No, no. Not you.

(Useless, pitiful coward.)


(She'll never feel that way. Not about you.)


(And you—you do nothing.)

You can be brave. You know you can. Somehow. You're a Gryffindor for god's sake.

(A pathetic excuse for one.)

No. Just for a second. You can be brave. You promise yourself.

(The same day she looks at you as anything other that what you are—an idiot, a coward, no one, nothing at all.)


You—you can't.

You have to leave.

At least she'll be happy, happier at least, without you.

(Nothing but a coward.)

AN: For Kelly because it's her birthday, but this is not her birthday fic. Her birthday fic will be much better than this, I hope. But angst is nice, yes? Angst is very nice.