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Porter POV

I can't believe it worked. My angel magic actually worked in bringing back her memory.

I told Roni about my life so far and my recent assignment with Carl.

She seemed happy, but quiet. Maybe my magic had a slight side effect because she seemed zoned out.

The next day at school, I was happy that I didn't have to pretend that we didn't know each other.

"Hey Porter," exclaimed Carl from across the hall, "You left in such a hurry this morning."

"Yeah sorry Carl," I apologized, "I was just looking for Roni, but I didn't see her walking to school."

"Yeah I think Jane and her came early to work on the play," explained Carl, "Someone is happy to get their old girlfriend back."

I sighed a bit, realizing something. Roni and I didn't talk about us, whatsoever. We didn't mention our old relationship, and whether or not we should pick it up or not.

"I am so stupid," I shook my head, "Maybe that's why she was kind of sad."

"What did you do?" asked Carl as we walked to our locker.

"Well, I told her about my life, and she told me about hers, but I forgot to tell her I still have feelings for her," I explained, "Maybe I should do that now."

"Porter wait!" exclaimed Carl as he grabbed my shoulder, "Maybe your taking this a bit fast."

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"I get it, your happy to get Roni back, but she just remembered you and about Angels yesterday...maybe you should give her the time to adjust," Carl said.

I thought for a moment but then shook my head, "Nah, trust me. Who knows more about girls again?"

Carl rolled his eyes as he got out his books, "Okay man, but just be careful."

I nodded as I made my way to find Roni. I saw the brunette right beside Jane's locker, reading something from her notebook.

Maybe I should give her a small surprise...

When the coast was clear, I nodded my head, and magically made a basket of sweets pop into her locker.

Roni looked startled as she jumped back a bit.

"So, I'm guessing you don't like my surprise..." I smiled as I approached her.

"Oh Porter, it was you," she smiled back, " I love it, I just forgot about these little magical moments you know?"

"Yeah, but don't worry," I said, "There are alot of those here at Bennet High."

Roni put down her basket full of sweets and frowned a bit.


"Something wrong?" Porter asked, seeming a bit worried.

"No, nothing PJ," I tried to hide it, but even he knew that I wasn't a good liar.

"What happened?" Porter asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no!" I exclaimed. I didn't want him to think that he did something wrong, "It's just..."

"Roni, you know you can tell me anything..."

"Porter, this is too weird!" I exclaimed slightly.

"What?" he muttered a bit confused.

"Sorry, but this is just going way to fast," I tried to explain, "You remember every detail about me; my favourite colour, my favourite cupcake flavour, my favourite flower, the things that annoy me...but Porter I don't remember anything about us. The first time we met, the first time we hated each other, the first time we didn't hate each other..."

"I thought you remembered," Porter questioned.

"I remember bits and pieces," I explained, "Like I remember your assignment, my stagefright, even Dr Cassabi...but I don't even remember that we had a relationship. I mean did we even date? Kiss? Wait...did I even have my first kiss?"

Porter looked shocked, but I had to tell him. I mean, I feel like I have a connection with him, but it's all fuzzy.

"Yeah," he chuckled a bit, "You had your first kiss..."

"I did?" I was trying my best to remember, but it was still a blur, "Was it with you?"

Porter paused a bit, and kind of looked hurt that I said that.

"No Roni, it wasn't with me..." he answered giving a weak smile, "It was with someone else, from our old school."

Before I could ask who it was, the bell rang.

"You should get to class..." Porter suggested, "You don't want to be late for Mr Munro's math class."

Porter turned around and started to walk off towards the opposite direction.

Don't lose him again Roni, I thought to myself.

"Hey Jackson!" I exclaimed, slamming my locker closed as I ran to him with my basket.

"Yeah Blake?" he taunted back.

"How about we go catch a movie tonight?" I asked, offering him a cupcake.

"Did I hear that right?" he taunted, "Veronica Blake is asking me on a date?"

"Not a date!" I exclaimed, "Hanging out, and catching up properly."

"Well...I'm kind of busy," he explained, "You see there's this really cute girl in our drama class who's got an eye on me."

"On you?" I questioned him suspiciously, "I can't believe people in this school adore you."

"What's not to like?" he bragged, "But hey, I'll make a special exception...just this once."

"Thanks," I smiled sincerely. He was always going to be the same old Porter.

Dennis POV

It was one of those typical lazy mondays. Well acutally, everyday is lazy when you are a raccoon.

Dr Cassabi was called down to the principal's office, so I was playing in his chair.

"Round and round and round I go!" I exclaimed as I started to spin in his chair.

Suddenly I heard someone come in the room.

I quickly jumped out from the chair, but since I was a bit dizzy, I ended up knocking everything off of Dr Cassabi's desk.

"I am so sorry Dr Cassabi!" I exclaimed nervously, "I'll clean it up right away."

I looked up, and saw that it wasn't Dr Cassabi who came into the room, but a teenage boy. A boy around Porter's age, I was guessing. He had dark, black short hair, and midnight blue eyes. He was wearing a dark blue jeans, and a leather jacker covering his grey shirt.

"Do I look like Dr Cassabi?" the guy snapped, a bit annoyed as he sat on Dr Cassabi's chair.

"Wait..." I stuttered, "You can see me?"

I was in stealth mode, so only ones who can see me were Angels.

"Yes I can see you..." The boy continued, "And I need your help..."

"My help?" I repeated. What exactly did this guy want.

"Well actually, not your help, more like Denise's?"

"Who?" I muttered. Why did he say Denise.

The boy clapped his hands twice, and suddenly a light surrounded me.

It seemed to blind me for a moment, but then when the light dimmed down, I realized I was the same height as the guy.

"What did you just do?" I asked, realizing that my voice had also changed, to a girl's voice.

I looked down, and saw that I had legs, and hands. Quickly grabbing the mirror in Dr Cassabi's desk, I saw my reflection. My long brunnete hair, my freckles, my opposable thumbs! My memory came rushing back to me.

"I'm back!" I exclaimed in happiness, "But how did you..."

"That's my secret," said the guy, "But since I did a favour for you, you need to do one for me."

I looked at him confused, "What do you want?"

"I need you to help me with Porter Jackson..." he explained calmly, "I need him to lose his angel wings, permanently."

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A villian in the mix?

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