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" This is it. The item." Said Neried with pride. "The Stone of Deep, well here it is." Said Gandalf. " Who would have guessed that it is at the very end of the book. We should have started that way." Said Neried. " Well I will go fetch the fellowship, for I think that they will want to hear this." Gandalf said. " Yes that would be thee.nooo..ohh. great now I have to find the page again. Well at least I know it is at the back. Sooo.. you go get them and I will find the page." Said Neried a little frustrated with the mishap. Gandalf left the room leaving a very stressed out element behind.



"What Pip?"

"I'm hungry still"

" You just ate three servings, besides if you are still hungry, go get some food." Exclaimed Sam.

" That's the problem. I can't find anymore food."

" Well look around." Said Merry.

" Want to come help me Frodo?"

" No, it's okay Pip." Said Frodo.

" Suit yourself!" exclaimed Pip.

As Pippin got up, he bumped into a big tall object.

" Ah, Gandalf nice to see you. Any news on the item?" asked a very curious Frodo.

" Yes, the item is called The Stone of the Deep. I have come to tell you that the others are already on there way they." Explained Gandalf. " Now come along, and Pippin, would you be so kind as to get off my cloak."

" Come on"

" But I'm still hungry." Came the disappointed voice of Pippin.


" It doesn't sound so powerful." Boromir said gruffly. " That's because the hard part is getting to it. There are perilous traps and creatures guarding it. It is located deep with the caverns of Agaru-Tarna. That is a three week journey from here." Explained Neried.

" Agaru-Tarna? I have never heard of this place." Asked Legolas.

" Not many know of it. I don't even think Sauron has. It is a mythical place where the element Earth came from. It is to the north of Mordor. And there is only one way to there. And that is going through Mordor itself." Said Neried.

" You can't take that way. There must be another way. I have already been there, and I never want to see it again." Exclaimed Sam.

" None want to see it but there is no other way. I am sorry, but we must do this. Again the fate of Middle-Earth rests apon you. This time all hope depends on all of you, not just a single hobbit. If one fails, all will fail."

" Then we best leave Pippin here." Teased Merry.

" Rig...what?!?!?!? said Pippin, just getting the joke.

" As good as that could be, it will not happen. I don't trust him to be here alone. Who knows what havoc he could do." Teased Neried.

" Enough fooling around. Down to the point. When do we start this journey?" asked Gimli.

" We will start it in two days. That should be enough time to recover most of your strength." Said Neried.

" What about weapons? We are defenseless without them" asked Aragorn

"Don't worry. I have them. It took a long time to find them all. And it was hard to believe that they where still in good shape." Said Neried remembering the hours she was made looking for them.

"You actually have our original weapons?" asked Boromir.

" Yes. I was sent to find them. I have Sting, the bow of the Golden Woods, the axes of the Mountains, the sword of Isildur, and all the other weapons. Even Gandalf's staff. We spent a while putting it back together. It is more powerful now." Said Neried.

"She is trustworthy and useful. Maybe you should trust her now." Aragorn whispered to Boromir.

"Well, I believe that we are donw here. So if you want you can go back to your business. And your weapons I believe, will be returned." Said Gandalf.

" Yes I will go fetch them and return to your rooms." Said Neried.

Everyone left except Pippin.

"What is it Pippin?" asked Neried.

" Well, I am hungry still, and I can't seem to find any food." Said Pippin shyly.

Neried laughed at this and said, " Well come and help me with the weapons and then we will see what we can do to satisfy your hunger."

" Great."


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