"Nathan Horton's Down!"

There he was. Aaron Rome speeding at me. So fast. Lucic going in for a shot, then Rome's shoulder meeting my face. I remember hitting the ground. All the boos, screams, chants, and gasps. I remember the Bruins doctor coming over to check me. Holding my head there. Krejci coming over to ask me if I'm alright. I couldn't talk. Then Lucic tapping my stomach with his stick, and also asking if I am ok. At that point I couldn't breathe. Then, 4 other people came over to help me on to the stretcher. And then, I passed out.

White. That's the sight I woke up to. The walls, bed, chairs. Everything was white. And all I felt was the huge pain in my head. And the smell of blood. There was faint conversation in the background. Then, the doctor came in to tell me that I have a major concussion. And that I can't play in the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals games. That I'd be lucky if I could play in any games, ever. Then my doctor said it would take months to recover completely. Weeks before I can walk on my own. Days before I could leave the bed. Then Claude Julien walked in, the doctor leaving. He asked me how I'm doing. I say "I've been better." Then, he talks to me about Rome. How he apologized. Is getting fined. And not allowed to play in the Finals. He asked me "what do you think about that?" I say "I think it's not fair. We both had chances of leading our team to victory, but both of our chances are gone."

It's been eight days. And I'm already walking, and on my way to Canada. Vancouver, to be exact. I'm bringing the luck today. I'm bringing Boston water and pouring it over the Canucks ice. Just so we can have a little bit of home there, helping us in the final game. It's June 15, 2011. The day of the Game 7, Stanley Cup's Finals. And as I wait for 7 O'Clock to come, I think of the is coming.

The screams hurt my head. But I don't care. Bergeron just got the first goal of our game. We are winning! And we are going insane, and after all our shouts we sit to watch three more goals pass Luongo. And after the final buzzer, we went out to receive our trophy. And Tim Thomas received MVP. It was the best day of my life. Even if I didn't play, I led the team to victory