Me - "I wanted to write a christmas story for all of my fandoms, but I have too many. So This is going to be a christmas party cross over over of all of my fandoms. I don't own, Ben 10, Gen Rex, Young Justice, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Soul eater, Phienas and Ferb, Avatar the last air bender, Xmen evolution, or scryed or any other show that happens to show up in here. My OC, Lynn will be the host of this party so please wnjoy this. Oh PS there will be YAOI and possibly YURI!"

Lynn POV.

I walked around the large ball room to watch all of my wonderful little guests dance and mingle. Kazuma and Death the kid were arguing about who was better, Ryohu and Tsubaki watched from the side lines while Cheris and Soul just laughed. On the other side of the room Kanami was talking to Chrona who was smiling for the first time in a while. Rex, Ben, Wally, Tucker, Tallest Red & Purple, Black Star, Buford, Sokka, Piedro, Kimishima and Cyborg pigged out at the snack table. Beastboy and Raven where chatting with katara and Suki while Aang and Robin (YJ) chased Starfire around the room playing tag. Robin from Teen titans was also standing back watching along with Holiday and Six. Dib and Zim sat next to each other in a far off corner holding hands. Phienas and Isabella hung out with Toph and Zuko near but not on the dance floor while Baljeet and Ferb looked slightly uncomfertable. Scott and Jean where acting as gardieans for the rest of the X-Men who were dancing or talking to memebers of the brother hood. Red tornado stood close to me with Aqua lad on my other side. Artims and Miss martin had moved to stand and talk with Maka, Patty, and Liz. THe two boys finally stopped fighting and went to find thier respective boyfriends.

"Heya every body! How ya doin?" Death asked as he walked in followed by Sid, and Stien who was holding hands with Spirit.

"Hey, Death, I was wondering when you would get here." I said as I hopped down from my balcony perch.

"Oh, there was a small delay in getting the love birds to come along." He said pointing to the miester and weapon. Danny flew in from the cieling with Sam on his back and his hand laced in Ghostwriters. The rest of the fentons, Vlad and Val walked in soon after and every one chorused a hello or hi. And finally the last few guests, being Grandpa Max, Verdona, The witch angela and her gaurd mifune, Blair, Mordaci and Rigby, and Finn, Jake, and Marciline avrried withen the hour.

"Great every one is her-"

"NO! Wait! You didn't invite me, the ice king, or bubblegum."

"Ice king stay PB, you annoy me and a lot of people get out." Princess bubblegum shrugged and walked out to go back to the candy kingdom portal.

"Okay, now that we are all here, It's time to ge this party started! Harry, Draco, get the band going already!" I called the two wizards pointed at the instruments and they began to play by them selfs. Most people grabbed their date and ran on to the dance floor while a few stayed behind to just sit and relax or catch up on how the others where doing. Around eleven thirty pm, Kazuma and Kid got stuck under the misletoe which caused very fun reactions out of thier over protective and possive boyfriends. Finally it was midnight and the party was still going strong. If not stronger now that it was christmas day. Around one it started to wind down.

"Okay, before you all go there are presants waiting in your homes back in your world from me, I hope you'll enjoy them and I can't wait to see you guys at new years!" I called as people started to sluggisly make thier way out of the room and back to thier respective worlds.

"Well, that was a great and long party. And you don't even look tired Lynn. I'll see you in a couple days!" Danny called. I nodded my head and started to float around and clean up the mess to get it all ready for the new years formal dance.


Me- "I know not my best work, but meh, it'll do."