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"You must be disapointed," one of the townsmen said to Tevye.

"Disapointed? And why is that?"

"I heard your grandchild was born this afternoon"

Tevvye had been at work until now.

"Tzidle had the baby?"

"You didn't hear," the townsman sighed, "So sad"

Tevye's heart started pounding.

"Is something wrong with Tzidle. Is something wrong with the baby?"

"No. Tzidle had a daughter though"

"And for that I would be disapointed? Are you so shallow you do not see what is in front of your eyes. A child is a blessing and I am happy as a cow in a barn that my grandchild was born healthy and that's all. I don't care what Tzidle had"

"Did you just call me shallow?"

"Well you act it so yes," Tevye said, "You know I learned a few things from my experiences and why do I think the way I think. I'll tell you. I don't know. But my family is my family for better and for worse and my new grandaughter is not worse but rather better. Do not ever insult my family again until you want a fight on your hands"

Then he walked away.