Trzy Blondynki:Elves seen by glow of vampire

"Relax ,lover ;it'll be fine ."

"Eric, the last time you offered me a vacation :Pam was poisoned by elf's blood ,somebody got shot ,and I ended up on a stripper is that for fine!

"You're welcome to get shot onto my pole anytime you like"Eric's eyebrows waggling eyebrows might have been humorously seductive had anyone else cared to notice,which is rather hard with just the two of them in the room.

"It's not fine!

Is that what you told Pam?"


Suddenly suspicious on a whole new level ,Sookie's voice lowered menacingly,"What did you tell Pam ?"

"That there are no elves in Poland."

"How do you know that?How could you know that?I've Gotta tell you ,if you all have some kind of elf radar going on,it's snake oil "

Eric's dead eyes looked dead at her, "As interested as I'm sure you're not:snakeskin is not oily-it's dry ,there's no such thing as an elf radar detector ,and it was the only way to get my child onto the plane or even the out of the house with a bunch of flaky humans playing dress up with pointy else do you think I approved the extra luggage charge from Anubis Airlines ? Pam would have to be loaded up first for security purposes before her meaningless extra luggage went on or else she would have time to catch the time she does, the plane will have her coffin locked down tight. She'll have to go . "

"So then you lied."

"I don't know that I lied for certain.I haven't been to Poland in years."

"This is not how I want to spend Christmas !"

"Strangely, not having ever been Christian ,I don't particularly care what the calendar says.I just want an excuse to take my hot wife on the snow will even cool you off a bit."then he smiled and added ,"I've always loved snow,but I love you more mostly naked in be worth getting drenched over if you melted it ."followed by the eyebrows again.

Sookie stalked her way out to the car;too angry to be turning on him right now and way too turned on not to be angry about it .

Supposedly,to the IRS ,this was supposed to be a small business convention for bar owners ,which made the whole thing affordable after the debts created by Victor Madden's ego trip nearly drained Fangtasia's accounting books dry.

Supposedly,to his wife Sookie ,this was an excuse for a romantic vacation -with his child Pam doing all the actual convention type things.

Supposedly ,Pam would probably be grateful for what he was plotting for her someday ,for none of the above was true.

That gratitude may take a couple of hundred years to settle in however ,as he was quite certain there were elves in Poland.

A few weeks before, he finally found a black market supplier of elves 'd only deal directly with him and only in exchange for vampire was quick enough to make a deal , as it was the perfect present for his progeny .You see, he'd discovered the black market dealers were actually elves themselves who liked getting high on remotely supernatural that ingested even trace amounts of vampire blood would glow just like a sent the blood in advance and by now every elfin V addict in Poland was glowing like those Christmas lights his wife was so fond of .His child would be fonder still of the small arsenal he was placing at her disposal when they landed. He really did have a gift for gift giving in his own was just a matter of time until they appreciated it .