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Hermione let go of Harry, only to grab his hand and drag him out of the Great Hall, yelling back to Ron that they would be right back. She drug him all the way up to the third floor, where she brought them into an empty classroom. Once inside Hermione turned to face Harry and hugged him again saying, "Thank you Harry, for everything you did for me." She leaned back and looked at him. "I could hear everything you said by the way."

Harry was in shock, and memories flood back to him. Everything?

[Flashback number one]

"Mr. Potter you can take the cloak off, I know you're there." Said Madam Pomfrey.

Harry removed his cloak and stood embarrassed in front of the healer in the Hospital wing. She looked him over and sighed, "Well, come in, I'll pull up a chair next to Ms. Granger's bed shall I?"

Stunned Harry followed her, not quite believing that he wasn't getting punished for being out of bed after hours. When he saw Hermione again he immediately forgot Madam Pomfrey existed and went over to sit on Hermione's bedside, gazing into her frozen eyes.

"Please Hermione, forgive me." He started. "If I knew what attacked you I might have been able to stop it. I could have protected you."

[Flashback one ends, flashback two begins]

Harry walked into the hospital wing five minutes before curfew. This didn't bother him as he had taken to sleeping in a bed next to Hermione, courtesy of Madam Pomfrey. Harry walked up to Hermione and laid his warm hand on her cold one, wishing that he could warm her up.

Harry looked straight into Hermione's eyes and said, "Hermione, I know I'm not the smartest guy around, and you have to help me at every turn, but I do try my best. That's what I'm going to do Hermione, I'm going to do my best to solve this problem and save you. For you I'll solve this case, and beat whatever did this to you, so that you can be safe."

Harry let his gaze drop for a moment, contemplating his next words. "I don't know if you can hear me Hermione, Madam Pomfrey doesn't know either. But if you can hear me I want you to know Hermione," he looked back up and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "I love you."

[Flashback two end]

Hermione still had her arms around Harry, holding him close. "And here's my reply Harry; I love you too."

Harry was silent for a moment, but soon Hermione realized that there were tears in his eyes. When she asked what they were for Harry let slip even more tears and said, "Hermione you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say those words. But I'm not sure that you will mean them when I tell you what happened to me."

So under Hermione's questioning gaze Harry recounted what had happened in the chamber, every detail, leaving nothing out. When he showed her the mark from the basilisk fang Hermione let out a gasp and hugged him close. At the end of the tale Harry separated himself from her arms and had her sit down. "Which brings me to us Hermione." He looked away, avoiding her face. "No one has ever survived a bite from a basilisk, so no one knew that there were… side effects."

Hermione asked, "What side effects Harry?"

Harry looked her straight in the eye, and then reached up and took his glasses off. When he looked at Hermione again he had slit pupils. But to Hermione it didn't matter, they were the same emerald orbs that she got lost in.

"The glasses," Harry said. "Hold a glamour charm, which makes it look like my eyes are normal. My eyes are as good as yours now Hermione. There is a glamour charm on my tongue as well, since it changed. It's now forked like a snake's. This is why I said that you may not want to be with me Hermione." Harry looked down at the floor, and whispered his next sentence. "I'm not exactly human anymore."

If Harry was going to say anything else he forgot what it was. Hermione herself up from her seat and had placed her lips against his, silencing Harry completely. They stood there enjoying the feeling for a moment, before parting. Harry asked. "But why me?"

At his question Hermione took out her wand and pointed it at herself, muttering an incantation under her breath. Before Harry's eyes her appearance began to change. Her canines elongated slightly and her front teeth shortened to normal proportions. Her pupils became slits like his, though her eyes still retained their cinnamon color. She opened her jaw slightly, working it around to get comfortable with the new teeth, and Harry saw that her tongue had flattened out and probably felt like sandpaper. Harry saw her human ears fade away, and two small cat-like ears with fur the color of her hair appear at the top of her head. Finally Hermione brought her wand down and pointed it at her back. A second later Harry heard a tearing sound and saw a fluffy and adorable tail come into view.

Hermione smiled at him, and gave him a quick kiss. "You see Harry? I'm not exactly human either. We don't have to be human to be in love. And I think that neither of us being completely human anymore makes us purrfect for each other." When she purred Harry felt a wonderful shiver run the length of his spine, and he knew then and there that he loved hearing her talk like that. Hermione put her arms around his neck and caught his lips in another kiss, this time Harry went forward with his forked tongue and prodded her lips. They opened to him and Harry proceeded inside. He discovered that while her tongue was a little rough like a real cat's tongue, it was also pleasant and slightly exciting when she licked his sensitive tongue with hers. Mid-kiss Hermione purred and sent shivers up both their spines, making them grin and end the kiss.

"I could get used to that." Hermione said.

Harry grinned and brushed his tongue across her lips, and said, "You want to get used to it? I know I do."

"Harry, you have to ask me a very special question before I give you the right to get used to kissing me like that."

Harry grinned. "Oh yeah," he pecked her on the lips once more and whispered in her ear, brushing his tongue along it as he spoke. "Will you be my girlfriend Hermione?"

Hermione smiled at the feeling, and said, "If you do that with your tongue again Harry, you can ask me to marry you and I'll say yes."

Harry laughed and whispered in her ear (Again playing with it using his tongue) "one step at a time 'Mione, we're not even thirteen yet."


When they entered the Great Hall again all the charms were back in place along with Harry's glasses. When they sat down Ron looked at them and said, "Where were you two?"

Harry just filled his plate while Hermione did the same. Harry said, "I was filling her in on what happened in the chamber and since then."

"Oh," Ron said. "Well if that's all."

Hermione turned to Harry. "Harry dear, you forgot the next part."

Ron didn't catch the 'dear' part but he definitely heard what came next. "Oh yeah, and Hermione has invited me to stay with her this summer and meet her parents."

Ron looked up from his food and said, "Really, well have fun then. Hermione? Try not to bury Harry in a mountain of books. He's my best mate, and I kind of need him around to keep me sane."

Harry and Hermione laughed at that, then turned to one another and shared a look.

"Ron?" Harry asked, Turning back to face his friend.


"Hermione and I have one more thing to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Harry and I are together." Hermione finished.

Ron looked up from his food and groaned. Harry asked, "Is that a problem?"

Ron grimaced and shook his head. "Not for you guys, but for me, yeah it is."

Hermione's voice turned to ice, as did the glass of milk in her hand. "And why is that?"

Ron instead of answering them stood up on the bench and yelled out. "Harry and Hermione just got together!"

There was a collective groan from the Great Hall, pierced only by both Madam Pomfrey and Filius Flitwick, both of whom got up immediately and exited the Great Hall. Harry turned to Ron and asked, "What just happened?"

Ron sat down and replied, "Betting pool, on when the two of you would get together. I had 2 galleons on fourth year."

Harry and Hermione glanced at one another before silently going back to their food.

After the feast Harry and Hermione caught up to professor McGonagall on her way to her office and asked about Harry staying at Hermione's for the summer. "I see no reason to send you back to your relatives Harry. I will have the papers drawn up and will get your permission slip to you tomorrow morning. Goodnight Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger."

They bade her good night and went up to the common room. It had been one helluva day, and these two were beat. Instead of heading up to their individual dorms Harry and Hermione made themselves comfortable on the couch, with Harry laying length-wise on it and Hermione on top of him. They were asleep within the minute.


On the day that the train left Hermione was fidgeting around with her book-bag, trying to get it to fit everything. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her middle, and pulled her to a warm body directly behind her. "Hey Harry."

Harry grinned. "How did you know it was me?"

Hermione looked back at him and touched her nose. "Cat's sense of smell, remember? I'd recognize your scent anywhere."

Harry sniffed her for a second, then whisked his tongue out and back in. he did that a lot lately. "My scent isn't nearly as strong as yours 'Mione. Vanilla shampoo and the fresh smell of a well-read book." He paused and whisked his tongue out again. "Definitely Hermione's scent."

"You only say that because it's your scent. Trust me, it's strong." Hermione sniffed him again. "And I like it."

Harry grinned. "You're gonna have to learn to control yourself Ms. Granger, or else we just might get into trouble with your parents."

Hermione nodded, and gave him a kiss before sitting back down. "I know, a cat's instincts are very strong. Even now my body knows that I want to be with you, so it's trying to get me into heat early."

Harry stiffened. "Heat? That's not good Hermione, if your parents found out they'd kill me!"

Hermione giggled, "Don't worry Harry, they know about everything. I wrote them, telling them all about smart, handsome Harry Potter, who saved me from multiple dangers both last year and this year. I also told them about the cat-girl thing…"

Harry wrapped his arms around her and asked, "What did they think about it?"

Hermione snorted, "Honestly? They reacted about the same as you did. "Heat? What is that going to be your version of a period? What about the instincts of cats when they're in heat? Hermione you MUST take care around that boy you like, especially if you're in heat. You might do something you regret because of the feline instincts!" God you'd thing growing ears and a tail would freak them out more. You should have heard my dad! He was so worried about you! "I feel sorry for that Potter boy; he's going to be sorry he even knows you when you're like that."

Harry was rolling with laughter at her parent's comments, especially her dad. "Guess I'm the least of their worries then, eh?"

Hermione gave him a Devil's Grin, and said, "Oh, I didn't say that. They are worried about how you will behave, but their more worried about me bedding you than the other way around. Like I said, I wrote them and told them about you. How you're a very considerate person who would never take advantage of a poor helpless young lady like myself!"

Harry suppressed his grin and walked over to her, picking her up bridle-style and carrying her up to his dorm said, "Guess I'm going to have to taint that image of me that you've given them then."

Hermione laughed and allowed herself to be carried up to Harry's room where he laid her down and proceeded to snog her until Neville came up to tell them that it was time to leave.

As they boarded the train Neville said to Harry. "Now Harry, don't take advantage of Hermione while you guys are with her parents, remember Ron wants his best mate back in one piece, and preferably not in a body-bag." They nodded as they walked off, eager to continue what they were doing before in the privacy of a compartment. Once they found an empty one Hermione locked the door with a spell and turned to see Harry grinning from ear to ear. She licked her lips and pounced.

Harry found out quickly on the way to the station that ears and a tail weren't the only changes to occur on Hermione's body. Her body had toned itself and now held sleek muscle under smooth, perfect skin. As Harry ran a finger down her back he whispered flattering words about her skin in her ear, driving her near the edge with that glorious tongue of his. At the same time Harry ran his other hand along her arms, tracing the muscle underneath. Harry was still too nervous to try feeling her legs. After all he had just told her this morning that she would need to control herself, and here he was with his mind in the gutter.

This is exactly where Hermione's was as well. It may have been the early stages of puberty, or the Cat's instincts to mate with her boyfriend, or both; but Hermione knew that she was having a hard time controlling her urges. Of course, her rational side was still dominant, so she knew nothing would happen on the train, but her rational side was having a hard time explaining its reasoning to her hormones. The fact that Harry's skin was now as smooth as he said hers was did not help. Not to mention the things that lovely tongue was doing to her mouth at the moment…

Hermione broke the kiss and sat away from Harry a bit to calm herself; she needed to control her hormones, not the other way around. When Harry asked what was wrong her thoughts were conflicted. On one hand she didn't want to lie to him by saying nothing. But Hermione was sure that if she told him the problem Harry would refrain from physical contact all together, or even stop using his tongue to tease her! Either prospect was dim and gloomy for Hermione.

Finally Hermione decided that she needed to tell him, she could never lie to him anyway.

"Well Harry, you may have to stop using your tongue when we kiss and may have to stop rubbing my back."

"Do you not like it?" Harry asked.

Hermione looked at him with a startled expression. "No! No I love it! And that's the heart of the problem, Harry. When you dance around in my mouth with that fantastic tongue of yours, you send signals that make me want to, um, well they uh…"

Harry could see that Hermione was getting very embarrassed about what she was trying to say, but he understood, the snake in him was telling him that this was a perfect mate for him. He had promptly shot it down, saying that Hermione was much more than a mate, that she was his girlfriend, and that he wouldn't do anything of the sort to her. The snake quieted down and retreated to the back of Harry's consciousness to plan on how to get him with his lover. Wouldn't be that hard, it figured. With a hormonal kitten like that.

Harry snuggled closer to Hermione and whispered in her ear, careful to not use his tongue and excite her anymore. "It's ok Hermione, I know how you feel. All this time I've been fighting my inner snake for control." Harry gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "I want you to know that I'd never do anything without your full consent Hermione."

Hermione smiled and kissed Harry on the lips before pulling back and saying, "I know Harry, but the problem I'm facing is that I don't know if it's the Cat that wants it, or me. We're only twelve for merlin's sake, and I'm already thinking about bedding you!"

Harry hugged Hermione close and held her, just being something that she could hold for comfort. Finally Harry pulled away and looked at Hermione and said, "I don't know how we're going to deal with, um, this" he gestured at their bodies. "But I know that I love you Hermione, and want you to know that it's our choice what happens. I beat the Snake down when it told me to bed you, so you can do the same to the Cat. I know you can."

Hermione nodded and leaned in to give Harry a kiss. When Hermione opened her mouth Harry took the opportunity to sneak his tongue in, and was overjoyed when Hermione's tongue started playing with his. This went on until the train finally came to a halt in the station and Hermione and Harry had to come back to reality. Only one thing was on Harry's mind as they stepped onto platform nine and three quarters; 'Time to meet the parents.'

Hermione's parents weren't that bad at all really. Hermione first introduced her mother, Dr. Emma Granger, director to the Dental practice that the Granger's owned. When Emma had been introduced to the fine young man that had saved and befriended her daughter in first year she immediately swept him up in a hug that had Harry thanking the deities that his skin and muscles were now taught and powerful, traits courtesy of the basilisk. After she had let go and profusely thanked Harry for all he had done for her little girl she stepped back and let her husband be introduced.

When Daniel Granger had his name called by Hermione he stepped forward and held out his hand. When Harry shook it Dan found that the boy had a very powerful grip. He was quite surprised actually, and voiced it to Hermione. "Hermione dear, is this really the Harry Potter boy that you've been writing about for two years now? I thought you said he was thin."

That comment earned blushes from both his daughter and her boyfriend, and a smack on Dan's head from his wife. She was the one who wore the pants in the family, not him. Dan quickly apologized. "Sorry about my rudeness Harry, I didn't mean it to come out like that, you just surprised me is all."

Harry shook his head. "That's alright Mr. Granger, until two weeks ago, I was pretty thin."


Hermione nodded and clung to Harry's arm while he explained. "Yeah, about two weeks ago I went into the Chamber of Secrets and killed the monster that petrified Hermione." Dan and Emma nodded, Professor McGonagall had owled them telling them that their daughter was frozen and that they were attempting to fix it. Both parents had questioned the school and were tempted to withdraw their daughter. They were still thinking about it.

Seeing them nod Harry went on. "The monster is…was called the basilisk. Looking directly into its eyes will kill you. Luckily Hermione only saw it through a mirror. But that was enough." Suddenly Harry developed a steely gaze that neither of the elder Grangers missed. "It had attacked Hermione, and kidnapped another. I went down and killed it with the sword of Godric Gryffindor. It managed to bite me though."

Emma tilted her head. "How does a snake bite relate to your physique Harry?"

Harry laughed a little. Then saw their questioning looks and apologized. "Sorry, I just find it funny that Ms. Granger could call Slytherin's basilisk out like just any old snake." At this Hermione started giggling too.

Dan asked, "Wasn't it? I mean, besides the literal Death glare and all."

Hermione smiled, "Sure dad, just any old snake with a Death Glare, and a mouth as tall as Harry, oh, and it was what, sixty feet Harry?"

Harry stifled a laugh at the looks on Hermione's parents' faces. "About that, yeah."

Emma recovered first. "But that still doesn't explain his changes."

Harry looked at Hermione with a questioning gaze. Her nod had him reaching up to take his glasses off. When he looked back at them Dan and Emma gasped. There staring back at them were a pair of emerald green snake eyes. Emma asked in a tone that Harry recognized from when Hermione was curious about a new subject in class, "So that's it isn't it? You have the traits of a snake." She eyed him carefully. "Slit pupils, tones muscles with little to no body fat, and by the look of it smooth skin. Anything else that I missed?"

Emma got her question answered when Harry pointed his wand at his mouth (Taking the glamour charm down,) then flicking a forked tongue out at her. She looked shocked and said to her husband in an excited tone, "Did you see that Dan? Did you see?"

"MUM! My boyfriend is not something in to look at in a zoo!"

Emma developed a blush and apologized to Harry for her reaction. Harry said, "No problem Ms. Granger, I'm used to people staring."

Dan was looking at him with a peculiar expression that Harry couldn't place, but was prevented from asking about it when Emma reached down and whispered in Hermione's ear softly, "So how talented is Mr. Potter's tongue Hermione?"

Both Hermione and Harry developed a deep blush before Hermione changed the subject by telling her parents that they should probably get home. Harry reapplied his glamour and put his glasses back on and they walked through the barrier and back into the Muggle World.

When they got to the car Harry had just started pulling the door open when an all too familiar voice shouted, "BOY!"

Harry turned around to see his uncle Vernon and the rest of the Dursley's standing there, waiting for him. "Where do you think you're going?"

Harry calmly approached his relatives and said in a chilling voice, "I'm going to stay with my friend Hermione this summer, so I won't be going back with you."

Vernon was livid. "Oh no you don't, you think you can get out of your chores that easily?"

Harry asked, "Why Vernon, I'm shocked! I thought after all these years of telling me you wanted me gone you'd be happy that I'm leaving of my own freewill."

Vernon turned puce-color as he stammered out, "That Dunderbore Character of yours said that you have to come with us."

Hermione's voice came from behind him; she had come up behind him to see what his relatives were talking about. "Dumbledore? Why should he care? He's our headmaster and has no business in where Harry goes during the summer."

Petunia spoke up this time, "Because, when he set up the barriers around our home protecting us from you freaks, he said that Harry had to be around for a while to run them. He said that once Harry started school, he would have to come back for the summers to charge the barriers for when he left again."

"Barriers? Do you mean wards?" asked Hermione.

"I don't know, he just said that because we were related to the freak, we would be targeted, so in exchange for taking the boy in, your headmaster put up protection around our home from your kind." Said Petunia.

Harry was tense, and Hermione knew that it was a sign that he was really mad with Dumbledore right now. Harry never stood that still unless he was very angry. Harry slowly took of his glasses, and glared at them with his knew eyes, saying, "You can tell Dumbledore that he can charge the barrier wards this summer, and every other summer, because with any luck at all, I will never see you again." And with that he turned around and walked back to the Granger's car, with Hermione alongside him. As they drove away the Dursley's started thinking about what they would do now that the freak had abandoned them.

The ride back to the Granger's home was an interesting one. And Harry wondered as they walked into the house if he was going to survive the night, new body or not.


As they left the station Emma turned around in her seat to look at the couple and said, "So Hermione, we've seen Harry's form, what about yours?"

Hermione pulled out her wand and pointed it at herself. The Grangers gasped as the changes started. The ears appeared, the fangs came out, the tongue flattened, the eyes became slits, and finally, the tail poked out. "How did you hide all that Hermione?" Dan asked.

Hermione smiled, showing her fangs and said, "Well, the ears and tail are disillusioned, meaning that they're just invisible, but are always there. I hide my tail in my skirt or in my robes if I'm wearing them. My eyes and tongue just have a glamour on them, which makes them look different. And my teeth are actually transfigured into regular teeth when my disguise is up. It's rather uncomfortable changing them, so I like to remain one way or the other most of the time. Harry's tongue is under glamour also, and his glasses are charmed to make his eyes look like regular eyes when he wears them."

Her parents were in awe over the magic concealing the kids, but then something clicked in their heads. Dan asked, "I thought you weren't allowed to use magic outside of school."

Both Harry and Hermione produced ID cards stating their names and ages. Harry said, "These ID cards say that we can legally practice magic outside of Hogwarts. McGonagall got them for us when we said that we didn't want to look completely human all the time."

The Grangers nodded, but then Emma grinned and said, "Yeah, with tongues like those I bet you want to take the charms down. I'm jealous Hermione."

Hermione had the courtesy to blush, but decided to get the last laugh. As Emma turned back around Hermione leaned over and started snogging Harry. At first they were oblivious to anything but each other, but then a slight cough caught their attention. Hermione broke the kiss and both preteens looked to the front to see Dan Granger looking at them with raised eyebrows. Harry blushed, but Hermione stuck out her tongue. Dan countered with "We need to have a talk when we get home."

Harry turned pale at the thought.

[Flashback ends]

The Granger home was very nice. The outside was a pure white, and the inside was a light green, with pictures of Hermione and her parents scattering the walls. When Harry walked in he saw that the living room had a couch that sat in the middle of the room. Across from it was the television. On either side of the couch was a table with a lamp situated on it. The adjacent room was the dining room. The grangers had a round table and old oak chairs that had blue cushions made of what looked to be silk. As Harry sat down at the table he decided to get the worst over with. Turning to Hermione's parents he said, "So Mr. Granger, you wanted to talk?"

Hermione came over and sat down on his lap instead of sitting in her own seat. This showed that she supported Harry, and her parents knew it. They also knew that this would make it extremely difficult to intimidate the boy, as Dan couldn't glare at him without glaring at his daughter. Finally both adults sighed and took their seats. Emma started the conversation.

"Alright, first things first I guess, as worried parents, we would like to know what your intentions are towards our daughter."

Harry deadpanned, "My intentions are to date her throughout our schooling, then marry her once we're both adults."

Dan's jaw dropped, here was a boy they had just met, and he had just told them off. And was now receiving a nice long smooch from Hermione to boot.

"Ok," said Dan. "Say we allow this, what can you provide for our daughter? What are your plans after school?" Dan was sure that this would stump the boy, after all; no one knows what they want to do this early in their lives.

Hermione responded, "Well daddy, Harry is one of the richest people in the UK, so money is no problem. And how do you expect us to know what we want to do this early on? You didn't know what you wanted to do until you were twenty! I don't want to hear such a hypocritical question come from you again!"

Harry hugged her close to him and whispered in her ear, "Thanks Hermione, I honestly didn't know how I was going to answer that one."

Hermione giggled, she loved it when he whispered in her ear. It always felt good.

Emma took over for her husband. "So you have no plan?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "I don't need a plan, I have Hermione as my girlfriend, and all the gold she can spend, which by the way," he turned to Hermione. "How did you know about my gold? I didn't think there was that much in that old vault."

At this Hermione laughed out loud. "Oh Harry, Ron told me about that little trust vault of yours, but you didn't think that was all of it? You're a Potter! Your family is richer than the Malfoys!"

At this Harry got a shock. Richer than Malfoy? That he had to see. "Is there any way I can see the rest of my gold Hermione?"

Hermione's brow furrowed. "You should have seen it the day you turned eleven. I can't imagine why you wouldn't have."

"I guess that means we'll be going to Diagon Ally soon then?"

Harry and Hermione looked over at Emma; they had forgotten her parents had existed!

"If that's alright with you. I'd like to see what my parents left behind." Said Harry.

Dan shook his head. "No problem at all. We can go tomorrow."

"Now," Emma said, "Back on task. Now that we've established that you can take care of our daughter financially, I want to know how you're going to take care of her other needs."

Hermione asked, "What other needs mum?"

Emma gave her a firm stare, "The Cat's needs." She turned back to Harry, who was wearing a slight blush. "We've had cats before, and I know how they get when they go into heat. What are you going to do if my daughter can't control her…urges?"

Hermione made to respond but Harry gave her a look put a finger to his lips before looking back at Emma, saying, "We talked about that on the train, and I believe Hermione can control the Cat. I had problems with the Snake in me, who thinks along the same lines as the Cat, and tried to get me to sleep with Hermione. I beat it down and forced it back. I think that Hermione can do it too."

Emma was not convinced, "And if she can't control herself?"

Harry shrugged and said, "Then I hope I have time enough to lock the door behind me, because I know that if she gets me, I'm not strong enough to get away."

Dan spoke up when he heard this. "And what of our daughter? What if she loses control and you can't lock the door? I don't plan on becoming a Grandparent so soon in my life. Can her body even handle it? What about-"

Hermione raised her voice to her father and shut him up. "Daddy, I think that's quite enough. Harry and I won't be doing anything for a while, hormones or no, so I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Her mother looked as if she was going to object, but Hermione beat her to it. "And when we do get around to doing…things…" Hermione blushed. "It will be because I want it. Not the Cat. Is that acceptable to you?"

While all this was going down Harry was sitting quietly listening to his girlfriend. She was an amazing woman, to be able to stand up to her parents like that. But she had to get it from somewhere and Emma showed Harry where her daughter got her argumentative side.

"But sweetheart," Emma started. "You're simply too young for that kind of thing. You're twelve!"

Hermione immediately countered. "And I'm half-cat now mother! Cat's do things very differently. If I deny this side of me I'm going to go insane."

Emma set her hands on the table and looked to her husband, because she was out of arguments. Seeing the blank look in his eyes she could only assume that Dan didn't have anything either. Finally she sighed. "Fine, you win. When do you think the first cycle will start?"

Hermione shrugged and Emma slumped, this was going to be harder than she thought. "Ok, well then, I think that we should start taking precautions now, at least until we know when the first heat cycle will begin and we know how long it lasts."

Looking at Harry she continued.

"This means that until she goes into heat for the first time you Harry will be sleeping in another room. It also means that we're staying in the house until it ends. We don't know how Hermione will deal with it, and we don't know how strongly she can resist her urges. Normal cats have no qualms about who or where or when. Until we determine her level of control, or lack thereof, we're playing it safe.

At the children's nod Emma and Dan stood up. Dan said to his wife, "Ok, now that that's settled, why don't we get the kids' things up to their rooms."

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