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Paris, France

Sometimes as he walked down these familiar streets at night, with the weight of his cello on his back he wondered; if it would have made a difference if he had told her how he felt about her. Would she have chosen him? Or would she still make the same choice, shaking his head he thought, 'No! The only thing that I would have done is make her life more complicated. After everything she's been through she deserves to be happy, even if it's not with me.'

As he turned a corner he saw Eiffel Tower in the distance, bring memories of his time in France, learning the language, playing the Cello for strangers, touring the sites and museums, learning about it's history and people. Most of all he thought about all the things he wanted to show her about this city, about- shaking his head he stopped his train of thought, 'That's no longer an option! As far Saya knows I'm dead and I plan on keeping it that way.'

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes he walked forward never noticing the portal that had appeared in front of him.

Tristain Academy Of Magic

It was a sunny afternoon when the second year students of the academy had gather outside to start the mandatory summoning of a familiar, most of the students that were gathered had already summoned there familiars. The majority of the summoned familiar were common animals that could be found bought at a pet store, few of them were rare magical creatures; such as the bug bear summon by by a young man with brown spiky hair and the oversize mole summoned by a blond hair young man dress in a much more flamboyant shirt.

Even rarer still where the salamander summoned by a long red haired young woman, with mocha colored skin and tactically opened shirt to reveal her cleavage and, the rhyme dragon summoned by the shorter young woman standing next to her with blue hair and eyes dressed in a more modest fashion all the while reading a book. Looking around at his students professor Colbert tried to make sure that everyone had summoned their familiar, unable to determined by sight alone he asked, "Has everyone here summoned there familiars?"

The red haired young woman, Kirche Augusta Frederica Von Anhalt Zerbst, spoke up, "Louise has yet to summoned a familiar professor Colbert." she said with a smile on her face as she turned to look at the back of the group, hiding behind the taller students of the year was a girl with a mane of long pink hair; after being pointed out she walked up to the professor with a resigned look on her.

"Ah! Thank you miss Zerbst." Cobert said, looking at Louise he continued, "When ever your ready miss Valliere." he finished with a nodded.

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière was having a bad day, after being mocked by her classmates on her lack of ability when it came to magic after her latest failure with Earth magic yesterday, she had boasted to Kirche that she would summon a familiar that would put hers and everyone else to shame. Now here she stoop in front of the class regretting her boast, 'A fire salamander!' she thought, 'How am I suppose to summon something better then that when I can't even preform a simple spell. It's even worst since Tabitha summoned dragon.' she thought as her mind turned to despair.

"What's wrong Louise?" Kirche taunted her rival, "I thought you said that you would summon a familiar better them mine! Are you going to go back on your word now."

At this Louise found her ire grow, determine to not be showed up by the Germanian girl she glared at her and said, "Of course I'm not I just need some time to prepare." Thinking about all she read about familiar summoning Louise knew that the familiar represented the strength of the mage, but the summoning it's self was completed through the shear force of will of the summoner not the magical strength the summoner posses. Around her the other students talked about her chances of success choosing to ignore them Louise started.

Holding her wand up she began her incantation, "I beg you." she whispered before increasing the volume of her voice, "My slave, who lives somewhere in the universe!"

A blonde haired girl with curls looked on with her frog familiar in her hand, "What kind of chant is that?" she asked when the blond haired boy who summoned the mole walked up to her, "Well it certainly is unique!" he stated.

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit!" Louise continued drawing the attention of the blue haired girl Tabitha who until then had been reading her book, adjusting her glass she looked on.

"I desire and hear I plead from my heart! Answer to guidance!" Louise finished waving her wand twice before bringing it forward, at first nothing happened; but suddenly an explosion shot out from the tip of her wand.

All around her it was chaos, students had been thrown of there feet and were coughing because of the heavy smoke, "I knew this was going to happen!" one of them said, "Why does she even keep trying any way." another stated making her despair just a little more.

The blond hair boy who summon the oversize mole know to this classmates as Guiche de Gramont, got to his feet while coughing catching site of a blonde hair girl with her hair in curls he called out, "Montmorency! Are you alright?" when he got no response he notice that she was looking at something with in the smoke cloud.

"W-what is that?" she asked while pointing at something behind the

Hearing her question Louise looked up, as the smoked cleared she was able to make up a shape in the cloud feeling hopeful that her summoning may had worked she thought about all the possibilities of what she could have summon, 'Could it Griffin, or unicorn, maybe it's dragon like Tabitha's, heck I'd settle for Troll.' she thought as the smoke cleared and she got a good look at her familiar, making all her hopes dropped. Standing in front of her was a man dressed in black carrying with him a case that looked like a small coffin, upon seeing the man all of her classmates began asking questions.

"Who is that?" one girl called out.

"How did he get here? Did Louise the zero summon him?" boy asked, "Who cares? It's obvious by his state of dress that he's a plebeian a servant at that." another answered.

"That or mortician! After all when was the last time you saw a servant carrying around a coffin." a girl spoke up.

"T-this is the sacred, beautiful and strong familiar...?" Louise asked out aloud unable to believe her bad luck.