Welcome to my FxF story. Characters are supposed to look human, not real human, just the HTF anime version, I know we've all seen it ;) I changed the names to go with it but kept the first letters trying to make them easy to remember :P

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The names will be:

Flaky- Fay

Giggles- Gili

Flippy - Filip

Petunia - Petunia

Russell - Russell

Nutty – Neal

Cuddles - Cody

Sniffles- Stephen

Lammy- Lannie

Splendid - Spencer

Shifty - Shinji

Lifty - Liam

Lumpy - Lumpkin

(Just got them all from a baby's name web page so don't be too picky about it :P and I'll add more characters eventually if I need them)

So, here we go …again. She sighed. It wasn't like she had a wonderful life in the city, but at least it felt safer, and less boring. She was moving to a little town, Happy Tree. Because of her mom she traveled a lot, but this place was the creepiest so far. There was always this dark raining sky, no many people on the streets, it felt like a horror movie scenario, and she didn't like it, at all.

The city where she was living was okay, at least she was already used to it, after being there for whole 4 years; that was a new record. Her mom was a ballet teacher, she was very good at it back when she was young, but she got pregnant with Fay and all her dreams faded away. She usually taught in schools to little girls, Fay didn't even know why her mom couldn't keep a job.

Actually, she knew. It was because her current boyfriend was always more important than Fay and than herself; and if things didn't work, or if the guy turned out to be a jerk or a creep they would just run away and find a new place to move. Fay wasn't sure if all guys in the world were that bad or if it was only her mom who wasn't able to date a decent man, but wasn't interested on finding out.

Moving so often didn't bother Fay as much as it may seem, but she would like to have a more normal life; she didn't make much of a progress at the last place, she didn't make many friends, neither did she get to be known for doing something important but at least she knew the city, the places she liked to visit, the people she could talk to, the people she wouldn't like to talk to, the places she wanted to run away from, the places where she could run away to. It was something, she was always lonely, but she was happy there, happier than in any other place, happier than here.

"Fay…Fay...Gosh! KID! We arrived!" Her mom snapped her out of her thoughts and she jumped a little from her seat. The woman rolled her eyes being used to her absentminded and jumpy daughter but still annoyed by it. "Get out of the car and help me with the boxes".

She had always been a scaredy cat, she didn't know what was wrong with her, but it's hard to get over your fears when you have no one around to help you. They were in front of the 'new' house. It was painted in an awful gray color. Door, windows and garage in a boring brown and a depressing looking rusty swing in the yard.

There was a week of unpacking, organizing and boxes all over the place. The entire house was dark and old. Luckily she got a bedroom with a big window so the few light that came from the sky could come throughout her room. She didn't like dark places.

The room was okay, after organizing her clothes and cleaning all the dust, it didn't look so bad. She went down stairs to pick up her books, remembering on the way she hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

Her mom was in the kitchen, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Did I tell you that you'll start school next Monday?" She asked as Fay reached for the cereal box.

"No, you didn't". The girl replied quietly. She had guessed the date, she just hadn't thought about it too much. They moved during vacation season so she would start her junior year there, which was good because she hated when she was the new girl in the middle of the semester. She really hated being the center of attention.

"Yeah, well…now you know. And what are you doing? Why don't you go out for a while and try to know the place".

After weighting her options for a few seconds, she grabbed a jacket and went out of the house without saying a word. Even if it was cold outside the fresh air felt good against her skin. Going out was okay, her mom couldn't stand having Fay around for too long, they never spent much time together. However, Fay didn't think of her as a bad mother, she had never abandoned her or hit her or anything like that, she gave her what she needed to live, even though Fay knew she didn't like her because she stole her dreams away from her, so they just ignored each other for the most part, she was already used to it. Even though, living alone would be much better, that way it wouldn't feel like she was a burden for someone. As for her father, she knew nothing about him, nor a name, nor a picture, nor a place to look for him. she used to ask about him since it's normal for a kid to wonder about it, but her mom told her not to, so she didn't do it anymore, it didn't matter, he hadn't look for her either, so, it was okay like that.

After few minutes of walking she spotted a small coffee shop. It looked like one of those abandoned places in the middle of nowhere in some road. Like all in the town, old and dusty.

A little bell rang when she opened the door. There were two old men in a table drinking coffee and talking, in a corner a woman, reading a magazine and eating a sandwich, and that was all. She sat on a table near to the window.

The waitress came to her, a middle aged woman, with her hair tied up and a yellow apron around her waist. "Hello darling, what would you like?" She said wearing a warm smile.

"Can I see the menu?" Fay asked shyly while biting on her bottom lip.

"Well, we don't have a lot to offer at this hour, we just have coffee, ham sandwich and soda, so, what would it be?" The waitress said ready to write the order on a little notebook even though she wouldn't write anything on it since there was no need for it.

"Ok…sandwich and a coke please"

"In a minute" the waitress said smiling as she walked back to the kitchen.

Fay was pleased to find that people seemed to be nice in the new place. She had only talked with the waitress, but it was good enough, a nice first encounter was always good.

The little bell on the door rang again, she looked up to see a pink haired girl with a red ribbon on her hair walking in happily, singing a song she didn't know. The girl stared at Fay, looking surprised, so she looked away out of the window, blushing a little.

Shifting in her seat uncomfortably, Fay caught a glimpse of pink as the girl walked towards the woman with the magazine.

"Mom!" the girl said giggling, a little too loud.

Fay focused in watching out the window, not wanting to eavesdrop.

"Here you are sweetie, ham sandwich and coke." The waitress said as she put the plate on the table along with the soda.

"Oh, thank you very much." Fay said smiling at her. The waitress went back to talk with the two man that were at the other side of the place.

Fay heard the girl saying her goodbye to her mom, and to her horror, saw her walking towards her table.

"Can I sit with you?" The girl asked smiling while looking into the empty seat in front of Fay.

"Of-of course, if you want to."

"Are you new here? Are you going to live in the town or are you just visiting? For how long will you stay" Bright green eyes, wide in emotion, stared at Fay waiting for an answer.

"Well, y-yes, I'm living her, I-I just moved in with my mom, so…yes, th-that's it." Fay smiled at her, feeling the warm on her cheeks.

"Really? That's so cool! I'm Gili by the way, nice to meet you." She said still smiling joyfully.

"Fay. Ni-nice to meet you too."

"Huh…do you go the Happy Tree High School?" Fay added a little less anxious now.

"Yes! Of course, you're going there too, right? This is great! I have a new friend to show off." The girl added laughing as Fay nodded a bit taken aback.

Gili looked so pretty, like a little and innocent kid in a candy store with her green eyes shining in emotion, Fay couldn't believe she was so happy over meeting her. She assumed nothing very exciting happened around there, ever.

"And where are you living Fay?" Gili said as she played with one strand of her hair.

After talking for a whole hour they went out of the coffee shop. Gili was nice and caring, Fay really liked her and hopped them to be great friends as Gili had said. They interchanged cell numbers as they walked through the obscure streets, it was getting late.

"I live one street down your house, so we can walk to school together!" Gili said as they got to the corner of the park.

"Walk?" She asked, confused. "As in walking all the way to school?"

"Yeah, we don't have a school bus here" Gili said with a chuckle. "But it's very close so don't worry".

"Okay" Fay smiled, feeling suddenly very happy. Everything there was just so different to what she knew, that she couldn't help but to think that maybe this time, things were going to end up better for her.

"Okay! Then I'll come for you at 8:30 on Monday." They pink haired stated as she ran down the street. Fay waved smiling at her and went into the house.

Nothing interesting happened over the weekend. Even so, she was really excited for going to school and meeting Gili again, maybe her staying there wasn't going to be such a bother.

Fay woke up early in the morning and got ready for school. She wore a black strappy shirt with an oversized purple blouse over, it came down in one side showing one of her shoulders and the sleeves covered her hands. Light blue skinny jeans and black converse. Her hair was a bit messy as always. It was long and red and wavy. She didn't really hate it though sometimes she found some little papers or leaves tangled on it, she didn't even know how they got to her hair in the first place.

She gazed at her image in the mirror. Her skin was pale white and she had beautiful amber big eyes, a childish yet quite pretty face and her red shining hair matched really well with her skin, although she didn't think of herself as pretty, just too regular and plain.

Fay ran down the stairs and went to the kitchen to drink only a cup of coffee, she didn't want to eat anything else since she was too nervous. She heard someone knocking on the door and jumped from the seat while feeling the mix of anxiety and excitement in her chest. She took a deep encouraging breath and walked to the door.

"Good morning. Ready for first day of class?" A slightly hyper Gili asked, smiling happily at Fay who nodded.

"Oh, this is so great, my friends are gonna love you, I can't wait to introduce you to them, I think you're going to it here" Said the pink haired girl while clapping her hands excited.

"Wha...what if we aren't in the same classes." Fay asked looking down at her shoes.

"I hadn't thought about that. Well, I guess I can talk with Mr. Lumpkin if we aren't in same classes."

"Do you think that will work?" Fay asked looking at Gili's eyes and smiling a bit.

"Yes, of course! I just have to put up my puppy eyes." Gili replied giggling, seeing how Fay looked happy now. "You have to meet with him anyway as soon as we get to school, you will see he's such a nice man."

Slowly breathing in an out she tried to calm her racing heart while sitting in the waiting room of the principal's office.

"If you want to I can go in with you." Gili said trying to comfort Fay seeing how she was so nervous.

"N-no, don't worry! I'll be fine." Fay said smiling. It was embarrassing to be worried over a stupid thing like talking with the principal.

"Fay?" A tall blue haired man walked out the door of the office, looking at Fay with a wide smile. He looked kind of goofy as his hair was all put back with gel and the knot of his tie wasn't done in the right way but he seemed like a really nice person.

"Ye-yes! Good morning, I came for my schedule and to turn in m-my papers."

"Of course darling, I was waiting for you, come in." She stood up from the seat and followed Mr. Lumpkin.

"Take a sit please…So how are you doing?" He asked while taking Fay's papers Fay and tipping her information on the computer.

"It-it has been very nice, I didn't think I would like it here but the people in Happy Tree are really nice."

"So have you made friends already?" He asked looking at her over the frame of his glasses with a bit of a smirk on his face.

"Well…yes, she's helped me with everything."

"I'm pleased to hear that". He affirmed as he grabbed a paper from the printer. "Here you are, this is your schedule, all the classrooms and classes are there, you would have to choose a complementary class, but that won't be until next week, any question you might have about it or about anything else please feel free to come and ask me and I'll be willing to help you, ok?" He said looking at her warmly as she nodded.

"Thank you very much!" Fay said as she walked out of the office.

"Okay, see you later, have a nice day".

She closed the door after her to see Gili smiling and holding out her hands asking for Fay's schedule to see if they had classes together. "See! See! I knew it! He put you in the same classes I am!"

"Re-Really? That's nice." Fay's eyes now sparkling with emotion as the two of them walked to the halls of the school.

As the three first classes went by Fay could met some of Gili's large group of friends. There was Cody, a blond guy with honey like eyes, kind of short, dressed with a skater like style which explained the skateboard he was carrying with him when she met him. He was really nice to Fay and for a moment she was sure he was Gili's boyfriend. They just gave off that vibe but later Gili denied Fay's suppositions, clearly feeling a little ashamed.

Then, there was Petunia, a beautiful blue haired girl with a small flower shaped pin holding some strands of her long hair at one side, she looked like someone obsessed with her appearance but she was a really pleasant girl. There was also Russell. He looked kind of frightening for Fay with his punk rocker style in his light blue hair and clothes and piercings on his face and ears but he was really kind offering himself to help her with anything she needed.

Finally, there was Stephen, a guy looked like the smart and geeky type. He wore black framed glasses and seemed to be a bit arrogant.

Everything went well the first hours of school, Fay was enjoying her time there, she couldn't believe this town was so good, just the people being so nice to her, thanks to Gili of course, but it made things much better. Gili said that some of her friends were in other classes but they always met at the cafeteria for lunch so Fay would meet them all. Everything was somehow overwhelming, but still felt nice.

The bell rang announcing the end of biology class. It was time for break so Fay picked up her books and walked with Gili and Stephen towards the door.

"Hmm, Gili…where is the library?" Fay asked looking at her friend.

"The library? Aren't you going to go for lunch with us?" Gili said as she stood now in the middle of the hallway staring at Fay.

"Y-yes! I just want to check if I can borrow a book, I will be with you just in time." Fay added while fidgeting nervously.

"Oh…well, if it's like that I'll go with you." Gili said holding Fay's hand and starting to walk again.

"Actually…" Stephen said "I'm going to the library now to pick some biology books so I can start reading about this week lessons, so I can show you where it is."

"Ye-yeah…thank you! You don't have to worry Gili, go ahead I'll reach you in a moment."

"Hmm…okay." Gili smiled at Fay bit unsure and walked to her locker to put away her books. "I'll be waiting for you, don't take too long, ok?"

Fay nodded to her and turned around to Stephen as he leaded her to the library.

He explained to her where all the sections were and how she could borrow a book talking a bit too fast but enough for Fay to recollect the information she needed. She went to the Novels section and looked for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it was her favorite book since she was a child. After finding out she had lost her copy between movings, she remembered how much she loved it, wanting to read it again.

After finishing with her search, Fay realized she had definitely lost Stephen as she couldn't see him anywhere, so she decided to go and look for the cafeteria. Probably Gili was already impatient waiting for her.

She walked through the cafeteria door while looking down at the book in her hands, happy that she had found it. Suddenly, there was a dizzying feeling as she nearly fell backwards. It happened because she had inadvertently bumped into someone, dropping her book.

"S-sorry!" She practically screeched leaning down to pick up her book feeling now a burning blush on her cheeks.

"You okay?" A voice in front of her spoke in a rather harsh tone.

She hadn't realized there was a person leaning down in front of her, trying to help her as she felt her hand on his, because, well, she hadn't seen that he was already picking up the book for her. She was still looking at the book, now at both of their hands, feeling as if she was going to faint out of embarrassment.

Still trying to focus her vision she shifted to see black combat boots, camouflage pants, black t-shirt, and dog tags hanging from his neck.

Fay vaguely wondered what would a soldier be doing in a school cafeteria, or if maybe she made a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong place, but it didn't make any sense. Now looking up at him, she found shining dark green eyes staring down at her, his expression softening as he helped her up.

"Y...yes, I'm truly sorry, I-I didn't want to-"

"Don't worry, it was nothing," He said with a smile on his lips, and she noticed how his softer expression made her feel relieved and much less embarrassed than a moment ago. "I think I haven't seen you before." The boy added while staring at her curiously.

"Hmm…yes, I-I just transferred." She said sheepishly, his eyes gazing into hers warmly as he smiled, but they were still too intense for her to hold his gaze.

"What is it? What happened here? Who the hell is she?" A girl appeared right behind him looking up and down at Fay with a hatred stare. She had purple hair that matched with her eyes, and even though they were sharp they looked gorgeous whit her thick eyelashes, pale skin and soft pink lips.

He sighed, now covering his face with his hand then letting it slip down as he looked back at the girl.

"Nothing. Nothing happened Lannie."

Fay just stood there, her eyes wide as she looked at the two of them confused with what was happening.

"See you around, I guess, and sorry for throwing your book." He said as he walked pass the two girls not looking at any of them.

Lannie glanced one more time at Fay making it clear that she didn't like her and then went after him.

"Wh-what was that?" She asked herself. Then, she realized that everyone on the cafeteria was staring at her.

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