All the members of Raimon Eleven stared the bag Tenma, Aoi and Shinsuke were holding out in front of them.

Kurama sighed loudly. "Really? A secret Santa?"

The three nodded their heads together. "Yeah! It'll be fun!"

Kurama sighed again but a most of the team agreed to it save for the blue-haired boy standing away from the group with his bag over his shoulders as he was about to leave. He wasn't too keen on spending Christmas with such loud people; he wanted to spend Christmas with his brother. Suddenly a face appeared in right front him, their faces this close to touching. He let a loud yelp as he scuffled back. The boy in front of him took a step back in surprise but quickly proceeded to what he went there to do. "Here!"

Tsurugi stared quizzically at the small, white pouch in front of him. "You're supposed to-"I know what I'm supposed to do!" Tsurugi snapped back. He wasn't amused by the fact that the boy had suddenly just jumped up and surprised him like that. "And I'm not going to do it!"

Tenma blinked in surprise. "What? Why not? It's Christmas! You should be enjoying the festivities!"

"And I'm going to but not with you guys." Tenma frowned sadly. "What? Why not?"

"Because I can." Tsurugi answered plainly. Tenma pouted and stomped his foot angrily like a child. "No, you can't! You're part of the team so you have to spend Christmas with us!"

*No he doesn't!* Shindou coughed. Tsurugi darted a glare at him before fixing his attention back at the boy standing in front of him. "I want to spend Christmas with my brother, okay?"

He expected the boy to look down with sigh of defeat since it was a very good reason not to come. Christmas was about family too after all. He was shocked when he saw Tenma's platinum eyes sparkling. "That's a great idea! We can celebrate at the hospital with your brother!"

Tsurugi twitched. "No! No, we are not-"

Suddenly his phone began to ring. He took it out to see it was his brother calling. Tenma saw it too and he was quick. He quickly reached out and grabbed his phone. Tsurugi yelled out angrily as Tenma ducked behind his teammates to the other side of the room. "Hello? Is this Tsurugi's older brother?"

Tsurugi's eyes widened as he realized what the brown haired boy was about to do. He spotted a soccerball close to his feet and quickly ran and kicked the ball across the room, hitting Tenma in the head directly causing the boy to hit the ground along with his phone. "Hello? Hello?" Tsurugi clenched his hands in victory and ran and dove to take his phone back but Tenma wasn't done yet. As the phone the phone lied close to his feet, he managed to kick the phone to his hands just before Tsurugi could grab it, much to his horror.

"Would you like to spend Christmas with us?" Tenma asked loudly, the adrenaline still rushing through his body.

"Us?" Yuuichi said on the other line. "As in with the entire team?"

"Yeah!" Tenma nodded happily.

"That sounds wonderful. I would love to spend Christmas with all of Kyousuke's friends." Yuuichi chirped. "I'm afraid I might not have gifts though."

"It's okay! We just want you to be there." Tenma said. Tsurugi could hear his brother laugh at the other end. "If that's the case, there shouldn't be a problem. I'll be waiting at room 315."

"Okay!" Tenma exclaimed before hanging up. He looked back, feeling victorious as if he had just won a prize of some sort until he turned around to see the enraged face of his friend on top of him. His orange eyes were burning into him and made Tenma flinch. He hadn't seen him this angry since their first meeting and Tsurugi was that angry. But he remained quiet as he picked himself up, grabbed his phone and went to leave the room leaving Tenma flustered.

"Oh boy. Now you've done it." Tenma looked at Kurama with surprise. "You really went over the line back there." Tenma began worry.

"W-what do you mean?" Kurama shook his to that. "Think about it. Don't you think he would like it more to spend a quiet Christmas alone with his family?"

Tenma looked down, feeling guilty. Aoi frowned. "Hey, don't pick on Tenma! He was just trying to be nice."

Kurama shrugged and looked at Tenma. "I know you were but it was a little selfish of you to go and do that taking his opinion first." Tenma frowned sadly. He didn't mean to do put a damper on Tsurugi's plans; he just wanted Tsurugi to have fun but, Kurama was right, maybe it was a little selfish to go and do that.

"Why don't you go outside and talk to him?" Kirino suggested. "If you don't, things might get worse." Tenma perked up and jumped up to go patch things up.

"Stupid Matsukaze and that stupid happy-go-lucky nature of his…" Tsurugi kept cursing. All he wanted was to spend Christmas with his brother, was that to hard ask? He kept cursing as he kicked the ground over and over again. "Heeeey! Tsurugi!"

Tsurugi kicked the ground harder this time. What did that little twerp want now?

"Tsurugi." He could hear Tenma coming closer and quickly turned and walked away.

"Aah! Tsurugi!" He picked up the pace and ran. Tenma gasped in surprise and began running as well to catch up with him. "Wait! I just want-"

Tsurugi closed his eyes to block out his voice and headed into the streets, hoping to lose the boy. Tenma didn't and actually began to catch up on him. Unlike Tsurugi, he was targeted a lot during their soccer matches. He has been tackled, tripped and narrowly escaped numerous slide tackles that could have resulted some serious injuries, enough to learn how to dodge them in time. The people walking around resembled that and so he managed pass them all cleanly. Tsurugi on the other hand, didn't learn how to do that and was slowed down by the crowd. Tenma would have caught up to him by now except since they were in a crowd, Tenma had trouble finding him though Tsurugi had to take his cape off to keep the boy from spotting it. It wasn't long before he made his way out and ran off. Tenma came out soon after but by then, Tsurugi was gone. He sighed sadly before clapping his hands. He had an idea!

Tsurugi finally stopped to catch his breath. He looked back. "…huff…huff…finally!"

Tenma was no longer there to bother him but he looked at the time in his phone. He was too busy running from Tenma to realize that he was late for usual visit to his brother. At this rate, he might not even be able to get there in time. He cursed and ran.

*gasp* *gasp* Tsurugi was too exhausted to think. He told the desk woman that he was visiting his brother. He grumbled while waiting.

"Oh, someone's already there." The woman said. Tsurugi was surprised and looked back to ask who it was.

"A…Matsukaze Tenma." Tsurugi twitched in shock. First he ruined his Christmas and now…! He bolted and ran for the elevator to see if it was true and when he finally arrived at his brother's room. He was flabbergasted.

"Hello Tsurugi!" Tenma greeted happily. Tsurugi would have screamed at him to leave but his brother was there too. "Oh hey Kyousuke. I was just talking with your friend."

Tenma nodded his head to confirm his words. "Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll be going now."

"Bye." Yuuichi bided. Tsurugi just glared angrily at Tenma again as the boy left though this time, he didn't seem to notice. "Are you okay Kyousuke?"

"Yeah…I'm fine…" Tsurugi lied.

"You look like you just came from a marathon." Yuuichi joked.

Tsurugi looked away. "Yeah, something on that line…Mind if I take a breather?"

"Of course." Yuuichi smiled. Tsurugi happily took a seat. He really needed it.

"Hello?" Tenma greeted the store man. "Do you by chance have this?"

Tenma pulled his notebook in front of him. The man stared at it for moment and shook his head. "No, I'm afraid not my boy."

"Oh. Well, thank you then." Tenma said before leaving. He sighed. He was having a really hard time looking for that thing. He remembered it from a long time ago…Tenma shook his head. He didn't want to think about that right now. Right now he had to figure out a place to buy that.

"Ah! Tenma! What a coincidence." Tenma turned back happily.

"Taiyou!" Tenma couldn't believe it. Amemiya was rather ill before, so ill he couldn't even walk outside his room alone but now…! "That treatment really did wonders!"

Amemiya laughed as the two hugged. Neither had seen the other since their last match together so this was quite the reunion. "You're telling me! Before long, I'll be stealing soccerballs from you so you better watch out!"

Tenma laughed as he felt his friend's hug tighten. "Yeah right! I'm going to pass you every time!"

Amemiya laughed happily, finally detaching himself from Tenma to present something for him…a Christmas present, of course.

"Ooh!" Tenma jumped up excitedly before taking it from Amemiya's hands. It was white, decorated with snowflakes with a blue ribbon on top. Tenma just wanted to tear it open to see what was inside but it seemed like such a shame to ruin such a beautifully wrapped gift. "What's inside?"

"Haha…you'll have to wait till Christmas for that." Tenma widened his eyes a bit.

"Hey, Taiyou…?"

Amemyia blinked at the sound of his name and at how down his usually happy friend was. "What is it?"

"Have you ever, uuh, do something you thought was right but it didn't turn out really well?" Tenma asked. Amemiya gave his friend a sympathetic look. "Other than me trying to play against you guys at the near cost of my life…something tells me this friend related."

"Uuh," Tenma muttered. "Sorry…I didn't-"

"Nah, forget it." Amemiya shook his head. "Just tell ol'Taiyou what ails ya!"

Tenma brightened up.

Tsurugi sighed as he went off back to his home. Talking with his brother had really helped a lot in forgetting about today's events but just before he go home, he needed to remember to pass by the store to buy his brother a gift. It was close by so he only needed to turn a few corners to get there. "Woohoo! Thank you Taiyou! You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find these!"

Tsurugi stopped. No…not again!

"What are friends for Tenma? Anyway, I'll be off now. Hope you find that other thing you need. Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas!"

Tsurugi could hear them exchange words not because they were within ear shot but because they were loud. He could hear footsteps treading on the snow but they headed his way. Tsurugi ducked behind dumpster so its shadow would conceal him. He could Tenma walk by, humming while swing a paper bag in one hand and carrying a white box in the other. He didn't move until Tenma's footsteps were gone. He picked himself and went inside the store. "Oh, I'm sorry but we're closed."

Tsurugi was close to bursting now but he quietly nodded his head and left. Tomorrow was Christmas day and it would be blood fest. No doubt in his mind that all the stores and malls would mobbed by shoppers who were unable to buy their friends or loved ones a gift, including him. He cursed. Why did it Tenma have to ruin everything?

I used this based on information I got from the internet so sorry if it's not quite accurate.