Hey there. So here I am with a story for Wingin it! Yes, I am Canadian and Proud! I actually do like this show, and I had this idea for awhile, even before Denise came.

So, just clarifying, Denise does not exist in this story! And my OC may seem a little bland in this chapter, but don't worry, I will change it up.

I hope people do like Winging it as much as I do so enjoy :)

Chapter 1: New Girl

"Dr. Cassabi!" yelled Carl as he quickly walked into the room.

"No need to yell Carl," said Mr. Cassabi, "I'm here, not 'upstairs'," referring to where he really lives.

Dr Cassabi turned around, realizing no one was there, "Carl?" he questioned.

"Yeah, I'm standing right here," Carl muttered. But Dr Cassabi saw no one.

"Carl, please don't tell me that you're..."

"Invisible...Yeah I am! Where's Porter?" said the invisible boy.

"He's just getting his Magic recalibration certificate renewed," he said still not knowing which direction to talk to.

"And he couldn't tell me this?"

"What happened?"

"So, I see a cute girl walking by right, and apparently there's something stuck in my teeth, so I tell Porter to make it disappear, and guess what?"

"He made more than the spinach disappear right?"

"I know you can't see me, but I'm nodding my head right now," said Carl sarcastically.

"Just stand near the coat rack," Dr Cassabi ordered. Making sure no one was looking, he used his angel magic, and turned the 16 year old boy visible again.

"Thanks," Carl said relieved, "I'm glad to see me again,"

"Don't worry, I'll talked to Porter when he comes back," Dr Cassabi said. The bell rang, and Carl went out to his final class.

Carl, still looking at his feet, making sure they don't disappear, accidently tripped on his shoelaces as he bumped into someone.

"Oh no!" yelled a female voice. Carl put his head up, seeing that he bumped into a girl, about his age, with brown curly hair. Her books were all over the floor and so was her guitar case.

"I am so sorry," said Carl picking up her books, "I am such a klutz most of the time,"

"No it's ok," the girl replied, " I can say the same thing about myself,"

They both got up, Carl handing back her guitar case. The girl had big brown eyes, and wearing a casual leather jacket with dark jeans.

"I'm Carl," he said, holding out his hand.

"Uhh...I would shake it, but my hands are kinda full," she pointed out.

"Oh, yeah..." said Carl, embaressed.

"I'm Veronica, but please just call me Roni," she said smiling.

"I haven't seen you around," he realized, "Are you new?"

"Yeah, My mom and I just moved 2 blocks from here," she said.

"Me too...I mean I didn't move there...I've always lived there...with my mom...and my sister...and I'm just gonna stop talking," he continued mumbling as she laughed slightly.

Suddenly, the sound of a Ukelele were in the halls.

"Come on let's walk to class, Don't forget your hall pass," The students started emptying the halls.

"Should I be scared of him?" asked Roni.

"Sometimes," Carl nodded.

"Carl Montclaire, seems you've met our newest student, Veronica Blake," said Principal Malone.

"Yeah, we just met," she said happily.

"Now Montclaire, I'm volunteering you to show Ms Blake here around,"

"Sure thing sir," he agreed.

"Now there's the positive attitude I love to see at Bennet High," he smiled continuing to play his Ukelele.

He continued down the halls as Roni and Carl were left alone in the halls.

"Well, the next class I have is history," she said.

"Same here," he nodded, "Now if you don't mind, I think I should carry some of those books,"

"Thank you," she said, "I just need to get a locker buddy,"

Carl smiled, but kept that idea to himself. He didn't want to seem like a desperate guy.

"Don't worry, alot of people here are nice," he assured.

Lunch Time

Carl sat at his usual table with Alex, waiting for Jane to join them.

"Am I late?" said a familiar voice joining them.

"Well Porter, I didn't see you at gym, but at the same time, no one saw me either," Carl said annoyed.

"Yeah...sorry about that,"

"Its ok Carl, I get stuck in the lockerroom all the time," said Alex, "I forget the combination to the doorknob,"

"You know the doorknob doesn't have a combination," laughed Porter.

"That's why there's no numbers, Thanks Porter," said Alex happily, "You guys keep talking, I'm gonna get a drink."

As Alex left, Porter continued, "Ok, I'm sorry for leaving you invisible, but I had to be on time for the..."

"Forget about that for a moment," interrupted Carl, "Something major happened before history today,"

"Please don't tell me you fell in the trash can again?" asked Porter, "I can't keep covering you for that,"

"No, not that!" he muttered, "But I did trip into a girl,"

"You know you're suppose to casually bump into them right, not trip on them and make them your safety mat," Porter laughed.

"Hahaha, your humor kills me," Carl exclaimed, "But she was ok with it, plus she's new and guess whose showing her around the school this week,"

"Ahh...playing the old 'helping the new kid' trick huh," said Porter, "I hope she speaks English this time,"

"Yeah, and she's totally cool, down to earth..."

"Plus hot right?" Porter added.

"Please, I am not that shallow..." he protested, "But she does look nice..."

"Ha! I guess you can do things without me," said Porter, "I'll be getting my Angel Wings soon enough,"

"Yeah, and here she comes," said Carl as they both looked up. Roni and Jane both were walking towards their table.

"Carl, you should have told me that she plays guitar," said Jane, "You have to come over one time so we can practice,"

"Totally," agreed Roni, "Plus, I can lend you that Fefe Dobson CD,"

"Hey Roni, this is my cousin Porter," said Carl, "and Porter this is Roni,"

"Yeah, I heard about you," she said putting out her hand, but Porter didn't take it. He was oddly staring at her.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Uhhh...yeah, sorry I just remembered, I have to go to Principal Malone and get...something," he said quickly getting up and leaving.

"Did I do something wrong?" asked Roni concerned.

"No, no..." assured Carl, "Porter is just being, Porter. But trust me, he's a great guy once you get to know him,"

The three ate started to eat their lunch, "Hey Roni, I heard you were looking for a locker buddy, I don't mind if you want?"

"Really?" she said happily.

"Yeah, I don't take up much space anyway,"

There goes that plan, thought Carl.