A/N: ok, there's going to be an announcement at the end of this chapter, and if you read my other works along with this one, it will apply more to you. If not, it will still apply to you, just not as much.

Some have expressed concerns that Harry and Hermione will be mating at the young age of thirteen; I don't care. Cats start fucking the second their organs mature, and I'm basing Hermione's actions off of a cat. Therefore, yes, they will be having sex. How soon? Read and find out.

Harry didn't sleep well that night. Not only had he gotten used to being with Hermione 24/7, but he was uncomfortable after the talk they'd had with her parents. They didn't trust Harry or Hermione at all right now. Not that he could really blame them, after all, they'd gotten touchy-feely on the train, and that didn't really inspire confidence in Harry's ability to maintain control. He rolled over again, and drifted off to sleep to thoughts of what Hermione might do to him once she hit her first heat cycle.

Hermione didn't sleep well that night. Her parents didn't like the changes that occurred, and didn't seem to like Harry, or at least didn't trust him. She would have to put her best foot forward and show them that he was a good guy to be with. Hermione was also troubled by what she had said to her parents. Yes she knew from an intellectual standpoint that she and Harry would be having sex soon, courtesy of her hormones, but it really hit her when she told her parents. She was going into heat soon! This was a disaster in the making. She had always dreamt of finding her true love when she got older, and gently losing her virginity in the glow of soft candle light or something more romantic. Not pouncing on her boyfriend in the middle of the night when she was twelve and simply fucking him! That wasn't what she wanted at all! Of course, Harry was a very gentle guy, and she was sure that no matter what occurred, he would make sure that she enjoyed it. To that end, Hermione calmed her thoughts and drifted off to sleep to different scenarios of her first time playing in her head.

Dan and Emma Granger didn't sleep well that night. They had found out that day that their daughter would soon be going into heat, and worse, she had brought home the boy she would probably lose her innocence to! They knew that Harry was a nice boy, and from what they had read in Hermione's letters, was the one who had saved their daughter both in first year and second year. They knew Harry wouldn't hurt their baby girl. But neither could really wrap their heads around the situation. What to do when your daughter is consumed by cat hormones wasn't covered in the parenting manuals. They had planned to give Hermione "The Talk" again when she decided to bring a boy home or go to his house, having already given her the talk when she looked up sex in a medical book in the practice. At least then they knew that she'd have some self-restraint. But now…they hadn't planned for this at all. Thinking of possible answers to their problem, the worried Dan and Emma fell asleep.

Dumbledore didn't sleep well that night. He had found out earlier that day that Minerva had gone behind his back and let Harry go off with that Granger girl for the summer! That was simply not acceptable. He had tried to explain to her that he insisted that she go and bring him to the Dursleys, but when she had asked why he evaded the question and she refused. He had asked for her address so he could go and get the boy himself, but she told him in a few languages to go to hell. He was in a bind, seeing as she was the only one with access to Ms. Granger's file. He would have to use a compulsion charm tomorrow and force her to get the boy. It was imperative that he stay under the protection of the blood wards.


When Harry woke up that morning he realized that the dreams he had carried over to his body, and he now sported morning wood. Harry thought to himself Oh crap. If he was found like this he would probably get into trouble. Getting up and going to the bathroom, Harry got into the shower and turned the setting on cold.

When he got out he discovered the scent of bacon rising from the kitchen. It smelled delicious so Harry quickly went into the guest room and got dressed, hoping to get at least one helping of that delicious bacon!

Harry descended the stairs and went into the kitchen to find Hermione already up and in a heated discussion with her parents. Curious as to what it was about, he walked in.

"And why not?"

"Because, you still haven't gone into heat yet and until we find out when that is we can't let you out of the house!"

"It's just five minutes. What could possibly happen in five minutes?"

"A lot! Why this one time your mother and I-"


"Sorry honey, but they should know what can happen!"

"Do you want to give them ideas?"

"Well anyway Hermione, a lot can happen."

Emma turned to see Harry standing in the doorway with his hair damp and straight for once, thanks to the water. He had a terrible blush and she figured he knew what could happen in five minutes.

Dan noticed Harry too. "Harry! Back me up here!"

Harry deadpanned. "Not in hell. I'd rather deal with you than Hermione's wrath."

Dan looked lost, but Emma hugged Harry. "You're gonna make a good husband for our Hermione, Harry. You already know the universes number one rule."

"And what's that?" asked Hermione.

Emma turned to look her daughter in the eye. "That the wife is always right and to argue with her reasoning is very dangerous."

Harry smiled. "There's no way I'd ever argue with Hermione's reasoning. She's the brains of this outfit."

Emma backed up quickly and found it was just in time as a miniature missile flew past her and pounced on Harry, kissing him wildly. Emma grabbed Dan by the collar and dragged him a few feet away, where they observed the two teens kissing, waiting for any signs of clothes being removed. Nothing happened; or at least no clothes came off. Hermione's hair got pretty messy, and Harry's neck turned red from all the hickeys. Emma's face turned just as red when her and Dan heard the noises both children made, and wondered how far they had gone before they left school. No one who was completely innocent moans like that from just a kiss!

When they got up Dan asked, "Are you sure she hasn't gone into heat? That kiss was a bit passionate for my taste."

Hermione was having none of it. Trying to get her hair back to normal, she said, "Well then mum must be pretty bored Daddy. Those are everyday kisses for us."

Harry caught his snigger, but Emma wasn't so lucky. She burst out laughing at the jibe directed at her husband, who was shocked at this display from his daughter. He was so shocked that he didn't respond, so Emma did. "How boring or exciting your father is with me is absolutely none of your business Hermione Jean Granger. Besides, I think you need to worry about your man instead of mine."

Hermione decided that this was war, and her mother was winning. Time to change that. "Why would I worry about Harry? He's strong, muscular, and can do things with his tongue that would make any woman curl her toes. Trust me."

Emma was shut up, and followed her husband's lead to keep quiet. Hermione nodded and turned to Harry. "Come on Harry, since we've been prohibited from getting up to no good on the front lawn, you're gonna prove me right about that tongue of yours in my room."

Before anyone could protest Harry was being dragged out of the room by his collar.

Dan turned to Emma and they shared a look. They had just been outwitted by their thirteen-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, and had laughed throughout the process, nulling any punishments to nothing. Then it clicked in their brains. Their little girl had just dragged her boyfriend up to her room…alone…to kiss him senseless…and get him to use that tongue of his to curl her toes. They ran up the stairs and slammed Hermione's door open.

Dan and Emma saw Hermione lying on her bed, stomach down, with Harry straddling her, his hands gliding across her shoulders and back in what was obviously a massage. Hermione looked over at them with a questioning gaze that quickly turned into a grin. "Hey mum, dad, waiting to see something naughty? Sorry, but I decided I wanted a massage before we get to the good stuff."

Harry blushed as she said this, but her parents didn't see as they had already bolted out the door, slamming it shut behind them. "You know 'Mione, they're gonna hate me if you keep antagonizing them like that."

Hermione shook her head. "No, they won't. They aren't really like that. Although they may possibly try to keep you from being near me. I swear, if they try to keep us from sleeping together once my heat cycle comes and goes I'll-"

"Say nothing, until they get far enough away from your door not to hear us."

Hermione perked one of her ears, listening. Then she raised her head up and shouted "Rule number 8!"

A shuffling was heard outside Hermione's door, and when Harry flicked his forked tongue out, he could no longer smell Hermione's parents. He looked down at her as she rested her head back down onto the pillow. "Rule 8?" he asked.

Hermione nodded. "There are rules in this household Harry. Rule 8 is, 'Don't eavesdrop. If you need to know, ask.'"

Harry nodded, and asked, "What are the other rules?"

Hermione lifted her hand in front of her face and raised her fingers up, bringing them back down as she counted the rules that her parents had made.

"Rule 1; always knock before going to the washroom.

Rule 2; turn off the lights before leaving the room.

Rule 3; if it's locked, it's locked for a reason.

Rule 4; let someone know you're leaving the house.

Rule 5; brush your teeth, at least three times a day.

(Harry rolled his eyes at this rule, but said nothing, seeing as Hermione's parents were dentists.)

Rule 6; no late-night phone calls, it can wait until morning.

Rule 7; call dad in case of emergency, not mum.

Rule 8; don't eavesdrop, if you need to know, ask.

Rule 9; always take notes, they come in handy later.

(Harry nodded, remembering her note sheets on her classes. He thought he might try that in potions class.)

Rule 10…well rule 10 is a bit of a joke actually."

Harry asked, "What is it?"

Hermione giggled. "Rule 10; if you're being bullied, tell them your parents are dentists."

Harry laughed, "You're right 'Mione, that is a bit of a joke, but it works. Bullies are terrified of dentists."

Hermione raised her head and turned it so that she could see him. "How do you know Harry?"

Harry developed a slight blush, "Because we had a new bully at my old primary school. He tried to bully me out of my favorite pen, but I told him my uncle was a dentist in town, and the boy ran off!"

Hermione laughed along with him. "Well," she said. "If any bullies come around again, just show them to me, and I'll hex them."

"Hermione, I can hex them myself you know."

Hermione giggled. "Yes, but which is scarier? The boy you just bullied waving around a stick? Or his angry girlfriend waving around a stick?"

Harry nodded, conceding to his girlfriend's wisdom. His words echoed back to him. She really was the brains in this outfit.

An hour into the massage, at which time Harry had worked his way slowly down to Hermione's calves, her parents knocked on her door.

"Come in." Hermione said.

Dan and Emma opened Hermione's door, and quickly froze seeing where Harry's hands were. Dan recovered first and said, "Can we talk?"

Harry looked at Hermione who nodded. He got off and sat down next to her while Hermione sat up and stretched. Dan and Emma took this as a sign to continue and stepped into the room, closing the door behind them. Emma said, "I know your upset with us right now, but you two have to understand. If you walk outside and the urges suddenly hit, who knows if you can control them or not? I'm not saying that you're going to be stuck here all summer, just-"

Hermione interrupted her. "We know mum, we're not mad. Harry and I just want a little more trust is all."

Dan nodded. "Alright, Compromise then. We still can't allow you outside until the first cycle has passed, but what do you want that we can allow?"

Hermione got a wicked grin, and turned to Harry. They stared into each other's eyes, and to Dan and Emma seemed to do nothing, but with subtle eye-shifts and the slightest tilt of the head, they had an entire conversation.

"Harry, I think we should ask to be able to sleep together, before the heat cycle begins."

"Do you think that's a good idea 'Mione? What if you go into heat in the middle of the night, and jump me while I'm asleep?"

"You'll wake up before I get close. And besides, I don't think the cycle will begin today. I can feel it coming, and soon, but not today. I'm sure of that."

"Can you convince your parents though?"

"This is Compromise Harry, It's a Granger tradition that all disputes that can't be argued through, be compromised instead. It's kind of like bartering at a shop."

"That didn't answer my question."

"That's because I don't know yet."

"Only one way to find out."


Hermione broke eye-contact with Harry and turned to her bewildered parents. "I want Harry sleeping in my room. Starting tonight."

Emma shook her head. "Not happening."

Hermione glared at her mother. "Reason?"

Emma glared right back. "You could jump Harry while he's asleep."

Hermione grinned. "Already thought of that. I'm convinced that Harry would wake up before I got close. We can put his bed by the door. I'm not asking to sleep in the same bed as him, just the same room."

Emma turned to Dan and he took up the argument. "And if he doesn't wake up?"

Hermione beckoned Harry to answer. He said, "Dan, I can perform a simple detection charm around me that will wake me if anything gets too close."

Hermione added, "And I can do the same; a charm to wake Harry up if I get out of my bed."

Dan looked to Emma, but she had nothing. He looked back at the children who were awaiting his argument. He sighed in defeat. "Agreed. I'll get a bed for Harry set up next to Hermione's door." He glared at Harry. "But I want those charms up every night."

Harry nodded. "Done."

Dan nodded and went to Harry's room to get the bed taken apart.

Emma smiled as her daughter got back into position, and Harry went back to work on her legs. "This is going to be an interesting summer." She muttered to herself as she followed her husband.


As it turned out, Hermione's cycle didn't come for days, and the only time Harry ever woke up during the night was when either Hermione or he had to use the loo. That all changed one morning at breakfast though.

"Harry, the potions essay is the one you need to concentrate on, not charms. Flitwick's assignment will be easy for you, but Snape will have your head if it's not perfect."

"'Mione, Snape will have my head either way. I could write an essay that would leave Merlin astounded and he'd still say it was trash."

"that doesn't mean…"

Harry looked over to his girlfriend to see her staring into space. "Hermione?"

As he said her name Hermione clutched her head in pain and fell off her chair. "Hermione!"

Dan and Emma rushed around the table to their daughter, while Harry was at her side, saying, "Hermione, what's wrong?"

Hermione opened her cat eyes to stare directly into Harry's. "Harry…the Cat…"

Emma turned to Harry and said, "Harry, the heat cycle has begun, you really should back away."

Harry shook his head. "No, Hermione, you can fight the Cat. Fight it. You don't have to listen to it." He whispered.

Hermione's eye shut, apparently in pain. "It's powerful Harry…"

Harry nodded and brushed his hand comfortingly through her hair. "I know 'Mione, but you're much more powerful. You can control the Cat, just as I control the Snake."

Hermione clutched her head again, but after a moment, calmed down, panting heavily. A few minutes later, she sighed and rested her head against Harry's arm. Harry looked up at her parents smugly while Hermione rested. "See? I knew she could fight it."

Emma nodded and drug Dan out of the kitchen by the arm. When they got to the family room she turned to him and said, "Well? What do you think?"

Dan said, "What I think is that I'm a horrible parent."

Emma cocked her head. "How so Dan?"

Dan bowed his head. "Because we weren't able to help our baby girl in there Em. Harry did all the work, not us. I…I think he has to be with her. You saw her, she was half a heartbeat away from losing control, and he just spoke to her softly and then she was getting better! How can I possibly separate them if He is the only one who can control her?"

Emma nodded. "I know what you mean. It looks like we're going to have to do what no parent has done before…"

"And rely on her boyfriend to take care of her?" Dan asked.

"No, let him be with her. I know you won't like it, but I think we have to, for Hermione's sake."

Dan nodded his agreement. He would move hell itself for his angel, but this was beyond his abilities to aid. Dentist school didn't cover hormonal teenage Cat-girls.


Five days. For five days it was hell on earth for Harry and Hermione. For five days they suffered their animalistic mating instincts, and for five days both had constant headaches. For Hermione it was pretty bad, just sitting around, reading, or eating dinner, when suddenly her urges would hit, and she would have to fight them off. Most of the time it was a simple headache afterwards, but towards the end Hermione would stare at Harry for hours like he was the most delicious food in the world, and she would stare at him like this until either she snapped herself out of it, or more commonly Harry noticed and told her, whereas Hermione would flush with embarrassment and leave the room to cool off.

Harry had it just as bad, if not worse for those five days that Hermione's heat cycle lasted. He was the only one who could calm her, and the only one she would listen to. After day three she had stopped acknowledging her parents existence, only seeing Harry. He felt terrible for this, and apologized again and again to Dan and Emma whenever Hermione ignored them. Emma spoke for both of them when she explained that this wasn't entirely unexpected, as females tended to pay attention only to their mate if they had one. The unattached females tended to shag unashamedly with any male, but the ones who had mates, like Hermione, would only have eyes for them. She explained that it wasn't Harry's fault, and that he should really be glad for this, as it showed that even on instinct Hermione knew who she loved.

This wasn't Harry's only problem, as the Snake reared its ugly head in his mind while Hermione was in heat, trying to get him to mate her. On the fifth day, Harry was seen staring into the Granger fireplace, seemingly lost in his thoughts, but the truth was, he was at war with the snake.

/Bed her. She is your mate!/ the Snake said.

/I don't care! She's much more than that. She is Hermione, my girlfriend. I will NOT betray her trust by taking advantage of her./

/She wants it as badly as you do hatchling. Can you not sense her feelings? She WANTS this./

Harry shook his head rapidly. /NO! No she doesn't! Hermione would never want it like this, and neither do I./

/Do not lie to me hatchling, you both want this; and you know it. You can feel her passion for you burning through her heart. Let go, and embrace us. The Feline can help her, as I can help you./

Harry lifted his head, and stared curiously at the ceiling. /How could you possibly help me? You're the one doing this to me!/

/I am not. You are doing this to yourself. As you resist, the urges will grow stronger until they consume you. The same is true for your mate and the Feline. The only way to stop this is to embrace me, as your mate embraces the Feline./

/How?/ Harry asked.

/You know how, hatchling. Succumb to her touch, and give her your being. Mind, body, soul. Everything, given to her, as she will give everything to you./

Harry didn't answer. He couldn't. The only thing he could do was discuss this with Hermione and her parents. Preferably together.

That night, at dinner the grangers plus one were sitting around the dining table, eating a healthy dinner of steamed vegetables over rice, with a little teriyaki sauce to add an excellent flavor to the mix. silence reigned supreme that night, as each person sitting at the table had turned their minds inward to mull over their thoughts. Finally, Emma spoke. "Hermione dear, feeling any better today? I saw that you didn't need any headache medication today."

Hermione nodded to her mother. "Yes mum, I'm feeling much better, and my heat cycle is finally over." She glanced at Harry, who gave her a slight nod, and she continued. "Mum, me and Harry spoke today, and we want to discuss something with you two."

Dan looked apprehensively to his wife, but Emma remained calm and collected as she replied, "What's that dear?" in truth Emma couldn't care less what they wanted to talk about. Her daughter was finally speaking to them again, instead of completely ignoring them. If she didn't have to play the responsible adult, she would have been dancing with her husband on the kitchen floor in sheer joy.

Hermione said, "I had a talk with the Cat. She…she said that if I don't…mate…with Harry by the time the next heat cycle finishes, that I'm going to go insane."

Her parents froze, and Dan turned to Harry for confirmation.

Harry nodded. "The snake said the same thing to me. He said that our urges were tearing us apart. He said that the Feline could help Hermione control the urges, but she had to embrace her, and I have to embrace the snake, or else we'll lose the next battle with our instincts."

Hermione nodded. "Harry's right. The…Feline?" she looked quizzically to Harry. He nodded. That was the term that the snake had used. Not Cat; Feline. He had a feeling that the Snake wasn't called "Snake" either. Hermione went on. "Yes, the Feline said very much the same thing. She said that she could help me, but I had to surrender myself to her, merge with her, as Harry must do with the Serpent. She said that only by doing this could we truly be ourselves, and not slaves to our instincts."

Harry nodded, adding, "That's a more descriptive version of what I was told, though I didn't give the…Serpent…a chance to really go further into the subject." Harry paused at the new name, working it over in his mouth. Serpent sounded much better than just "The Snake". "He said that I had to give Hermione my mind, body, and soul, and that she had to do the same."

Hermione agreed, as this had been the exact same thing that the Feline had told her. She looked to her parents, who looked very uncomfortable with the whole situation. She could understand why. "Look, my next Cycle isn't for a month, so we have time, but Harry and I just wanted to bring this to your attention, so that you can help us. Harry and I will listen and consider any advice you give us. You're the adults here, and as my parents I believe that you should have a say in this."

Emma Granger leaned back in her chair, considering what her daughter and her boyfriend had just said. They had a pair of preteens that could either mate like rabbits when they had to, or go insane. That was not a good thing in her books. Her daughter had just found love, and throwing lust into the mix this early on could seriously jeopardize her and Harry's relationship. But insanity wasn't really an option, so letting them have at it whenever Hermione was in heat was really the only thing they could do. The only upside that Emma could see to this entire situation was that Hermione and Harry had come to them for advice. That showed that not only did the children trust them not to overreact, but trusted them to be advisors to them. This last thought made Emma very proud.

"Alright," Emma began. "This is what I'll say for now. First and foremost, Dan and I need a little time to think about this. We'll have a talk tomorrow, the four of us. Now that that's out of the way, I just want to say that I'm very proud of how you two are handling this. Most adults wouldn't have held out against the lust a cat can feel, and I've never seen any cat resist. This shows remarkable control from both of you." She gestured to Harry when she said, "Harry I know that you are actually part serpent, but from what I can tell, there isn't much difference in the Serpent's mentality and the Feline's."

Harry nodded.

Therefore, we're going to trust you. Harry, you can sleep in Hermione's bed now that her cycle has ended. And when the next one starts…umm…well…" at this point Emma developed a terrible blush, so Dan took over. He looked at Hermione directly and said, "Honey, just make sure we don't hear anything? Please?"

Hermione's face looked similar to a tomato as she nodded, her brain still jammed on the part where Harry would be in her bed.

Dan nodded his satisfaction. "Well…good. I think that's enough for this conversation, so umm…off to bed you two."

Harry and Hermione obediently got up from the table and left the kitchen and headed for Hermione's room. Once inside Hermione pounced on Harry, kissing him passionately, running her tongue along his lips. Harry parted them and immediately started tickling her sandpaper tongue with his forked one. They parted and Hermione breathed out, "God, I've wanted to do that for days. You've no idea how badly I've wanted to mate with you Harry."

Harry smiled and hugged her close to him. He whispered in her ear, "And I've wanted to mate with you 'Mione, but I don't think we should just yet. Your parents might hear."

Merlin. When he did that to her ear, in the mood she was in, Hermione thought for an instant that bedding Harry tonight, without the aid of the burning in her loins from the heat cycle, wouldn't be that bad. Then her brain processed what he said. In a sensual voice she whispered, "I know the silencing charm Harry."

Harry gulped, and Hermione giggled at him. She had pounced on him, knocking him to the floor, pinning him there, and now was feeling the effects of her taunting growing and tenting Harry's pants. Right under her center. Hermione licked her lips and got off of him. Standing up she walked over to the closet and grabbed her pajamas.

As Harry stood up he saw her undressing. Harry blushed and quickly grabbed his own pajamas, heading for the door. Hermione darted across the room in nothing but her knickers and grabbed Harry around the waist. She held him in place and pressed her naked torso against his back. Even through the shirt, Harry could feel her budding nipples poking him. "Hermione," Harry breathed out. "We shouldn't-"

Hermione interrupted. "Harry, in less than a month, I'm going into heat again. In less than a month, you're going to be with me, and you'll see not only my nipples, but the rest of me as well." She spun him around to face her. "See these?" she said, gesturing her developing breasts. "These are yours now. I am yours Harry, body, mind, and soul. Just as you are mine." She hugged him close, brushing there nipples together, with only thin fabric separating the skin. "Will you give me your all Harry?" she pleaded.

Harry sighed, and hugged Hermione closer, kissing her forehead. "Of course 'Mione, I'm already yours." He pushed her back to look into her eyes. "Body, mind, and soul. I'm yours Hermione."

Hermione nodded and leaned in. Harry leaned in too and they met in the middle, brushing lips, trading breath, and tasting each other with their modified tongues. Finally Harry broke them apart and smiled down at Hermione. She smiled back and Harry took that as his cue. He slipped a thumb on each side of her knickers and pulled down. When he had her underwear around her ankles Hermione stepped out of them and Harry tossed them aside. He stood up slowly, taking in every bit of her that he could see. Her thin legs, her strong thighs, her bare groin, with a line in the middle, up he went, admiring her. Her toned abs, smooth from the transformation, and without a hint of baby fat. Her developing chest, with her pearl-pink nipples standing straight out, as if pointing directly to him. Her perfect jaw, slightly offset by the enlarged canines protruding barely from her lips. And finally, the entrance to her very soul. Hermione's light brown eyes that always told Harry exactly what she was thinking, and currently showing her unconditional trust and love for him.

Harry leaned in and kissed her softly, lightly, and when he broke away, he said, "You're beautiful Hermione."

She blushed slightly. Funny really. Hermione stood in front of Harry completely naked and didn't bat an eyelash, but when he said she was beautiful she lit up.

Harry then slowly started stripping in front of her. Slow and deliberate. First the shirt. His skin was smooth and perfect, but firm. Completely toned. Next came his pants, and Hermione saw his lean legs, as powerful as his arms looked. Finally Harry took off his boxers, and Hermione saw what she and the Feline had been craving for so long. No hair adorned the area around Harry's three inch flaccid member. Hermione started analyzing it immediately and based on Harry's age, and the length of his penis while soft, she could educationally guess that he would be about five inches when hard. She would have to talk about preparation with her mother. Hermione noted offhandedly that Harry was circumcised. She had read somewhere that it made a difference to some women. Something else to talk about with her mother. That was going to be a very awkward conversation. Especially if her mother ever asked when she had seen Harry's penis. Hermione decided to get her inspection over with, for now, and stood up to see Harry looking straight up. Hermione giggled, startling Harry. She thought that he had probably done that so he wouldn't get an erection during her inspection. Hermione pulled her pajamas on, and Harry did the same.

As they crawled in bed together, Hermione asked Harry palyfully, "Are we going to play 'Doctor' someday?"

Harry grinned at her and said, "Only if you're into role-playing, love."

Hermione blushed but said nothing, instead opting to snuggle into her boyfriend. Harry snaked an arm around her and held her body close to his and said, "Just so you know Hermione, I do get morning wood."

Hermione giggled and said, "I know Harry, remember, I wake up before you do. I watched you sleep every morning for a while before getting out of bed. Having wet dreams about me already lover-boy?"

Harry kissed her and said, "You have no idea."

In no time at all they both fell asleep comfortably holding the other close.

Miles away, in Scotland, Albus Dumbledore was not having a good summer. Minerva had left, and try as he might, Albus could not locate the files leading to Ms. Granger's home. He was left with no other choice but to go to bed, and hope to find them tomorrow. Perhaps an idea would come to him in the morning after a good night's sleep.

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