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"You don't look too good". Lavon told Wade as he walked into the back office of the Rammer Jammer.

"Yeah and I think I just threw up a little in my mouth". Wade told Lavon while pacing his office with crazy eyes.

"Are you sick"? Lavon asked concerned.

"No, it's the baby shower". Wade answered.

Lavon let out a snort. "It's a baby shower. I'm not a fan myself but they are nothing to act like this over". Lavon gestured toward Wade's erratic behavior.

"It's not just a baby shower. It's my life". Wade said in a raised voice with crazier eyes.

"You make absolutely no sense". Lavon said scared for his friend.

"Today, Zoë will decide if she remains Zoë Hart, Wade Kinsella's baby's momma or if she becomes Mrs. Kinsella". Wade blurted out.

"You're going to propose"? Lavon shouted out in surprise.

"Yes, now do you understand"? Wade answered.

"Yeah, I completely understand now". Lavon said taken aback. "Well, tell me how it's going to go down".

"Earl gave me my mom's engagement ring to give to her". Wade started.

"Nice, very nice" Lavon said with approval.

"Lemon took it to be cleaned and wrapped in an unsuspicious box". Wade continued.

"I'm guessing you will be giving it to her at the baby shower". Lavon responded putting all the pieces together.

"Yeah, Lemon is going to make sure it's her last gift to open".

"Wade Kinsella is proposing in front of the whole town. You're one saving grace is that Zoë's parents won't be there". Lavon teased.

"No saving grace. George is on his way to pick them up from the airport". Wade said in a renewed panic.

Zoë was waddling through the town square as Lemon rattled on about the decorations for the shower.

"This is amazing Lemon. Thank you very much". Zoë said as she looked around at all the tables.

"You're welcome. When you first came, you were an unwelcome gust of wind but when you left we realized you were more like a breath of fresh air. You got Wade Kinsella to settle down and sobered up Crazy Earl. You are the Kinsella's guardian angel". Lemon finished with a small smile.

Zoë wiped away the tears from her cheeks. "Damn hormones".

"Yeah, I know what you mean". Lemon said as she patted Zoë on the arm.

Wade drove home to shower and change before the baby shower. Lavon followed him to make sure Wade didn't drink too much beer to calm his nerves. Wade opens his car door and gets out as Lavon does the same.

"You didn't have to follow me home. I'm not going to chicken out and not show up". Wade told Lavon.

"I have no doubt that you will show up. I'm just here to make sure you show up sober". Lavon walked up to Wade with his hands in his pockets.

"Why would I show up drunk"? Wade asked angry.

"Social lubricant" was all Lavon had to say.

"Ok, yeah, I'm nervous as hell. I probably will lose count and show up drunk. Good looking out, Lavon". Wade approved.

"You're welcome" Lavon said with a soft laugh.

Zoë took one last look around before she started to walk away from Lemon to go home and change.

"Where do you think you are going"? Lemon asked.

"Home" was Zoë's answer.

"No ma'am, I have an approved outfit waiting for you at my house. I want to make sure you don't show up in anything that will clash with the décor". Lemon corrected.

"Lemon, you need professional help. You picked out my clothes so that I would not clash with the décor"? Zoë shouted at Lemon.

"Yep, let's go". Lemon wrapped her arm around Zoë's shoulders and steered her towards her car.

Wade was pacing in front of the gazebo waiting for Zoë to show up. Lavon sat on the steps watching.

"I'm surprised you aren't wearing flannel and jeans". Lavon teased Wade about his baby blue dress shirt and kakis.

"Lemon picked out mine and Zoë's clothes. She just gave me mine because she knows I'm a nervous wreck and will do whatever I'm told today. Zoë on the other hand was forced to dress at George and Lemon's house to make sure she complied with the dress code". Wade used air quotations at the end of his sentence.

Lavon grabbed his stomach and let out a loud laugh. "Are you serious? I would have paid money to see Lemon tell Zoë that".

Wade nodded at Lavon's comment and then froze as he noticed Zoë. She was wearing a baby blue sundress with a white lace trim at the bottom. He watched her as she walked slowly towards him.

"You look like a beautiful southern bell". Wade said with all seriousness to Zoë.

"Thank you but I'm still a damn Yankee" Zoë teased.

Wade smiled and offered Zoë his arm to escort her to their table. Lavon stood up from his front row seat of the interaction and walked over to his assigned seat with a smile.

"Lemon really went all out for this. I was a little concerned at first but I will never forget this day". Zoë told Wade with a smile.

"It will be a day to tell our grandchildren about". Wade agreed.

"Hold up there buddy. The kid is still in utero. Let's not talk about his children already". Zoë scolded.

Wade laughed until he saw Zoë's face freeze in pure terror.

"What's wrong Zoë? Are you in labor?" Wade asked in a panic.

Zoë just slowly shook her head so Wade followed her line of vision to across the square. There was George's truck and then a black town car right behind it. The driver opened his car door and then proceeded to the back of the car to open the car door for his passengers. Zoë's dad stepped out first and then turned to offer his hand to her mother. After a few moments of watching Zoë watch her parents, Wade spoke up.

"I didn't think you would act this way to the surprise". Wade told her with a tremble in his voice.

"I'm sorry Wade. This was very thoughtful". Zoë told him after she shook herself from her trance like state.

"Then why the reaction"? Wade asked confused.

"He didn't know". Zoë said looking straight at her father.

"Why didn't you tell him"? Wade asked a little hurt.

"No matter how old you are or how great the baby's father is, no girl wants to tell her dad that she's pregnant before she's married especially when she is supposed to follow in his cardio thoracic surgeon foot steps". Zoë said with disappointed on her face.

Zoë watched as the driver pulled the gifts from the trunk of the town car and proceeded to put them where Lemon told him too. She watched as her parents came closer to her and Wade.

"Hello Zoë" her father greeted.

"Hi Dad" Zoë returned looking at her hands.

"So, I'm going to be a grandfather"? Ethan asks.

"Yes, he's due in a few weeks". Zoë answered.

"Your mother and I are going to stay in town until he comes. You said he, correct"? Ethan asked for confirmation.

Zoë lifted her head in shock searching the eyes of her parents for any falsehood before she answered. "Yes, it's a boy".

"Let's go find our assigned seats". Mr. Hart told Ms. Hart.

Zoë's parents turned away to find there seats. Zoë covered her face with her hands.

"Now there will be none of that". Wade told her as he pulled her hands away from her face.

"I'm sorry" Zoë nodded.

"No more tears unless they're happy ones and no more apologies unless they are truly needed". Wade commanded.

Zoë nodded and then looked up as Lemon called for everyone's attention.

"Thank you for joining us for Zoë Hart and Wade Kinsella's baby shower. I am your hostess Lemon Tucker. The hors d'oeuvres are on the far table; you can help yourselves and mingle. Zoë and Wade will stay seated so that Zoë doesn't get tired too quickly but you are more than welcome to come up to the gazebo to offer your congratulations". Lemon concluded and turned off the microphone.

After a while of guest walking around and talking with one another Lemon returns to the microphone.

"Can I have your attention? Zoë and Wade will now open presents for the baby". Lemon takes the microphone off the stand and then walks to a table not too far from Wade and Zoë's to retrieve a present.

"Godfather, Mayor Lavon Hayes has the honor of the first present". Lemon announced into the microphone.

Zoë smiles at the packages colors before she removes the silver bow from around the crimson colored box and then the paper. Zoë unfolds the tissue paper to reveal a University of Alabama jersey body suit with Lavon's number on it with his last name on the back. There was also a pair of shorts and a stuffed football rattle with the University of Alabama "A" on it. Zoë and Wade smiled at Lavon. Then mouthed thank you to him. Lavon returned their smile and mouthed you're welcome.

Lemon took the gift and held it for all to see and then reached down for another gift. "There is something else that goes with that gift". Lemon heaves a large stuffed elephant with a crimson bow around its neck onto the table.

"Roll Tide" Lavon shouted as he raised his glass.

"War Eagles" George retorted.

"I will not have that kind of blasphemy spoken in this town, George Tucker says Mayor Lavon Hayes". Lavon emphasized the word mayor to George.

"Settle down, settle down" Lemon called as she handed Zoë the next gift. "This gift is from Grandpa Earl".

Zoë opened an envelope and pulled out a five hundred dollar savings bond. Zoë gasped and then covered her mouth. That caught Wade's attention. Wade saw the bond and his eyes about came out of their sockets.

"Earl, this is too much". Zoë called out to him.

"No ma'am, it's not enough. I was able to save that money because you saved my life". Earl called back.

Zoë got up from her seat and walked as fast as her legs would go over to Earl. She threw her arms around his neck. "Thank you" was all that would come out of Zoë's mouth.

"Thank you" Earl returned with all sincerity.

Zoë released Earl from the hug and gave him a quick smile before she turned to walk away. Zoë noticed that Wade was standing and watching with a huge smile on his face. The whole crowd cheered for they knew what Zoë had done for the former Crazy Earl.

When Zoë returned to her seat, Lemon handed her another gift. "This is from Uncle Jesse".

Zoë gave Wade a confused look.

"I didn't tell him, maybe Earl did". Wade responded.

Zoë opened the gift box. There was a body suit polo shirt with the United States Navy seal on it. There was also a pair of shorts with a pair of little sneakers.

Lemon took the box to show the crowd then put it to the side. "Another giant stuffed animal" Lemon said as she heaved a giant ram onto the table.

"Hooyah" was shouted by a member of the crowd.

Zoë and Wade looked through the guest until they found Jesse. Jesse smiled and raised his glass the soon-to-be-parents. Wade gave a tight nod and motioned for Lemon to continue.

"This is from Mr. Hart". Lemon announced before she handed it to Zoë. Zoë opened the gift box and saw my first doctor's kit. Each of the pieces was plush. Zoë picked up each one. Some rattled and some crinkled. Zoë placed the last one back in the doctor's bag they came in before she wipes the tears from her cheek. She looked over at her father and mouthed thank you. He nodded and mouthed your welcome.

Lemon took that gift and handed her another. "This is from Ms. Hart".

Zoë opened a beautifully wrapped boxed and then unfolded the tissue paper that was inside. There was a diaper bag from Zoë's favorite designer in New York. Zoë ran her hand over the top of the bag with a huge smile on her face. She looked up at her mother and gave a squeal. Her mother returned her smile.

The gifts went on for what seemed like forever. Lemon was dragging and Zoë was dragging.

"I don't think I could open another gift". Zoë exclaimed.

"Just one more" Lemon said softly with a smile. Then handed Zoë a small square box. "This is from Wade".

"Aw, I didn't get you a gift". Zoë said apologetically.

"It's ok. Open it". Wade prompted.

Zoë untied the ribbon and lifted the lid off of the box. Nestled in fabric was a black velvet box. Zoë looked at Wade with shock on her face.

"Open it" Wade commanded.

Zoë picked up the small box and opened it. She choked back tears as she saw the diamond ring.

"It was my momma's". Wade told her.

That was it. The dam busted and tears rolled down Zoë's face. Wade stood because he couldn't kneel.

"Zoë Hart, I love you more than anything in this world. Will you marry me"?

"Yes" was all that would escape Zoë's mouth before the tears came again.

"She said Yes" Wade exclaimed to the crowd. Cheers erupted from every guest. Wade turned back to Zoë and slid the ring on her left ring finger. He let go of her hand only to put his hands on each side of her face while he kissed her with every fiber of his being.