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May It Be

"To love someone deeply, gives you strength. Being loved deeply gives you courage."- Lao-Tzu

And then, there was only silence. The laughter had halted, the screaming ceased. The only sound in the lonely room was weeping.

Clinging tightly to Juri's shoulder, Culumon let out a sniffle. He had been quiet throughout the entire ordeal; the horror of what had happened nearly overwhelmed the small Baby II digimon.

That mean digimon hurt Ruki, culu, he thought uncomprehendingly. But why? Now everyone is sad.

Culumon looked up at Juri, frowning at the tears on her face. He shuddered, remembering the last time he had seen her so upset, the time during which they had been trapped within the D-Reaper and right before…Culumon hugged Juri more tightly.

I don't want Juri to be sad. I want Ruki and Renamon to come back, culu. So everyone can be happy again.

Close by him, the feelings of Beelzebumon were very different. Fury coursed through him, causing him to unconsciously move forward. Though he hadn't really shown it very often, he considered Renamon to be his closest friend. Even when he annoyed her with his taunting and nearly sent her on the road to deletion back in the Digital World, she and Ruki had cared enough to save him from himself. And now, she was gone. Turned into an ice statue courtesy of a frozen freak that had a few screws loose.

"Wait." Takato uttered solemnly from across the room. The Tamers and Beelzebumon turned to face him, frowns common upon all of their faces.

Don't do anything stupid kid, Beelzebumon thought anxiously as he saw the look on Takato's face. It was the same unforgiving glare that he himself had received after his absorption of Leomon. His eyes were narrowed and seemed to burn with his rage and his jaw was set.

"Takato, you're not-" Jenrya began uncertainly.

"Don't worry." Takato cut him off. "I'm not going to let my anger control me, not this time. We've lost Ruki and I won't let Guilmon become Megidramon again and get hurt because of my selfishness."

Hekatemon giggled. "Such emotion, such pain over Makino Ruki's sacrifice. Intriguing."

"'Intriguing?' You hurt our friends and you think it's funny?" Takato spoke slowly. "You're a monster. D-Reaper was terrible and the Devas were only doing what they thought was right, but you have no heart! You've hurt people that had no defense against your power and you've enjoyed it! You've frozen our friends and parts of Shinjuku and now it's time for you to pay! Pay for what you did to Hirokazu, Renamon," His voice wavered slightly. "And to Ruki."

Jenrya nodded. "That's right. We fight to protect the people that we care about, something that you can never understand. That's why we'll defeat you, together!"  

"Now you're talking!" Ryou added forcefully. Cyberdramon growled in approval.

Eyes narrowing, Hekatemon flapped his wings sporadically. The delight of Makino Ruki's death had given him a proverbial "second wind," and if he was forced to battle her companions, he knew that he would lose all chance of leaving the area alive.

"It looks like I'll have to sit this one out." Jenrya stated. "But Rapidmon-"

"Don't worry Jen," His partner answered cocking his missile-seized hands. "I'll give him one for you. No one turns our friends into icicles and gets away with it!"

"Less talkin' and more action." Beelzebumon said, menacingly clenching his claws.

Takato looked at Guilmon seriously. "I really need your help Guilmon, but I don't want to force you to evolve and fight if you don't want to."

Guilmon cocked his head uncomprehendingly. "Ruki and Renamon were our are friends and now they're gone. Of course I'll help you Takato, we're partners and I'll always fight by your side."

Feeling his eyes well slightly, Takato rubbed them with the back of his hand. "Right, then let's do it." He glanced at Ryou, who had his D-Arc in his hand.

"I'm way ahead of you." The Legendary Tamer said coolly.

Juri watched them warily. "Please, be careful."

Takato nodded solemnly, while Ryou gave the smallest of grins. Then both of them drew their D-Arc's closer.

Hekatemon snarled as he watched the humans raise their devices. Makino Ruki had done the same thing before she and her partner merged into one being, he couldn't allow that to happen again.

"Matrix Evolution Activate!" Takato and Ryou shouted simultaneously. The words "Matrix Evolution" appeared on both of their D-Arcs and were spoken monotonously, as red and blue light burst forth. The light immersed the two Tamers as they became data and united with their respective digimon.

"Guilmon, Matrix Evolve!" Guilmon's reptilian body began to change, as armor replaced his saurian hide. He grew larger, until a humanoid digimon covered in white armor, red cape trailing behind him and shield in one hand and pointed lance replacing the other, stood in his place.

"Cyberdramon, Matrix Evolve!" The armored dragon's body became lither, as his crimson wings vanished and his armor changed. His silver mask reformed, becoming the only remnant on his blank face. A cybernetic arm, similar to Ryou's gauntlet and red scarf flying behind him, concluded the evolution. 



With the completion of their transformations, Hekatemon caused the remaining crystals of ice to break, liberating the digimon inside. Several Mojayamon, hair covered and clutching bone clubs, rock solid Golemon, Silphymon, a humanoid and avian hybrid and the arachnids Dokugamon, and Archenmon, all with eyes glowing madness. And with the speed and strength of a demonic flood, they instantly rushed the Tamers.

"This is bad," Juri muttered sadly, as Jenrya stood in front of her, ready to protect her the best he could. 

Dukemon struggled beneath the overpowering grasps of the Golemon. Though they were only on the Adult level, it was their sheer numbers that prevented the Matrix Evolved digimon from rising.

Despite his weariness, Hekatemon still managed to stand. Though mass amounts of data leaked from his body, the Ultimate digimon would not allow himself to vanish. Flapping his almost non-existent wings, Hekatemon ascended into the air and glared down at the Tamers.

I have lost, he thought furiously. But with one final stroke, I will destroy those who succeeded in ending my life. With unexpected speed, Hekatemon swooped down, knocking the digimon that served him aside and hefting the frozen statue that was Kuzuhamon, high into the air.

From below, Jenrya paled. "No, put her down!" He cried out, knowing it would have no effect.

Hearing the sound of his voice, Rapidmon glanced upwards. He struggled with the feral Dokugamon, trying to escape her web to help, but it was to no avail.

Close to him, Beelzebumon was knocked to his knees by Archnemon, who lacked his Ultimate level, but made up for it with cunning and guile.

"Going somewhere handsome?" She cooed as she smashed her massive bulk into his chest, causing him to fall backwards cursing.

"Trinity Arm!" Justimon shouted, sending a blast of light to eliminate the Mojyamon that had assailed him, only to be slammed into a wall by a Silphymon's "Dual Sonic" attack.

"Royal Saber!" Dukemon roared, bolts of lightning flying from his lance and striking the Golemon, reducing them to data instantly. Finally able to stand, he was ready to aide Rapidmon, but the sound of Juri calling his name drew his attention.

"Takato!" Juri yelled, "You have to help Ruki!"

From within his sphere of crimson light, Takato was alarmed. He already froze Ruki and Renamon, what more can he do to them?  

The sound of breaking glass and the sight of icicles falling and shattering on the ground alerted everyone to Hekatemon going through the roof of the building, with Kuzuhamon still in his arms.

"Death has come for you Makino Ruki!" He shrieked insanely, flying high into the sky. "Death has come!" He laboriously raised Kuzuhamon over his head, preparing to release his hold and send her toppling to the ground.

Dukemon's golden eyes widened with horror and taking a running start, he leaped into the air.

Guilmon, we can't reach her! Takato spoke dejectedly as they began to fall.

We really need wings Takato. His partner replied.

Wings. The thought made Takato's heart beat faster. If we had wings…

"I can give you wings Dukemon…" Grani had spoke before merging with him.

Grani. You sacrificed your life to save us, but now we need you more than ever. Please, we need your wings.

And with that thought, an ethereal glow surrounded the plummeting Dukemon. It caused Hekatemon to narrow his eyes against its holy burn and made his digimon servants scream in pain. Once the light dimmed, the Tamers looked in shock at the new arrival.

He was covered in armor, like Dukemon, but unlike him, the armor was red with golden accents. Ten shining white wings flapped behind him, sending him upward, while a double-edged, golden lance rested tightly in his hands.

"Whoa," Rapidmon spoke appraisingly. "Now that's what I call a Mode Change. Unlike some digimon who just grew wings and got contacts."

Giving him a dirty look, Beelzebumon charged up his Darkness Claw, ready to send it into Archnemon's chest.

Jenrya couldn't help but stare. "That's…incredible."

Juri nodded mutely, still shocked at the transformation.

"Oooh, pretty!" Culumon giggled from his position on her shoulder.

Even Ryou, couldn't help grinning from inside his sphere of cerulean light. "Not bad." Justimon added.

As Dukemon Crimson Mode rose to meet him, Hekatemon glowered at him furiously. A new form, most unexpected, he mused fearfully. But feeling his energy nearly spent, he released Kuzuhamon and prepared to vanish.

"This ends, now!" Dukemon roared in the voices of Takato and Guilmon, catching Kuzuhamon and holding her tightly. "For all those you've hurt, all those who have suffered because of you…" He shifted Kuzuhamon in his arms and raised his lance.

"Now, with one final blow, fall into hell!" From the top of the lance, a golden light began to shine, becoming more luminous by the second.

"Quo Vidas!" The light was launched at Hekatemon, who moved backwards in avoidance. But even that attempt couldn't save him. With a horrific scream, he was enveloped within the blinding light, his already wretched form reduced to miniscule bits of data, then vanishing completely.

"It's over." Dukemon said sighing. But he nearly cried out in surprise when he felt movement occur in his arms. Holding Kuzuhamon closer, he watched as pinprick cracks bloomed upon her body. And when the ice finally shattered, he felt as if everything had stopped.

"What the-" Kuzuhamon sputtered, strangely alert. She glanced upward, ready to face anything.

From within Dukemon, Takato smiled. "Ruki, you're alive!"

Kuzuhamon stared at him with slight surprise and Ruki rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm alive. Did you really think that some frozen freak with a case of fanboy worship would stop us?"

Shaking his head, Takato couldn't help but laugh. "No, I guess not."

The pair descended slightly and once they were directly over the Yashimoto building Dukemon hesitated.

"Something's wrong." He muttered with Guilmon's voice.

And when the image of Lee Janyuu appeared inside of his sphere, Takato nearly jumped.

"Takato, thank goodness I was able to reach you. We're only lucky that this satellite was still operational."

"Something weird is happening, sir." Takato responded.

"Listen to me Takato, you all must leave the building immediately! Without the presence of the digimon to equate the Real and Digital Worlds, the balance between them has been severely thrown out of whack. The Yashimoto building can't handle the dimensional pressure and is collapsing as  a result."

As if to collaborate his words, the Yashimoto building's shuddering doubled in pitch. Inside of it, Hekatemon's servants shattered into data, then disappeared. The image of Janyuu abruptly vanished, leaving Takato and Guilmon by themselves.

Standing quickly, Beelzebumon moved closer to Juri and Jenrya, using his large wings to shield the three of them from the jagged icicles.

"I guess the party's over." Rapidmon exclaimed knocking away a sliver of ice.

"Really? Ya think?" Beelzebumon retorted.

Dukemon and Kuzuhamon floated overhead, easily dodging the falling projectiles.

"We have to get out of here!" Takato yelled over the roar of the building. "The building is about to cave in!"

De-evolving quickly, Justimon separated into Ryou and Cyberdramon, who took his partner with surprising gentleness, into his claws and began beating his tattered wings in preparation for flight.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Rapidmon fired his jets and flew over to his partner.

De-evolving to Terriermon, the dog digimon smirked. "C'mon Jen, the last thing we need is to be buried alive. Having a giant spider try to eat me was enough fun for one day."

His partner smiled back at him. This day has been terrible, but I wouldn't trade having you back for anything in the world. "Let's go." He spoke aloud, clutching his D-Arc tightly. "Matrix Evolution Activate!"

"Matrix Evolution." The words appeared and were spoken, as an emerald light exploded from Jenrya's D-Arc, encasing him and Terriermon, while his body changed into data and merged with his partner. "Terriermon, Matrix Evolve!"

The light encased form grew larger and larger, nearly filling the entire building. His head was of the canine variation, his body covered in green armor and two large missile launchers, sat upon his shoulders. "SaintGalgomon!"

Using one of his enormous hands, SaintGalgomon scooped up Juri, and with a surge of his rockets, flew upwards, through the already decimated roof.

Cyberdramon and Beelzebumon, followed behind them, as the floor dropped out below.

"Need a lift?" Dukemon inquired half-jokingly. 

Kuzuhamon considered for a moment, then nodded. "Very well." She spoke in Renamon's voice and shifting into a more comfortable position. "Just don't get used to it." Ruki added.

"Hey, are you two going to hover there all night?" Ryou shouted to the pair.

"Maybe we should leave them alone." Terriermon suggested deviously.

"Terriermon, remember when we discussed your problem with tact?" Jenrya asked wearily.

"Momentai Jen, I don't even know the meaning of the word." 

That caused everyone around SaintGalgomon to sweatdrop.

"I know, that's the problem."

Dukemon took the opportunity to rise into the air, carrying a seething Kuzuhamon with him.

"One more comment like that and you'll wish that Dokugamon had eaten you." She hissed angrily.

The building gave a final shudder, leaving an enormous heap of rubble in its place. All of the ice near it faded, returning the areas it touched to their original form.

The police and Special Forces finally reached the ruined building, while the victorious Tamers and Beelzebumon flew overhead and into the night.


The first thing that Hirokazu saw as he opened his eyes the next morning, were the happy visages of Kenta and his small, pink fairy digimon, MarineAngemon.

"Hey," Kenta spoke smiling.

"Pipi pii!" MarineAngemon piped up in greeting.

Hirokazu grinned slightly. "Hey yourself. Did you bring it?"

That evening had been especially draining for him, waking up from what seemed a long nap to find his mother crying and his father yelping and Guardromon leaning against the wall. After giving his mother what she called, "the fright of her life," he had spent the rest of the night undergoing all types of tests in order to explain his "miraculous" recovery.

Kenta had been unable to visit him, but managed to get a message to him by the departing Guardromon. The hospital staff had already complained about Lopmon, though the Child digimon rarely spoke, and the sight of a large robot in Hirokazu's room had sent Dr. Kinomoto away screaming.

"Do you have to ask?" Kenta replied as he reached into a large bag and extracted a piece of Guilmon bread and several pieces of pocky.

Sitting up in his bed, Hirokazu greedily reached for the food. "Thanks. With the food they serve around here, it's almost like they don't want you to leave."

Kenta leaned back in his chair and watched his friend eat, the doubtful feelings from the night before returned in full force.

"So, what happened?" Hirokazu asked between munches. "You're not going to leave me hanging are you?"

Snapping out of his distraction, Kenta relayed everything that Takato had told him the night before, when he along with his, Ruki, Jenrya and Takato's parents all arrived at Shinjuku Park, courtesy of Yamaki, to meet them.

His only interruption was the occasional "Pipi, pipi!" Listening closely, Hirokazu couldn't help but smile at the mention of Takato's Mode Change.

"Dukemon Crimson Mode? I knew Takato had it in him. And rescuing The Digimon Queen, what more can a guy ask for?"

"Yeah." Kenta agreed halfheartedly. "What more?"

MarineAngemon flew to Kenta's shoulder and rubbed his head against his partner's.

Raising an eyebrow, Hirokazu stared at his friend. "Hey, you're not still all hung up about what happened in the park are you?" He questioned. "Because it'd be really dumb to think that what happened to me is your fault."

"But it was!" Kenta responded loudly. "If I hadn't left you, you wouldn't have ended up the way you did."

"Yeah, but if you hadn't, you would have ended up just like me. And if you hadn't gotten Takato, I might have been completely frozen instead of halfway." Noticing that Kenta was ready to protest, he quickly continued. "Anyway, I'm okay, Ruki's okay and I owe you one."

Kenta sighed. "I guess you're right."

Hirokazu smiled. "Definitely. So Takato and Ruki, that gives me an idea-" But whatever he planned to say was cut off when Kenta shoved the remaining Guilmon bread into his mouth.

"Why don't we let them work things out by themselves." Kenta said cautiously. "I'd rather take on ten Hekatemons then The Digimon Queen any day."

Making a face behind the bread, Hirokazu couldn't help but laugh inwardly. Being frozen was pretty rough, but with Guardromon, Kenta, Takato and the others behind me, I'm not afraid of anything. But when the images of Ms. Asunama, his mother and Makino Ruki, The Digital Queen herself entered his mind, Hirokazu's face faded.

Well, almost anything.


Yamaki stared out his office window, clicking his lighter cover open and shut absently. He'd gotten little, to no sleep that night; or rather morning prior and the situation itself had given him a bad feeling.

Hypnos had returned to its normal hustle and bustle, at that moment Reika and Megumi were scanning the grid for any signs of digimon activity. He knew he should have been pleased, his assumptions had been proven correct after all, but he wasn't.

The sight of the Heads of Hypnos, some men even he had never been acquainted with, entering the building early that morning had knocked the idea of smugness completely out of his mind. And hearing them mutter about "Operation: Dark Days," a protocol he'd never heard before put him even more on edge. Whatever was happening, he hated being in the dark about it.

The Makino girl's return, the recovery of Shiota Hirokazu and the destruction of the rouge digimon had improved his mood slightly, but the discovery made afterwards simply lowered it again. 

When Shibumi had failed to make an appearance, even after the prior night's events, Janyuu and the rest of the Monster Makers had headed to his last known apartment, only to find it torn apart, furniture strewn, and blood and what looked like animal tracks covering the floor.

The police had then been called in, but Yamaki had enough intuition to know that it was too late. Whoever had broken into Shibumi's apartment had taken him, leaving no real clues behind.

After the rouge digimon was annihilated, they thought that it was over, Yamaki mused. But what if it isn't? What if it, whatever it may be, has only just begun?


Leaning against wall of her home, Ruki released a breath she didn't know she was holding. After everything that had happened, including a long, reluctant, explanation of how she and Renamon had become Kuzuhamon and her mother's reaction, Ruki had just about had enough.

It was only after Seiko's assurances that Ruki wouldn't "disappear into the night," and several meaningful glances, did Rumiko let her daughter out of her sight.

Last night had been extremely exhausting for everyone involved. Hirokazu's body had finally thawed out and rejoined the rest of the world, but whether or not his brain accompanied him well, that was another story.

Jenrya and his father had engaged in serious discussion and judging by the seriousness blatant upon both their faces, whatever they were talking about couldn't be good.

Tadashi had come for his daughter, then looked slightly unnerved when Culumon cheerfully talked about, "the bad lion that tried to eat us, but we were saved by Beelzebumon, culu!" At that point, the Demon Lord slowly moved away from the group, then looked close to fainting when Kenta's mother said he reminded her of someone she had once dated. "He didn't have three eyes, or wings or a tail, that would have been silly. But he was a biker, and goodness could he ride!"

Several coughs and "Moms!" later, Ai and Makoto made their presence known by shrieking out the name Impmon, which lead Beelzebumon to de-evolve and nearly be crushed in a double hug. They had come from being out of town after seeing the news, which showed the ice expanding over Shinjuku.

But it was the reunion between Takato and his parents that had been the most emotional. It had been crying on all sides, even Guilmon who had no idea why he was crying and vocalized as such. 

But despite the overt emotional displays, Ruki was happy to be home. Sure her mother and at times most of the population, had a tendency to annoy her at times, at least she had them. And as long as Renamon was with her, she could handle things. She could sense her partner close by, waiting and watching over her…

"Hey Ruki!" Takato called, his cheerful voice suddenly cutting into her thought process.

Opening her eyes reluctantly, Ruki glanced at the goggled Tamer, who held a large bag in each hand.

"What are you doing here goggle-head?" Questioned Ruki.

Takato suddenly looked very nervous. "We didn't really get to talk a lot last night and I wanted to apologize-plus my parents made a ton of Guilmon bread and I wanted to bring you some."

Ruki looked behind him "Where is dino-boy anyway?"

Laughing slightly, Takato moved closer. "He's at the bakery. Dad and Mom have been feeding him all sorts of things and he's happy just to eat it. Where's Renamon?"

"She's around." Ruki replied coolly.

They fell into an uncomfortable silence. A silence that was finally broken by Takato's speaking.

"Yesterday was an accident." Takato began slowly. "I didn't want to go to the park without telling you, but when I called your house, your grandmother said that you couldn't talk."

Ruki listened closely. She remembered her grandmother telling her about the phone call-it had been the reason she had gone to the park in the first place.

"And what happened with Juri-" Takato began to blush again. "It wasn't…it wasn't what it looked like. I didn't want to hurt Juri or you, but I just couldn't…I'm sorry." He lowered his eyes.  

"Fine, I accept your apology." Ruki responded brusquely. Even though she knew what had happened, she was more than happy not to bring it up again.

"Is that all?" She asked pointedly.

"Well," Takato squirmed slightly under her firm gaze. "There was one more thing I wanted to do."

Ruki rolled her eyes. "And that was…"

Here goes, Takato thought fearfully. "Just this." And then he did something Ruki never expected. Leaning towards her, he planted the gentlest of kisses on her lips and then pulled away, blushing furiously.

Ruki stared at him a moment, still trying to process what had just happened. If anyone else had tried something like that, she would have made sure they would have to have their teeth extracted from their trachea, but she didn't feel like hurting Takato.

"Ruki?" Takato watched her carefully, feeling more than a little unsure. He halfway expected her to hit him, she had threatened much worse when he informed her of the dream he had had about her.

But his worry melted away when he saw Ruki smile faintly. "You're lucky I like you goggle-head. Otherwise, you'd be wearing your teeth right about now."

And on that day, in the company of the girl he loved, Matsuda Takato finally smiled. 

~The End~


From the roof of the Tokyo Towers, two figures stood looking down upon the city. They were of nearly the same height, though the pointy ears of the male gave him a slight advantage.

"Hekatemon was a failure." The male spoke, his voice a raspy growl. "Aside from jeopardizing our plans with his ludicrous quest for vengeance, he failed to accomplish his objective."

A female voice laughed gleefully. "Did you expect anything less? Really Lobomon, I think you're being too hard on the poor fool." She laughed even harder.

Lobomon glared at his counterpart. "Only you would find this situation amusing Erinyemon. Need I remind you of the consequences that would have befallen us, if Hekatemon had carried out his revenge? Or perhaps you have forgotten what is at stake."

"I haven't forgotten anything." Erinyemon replied cheerfully. "But look at them." She stretched her clawed hands outward. "Pathetic humans scurrying about their meaningless little lives, completely unaware of what's happening around them. So Hekatemon was a moron, he proved to be a good distraction to the Tamers and allowed us to obtain what we needed. Don't be such a killjoy."

Remaining silent for a moment, Lobomon snorted rudely. "Hekatemon served his purpose, but he was still an imbecile. His demise was hardly unprecedented."

"And it's only the beginning." Erinyemon purred. "The rebirth of Demon shall commence and the world will burn. The blood and data of humans and digimon alike will flood the lands and the black wings of darkness shall blot out all light. The reign of Demon will soon begin."

"As will the slaughter of those foolish enough to oppose him." Lobomon concluded.

Erinyemon smiled evilly. "Slaughter, death, pain. I can't think of a better way to end the rules of the Sovereigns and the humans. Ice is far too quick, but fire…" A small ball of red flames appeared in her hand. "Fire brings many more delicious screams, especially when the body slowly begins to char and blacken…"

Lobomon rolled his eyes. "Your obsession with fire is irritating." He snarled, as his body began to fade from sight.

"But it's so much fun! Like all torture. And I'm sure that the Tamers will think so too." Erinyemon responded, as she too vanished into nothingness…


Note2: The line, "With one final blow, fall into hell," was used in the Japanese version of Tamers, spoken by Takato when he was about to delete Beelzebumon. It was one of my favorite lines throughout the series and I felt it was appropriate for the situtation. "Lobo" is Spanish for wolf. The word "Erinyes" is another name for the Furies, Greek deities that were agents of justice, who sought out, administered and oversaw the torments of mortals within the underworld.