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"Do you have your bag?"


"Bow and arrows?"



"Sigh. Yes."

"Did you remember you-"

"Bradley! For the last time. I have everything I need. You need to stop worrying so much." I said reaching the end of my patience. We have been going on like this for about five minutes. I now find myself hovering over a Bradley. The look on his face reminds me of a frightened child. Cowering down to about half my size he widens his eyes and gives me the pouty lip. I'm caught off guard by his bambi look.

"I only worry because I care for you Vi." He says in a voice that makes me picture a six year old. After that thought I give a bit of a delayed flinch. Not noticing that it was delayed his eyes flash hurt. Mumbling a sorry he slumps away. I almost feel pity for the love sick boy, then I remember that he needs to man up. Shaking it off I notice the familiar smell of smoke come into the room.

"You need to take it easy on the boy." Jenna says walking in as I had predicted. The toxin enters my lungs, and I cough a few times rushing to open one of the windows. That stuff was bound to kill us both off. Tossing the cigarette out the window, Jenna hands me a bottle of water that I accept graciously.

"I know Jen, but knowing that your, I guess you can say best, friend is crushing on you is hard to deal with. Especially when he is super sweet, kind, caring, has done nothing wrong, and is one of the best guys you have ever met." I explain taking the time to drink the blessed water. She raises an eyebrow.

"Sounds like someone has a little crush too." She says in a monotone voice, as if discussing the weather. I feel my face heat up. The water goes down the wrong way so I start another coughing fit nearly hurling up my breakfast this time.

"It-it's not like that!" I finally manage to choke out. She shakes her head and chuckles walking back outside without explaining why she was here in the first place. Growling, I grab my sword and stomp off in a random direction from our tiny village. The trees blur into an unfamiliar forest, and with my sense of direction it doesn't take long before I find myself lost. I curse myself for not marking the trees, or leaving a trail of torches. Looking up I see the sun high up in the sky signaling that it's at least twelve. Regretting not wearing sunscreen in the middle of summer, the burns start to take their toll. I do a 360 hoping to find something familiar. Only one thing stands out. Looking at the purple grass I immediately feel the darkness. I was about to blindly step foot into the corruption. I'm about to head in the opposite direction when a familiar dark force over comes me. A childish pixie like voice says Kill them. Not in control of my actions I start to walk off the way I had come. I don't fight it until I am at the village. My eyes widen as it reaches for my bow. Franc tally searching for some control I find a tiny sliver of light in my now dark mind. Subconsciously breaking through, i stop my hand. Don't fight it. Just let go. If your good I might just let you live. It giggles at the end of this. A high irritating pitch. This fact utterly disgust me. It senses this and forces me out of the sliver. "No!" I subconsciously scream as I fall back into the darkness. It then decides to block my sight as punishment. There is about a minute where I can't see anything, then my sight returns. I realize that I am now back in the house. More specifically, in front of Bradley's door. It draws my sword then speaks. I think you will enjoy watching me, I mean you, kill lover boy here. "No! You can't!" I struggle for freedom, but it only pushes me down. I freeze when I hear my voice say. "Bradley, are you in here." I can't let this happen, I can't let it hurt him.

"Just a second Violet. Let me finish this page." He responds completely unaware that it's not really me he is talking too. Then I realized he called me Violet. "He must really care for me." I say. A wave of determination crashes over me. Before I know it I hear a shriek of pain and I am now in control of my body. Bradley choses this moment to open the door. He is in a pair of boxers and a tank. His hair is muddled up more than usual and he has a pair of reading glasses on. "What did you want." He says groggily as if waking up from a nap when it was twelve. Not knowing my own actions, the sword clatters to the ground as I throw him in a hug. For a moment he is shocked. I feel his face silently heating up before he returns the hug. "What's wrong Vi-iolet." He says correcting himself as I cry into his shoulder. Not saying a word, I just burrow myself closer to him not wanting to lose this moment. I also try to hide my face because I know by now it must be red. I almost laugh to myself as I realize he smells like pine. Huh, I think, I always thought he would smell like books.


"So let me get this straight. You wander off into the woods, get lost, find the corruption, and get possessed by it! Pulse you regained control before you became a mass murder! Your one crazy bitch!" Gimli says, more like yells, during dinner that night. I nod in response, glad I had left out the part with me and Bradley.

"Ah, they will tell tales of Violet Nightingale one day... good ones I'm sure." Wallace says correcting himself at the end. I give him a sarcastic smile in response. "I just hope a scrawny kid like you isn't all that's standing between us and Cthulhus eye." Everyone goes silent at this. The once friendly atmosphere is now tense. I seem to be the only one who is confused.

"What is Cthulhus eye?" I ask. Everyone's stares go to me. Wallace gives a creepy smile.

"More commonly known as the eye of Cthulhu, this beast was first sighted in the 18th century. It is known to have two forms. The first one is a giant eye that is over two stories tall. It summons its servants, smaller forms of itself, from its pupil. The second form is a mouth that is filled with razor sharp teeth. This may sound worse to you, but it can no longer see. It charges at any sudden sound like a t-rex. At this point its servants have abandon it. It is sometimes said to capture the most beautiful maiden in the village, taking her to its master. Although it hasn't been spotted in hundreds of years, the flying eyes outside are proof that it still exist." He finished with the creepy smile still on his face. As for me I'm not fazed at all.

"If some stupid eyeball is coming to attack the village anytime soon, I'm sure I can take it." I say crossing my arms.

"Not with the shoddy armor your wearing, and that bow seems very flimsy."

"Hey! What's wrong with my armor! And my bow works perfectly fine!" I say in defiance. He just shakes his head.

"First off you don't wear a helmet," I blush a little at that, "secondly, the moment the eye of Cthulhu see you, it will attempt to capture you for its master." He says. I take these words to mind, and I smile when I see Bradley fuming in the corner obviously trying to keep his mouth shut. I can't help but give a little giggle at this. Bradley returns to normal, but with a slightly dreamy look in his eye. I can't resist a bit of jealousy some times.

"The only thing I'm worried about is the corruption. How am I supposed to fight something that I can't even step foot into." I say changing topics. Bradley suddenly runs off. We give each other weird looks until he comes back with the book. Gimli and I share a knowing look while Jenna and Wallace look confused. Bradley plops the book on the table and flips to the next open page. Illustrated is a set of pink purple armor with purple flecks coming off.

"If the chosen hero seems to find herself unable to face the corruption a set of corrupted armor itself is needed in order to pass through. The only way the armor, called shadow scale armor, can be obtained is by defeating the eater of worlds. The eater of worlds lives deep inside of the corruption, and can be awakened two ways. The first way is to create worm food from the chunks of corrupt monsters and vile powder. The second way is to break three shadow orbs. Breaking the first two will summon an goblin army and attract a meteorite, so it is recommended to create the worm food." He says adding on th last part.

"That's semi helpful, but how are we going to get the shadow armor without me going into the corruption?" I ask stating the obvious.

"I can go." All of our heads whip around to face Bradley.

"No." I say calmly even though inside I am panicking. He frowns.

"Violet. There is no way you are going to be able to face the corruption without this armor. Someone else is going to haft to play hero until we obtain it. Since our only other options are a nurse, merchant, or demolitionist I feel that I am the best choice."

"I'm not going to let you get yourself killed." I say in a more stern voice. He seems ready to argue so I stand up to get in his face. "I am the chosen hero of this land, and I will find a way around the corruption. There is always another way Bradley. I'm not going to let you die trying to be the hero, that's my job." At the end of the sentence I storm off to my room slamming the door shut behind me.

(Bradley's pov)

The house shook a little when she slammed the door shut. Wallace muttered some excuse and slipped out the door while Gimli cleaned the table. I fustradly ran a hand through my hair. I really like Violet, but she was driving me mad.

"You should go for it." I hear Jenna say. I look up at our nurse. She takes this moment to continue. "Violet is not going to back down from this. The only way anything is going to get done is by going behind her back." She motions for me to follow her. Seeing no other choice I let her lead me to her house. Inside she opens a chest and pulls out a set of silver armor along with a gun that I am unfamiliar with. "These belonged to my father. Seeing as they are two big for Violet, I think you will have more use for them." She tosses me the armor then examines the gun. "This was one of my father's favorites. It's called a harpoon." Tossing it to me I realize that it is much lighter than it looks.

"Why didn't you give this to Violet?" I ask. She just shrugs. Lighting a cigarette she continues.

"The eater of worlds is a giant worm like creature with flesh made from fallen heroes. It is impossible to strike it down the middle, but you can attack its sides. Refrain from cutting it in half because it will only create two of itself. Your best option is to continually strike through its head until it is gone. You will also need these if you have any hope of surviving. Also, don't bother trying to hide because each section has an eye." She says going back to the chest. She then comes out with a bag of healing potions and three crystal hearts. "Don't take more than one potion every minute, or you will get sick. You will also need these hearts to say alive longer. If you find yourself having a hard time defeating monsters, steal Violets sword and practice on other beast." I take the bag and the crystals disintegrate when they touch my skin.

"Why are you helping me? How do you know so much?" I ask baffled. She just shrugs and leaves me with more questions. Taking another look at the items I decide I need the sword and her bag. At about 12 at night I slip into Violets room. I can see her lying in the corner with her sword and armor laid out beside her. The bag is nowhere to be seen. As quietly as possible I tiptoe over there. Grabbing the sword I sneak a peek at her face. My heart speeds up as I watch her. It nearly breaks when I see her puffed up eyes are still rimed with tears. Taking my chances I run my hand through her silky hair. Sighing to myself I get up and leave. I then notice the bag tucked neatly in a corner. When I go to retrieve it I hear her mutter my name in her sleep. I freeze for a moment fearing that I had been caught. A quick glance backward settles those fears. I take that chance to leave the room. As I shut the door behind me I can feel my heart yearning for more, but I push it aside. I don't know exactly what it is about that girl that makes me so crazy for her, but I know that I don't want it to end. She was going to kill me when, if, I got back. Sparing one last glance at our village in the moonlight I head off to the corruption.

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