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Summary: AU: Two-shot. Takes place in 2011. Roger and Mimi decide to visit Roger's younger brother, Drew and his family for Christmas. Mimi and Sherrie also find out something about each other that they're afraid to tell their husbands and children. Rated T because I'm paranoid.

Genre: General/None

Rating: T


Four years ago

Drew Boley assisted his wife, Sherrie, with the birth of their first child. After being in labor for twenty-four hours, Sherrie delivered a healthy baby boy that the couple named Jovi Michael. Jovi for Jon Bon Jovi and Michael for Poison singer Bret Michaels.

A week earlier, Drew's big brother, Roger and his wife, Mimi, gave birth to a daughter that they named Katie-Rose. Drew and Roger were actually half-brothers who shared the same passion for music and sang their children the same lullaby every night before the babies went down for the night.

Present day

"I can't believe that I'm meeting your brother!" Sherrie told Drew as she woke up Jovi from his nap and fed him.

"He's actually my half-brother and he's pretty awesome." Drew praised. He had looked up to Roger as a kid and continued to admire him. They had the same mom, Tatiana, but had different fathers – Roger's father was named David and Drew's was Steven.

"What's his wife like?" Sherrie inquired.

"She's a ballet teacher and is taking a couple of nursing classes." Drew answered. "They also have a daughter that's Jovi's age named Katie-Rose, well, she was born a week before Jovi was."

The two of them cleaned the house to prepare for Roger, Mimi and Katie-Rose's arrival.

Meanwhile, in New York, Roger and Mimi were hurrying to get to the airport so they wouldn't miss their flight to Arizona. Katie-Rose was playing with her Make-A-Mouse while her parents ran around her.

"Katie-Rose, sweetie, let's go." Roger told his daughter. She nodded and stood up, bringing her Make-A-Mouse with her.

"I bwing Mr. Mouse?" she asked, indicating to her toy. Roger nodded and picked up his daughter. She went across the hall to the bathroom and used it before they left.

The three of them were now on the plane, anxiously waiting to depart. They had been sitting on the runway for half an hour and Roger wished that they would hurry. He had a fear of flying, so he sang a couple songs to keep from being nervous. The seat order was Roger, Mimi and Katie-Rose next to the window.

"Momma, who them?" Katie-Rose asked, looking at the baggage handlers.

"They're baggage handlers, sweetie. They make sure that nothing harmful is in people's baggage." Mimi explained, squeezing Roger's leg.

Within minutes, they were off. When the flight attendant announced that they could turn on electronics, Roger helped Katie-Rose set up her portable DVD player and watched a princess movie with her. Mimi put in her earphones and listened to music.

When the beverage cart came, Roger and Katie-Rose shared an orange juice while Mimi had water.

Before the three of them knew it, they arrived in Arizona in the Glendale National Airport. Roger saw a blond-haired woman jumping up and down, holding a sign that said 'Welcome Davis Family' in red and green letters.

"You must be Sherrie. Drew will not shut up about you." Roger teased as he hugged his sister-in-law. She laughed and hugged him back before embracing Mimi and Katie-Rose.

"Drew and Jovi are at home, waiting for you." Sherrie said as they walked to baggage claim.

"Is that what you named the little guy? Jovi?" Mimi asked as she saw Katie-Rose's princess suitcase make its way down the baggage carousel. Behind it, was the forest green suitcase that Mimi and Roger were sharing. Sherrie and Roger grabbed the suitcases as Mimi picked up Katie-Rose and followed the two of them to get a taxi.

Glendale was beautiful this time of year – there wasn't an inch of snow, whereas in New York, there was snow everywhere the eye could see.

"So, how are your jobs going?" Sherrie asked as they climbed into the cab. Mimi, Roger and Katie-Rose slid in the back while Sherrie sat in the front. The adults talked while Katie-Rose slept.

They reached the Boley house fifteen minutes later. The house was a tan two-story house. It had white shutters, a small flower garden in the front and a small front yard. There were four cacti on either side of the narrow driveway. There was a mailbox on the left-hand side of the driveway that had 'Boley Residence' etched in black on the side.

"What a lovely home." Mimi said as she woke up Katie-Rose and carried her inside. Sherrie and Roger got the bags and Sherrie paid the cabdriver. He backed out of the driveway as Sherrie led Roger, Mimi and Katie-Rose inside.

"Drew? Jovi? I have some people here that want to say hi." Sherrie called as she removed her shoes. Roger and Mimi did the same. Mimi set Katie-Rose on the ground so she could remove her shoes. Katie-Rose clung to Mimi's neck like a baby koala.

"Hey everyone! Come on in!" Drew told Roger, Mimi and Katie-Rose. Drew hugged Roger, kissed Mimi and smiled at Katie-Rose. She turned her face away from him and buried it in Mimi's shoulder.

"She's really tired, so it's not you." Mimi told Drew.

"It's all right." Drew told her. "The three of you are sharing a room – is that okay?"

"That's fine." Roger spoke up, smiling when Jovi came waddling into the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of pants. "Hey little man."

"Hi." Jovi responded, tottling after his father. He had Drew's shoulder-length brown hair and Sherrie's green eyes.

"I have someone for you to meet when she wakes up from her nap." Mimi told Jovi as she sat at the kitchen table, sipping red wine. Roger and Drew were having a guitar jam in the garage. Sherrie and Mimi were in the kitchen, catching up. Jovi was playing with blocks nearby. Katie-Rose was fast asleep on the couch.

"When the boys are finished with their jam session, I'll show you around." Sherrie told Mimi.

"Okay." Mimi said, taking a sip of her wine.

"So, how are things in New York?" Drew asked after the boys finished jamming out.

"Pretty good. I've been working at a couple different bars and working at a music school. Mimi's been taking some ballet classes and some nursing classes." Roger told his brother.

"What do you do with Katie-Rose while you and Mimi work?" Drew wanted to know.

"My best friend, his wife and family live next door to us, so she usually goes over there for the day." Roger answered, opening the door to the garage and entered the house, Drew right behind him.

"So, are we ready to start the tour of the house?" Drew asked, clapping his hands together. Roger and Mimi nodded as Mimi picked up Katie-Rose. Sherrie picked up Jovi and together, she and Drew led the way.

On the main level, there was a kitchen, den, living room/dining room, master bedroom, ½ bathroom and Jovi's bedroom. On the second floor, there were two bedroom, two full bathrooms and an open area with different guitars of every size and color on display.

"My pride and joy – other than Jovi." Drew told the Davis'. Roger and Drew talked about the guitars while Sherrie and Jovi got Mimi and Katie-Rose settled in their bedroom.

While Rose and Jovi rested, Mimi and Sherrie took the suitcases upstairs.

"You look really familiar – did you work at the Venus Strip Club on the Sunset Strip in 1987?" Sherrie asked Mimi.

"Yeah – I started there before I worked at the Cat Scratch. Why do you ask?" Mimi inquired.

"Because there was a girl that worked there – her name was Crystal – and she looked exactly like you." Sherrie told Mimi.

"Was your stage name Misty?" Mimi asked Sherrie. Sherrie nodded, blushing slightly. "Stage names aren't anything to be ashamed of."

The guys finished upstairs and the four of them were sitting around the kitchen counter, talking about dinner options. Since Roger and Mimi weren't very hungry, there was the option of ordering a pizza.

"We could also make sandwiches." Sherrie suggested.

A few minutes later, sandwiches were made and everyone was sitting in front of the TV, watching a show that Sherrie and Drew liked – American Icon.

"Whoa – that guy made my eardrums bleed." Drew said as a shaggy-haired boy exited the stage.

"Mine, too." Roger piped up, stuffing his sandwich into his mouth. Mimi rolled her eyes and listened for Katie-Rose on the monitor. Both she and Jovi were down for the night, but sometimes Katie-Rose awoke during the night if she didn't know where she was.

Surprisingly, Katie-Rose slept through the night, which Mimi and Roger were happy about. Drew and Roger planned on taking Jovi and Katie-Rose to the park while Sherrie and Mimi went into town for supplies for dinner that night. Also, Mimi wanted to get some shopping done – she just had a few gifts to buy. Sherrie would go with her, just in case Mimi wanted to get something for Drew.

"Katie-Rose, sweetie, keep away from the swings, okay?" Drew called out to Katie-Rose as she walked in front of some older kids who were swinging. Roger was pushing Jovi in a baby swing, but Katie-Rose had wanted to swing on a big kid swing. Unfortunately, they were all full and Katie-Rose didn't want to wait.

"OW! DADDY!" Katie-Rose cried as a big kid accidently kicked her to the ground. Roger stopped pushing Jovi and tended to Katie-Rose. She had woodchips in her hair and a scrape on her hand, but other than that, she was fine.

"Sorry." The kid that knocked Katie-Rose down apologized. Roger thanked him as he picked up Katie-Rose.

"Is she okay?" Drew asked as Roger carried Katie-Rose over. Roger nodded and squatted down in front of Katie-Rose so that he could examine her more thoroughly.

"I wanna go home." Katie-Rose wailed. Roger nodded and picked her up, holding her close. Drew got Jovi out of his swing and led the way back to the house.

Roger got some ice for Katie-Rose's hand, since it was starting to swell a little bit. Katie-Rose cried as Roger tended to her. Drew tried to help as well – he played song after song on his guitar. Jovi clapped his hands as Drew sang.

"It's not helping, sorry." Roger apologized to Drew.

"It's okay. I'm gonna get Jovi something to eat. Does Katie-Rose want anything?" Drew asked.

"Sweetie, do you want some lunch?" Roger asked, removing the ice pack from Katie-Rose's hand. Katie-Rose nodded her head as Roger dried her tears.

"What would you like, Katie-Rose? We have peanut butter, carrots, apples, turkey, peas – any of those things sound good?" Drew inquired.

"Carrots, turkey and peas, pwease." Katie-Rose answered. Drew kissed the top of her head and imitated Swedish Chef from the Muppets, which made Katie-Rose smile a little. Roger shook his head and took pictures of Drew making lunch for the kids.

As the kids ate lunch, Roger put in a movie that Katie-Rose had brought. Jovi watched the movie and didn't eat his food, whereas Katie-Rose ate all her food while watching the movie.

The girls arrived home just as Roger and Drew put the kids down for a nap and were cleaning up the kitchen.

"How did it go? You girls were gone an awfully long time." Roger noted.

"In case you didn't notice, we have p-r-e-s-e-n-t-s for the kids." Sherrie told Roger and Drew.

"Why did you spell out presents?" Drew asked as he got leftovers out for the adults.

"I didn't know if the kids were still awake or not." Sherrie said, placing four plastic bags on the counter, while Mimi put the other four on the counter as well.

"They've been asleep for about five minutes now." Roger said, helping unpack things and Drew put things away.

The following day, the couples decided to take the kids to see Santa at the local mall. Drew and Roger did some last minute shopping while Sherrie, Mimi and the kids waited in line to see him. There were six kids ahead of them and none of them looked happy to be waiting.

Drew and Roger arrived back at Santa when Katie-Rose and Jovi were the third ones in line. Katie-Rose kept shooting nervous looks at Mimi while Jovi rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Okay, who's ready to see Santa?" a woman dressed as an elf asked Katie-Rose. She looked at Mimi as the elf-woman took Katie-Rose's hand and led her to see Santa.

"Ho, ho, ho. What's your name little girl?" Santa asked as Katie-Rose was placed on his lap.

"Katie-Rose." She told him.

"That's a pretty name. Now, Katie-Rose, what would you like me to bring you on Christmas Eve?" Santa questioned.

"A stuffed pony, a tea set, a new dolly and a Pretty Pony toy." Katie-Rose told Santa.

"I will have my elves work on your toys. Would you like a candy cane?" Santa asked. Katie-Rose nodded and grabbed a candy cane out of the basket near Santa's feet and ran down the ramp and into Mimi's arms.

They were now on their way to a special place in the mall – Make-A-Moose. Katie-Rose had only been to Make-A-Mouse, but she had never been to Make-A-Moose.

Within minutes, she had her moose made – she had dressed the moose in a zebra-print dress with a pink bow around the waist. On the moose's feet, she had put on a pair of saddle shoes.

Mimi was helping Katie-Rose register her moose when Jovi came over, carrying his moose. Jovi's moose was dressed in a dark blue T-shirt with an outline of a dinosaur on it in green, jeans and black tennis shoes.

The two families exited the mall with two happy four-year-olds.