Strange Magic

Chapter 1.

A deafening boom, and the train stopped. Elphaba Thropp looked out the window and saw ten large brown buildings. Was this going to be her life for the next four years? Unfortunately, she still had to take care of her wheel-chair bound sister, Nessarose, but it was still better than the past seventeen years she had with her father. She glanced at her emerald skin, and asked herself, "Would anyone ever accept me for what I am? Or really, what I look like?" With a swift wiping of her glasses, she saw a person of her age looking at her. "Of course not." She muttered under her breath.

She saw her friend, and yelled excitedly, "Boq! Boq!" She saw his head turn. "Elphaba, how are you? Oh, wait, I know." She playfully slapped him. "Boq, you know that our parents forced us to get this stupid arranged marriage. At least we have four years to date people we actually like." He raised his eyebrows mischievously. "Boq!" "Well, it's true. I think that Fiyero Tiggular likes you." "Is that who was staring at me? God, Boq, I didn't know!" She chuckled. "If you'd ever get your head out of your books, that would help."

She saw her old, black, beat up luggage case getting taken off the train. "I'd better go get it, Boq." Elphaba raced over and got it. "I swear, this damn thing is going to fall apart at any second!" "Now, Elphaba." "Yes, Boq, I know about the language, but it's better than what I was going to say." He laughed. "And that's why you're my friend." She sighed and punched him. It felt good.

A blonde girl walked up to her and said,"Hi! My name is Galinda Upland! And you must be-?" "Elphaba Melena Thropp."

"Okay. You're an artichoke!" Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"Nothing I haven't heard before." Elphaba replied.

Boq laughed and crept away.. "Well, I'm your new roommate! I get to share with someone who's...unique."

"Oh, and I get to share with an idiot!" Elphaba teased.

"Do you know who that is, Elphaba? That's-"

"Yes. I know."

"I think I'm going to like him tonight. He's cute." Galinda replied.

Elphaba nodded. "Sort of. But there are rumors, you must know them. It depends on what part of Oz you came from."
"Where do you think? The Uplands of course."
"Oh. I came from Munchkinland."

"So you're an Thropp?"
Elphaba hated this reaction. "Yes. I'm Nessarose's older sister."

"Oh. I thought that there was only one Thropp daughter."
"Nope. There's a green one.. or as you called me, the Artichoke."
Galinda acted offended."You called me an idiot."

"I was kidding."
"Oh." Galinda realized.

Boq walked up and said, "This is Fiyero, Galinda."

She smiled. "Hi, I'm Elphaba, better known as,"the Artichoke." He paid no attention to her.

"Do you want to go to the Oz Dust with me, Galinda?"
"Sure." Galinda smiled.

"See you both around eight?" He winked.

"That sounds great."
"Ok, see you then." He smiled at her.

She felt her heart beat like it was a drum. Galinda giggled. "Oh my God, this is gonna be the news of the university! You and that person going out..."

"Right. I want you to you to go with him."

Galinda squealed.

"Really? Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

They got to their dorm room and Galinda exclaimed, "Since it's my first date with him, the adorable Winkie prince, I'm gonna make you over!"
"You really don't need to do that."
"I know, that's why I'm so nice!"
Elphaba scowled.

"Aw, shut up! This is gonna be fun, Elphie!"

She raised her eyebrows, "Elphie?"

"It.. suits you."

When Elphaba opened her eyes, she saw a much prettier version of herself: Dark green eyelids, long black lashes, curled hair that was put in a low ponytail, short blue dress that was slit above the knee: accenting curves she didn't even know that she had, high heels.

"Go get him, girlie!"

"Ha ha, very funny."

There was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" Galinda shouted.

It was Boq and Fiyero.

"Are you ready, Fabalya?" Boq asked.


"So... are you ready, Elphaba?"


"Galinda, are you?"
"Yes! Woo-hoo!" Galinda yelled.

The four left, arm in arm. "This is so gong to be fun!" Galinda yelled. "No, it's going to suck. I hate dancing." "You'll be fine! Trust me!" So Elphaba had no choice but to trust the quirky blonde. After one dance, Elphaba said, "I'm going." and ran out of the building. "I have to study for Life Science and Sorcery because in two days school starts." She thought.

When she got back to her dorm room, she read until the three walked in and saw the emerald-skinned girl asleep, with her head in a book. "God, this girl is not like me! She reads!"Galinda cried.

"She looks like an angel." Fiyero breathed. To him she looked like a goddess, a very beautiful, green one. "Bye." Galinda said without emotion. She obviously didn't care that he was going.

"Okay. See you around." He replied, eyes still on Elphaba, thinking that he liked her and would try to meet her tomorrow.