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Undercover "Sugar"

Chapter 8: Any Way You Want It

The morning after the most amazing night of Reid's life, Spencer awoke while laying in the arms of the man he loves. Spooning up against his back, the dark agent's strong arm was draped over his waist and holding him against the well muscled torso. Spencer smiled as he could feel the fine dusting of hair brush against his bare skin and he could feel the rhythmatic movements of Derek's breathing, the man still fast asleep. While he wanted to lay in bed and bask in this moment for as long as possible, he had to use the facilities.

Gently extracting the arm wrapped around him like a treasured stuffed animal, Reid silently rose to his feet and crept across the wooden floor of the apartment and out of the room. First, he made his way to the bathroom and took care of that very necessary piece of business. Then, and after washing his hands, Spencer made his way to the kitchen. Pouring water in the Mr. Coffee machine, Reid added the ground coffee and turned the machine on, soon being lulled into thought by the comforting sounds of his brewing elixir of life.

His thoughts turned to the night before and his relationship with Morgan. Was the man really interested in a long-term romantic relationship with him? It certainly sounded like it when they spoke last night and he just had a gut feeling that he could believe Morgan when the man told him he loved him. The thought made Spencer smile, before his thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone.

"Reid." He answered, immediately recognizing the caller ID as Hotch's cell number.

"Reid, tonight is the night the Unsub will kidnap again. Are you prepared?" Hotch asked in his no-nonsense tone… the tone he almost always seemed to use when working.

At this particular moment, Reid felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist from behind, suddenly bringing to his attention the fact that he was still naked. He gasped, before immediately recognizing those arms and melting into them, despite the fact that he was still on the phone with his boss.

"Yeah, Hotch, we're ready. I'm going to try to make sure I draw the Unsub's attention to me tonight. Hopefully, no one else will be taken." Spencer replied, smiling as he felt a pair of warm lips lower to his neck and start to kiss along the pale surface everywhere possible. He shivered as Morgan's arms pulled him against that strong and still very naked body, the hands slowly and gently caressing his torso.

"Okay, Reid. Just be careful and let us know if you find anything." Hotch said, before hanging up just as quickly as they had started talking.

"Morning." Reid gasped after hanging up his phone, reveling in the sensation Morgan had created when biting down on the junction between his neck and shoulder.

"MMmmm, good morning, Pretty Boy." Derek replied in that deep, seductive voice as he nuzzled his face in Spencer's neck, holding the lithe man close to him and basking in his warmth. "What'd Hotch have to say?"

"Just to be careful tonight." Reid said with a slight shrug of his shoulders, before turning to face the other man. "How'd you sleep last night?"

"The best I have in a long time, Pretty Boy." Morgan chuckled, hands sliding from Reid's waist to firmly squeeze each butt cheek, relishing in the gasp he drew from the lithe man. "How about you?"

"Fantastically." Spencer replied, leaning in to kiss Derek passionately. "We've got a few hours to kill before we have to head back to the club. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" The genius asked, grinning as he began to place light kisses and nips across the dark man's jaw.

"Baby boy, I don't know if I am thinking what you are thinking, but I do know that I love the way that mind of yours works. How about I show you what I think that you are thinking?" Derek asked, his grin wicked as he ground his hips into Spencer's deviously.

"I say… show me what you got." Reid replied, grinning as he ducked from Derek's arms and raced to the bedroom, a chuckling Morgan following quickly behind him.

Morgan stepped into the room, expecting to find Reid in bed and waiting for him, but actually didn't see him anywhere. The world went dark for a moment as a pair of slender hands came up to cover his eyes, a chuckle coming from behind him. Derek whirled on the thin man, grinning as he wrapped his arms around Reid, his hands winding down to grab him behind his thighs and lift him up. Reid squealed, but did just as Morgan had wanted, winding his legs around the dark man's waist and locking his ankles in place at the small of Derek's back.

Derek pushed the genius up against the wall, grabbing his hands and pinning them to the wall with each of his own as his mouth dove in to devour Spencer's. The lithe agent's legs tightened around Derek's waist as he realized the dark man had no intention of moving his hands from Reid's own and Spencer returned the kiss just as feverishly. He opened his mouth willingly to Derek's probing tongue and allowed the man to explore his mouth before doing the same, his own tongue traveling through the dark cavern that he had relished in the night before. An idea struck him and Spencer removed his tongue, only to nip at Derek's bottom lip gently, sometimes tugging on it with his teeth.

"Oh, God, Pretty Boy." Morgan growled when they had to break apart for air. Spencer grinned, even while he panted to catch his breath, leaning forward as much as he could with his wrists pinned to nip and suck at Morgan's dark, muscular throat. With a snarl, Morgan's hands released Spencer's own and snapped back onto his hips. He backed away from the wall he had Spencer pushed up against and practically ran over to the bed.

After dropping the genius gracelessly onto the bed, Derek reached into the nightstand to retrieve the lube and condoms. However, when he turned back to the younger man, he was instead surprised to find the other on his hands and knees, inspecting Morgan's very hard cock. Derek's breath caught as Spencer looked up at him through his eyelashes while sheepishly biting on his lower lip.

"Derek… may I taste you?" Spencer asked, licking his lips as his eyes fluttered back to the cock that bounced happily right in front of his face, longing to be touched, to have some friction to work with. Derek grinned as he realized that while Spencer may seem horny, he was just as innocent, naïve, and perfect as always, despite the fact that he had been fucked for the first time the night before. This realization was not discouraging in the least; sure, he had seen the genius dance sexily up on stage and they had made love, but he was still Reid. Yes, he was definitely still the sweet, shy, adorable, self-concious Spencer Reid that Morgan had fallen in love with and nothing would ever change that.

"Baby boy, you don't have to ask." Derek replied softly, smiling down at the other male as Spencer beamed up at him as if he had just received a well-wrapped gift.

Morgan crawled onto the bed and rested back against the headboard, spreading his knees for his Pretty Boy to settle between his legs. Reid crawled over, having no idea how sexy he looked doing that, and gazed down at Morgan's throbbing erection as if it were a special treat just for him. Glancing up at Morgan's face one more time, Reid lowered himself to lay on his stomach, his face only inches from the dark man's erection.

Tentatively, he reached one hand forward and wrapped slender fingers around the thick cock, causing Morgan to moan appreciatively. Taking this as a good sign, Reid bent his head to the engorged member and kissed the tip, letting the precum smear across his lips. He smiled, his tongue darting out to lick the thick, white substance from his lips, getting the first real taste of the man he loved.

"Oh, baby… don't tease me. I won't be able to control myself." Derek whispered, his voice much deeper and huskier than before. The sound made Spencer grin, thrilled that he could have this effect on the man.

Leaning forward again, he trailed his tongue from the base of Derek's shaft to the tip, trailing up the sensitive underside and causing a shiver to go through the dark man. Pleased with these results, Spencer repeated the process. By the end of the third time, Derek's thighs were trembling with the torturous restraint he held on himself, barely managing not to flip over the genius and fuck him till he couldn't walk straight. "Baby, I… I'm warning you." Derek panted, his hands fisted in the sheets and sweat glistening on his body.

A low, sexy chuckle greeted his ears before, with no warning, the wet heat of Spencer's mouth consumed him. A long, low groan escaped Derek's lips; this was either pure heaven or the most tempting hell. Spencer grinned around the delicious man in his mouth, before hollowing his cheeks and beginning the process of greedily sucking. Oh, it felt like Spencer was trying to suck the very life out of Derek and the dark man was enjoying every minute of it.

Reid's tongue licked around the delicious cock in his mouth while he sucked with such vigor. One hand loosely gripped Derek's shaft while the other began to caress his heavy balls languidly. It only took a few minutes of this wonderful treatment and Derek was ready for release.

"Baby… I-I'm coming." Derek warned in husky growl, his breath coming out in pants and low moans. Spencer smiled and doubled his efforts, pulling back when an idea occurred to him.

"Come for me, Derek. Please, I want to taste you so bad." Spencer whispered, his voice full of lust and desire before he dove back down on the man before him. That was all it took for Derek. With a shout of Spencer's name, he shot his load into the hot mouth wrapped around him and the genius swallowed all of it down greedily, leaving none to escape. Spencer grinned, delighted to have finally tasted this wonderful man.

Derek was exhausted from that, but he wanted to return the favor to Spencer. With a growl, he sprung forward and grabbed Reid around the waist. Spencer yelped in surprise as he was hoisted up into the air and slung over Derek's shoulder. "Derek! What are you doing? Put me down!" Spencer laughed, squirming on the man shoulder and suddenly realizing he was still as hard as a rock when his length rubbed against Derek's strong chest.

"Nope, baby, it's your turn now." Derek chuckled, slapping Spencer's ass softly and grinning at the yelp that escaped his lithe lover. Once he'd made his way to the bathroom, he left the door open and turned to set Spencer down on the counter. "Don't move." He warned, before turning to the shower and cutting the water on. He adjusted it to the right temperature before turning back to his lover.

It should've been illegal for someone to look so damn sinful. Spencer's eyes were hooded and his hair was a mess from Derek's hands. His lips were parted as he panted, as if trying to cool down the hot lust that filled his body, and his cheeks were stained a bright red. His skin was covered in goosebumps and he was trembling in anticipation, his cock standing alert and ready for attention. Derek swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, standing slowly and making his way over to Spencer like a panther stalking his prey.

Lifting Spencer off the counter, Derek led him over to the shower, leaning down and kissing the younger male as he pushed him under the spray of the hot water. Spencer's arms wound around his neck and he seemed to hold on for dear life as Derek kissed Reid senseless. However, they eventually had to break apart to breathe. Morgan pushed Reid back into the corner of the shower, gently kissing his parted lips before sliding down the slender body.

He balanced himself on his knees and slowly coaxed Reid to put one leg on one of his strong shoulders and then his other leg on the other shoulder. Strong hands gripped each of Spencer's round ass cheeks, squeezing them and caressing them as he supported the lithe man. Now that he had Reid right where he wanted him, Morgan could focus on the task at hand, or the cock that was quivering in front of his face. Grinning, Derek blew on the erection in front of his face, earning himself a whimper from Spencer and cool hands grasping his bald head.

"Please… P-Please Derek…" Spencer moaned, but Derek hummed and leaned forward to nuzzled the light brown curls surrounding the lithe man's crotch. He lifted the man slightly so that he could lick at the pale man's testicles, his tongue gently caressing them before he latched onto one with his lips and sucked on it.

"Oh, God, Derek!" The lithe man moaned, his thighs trembling where they rested on Derek's shoulders. After a few moments, Derek switched his attention to the other testicle and paid it the same respect, before moving up to lick up the underside of Spencer's cock. By now, Reid's fingers were digging into his head and he was panting like a bitch in heat. Derek leaned forward and placed gentle nips from the base of Spencer's cock to the tip, then sucked on the mushroom head lightly.

"Derek, please." Spencer whimpered and Derek decided he would show mercy and give the younger male what he desperately needed. Without warning, Derek swooped in and took the entire length of his lover's cock in his mouth and began to suck earnestly. Spencer moaned, his back arching off of the shower wall and his head falling back against it. Derek chuckled, sending a rumbling sensation through the sensitive member and causing Spencer to whimper again.

"Ah! D-Derek!" Reid moaned as Derek worked his member with his mouth. Morgan swirled his tongue around the engorged cock, scraping his teeth along it and doing everything to bring his baby boy to release. It didn't take long either, Spencer was already so close.

"O-Oh… D-Der… Derek, I-I'm com—AH!" Spencer could not complete his sentence before he was releasing his load into Derek's eagerly waiting mouth, moaning loudly. Trembling from his euphoric orgasm, Reid still was aware of Derek swallowing all of his cum and cleaning up any that he missed with his tongue. His legs were gently lowered from Derek's shoulders and the dark man stood, still firmly grasping Spencer's ass. The lithe man slumped forward, wrapping his arms around his lover and laying his head against the strong chest.

"Thank you, Derek." Spencer whispered, a sweet smile spreading across his lips.

"No, thank you, Pretty Boy. Now, how about we get cleaned up and ready for tonight?" Derek asked, one arm wrapping protectively around Reid's waist and the other coming up to gently caress his cheek.

"Sure, Derek. But, there's no need to rush is there?" Reid asked and Morgan grinned, intending to enjoy a long, loving shower with his partner.

"Nope, no need to rush at all."

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