One day Canada and Prussia desided to go to Englands house and steal somthing random...
Prussia-So what should we steal?
Canada-Idk all i could find was a bunch of random pictures of France Prussia-O_o ok then lets go into that random basement over there(ponits tothe right)
Canda-But i want to go up-stairs Prussia-(starts walking to basement)ok well I guess i'll see you larter then Canada-Nooooooo don't leave with out me Prussia-Well hurry up i dont know how longer that bushy browed wizered(England)will be gone(starts to open door that leads to basement)
Canada-I'm coming(Runs into Prussia)Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Prussia-Ahhhhhhhhh wth whye'd you run into me now were all the way down here and theres no light on!
Canada-(somehow landed on prussia)I can't see i dont know were my glasses are Prussia-well get of me and i'll go and find a light switch Canada-why dont you just go back up the stairs?
Prussia-i dont feel like it Canada-(finally gets off prussia)i think i found another light switch(fliks on light)
Prussia-Omg Canada-wh-Omg a UNICORN Prussia-AWESOME IM GOING TO RIDE IT(runs over to unicorn)
Canada-Um idont think thats a good idea Prussia-why not(pouting face)
Canada-Dude that thing has a sharp horn thingy!
Prussia-Wateve(pets unicorn on head)
Unicorn-um can u stop petting me thats kin-
Prussia-OMG A TALKING UNICORN AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE Canada-wtf Unicorn-...i dare u white haired dude to try and ride me Prussia-Sure kesesesesesesse(startes to climb on unicorn)
Unicorn-(thorws prussia of of him)
Prussia-(falls on hard concreate floor)Owwwwww that hurt Canada-Are you alright here i'll come and help you up Prussia-Go away i dont need help Canada-Wateve Prussia-come here Canada-(goes over to prussia)wut Prussia-(kisses canada on cheek)
Unicorn-Um did ya'll 4get about me or somthing Canada-i still haven't found my glasses?
Prussia-thats cause when we fell they flew off and broke into a million pices Canada-Nooooooooooo thoes glasses were 200$ Unicorn-here i'll magicly fix them(BING)Here i finshed there all fixed now Canada-Yay Prussia- i think we outaght to go now Unicorn-Ok c u guys later,oh and if u see france tell him he's a bitch for stealing my candy bar last chirstmas Canada-um ok Prussia-(startes going up stairs)
Canada-(follows prussia)well then that was...
Prussia-Awkward Canda-yea Prussia-(opens door)
England(gets out of car) WTF HOW THE BLODDY HELL DID U GET INTO MY HOUSE Prussia-the door duh Canada-we found a bunch of pictures of France I think i'll tell him Prussia-oh and u have a really awesome talking unicorn in your basement England-Bloodly Hell!
Prussia and Canada-Lol were going to tell everyone XDDDDDDDD YAY