I stepped into the long dark alley putting one foot in front of the other. Then and there it happened. The moment a boy named Bryce Simmons became a part of my life. Then, I hadn't had any idea of what I had to look for. Let's just say it was a one of a kind year. This is my story of how my best friend died, I got tremendously embarrassed in front of the whole school, and I fell in love with a back stabber. Don't just think there are downfalls, if there were I would tell you to stop reading this now. There were good memories, but you just going to have to be patient.

Chapter 1

My eyes grow open to the warm smell of blueberries! What its Monday! Why is dad making blueberry pancakes on a Monday? Is it Backwards week? He always makes them on Sundays! I get up from my feathered bed and look at my calendar. Monday August, 20th First day of school. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I run down stairs to see my dad humming an old tune while a flat cake woops into the air!

"Dad" I yell

"Ahh there's my honey bee" he gazes at me.

I just smile, and pull the chair out in front of me. There is this long silence but that's how my father and I are. We understand each other without saying a word. It's kind of nice. He and I will just ride through the country in his old beat up truck with our lips sealed. I like it that way and I want it to stay like that.

To break up the silence my dad asks "Are you ready for your first day of High School?"

Am I ready for High school? It still hasn't come my senses that I'm a 9th grader. Freshmeat. The lowest on the pyramid. Everyone Grows up. They start to develop their character. This year is going to be interesting, but I have to be prepared. I have a feeling that some bad things may sneak up on me but I'm not scared. I also believe some good things will happen. I don't know what they will be but I just have to find out.

I was unaware that my dad was speaking to me. I was daydreaming like I normally do. I was concentrating on this melody to the song that popped in my head last night. It's irritating me. I got the chords to the chorus, but I don't quiet got the lyrics.

"Danielle? Dani? "My dad yahoos at me.

My mind connects to the thought of the question.

"Yes dad" I jump.

"Oh what am I going to do with you?"

I shrug as the sticky syrup runs on my plate. It's going to be a long day, I can already tell, just watching the thickness slowly pour out the bottle on to my blueberries and batter.

I step into the long dark alley putting one foot in front of the other. Then and there it happened. The moment a boy named Bryce Simmons became a part of my life.

This Moment was not a love connection moment like in movies and fairytales. These two seconds was the start off of my insane high school life. I didn't drop my books and the cutie helps me pick them up. No! I ran into the wall. Smack dab in the middle of the concrete blocks.

He nudged me and didn't know. That nim-wit. He could have said sorry. People need to learn respect, and I need to get my eyes checked.

As I finally found my locker, a few people came to greet me. Wayne Gates, the sciences freak, started it off with a hello. Mr. sweater vest, is now Mr. skinny jeans? The genius that not even google to beat, is now popular?