.

"I told you it wasn't true." he said with a sigh.

"Are you willing to risk ruining your playboy reputation?" I threatened.

"Fine. Let's make an agreement. I won't tell your secret if you won't tell mine. Deal?"

"And?" I asked.

"I'll treat you to dinner tomorrow?"

"Hm. Free food? Sounds like a deal." I shook his hand.

"But you helped her with your speech." Akira said to Sakurako. "You're nicer than I thought, Sanjou."

"Then would you like to go out with me, Mimasaka-san?" she asked hopefully.

"I don't think he can." I answered.

"That's right." Sojiro said. "You have the Okami-san, right, Akira?"


"Are you really seeing each other?" Yuki asked excitedly.

"Uh, well, earlier..."

Before The Contest

The two sat on a bench as the Okami-san spoke.

"I just can't forget the man I once loved. Watching Tsukushi, I felt like I just wanted to be with the person I'm truly in love with."

She pulled out a small black and white photo from her small purse. It had a picture of her and a man standing beside her wearing a suit.

"Our married-lady-killer is SO innocent." Sojiro teased.

"Then who's your girlfriend right now?" Sakurako asked hopefully again. "We're both available."

She playfully pushed him.

Akira thought about it.

"Well, why not? Just for one day."

She smiled brightly.

"Wait, I thought you had your eyes set on Domyouji?" I asked.

"Tsukushi-chan has him for now. But if they break up, I'll get my chance again!"


I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I checked the caller ID, but the words 'Private Number' flashed in English on the screen.

"Sorry, I'm gonna go take this."

I walked out of the room and went to a quiet corner before picking up.

"Hello?" I said. "Nishida?"

I listened to him on the other line speak for a bit.

My eyes widened.

"A-are you serious?"

As he explained to me, I hung my head low.

"Yes." I nodded. "I understand. Goodbye."

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply.

I just leaned against the wall for a minute or so before returning to party room with a smile plastered on to my face.


Normal POV

"Nishikado-san are you busy tomorrow?" Yuki asked.

"I have a tea party and some other plans, so I'm pretty tied up." he responded.

"Well, if you have any time at all, will you give me a call?" she asked.

He pushed her back because she was juts a little bit too close.

"That's right. If I have some time, I'll call you."

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?! If you have time, you BETTER call me, okay?" Yuki said.

"Whoa. Why were you so loud? I heard you from across the room." Evelyn said returning from her phone call.

Tsukushi smiled as she saw her friends chatting happily with each other. She was leaning against the wall in the confetti filled hallway waiting for Domyouji to show up.

Rui watched Tsukushi through the glass wall a floor above before leaving.


The party was still in full swing, but there was still one important guest that didn't show up yet.

"He's late." she muttered. "That Domyouji..."

She heard her golden cellphone ring and answered it as quickly as she could.

"Yo." Domyouji said.

"Hi." she answered. "Listen, I... I didn't win." her voice almost cracked.

"I saw the whole thing." he replied.

She held in her tears.

"I'm really sorry. You helped me out so much."

"No. I expected that from the girl I approved of." he said with a smile. "And about tomorrow... I want to buy some of your time."

"Eh?" she said confused.

"For four million yen... I'd like to have Makino Tsukushi's Christmas Eve."

"What are you talking about?"

"If you combine that with your second place winnings, that's five million yen, right?"

"I can't accept that kind of money!" she said.

"I already paid off the loan sharks your dad borrowed from."

Her eyes widened.

"You're joking, right?"

"It's all true. Well, I'm kinda tied up. I couldn't show up today because of some stuff I had to do." he lied as he walked around his room.

"But... this isn't right." she said.

"Like I said, tomorrow you're spending your time with me. Alright?"

"Okay. But, is it really okay?" she asked.

She was worried since she didn't technically win the contest.

"It's okay!" he reassured her. "How about 2'o clock tomorrow at the Wentz Cafe in Daikan'yama tomorrow?"

"Okay." she said finally giving in.

"Well, bye."


"Makino..." he said before she hung up.

"Hm?" she said putting her phone back up to her ear.

"Today... You were #."

"Thanks." she smiled before hanging up.

Domyouji sat down on the couch beside him.

He tried to smile even though his eyes were becoming watery.

"Tsukushi!" Yuki yelled from across the room .

She spun around.

"I got a call from the Okami-san. She said that all of her customers came back."

"No way!"

"It's true!"

Tsukushi ran up to Yuki and hugged while yelling in joy.

"I'm so happy!' Tsukushi exclaimed.

"Alright!" Sojiro renounced. "Shall we have another toast?"

Everyone grabbed a glass.

"Cheers!" everyone said.

Later That Night...

Makino Household

"Banzai!" Susumu exclaimed.

"What's going on?" Tsukushi asked when she stepped in to the apartment.

"My boss called me out of the blue today." her father said proudly. "I becoming a section chief!"

Tsukushi smiled widely and clapped.

"That's wonderful, Papa!"

"Your company needed you after all, huh, Papa?" Susumu added.

Her mother set a plate on the table along with several more delicious dishes.

"Today we're having special crispy chicken skin."

Everyone squealed in excitement.

"Now that Tsukushi won second place," her father declared.

"And Papa got promoted to section chief," her mother continued.

"We're going to celebrate!" Susumu finished.

"Itadakimasu!" Tsukushi said picking up her chopsticks.


Domyouji Mansion

Domyouji opened his large suitcase and started to throw clothes in to it.

Rui entered his room as he was packing.

"Tsukasa." he said.

"Oh, Rui." he replied. "I was just about to go to your place after I cleaned up here." he lied.

"Why didn't you come to the party?" Rui asked.

"I had some small business to deal with."

"I see."

"Listen, Rui... Can you do me a huge favour?" Domyouji asked.


"As a man, I trust you, so I'm asking you this favour."

"What is it? What's wrong?" Rui asked concerned.

"Anyway, just have a seat." Domyouji said pushing Rui on to the couch. "Wanna have an apple?"

He took one from a bowl and threw it at him.


"Don't tell me. You're giving up on Makino."

"Why should I give up on her?"

"Then what is it?"

"Let me just warn you, I don't plan on handing Makino over to you. Well, if Makino were to say she liked you, what would I do?"

"So what's this favour you want to ask me?"


Tsukushi held out several outfits until she could find something she liked.

She held up the yellow and white striped sweater with the jean skirt and smiled as she looked in the mirror.

"Ah! Oh yeah..." she dropped the clothes on her bed and went to the kitchen.

Tsukushi pulled out a rolling pin and some store bought dough.

Back To The Domyouji Mansion

"Are you serious, Tsukasa?"

"Yeah, I'm serious." he said trying to sound happy.


Evelyn's POV

I laid on my bed just staring at the ceiling.

I glanced at the barely filled suitcase on the side of my bed and sighed. I decided to go to Domyouji's room.

I knocked on his door a few times before entering.

He was sitting on the couch with a half filled suitcase just like mine.

"Hi." I said. "I'm just going to say it out straight. I know."

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"That." I replied pointing at the suitcase.


"News travels fast." I sat on the couch arm. "Are you going to tell her soon?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow."

"Well... I guess to say goodbye." I waved at him. "Bye."

After our short conversation, I left his room.

When I went back to my room, my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I answered.

"It's me, Sojiro. Meet at the hiding place tomorrow at six. Is that a good time for you?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll be there. Bye."

Tsukushi's POV

The Next Day...

I added a plastic holly to the wrapped gift on the table and sipped some of the coffee I had ordered.

"It's ready." I whispered.


I turned around and saw him standing beside me.

"Hanazawa Rui!"

He sat down in the chair beside me and gave me a wrapped box with a letter on top.

"This is from Tsukasa. He said he's going to New York."

"Eh? You're kidding, right?"

"It's no joke." he replied.

"What's the meaning of this?" I asked.

"Tsukasa made a bargain with his mom."

"A bargain?"


"If that girl doesn't win," Kaede started. "you'll go to New York and study business management."

"Business management?"

"You'll study for three years. In the event that Makino Tsukushi does not win, and if you're still willing to do what I say, then I will give Makino's family and the Japanese sweets shop owner their lives back. You can save her even if she doesn't win."

"He had faith you were going to win." Hanazawa Rui said. "That's why I think he accepted that bargain. He's leaving on their private jet this evening."

I sighed.

"I feel like such a idiot." I muttered. "I was celebrating all by myself without having a clue. Can you hang out with me today? I kept you company that other time, didn't I? That time Hanazawa Rui was all depressed... So, for today, will you keep me company?"

"Is that okay with you?"

My smile fell for a second.

"Well, he left without telling me. What can I do about it?"

I took another sip of my coffee.

"Go after him! If you love him, you should go after him no matter where he is! Would you be happy to just watch him from the sidelines? 'And you call yourself a man?'"

"Those are..."

"Do you remember now? It's what you told me at Narita airport."

I looked down at my hands.

"Why don't you finally tell him how you feel?" he suggested.

I looked at him and realized he was right.

Normal POV

Tsukushi sat in Rui's car.

"You can use my car as much as you want." he said. "You better get going."

As the car drove away, he yelled, "Good luck!"

Rui put his hat back on and walked down the park. Something made him stop in his tracks though.

A woman stood several feet from him wearing a large hat covering her eyes.

The woman stopped too and lifted her head up.

She took of her hat and smiled. It was Shizuka.

"Long time no see." she said.

"What happened?" he asked. "What about your engagement?"

"I wanted to spend Christmas with the person I loved."

The two walked up to each other and hugged.

Tsukushi's POV

I held the gift box in my hand and pulled off the envelope.

"Why does everyone keep pushing me to tell him how I feel?" I muttered.

I set the box open and began to read the letter.

'To Makino,

How are you doing? I'm doing okay. This might seem sudden, but I'm going to New York. I'm going there to study business management. I'm the almighty son and heir to the Domyouji Group's fortune, after all. I have no choice.

Makino, at first I thought to myself, "Who is this cocky little runt?!" But before I knew it, I started liking you. Maybe I already had feelings for you from the first time we met. Even though I gave you the red notice. When I had a cold in that elevator, and you were so kind to me... I thought you were a nice girl.

When Sanjou Sakurako's gang beat me up, that was the first time I ever got beat up that badly. So all those times I beat up other people, they must have been in a lot of pain. Thanks to you, Makino, I learned that lesson.

When Rui came back, you still had a crush on him. I thought you might start going out with Rui, but I believed in you.

I'm sure my buddies like you a lot, too. You can't do anything right, you're poor, you're a commoner, and you're totally hopeless, but it was all my fault you didn't win the T.O.J. But, you're the best. You SHOULD be. I DID approve of you after all.'

I started to open the wrapping on the box.

'And my biggest regret was not showing you a live glimpse of Saturn. According to the horoscope, we're both from Saturn. Maybe it was our shared destiny to have all those fun and difficult times together. So I wanted to give Saturn to you as a present.'

I opened the velvet box up. Inside it was a necklace with a golden chain and a pearl and a two gems imbedded in it with a ring going around the pearl.

I felt like crying.

"So it was the horoscopes that said we're from Saturn..."

'This is the first time I've ever given a present to a girl. So if you lose it, I'll kill you!'

As soon as the car had arrived at the private airport, I ran out of the car as fast as I could.

'But, when I'm with you, I really feel like I'll have a good time.'

I noticed two security guards started to chase after me.

'So, I might come back because I miss you. This is something I've decided, so I can't go back.'

I ran down a hallway, but two private body guards blocked me.

"Wait!" one of them said in English. Then the two got a good look at me and pushed me through.

"Go! Hurry! Tsukasa is leaving!" they said and stopped the security guards that were chasing me.

'You should do your best! I'll do my best, too. Until then...

From Domyouji Tsukasa'

I threw open the door to the runway and say Domyouji getting on to the plane through the fence. I was able to make it to the other side of the fence once the plane started to go down the runway .

I chased the plane and ran faster than I ever have.

"Domyouji!" I yelled over the loud engine.

Normal POV

He didn't turn around.

"Domyouji! Domyouji!"

Tsukushi saw him look at her through the window.



Kaede also saw the girl running with the plane outside her son's window.

"Please stop." she told the pilot.

Domyouji stared at his mother shocked.

Tsukushi stopped running as the plane slowed down.

"Nishida." Kaede said.

"Yes, ma'am."

"I think I forgot my sunglasses in the lobby."

"I'll go look for them." he responded getting up from his seat.

As soon as Nishida opened the door, Domyouji unbuckled his seat belt and ran to Tsukushi.

"What the hell are you ding, dummy?!" he yelled at her. "Who asked you to come here?!"

She shoved him back.

"Look who's talking! Why didn't you tell me anything?"

She shoved him again.

"You always do everything on your own! Will you cut that out?"

"I'm sorry."

There was some silence.

"That skirt is cute on you." he complimented.

"I... I didn't tell you what was really important." Tsukushi said.

"Something important?"

"Thank you! You always... You always believed in me."

Her voice started to crack and tears started to fall.

"You were always thoughtful to me. I'm truly grateful."

She held the necklace in the palm of her hand.

"Thanks for this, too."

He smiled and took it from her hand.

He put the necklace and out it around her neck.

"I'll come back when I become even more awesome as a man."

He took her hair from underneath the chain.

"Even if you beg me, or tell me you can't live without me, I think it'll make you stronger. But, even now, even in the future, even way in the future, you'll always be the only girl I'll ever approve of. I'm going to be with you, Makino."

Tsukushi sniffled.

"I know you're happy." he said.

She smiled.

"No way..."

"You liar. You're in love with me."

"I AM in love with you. You're stupid, selfish, and self centred. I've fallen in love with..."

She wasn't able to finish her sentence when Domyouji hugged her tightly. Tsukushi cried in to his shirt.

The hugged for awhile before Domyouji pulled apart.

He wiped her tears away before leaning in to kiss her.

He hugged her again after separating from their sweet kiss.

Evelyn's POV

I looked at my room, which was now completely covered in plastic wrap for one last time before closing the door shut.

I pulled out my phone and called Tsukushi.

She picked up on the second ring.

"Hey, Tsukushi? You busy right now because I need to talk to you."


I sat in my chair when I saw Tsukushi by the entrance. I waved her over and she sat down beside me.

"I'm guessing you know about Domyouji already?" I said.

"Yes." she responded.

Tsukushi told me the entire story about her chasing the plane and even showed me the necklace Domyouji had given her.

"He may be an idiot sometimes, but he has good taste in jewelry." I commented.

"Is that all you wanted to tell me?" Tsukushi asked.

"No. The thing is...' I took a deep breath. "I'm going back to Canada."

"What?! Why?"

"When I came here to Japan, there was one condition. Since the Domyouji family is my host family, if none of them are going to be staying in Japan then I can't stay here."

"What? How about Onee-san? She could come to Japan and stay here while you attend school."

"That would be too selfish of me. Tsukushi, if she did stay it would be ten months. I can't stay here and decision is final. I can't do anything about it."

I placed a box in front of her.

"Merry Early Christmas."

She looked at the box.

"Go ahead open it now."

Tsukushi opened the box and pulled out it's contents.

"Is this a web cam?" she asked.

"Yeah. I have one too, so we can talk anytime. I remembered you said you had a computer in your house, but never used it for anything. Well, now you have something to do."

I put two more bags on the table.

"These go to Rui and Akira."

"What about Sojiro?" she asked."

"I'm going to deal with that by myself."

She looked at me.

"Are you never coming back to Japan?"

I rested my chin on my hands.

"I wouldn't say never, but the chances are very slim. I'll keep in contact though."

Tsukushi got up from her chair and hugged me tightly.

"Don't do that." I said. "You're going to make me cry."

"I'll miss you." she said.

"I'll miss you too, Tsukushi."

line here

I sat in the car silently staring out the window.

"Excuse me, Driver-san? What time does my flight leave again?"

"At 6:00, Miss. The Domyouji's have booked you a first class seat so you'll be able to be go through security in ten to fifteen minutes."

I check my watch. It was 5:40.

"I have one more place to visit. Could you please drive me to the school?"

20 minutes later...

Sojiro's POV

I walked to the hiding place and checked my watch.

'Right on time.'

I then noticed a box sitting on the table that was in the gazebo. I noticed there was a letter addressed to me and it was written in English.

I opened up the letter and began to read.


I hope you can read this or else it would be completely pointless. Anyway, by the time you read this I'll probably on a plane heading for Canada and I won't be returning to Japan. Remember that time I was wondering why they accepted a public school student like me? It turns out they were trying out something new, but there was one condition to it.

If none of the Domyouji's are in Japan, then I can't stay and I have to go back home. I found this out yesterday at the party, but I didn't want to spoil the mood.

I'm sorry for not saying anything sooner and I wish I could stay longer, but I really have no choice. For my stay, you have been a great friend and I'll miss all of you when I go back.

But, I don't believe in goodbyes and I believe this won't be last time I see you guys again.

So see you later,


P.S. I know you like tea, so I got you a little something for Christmas. I'm not sure if you'll like it or not.

I opened the box and pulled out a tin can with the words, 'Earl Grey Tea' printed on the side.

I put my head down on the table.

'That girl... why didn't she tell me earlier...'

Evelyn's POV

Narita Airport

I looked out my window as the plane taxied down the runway.

'Goodbye Japan... for now.'

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