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Hoddle and Mendle were friends for a long time but then something happened. They fell in love. One day Hoddle knocked on the rabbi's door to see Mendel and the rabbi answered.

"Come in Hoddle," the rabbi said.

"Thank you," Hoddle said nervously, "Is Mendle here"

"He should be back in a short time," the rabbi replied.

"You know rabbi I was passing by the temple today and I heard your sermon on love," Hoddle said

"What did you think," the rabbi asked making conversation more then anything else.

"I can relate. I have a dear friend to me and I realize that I love him," Hoddle said, "He loves me too but there is a problem though."

"What is the problem," the rabbi said, "This sounds like a good thing"

"The problem is he is a boy who is well to do and his family would never approve of me... well his father wouldn't."

"Is his father a fool," the rabbi said, "Any father should be proud to have you as a match for their son."

"Would you?"

"Would I what," the rabbi asked

"Be proud to have me as a match for your son," Hoddle explained, "For Mendle"

The rabbi stared at her for a second realizing what she was getting at.

"Hoodle you showed courage coming to me like this," he said, "I can honestly say you have my blessing"