Sam couldn't help but smile as Mr and Mrs Jones drove past him and sped down the street. Things could not have worked out any better for him. They didn't recognize the blond strolling purposefully in the opposite direction. And why would they? The possibility that he was on the way to their home would not even have entered their consciousness. There was no way they could have known who he was and what plans he had for their precious daughter. He, on the other hand, knew exactly who they were. He recognized them from the family portrait in the hallway and from the photographs on Mercedes' bedroom wall. Sometimes he had felt a little bit bad about the idea of them staring down at him. Just a tiny bit bad, but not enough to make him stop. Nothing could make him stop. He was addicted.

Time in Kentucky had allowed his swagger to return in full force.

And, as usual, he was correct yet again. Tonight was date night in the Jones household. As it always had been. The third Sunday night of every month. There was only one flaw in the plan. The plan that rested in his head. The masterplan that had formed the moment his pop had announced that they would be returning to Ohio from Kentucky. The one spanner in the works.

She had a boyfriend. And there was every chance that while her parents were out on their date, she could be out on one of her own. Or worse still. He could be there. Sam had only heard about this boyfriend and didn't like the things he had heard. Mercedes Jones was his. He had got there first. And he was not prepared to give her up. Her body was a drug that he just could not get enough of.

As soon as he reached her door he began knocking without hesitation, smiling when he heard her voice gradually getting closer. He knew that the persistent knocking was annoying and from the way she was cussing he knew that she was pissed.

The door was suddenly flung open and although he had braced himself for the sudden onslaught of divatude, he was met with a shocked stunned silence. He had not told her that he was back. And it had only been one day since his arrivsl. She looked like she had seen a ghost.

"Sam…" The name had left her mouth as a whisper.

"Hey Sugar!" He grinned and despite not being invited, stepped inside, making sure to check behind her to see that there was no boyfriend lurking behind her. If there was one, he should have opened the door or accompanied her to it. That was, if he was a gentleman, which Sam seriously doubted he was.

"Is that all the hello I'm going to get Mercedes?" Just seeing her standing there, the look of confused shock on her face made his day.

She was still staring at him as if he was an apparition, hand still on the door, confused at what to do next.

"I think you're letting the heat out!"

He chuckled as she finally regained her senses and closed the door. He was already well into the hallway at this point and showed no signs of leaving.

"What the hell are you doing here Sam?" The power of speech had finally returned to her. She looked rather less pleased to see him than he had hoped.

"I'm back. And I missed you!" There. He had said it. Mercedes was standing there scoffing at him but the reality was that he had just made a significant emotional breakthrough. Sam Evans does not miss girls. He missed having sex, but that could be with any girl at any time. By the time he had reached McKinley, he had established a reputation back in Tennessee that Puck could only dream of. Puck spoke about it but Sam had lived it. Maybe it was the combination of his sweet innocent looks and the filthy potty mouth. Possibly something to do with the whole boarding school thing. It either turns boys gay or horny. And it had definitely made Sam chase skirt from the moment he had learned how 'gifted' he really was. Or rather, that blissful series of detentions where he had been shown his gifts and how best to use them. By the time his family had left Tennessee he had lost track of the number of girls he had fucked. Ohio was a new state, a co-ed school and an entire female student body just waiting to be tapped. At first he had tried the monogamy for popularity thing with Quinn but simply ended up with the worst case of blue balls known to man. Santana the 'closet lesbian who still liked cock' was a fun ride while it lasted and they had both taught each other new tricks, but there was nothing on the emotional level with them in the way that she had with Brittany, and despite multiple requests there was no way in hell she was going to even let him watch, let alone join in with them.

Mercedes was different. She genuinely had been a friend. He never really would have believed that it was possible for a girl and a guy to be friends, especially a guy like him. But she was a closet nerd just like him. And he didn't fancy her anyway. Not his type. So it was kind of okay. Then something had changed and there was no going back. And not only that, he had missed her.

She chuckled at his words. "Missed me huh?"

He nodded silently, his eyes travelling all over her face. He remembered that smile, those dimples, those eyes… She was dressed for slouching round the house. A cream baggy wide necked sweater hanging loose asymmetrically over one shoulder and bright red sweatpants with the word Diva written in loopy letters across the ass in silver. Not the most obviously sexy of outfits and yet still she made him hot.

He took a step closer to her and she instinctively took a step backwards only to find her path blocked by the wall that she was suddenly pressed up against.

"When did you get back?"

"Yesterday." He had to give her kudos for actually trying to make conversation. But that wasn't what he was here for. "So you're not even going to give me one of those Mercedes hugs to say hello?" His eyes had locked on hers and she was struggling to break the stare. He moved in closer, his face now only a couple of inches away from hers. He knew exactly what he was doing and he was going to pull out all the stops. The wait had been far too long.

She shook her head slowly. "No hug." She knew exactly what those hugs had led to. They both did. And he could see her blushing at the thought of it.

"But that's no way to treat your friend!"

"Oh so we were friends were we?" There was an unmistakable edge to her voice and he struggled to fight back the urge to wince. That hurt more than is should have done.

"I like to think so." He said amiably.

"To me it was more like I was your dirty little secret!"

He placed his hands on the wall on either side of her head and moved in closer, pinning her to the spot with his eyes.

"I like to think the dirty little secret went both ways."

"You do?"

"Uh huh. Except in my case, the dirty and the secret parts were true, but the bit about being little…" He couldn't help but smile at the involuntary shudder that ran through Mercedes' body and she glared at him, hating the fact that he was enjoying her body's reaction to him, blissfully unaware of the reactions she was causing in him. He was already hard enough to bang her through the wall that she was backed up against.

"Why are you here Sam?"

"Unfinished business…" He knew his eyes answered that question more than his mouth did. But now his mouth was catching up, refusing to fight it anymore and his head lowered so that he could kiss her exposed shoulder. She moaned and tried to shrug him off, but this only lead him to bury his face into her neck instead.

"Sam! What are you doing?"

"Kissing your neck…" He said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It sure felt like it was to him.



"You have to stop!"


"Because we can't do this. I can't do this." Her mouth said one thing but her body told him to total opposite.

He placed one final kiss on her jaw before meeting her eyes again. "Hey I heard about your boyfriend." He tried not to sound put out by this but is not entirely convinced by the tone of his own voice.

Her eyes were defiant. "Then you heard that he's built like a bulldozer!"

In his mind he thought 'oh shit' but his smile did not waver for a second. "So how does he measure up on the parts that really count?"

The way she avoided his stare gives all the answer that he needed. He hadn't been joking about the risk of 'nuttage' in those Rocky gold shorts. Sam Evans was definitely 'packing'! And he was no longer intimidated by his clearly inferior rival.

"Sam, we had a summer fling!"

He chuckled to himself and leisurely moved one of his hands from beside her head and ran it down her body, lingering at the curve of her breast, the curve of her waist and finally the curve of her ass, pressing her gently towards him.

She released her breath loudly and shakily as he murmured "It was more than that."

She shook her head as he brought his lips down towards hers, but didn't stop him as he kissed her to prove his point. Hard. He pressed his body completely against her, pinning her against the wall and letting her feel exactly what kind of an effect she wass having on him. She opened her mouth and her tongue tasted of candy. And the feel of her moan against him made him feel even harder. They remain like that for several moments before the need for air reminds her that he can't just come here and do this to her anymore. She quickly unwrapped the leg that she had somehow flung around him at some point during the kiss, and pushed him back to arm's length away from her.

Her voice is breathless when she finally regains the power of speech. "I'll always have a special place in my heart for you but I've moved on, and you need to do the same."

"Aw just shut the fuck up Mercedes!" He kissed her again with such force and passion that she knew he believed those words as much as she did. Which was not at all. This kiss blew her away because it was amazing. The kiss blew Sam away, not just because he knew he had made it amazing and was conveying a message, but also because there was something else in it. Something he wasn't expecting. Something a little… more…

But now he was pressed up against her again and it felt amazing. He loved those curves. She was all woman and softness. He palmed her breasts through the top and felt her moan vibrate through her chest. She had lost control of her hands which now alternated between his chest and his hair and his ass, her leg resuming its place wrapped around him. Even fully clothed, being pressed up against her felt amazing.

Maybe that's why he had jerked off his morning boner to thoughts of her every single morning in the shower while he was gone. The feel of her body and the hotness of her mouth was his undoing.

"But my boyfriend…"

Somehow in the heated tangle she had managed to pull her thoughts together to remember that foolish cockblocker. But he intended to shut that one down completely.

"What makes you think you can just walk back into my life and…"

He slid his hands between them, up under the sweater and then down below the sweats and the panties and was not surprised to find her hot and wet at her core. She always was. The girl had a libido to match his and was easily stimulated.


He knew he had her. He wasn't going to leave until she was screaming his name. He stroked gently before inserting one finger and then a second. As her back arched against the wall he withdrew them, ignoring her whining response. Bringing his wet fingers up to her face, he waved them at her accusingly before putting the fingers one by one into his mouth. This time it was her grinding her hips against his, aching for a return of the stimulation that he had started. Instead, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "I don't care how big or bad your boyfriend is, I'm going to fight to get you back!"

His lips then found hers again, to kiss away any protests. But he wasn't met with any. She was lost.

He finally broke the kiss to bend and reach behind her knees, scooping her up into his arms bridal style and carrying her up to the bedroom. Once there she giggled he threw her onto the bed. In the time that it took him to pull his tee shirt over his head, her sweat bottoms were already gone and he leaned in to help her remove the sweater.

That's when he saw the picture of the heavy set black guy with the pencil moustache on her dresser.

"Is this him?"

She quickly reached up and pushed the picture flat face down. Sam shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe we should let him watch and see what I'm about to do to his girl. He might get some pointers for his next girlfriend…"

Mercedes shook her head and he was sufficiently distracted by the sight of her ample breasts spilling over the top of her lacy bra to give the mustached fool much more thought. In one swift move that still never failed to amuse her he had unhooked and discarded the bra across the room, wasting no time in cupping and kneading one breast while taking the nipple and areola of the other into his mouth. One day she would ask how he had become such an expert on bra removal, but for now she had already forgotten and was well on the way to forgetting her own name.

But Sam was in no rush. He already knew from experience that date night meant they would have at least three uninterrupted hours together. And he had every intention of making good use of that opportunity, starting by making sure that he took the time to give her breasts equal amounts of worship and adoration, tasting, teasing, nibbling, caressing and stimulating them with his lips and tongue, while periodically moving them back to her own lips and letting his hands do the talking. He had missed her body. How had he ever thought that he was not attracted to larger girls? He had missed out on so much.

Eventually her moans became too much and he finally kissed the trail down to her belly button and below. Once there, he hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and she raised her hips to help him dispose of them. As soon as he reached her swollen clit he began the assault with his tongue, bringing her to heights of pleasure that he knew her new man would not come anywhere near. Fingers, lips and tongue working in harmony to produce several different tonal versions of his name. Sam had learned very early that you can take so much more if you give first! And he did, remembering not to leave her too tired for the final event.

Finally he climbed back up her body and let her taste with her tongue the sweetness that his own mouth had been consuming. He leaned down from the bed to open her bottom drawer, automatically reaching to the back, to the box which had previously held the kind of girly things that he didn't like to think about, and now hiding his condom supply. He grabbed two and tossed one onto the pillow next to them before ripping the plastic open on the other with an arched eyebrow.

"So I guess he didn't need to borrow anything from my stash…"

"Shane was a different size-"

She stopped herself at the smile on Sam's face. They both knew she meant smaller but neither was going to be the one to say it. Sam would gloat about that one when he goes back to school. And what kind of a stupid name was Shane anyway?

Condom on, he knelt between her open legs and rested his cock gently against her moist lips, praying that he wouldn't lose control, but she was the one losing control, arching her hips, reaching forward and gripping his ass, pulling him towards her and he wasted no time answering her silent prompting by pushing into her, pausing for her to adjust before allowing her to set a comfortable rhythm. After all, he was big and it had been a while since they had been together.

"Shit Cedes! You're so-" Sensible words failed him as he slowly thrust in and out, feeling her hot tightness repeatedly envelop him and then release him before taking him in again and threatening to swallow him whole. She shifted her hips slightly so that he could go deeper and he responded by quickening the pace, holding on to her thighs and watching with pleasure as her breasts bounced in small circles from the regular impact. Her eyes were closed and she was muttering a barely imperceptible 'yeah… yeah' each time he thrust into her. It was hot as hell!

Normally at this point he would turn her around and fuck her doggy until she came, but today was different. Today he pulled her in closer into his arms and she wrapped her legs around him as continued to thrust even deeper, their hips barely breaking their connection and their bodies touching from the chest downwards, her hands on his back and ass already leaving scratch marks in the familiar places. The sounds coming from her mouth were pure ecstasy and he was having trouble keeping quiet himself, the slight change in angle taking them both to greater heights.

When he felt the subtle change in her body he started to hit harder and faster. He wanted her to come hard. And to know it was him, and only him that made her feel like this. Her eyes were tightly shut and he brought his mouth to her ear. "Does it feel good?"

She nodded furiously.

"I can't hear you. Does this feel good?"


"Does your boyfriend make you feel like this?"

"Nu- uh!"

He pumped into her even harder. They were both on the edge of the precipice.

"Who makes you feel good?"


"And what's my name?"

"Saaaamm!" Hearing his name made him drive into her with everything that he had. "Come for me baby! Come now!"

And she did, with his name screamed so loudly from her lips that his orgasm followed seconds later.

Because he was holding her so tightly he felt her whole body convulse and shudder during his final couple of strokes before he released what felt like endless waves of himself into his condom. He hadn't expected that he would come as hard as he did, and that her name would be on his lips too. It took them both a couple of minutes for them to regain their composure and he pulled himself out, removing and tying the condom before tossing it with perfect aim into her trash can.

He raised himself up onto one elbow and smiled down at her, brushing behind her ear a small lock of hair which had become matted to her forehead with sweat. He loved watching her face. Seeing how she had changed over the summer from a shy innocent girl to a sexual being who knew how to demand what she wanted. And suddenly, without realizing, he was stroking her cheek.

"Break up with Shane."

She looked at him, wide eyed at his sudden command, still caught up in the afterglow. "What did you just say?"

"End things with Shane." He was totally serious.

"Why should I?"

"Because you're mine."

"How do you know I'm yours?"

"Because I marked you as mine. The weekend your parents went to that dental conference."

She smiled as she thought back to the memory of that hot weekend and of the small scar on her skin that would always be a constant reminder of it. Plus, much as she hated to admit it, a horny Sam being all possessive completely turned her on. And she had just screamed his name for the entire neighborhood to hear.

"But what if you leave me again?"

He pulled her soft body into an embrace. "I'm not going anywhere this time Mercedes." And then he broke the biggest of his rules. He held her. Because although he was a guy who would never cuddle a girl that he had just fucked, this one was different. And maybe, just maybe, a quick five minutes before they were ready to go again wouldn't do any harm…

To be continued...