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Undercover "Sugar"

Chapter 1: A Case Appears

Dr. Spencer Reid frowned in deep concentration as he stared at the sputtering machine before him. He may be a genius, but he knew nothing about electronics. Pursing his lips and feeling agitation set in, he did the only reasonable thing he could think of. He smacked the coffee machine. With a sigh, the strong aroma of coffee filled the air once again as the liquid came rushing out into the awaiting pot that rested below it.

Giving a satisfied smile to the machine, Reid turned to prepare his mug for the coffee that would soon fill it but heard the deep rumblings of quiet male laughter behind him. Jumping with a very unmanly squeak, Spencer turned and found himself staring right into the face of one Derek Morgan.

"Jumpy, Pretty Boy? You sure you need another pot?" Morgan asked, amusement lacing his words and he couldn't seem to keep the grin off of his face.

"Implying that I will drink the entire pot by myself is no less than ridiculous." Reid pouted slightly, but his co-worker continued.

"You have to love that machine, not abuse it. True love does not come from abuse." The man snickered, moving around the genius to pour his own cup of coffee.

"Okay, Morgan, next time you can fix it. Besides, I think that machine hates me." Reid grumbled, adding three spoonfuls of sugar to his mug and a dollop of creamer before adding the coffee.

"Probably. You make it work all the time, it was bound to go on strike eventually." Morgan chuckled and Reid wanted to retort that he talked about the coffeepot as if it had thoughts and feelings, using personification when talking about the machine, but then realized that he was doing the same thing.

This was an obvious sign that he was spending much too much time in the presence of Morgan and Garcia. Those two were nothing but trouble when bored and left together. They obviously had been spending the past few days together, as the team had been catching up on paperwork with no case to work on. Evidently the serial killers and psychos were on vacation or something. Instantly, Reid felt bad for considering the fact that they needed a case, as that would without a doubt lead to the deaths of innocent people.

As Reid had already finished his paperwork, he had actually asked for Morgan and Prentiss to give him some of their files. He really needed to figure out something to do.

Just as thoughts of organizing the file room again crossed his mind, JJ strolled by his desk with what looked very much like a case file. Looking around, he became aware that Morgan and Prentiss had also noticed this and both seemed silently thrilled with the idea that they may not have to work on paperwork much longer.

"We've got a case." Hotch informed them as he walked out of his office and towards the meeting room, shortly followed by JJ and Rossi with Morgan, Reid, and Prentiss scrambling after them.

"So this one looks like a rough one, guys." JJ started as images shuffled onto the flat screen before them.

"Here we are, my lovelies!" Garcia walked in with the tablets she had gotten for all team members except Reid, handing them all out and a paper file to the genius with a grin on her face. When she turned around, Garcia noticed the images that had flooded the screen and instantly cringed. Reid smiled sympathetically at her as she scurried away again, obviously not interested in staying for the debriefing this time.

"In New York, there have been four murders within the past month. All of the victims were exotic dancers at the gay club known as The Inferno. Their disappearances were noted when they didn't show up for work and it seems that the victim was kept for a week and a half, then killed and dumped. Medical examiner states that each victim was raped repeatedly and death was due to asphyxiation."

"All four were found naked. It's possible that the unsub is keeping their clothes as a sort of trophy to remind him of each victim." Morgan pointed out, glancing up briefly from the tablet in his hands.

"Did anyone else notice that all of the victims looked very similar? All are thin, in their mid-to-late twenties, of average to over average height, with dark eyes and dark hair." Prentiss added, glancing at Reid as she began to notice the similarities the genius shared with the victims.

"Yes, the first victim was Daniel Landes, age twenty-four. He had been working at The Inferno for eight months before he was abducted. The second victim was Andrew Phelps, age twenty-nine, and he worked at The Inferno for six months before being abducted. The third was Evan Saunders, age twenty-six, who worked there for two months before he was also abducted. The most recent victim was Maxwell Anderson, age twenty-eight, who worked at The Inferno for four months before being abducted."

"Each victim only worked there for less than a year." Rossi stated with a hint of intrigue in his voice as he looked at the images on the screen. "They were probably easier to snatch than the more seasoned employees."

"Research shows that seventy-five percent of all kidnapped or abducted exotic dancers are under thirty and sixty percent of all kidnapped or abducted exotic dancers had been working as exotic dancers for less than three years. Also, eighty-four percent of all those abducted knew there abductor and sixty-three percent of those were fans or regular visitors to previously mentioned exotic dancers." Reid threw in, oblivious to how closely he resembled the victims, although Prentiss immediately saw the dawning of this knowledge on Morgan's and JJ's faces as they too noticed. If Hotch or Rossi noticed, they gave no indications, both men maintaining a stony face of utter calm.

"When was the last body found, JJ?" Hotch asked, his voice calm as he glanced over to the liason.

"Six hours ago. They called once they realized the victim was killed by the same unsub as the other three. They said that there is usually two to three days between the finding of the previous victim and the next kidnapping."

"Which means we may have less than forty-eight hours to find the unsub before another victim is taken. Wheels up in twenty."

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Just so that you are aware, the statistics used in this chapter are FALSE! I couldn't find much on statistics on exotic dancers, so I made it up. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! ^_^

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