Pinch me: chapter 5

Belongs to Gitty Daneshvari

Hi guys! So anyways this is the 5th and last chapter, boo hoo I know, I know! I just want to say that you guys have been so nice to me and just awesome all around, so thank you!

3rd person pov

( the next day)

"Contestants, today you are to dress up and we will be having a ball to celebrate your new found skills in ballroom dancing, which every beauty queen should have, I myself am very good in the -" Mrs. Wellington continued on with her self flattery until she noticed that Garrison was staring at LuLu and glaring at Travis, Travis was glaring at Garrison, and LuLu was trying to make her eyes go both left and right in order to stare at the 2 boys. Mrs. Wellington may be an old lady but she remembered a time when she had to divide herself when she couldn't choose between 2 boys. It never worked, either. So she continued her talk but decided on something. Since Travis was only glaring at Garrison, not staring at LuLu as Garrison was, and since LuLu was spending far more time staring at Garrison than Travis, LuLu and Garrison should go together. That left an odd number though, no matter how happy she was with herself. So she said this.

" So tonight you shall be divided in to partners, almost dates. Garrison and LuLu shall be one group," Maddie raised her hand like one would to protest a wedding, but Mrs. Wellington proceded. " And since no one who actually lives here ever gets to have any fun, Maddie and Schmidty, Travis and I," She winked but it looked more like a zombie coming to eat his brains, " and the last group shall be Mac and Theo" Every student just sat there stunned, luckily Mrs. Wellington left them no room to say anything. Little did she know only one group would stay with each other the entire night.

" Girls follow me, we shall be picking dresses, and boys follow Schmidty for suits, this shall be a formal occasion!" She stated marching the girls to a before unseen door while Schmidty showed the boys through another door.

Shmidty's pov( in the suit room)

" Here you are gentlemen, Frank shall measure you and find you a suit" I said, however I couldn't help but notice how happy Mr. Garrison seemed, for sure it was teenage love, and if so it was my favorite. The stolen glances, connection, and how good they looked and matched together were the best I'd ever seen!

"Hey Schmidty, umm can I talk to you?" Garrison asked, oh boy I thought I shall be the 1st one he tells that he loves Ms. LuLu, I couldn't wait!

" Of course Mr. Garrison" I said, leading him through the door way so we could have a nice walk and talk, " Mr. Frank, keep the order please!" I yelled out

"So Mr. Garrison, what seems to be on your mind?"

" Umm Schmidty I like LuLu" He said, just as I expected.

" I know, is there something elseā€¦?" I asked

" well, I was going to ask her if she maybe wanted be my girlfriend tonight" he told me, and I must say, I was overjoyed!

"Oh you should my boy, I can tell you 2 already like each other go get her!" I said as I walked him through another doorway to the far better suit man at the Wellington estate. Soon he was fitted to go, and we walked back with the suit and said that Frank had of course already measured him. The other boys easily believed us, and with that we went to the horse stables and they attempted to teach me football. Soon we were ready to wash up and get the suits on, and may I say Mr. Garrsion looked handsome.

3rd person pov

Much the same thing happened to LuLu. She and Mrs. Wellington took a walk, she told Mrs. Wellington she liked Garrison, she already knew that, and boom, special dress maker. Her dress was a wonderfully simple bejeweled emerald and violet swirled mini dress paired with bedazzled silver heels. Again the rest of the group bought it and they moved on to hair and makeup. By the time they were done everyone looked fabulous and as they made their way to the ballroom LuLu and Garrison looked for each other and what each found surprised them. Little did they know that Mrs. Wellington and Schmidty tended to do this with every class they'd ever had, and since they'd had so much experience in getting couples together they had a few tricks up their sleeves. By the end of the night LuLu and Garrison had danced for hours and were exhausted. There was of course a door leading to a garden and so they went and took a walk. The plants were mysterious and their floral scent enticing and romantic, as the 2 residents of the grand estate had planned. Garrison saw a rose and gave it to LuLu.

" It may not be as beautiful as you are tonight but I think it gets the message across" Garrison said, the garden giving him a self confidence and almost longing for LuLu to finally know his intentions. The beautiful garden was doing wonders for LuLu as well. She found herself wishing she had already told Garrison how she felt and so she did.

" Garrison, I-I think I love you" She said looking in to his eyes. The night had truly been magical for the 2 and Garrison was shocked for a moment but quickly recovered.

" I know I love you LuLu, actually I have for a while" He said. And with that the space between them vanished and the 2 kissed.

" LuLu, will you be my girlfriend?" Garrison asked her

" Duh" LuLu said smiling and then it was her turn to kiss him. Garrison smiled through the kiss, just like LuLu.

"They're so good together old man" Mrs. Wellington said dabbing at her eyes with a pink hankercheif.

"I agree Edith, care to dance?" Schmidty asked, seeing the 2 young teenagers discover love having given him confidence, " you would make me a very happy man if you did"

" Of course" Mrs. Wellington, soon to be Mrs. Wellington-Schmidty answered, and the 2 danced.

Meanwhile Travis and Maddie were dancing and talking about their evil strategies when Travis asked Maddie to a movie once school was out and before she returned to London. She said yes because really, having someone that really understands you is much better than manipulating someone in the end.

Theo and the dog named Mac had been stuffing their faces the entire night and were now passed out on the floor, but that was okay because Theo was already dating a fellow hall moniter Emma, whom he had met at Ed's hot dog and hamburger truck, and Mac had recently had a litter with snuggles, a dog from the town below.

So everyone in the Wellington estate had found love that night, which is a very rare thing indeed, but by far the happiest were LuLu and Garrison, now sitting on a stone bench in the garden watching the fireflies, LuLu in Garrison's lap.

"Pinch me" Garrison said, "This has got to be a dream"

And to that LuLu kissed him instead.