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We've been in Costa Rica at our private beach house for two days. It's rained nonstop since we arrived.

As the rain starts to pelt down harder on the roof, I sigh and cuddle closer to Casey on the couch. She fidgets a little and I kiss the top of her head to keep her in place. "I think Senator Palmer purposely chose these dates for us to come here before he knew it was going to rain and we'd be stuck inside and forced to cuddle."

Casey sighs as well and snuggles down in my arms. "I'm not complaining. I'm really enjoying myself. Even if we haven't gotten a chance to utilize that beach out there. The place is still beautiful."

She's right about that. The beach house is perfect. Everything is brand new; the furniture and appliances, and even the carpet and tiled floors look new. It's two levels, with a winding marble staircase leading to the second level. The upper level opens up onto a very vast balcony overlooking the beach. And the master bedroom downstairs that we've been using has a marshmallow bed. That thing is glorious. It's the softest thing I've ever slept on – besides my wife, of course. You lay in it and it engulfs you in softness. I may have to consider getting us one for home.

As nice as the house and beach is, it's nothing compared to the feeling of knowing that Casey is my wife; now and forever. It can't even begin to compare to the joy and pride that fills me when I look at my ring or see Casey's on her finger. Everything around us could just disappear and it could just be Casey and I and I would still love it. It would still be special.

"I checked the forecast. It's supposed to stop raining tomorrow. So stop whining. And I have a surprise for you," Casey says with a smile, giving off the aura of mystery. "Want to see?"

I groan, holding her tighter against me. "Not if it involves you getting up right now. I'm rather enjoying you like this."

Casey ignores my pathetic comment and kisses my forehead, getting up off my lap and causing me to groan again. "Don't be a baby. I'll be right back. Don't move."

She disappears down the hall towards the bedroom and I stay right where I am, lying on the back on the couch. I want her to resume her position when she returns.

A few seconds later Casey is standing in front of the couch. She has two black t-shirts draped over her arm. "These are kind of a joke…but I think they're cute too. I had them made for us." She picks up one and tosses it at me.

I immediately sit up and look at the shirt. And as soon as I see it, a smile spreads across my face. The words "I'm Half of Calex" are printed across the front in white lettering, inside half of a red heart. I look at Casey and she holds out the other one for me to see it. It's identical, and the heart half on hers is the missing piece of mine.

Casey shrugs and looks away, seemingly embarrassed. "I know they're silly…but I couldn't resist. We can just wear them around home if you want."

I can't believe Casey did this. It's so adorable…and so Casey. I look at the shirt again, put it on, and then grab Casey's hand and tug her back down to the couch. She falls down beside me and I immediately wrap her up in a hug and give her a kiss. "They are perfect, Casey; I love them. How thoughtful and cute."

As I pull away from her, Casey beams proudly. "That's me – Mrs. Thoughtful and Cute."

I know it is; but she's right. I don't know anyone else as thoughtful or cute as Casey. She's one of a kind. And she's all mine.

Casey puts on her Calex shirt as well and then suddenly snaps her fingers and get up off the couch. "Oh! I know what we can do! I brought something from home that would be perfect right about now."

"What would be perfect right about now is you curled up on me again," I tell her, patting my lap for her to sit down.

"We've been cuddling for two days. Not that I don't enjoy it, babe, but I would like to do something else too. We're in Costa Rica. How often do we go to Costa Rica?"

"Well tomorrow we'll go into town and check out those cute outdoor markets if it doesn't rain. And we'll enjoy our beach. So can we cuddle for one more day?"

I know I sound desperate and pathetic, but I can't help it. Since we've been married all I've wanted to do is touch and kiss Casey. It was exactly a week between our wedding and honeymoon and it was the longest week of my life. Every day at work I strived to get things done quickly so I could go home to my wife. And Casey did the same. Every night I came home to a wonderful meal that Casey cooked for me. She makes me feel so special; and I want to make her feel just as special.

Casey smiles at me again. She leans forward and gives me a kiss full of tease. "We'll cuddle tonight, baby – I promise. But right now I have something in mind that would be fun."

I groan my consent and Casey starts to disappear down the hall again. I call after her, in my best pathetic voice, "Don't leave me again!"

She tosses over her shoulder, "I'm going to see if there's a nice Costa Rican chick in our bed."

I roll my eyes as she vanishes from my sight. What is she planning on subjecting me to? I know it can't possibly be her motorcycle, so I'm in the clear there. But it could be almost anything else.

I turn my head and look at the shirt sitting beside me on the couch. A sudden thought occurs to me and I quickly take my shirt off and replace it with the Calex shirt. It fits me perfectly. I run my fingers across the print on the front and I smile, knowing those words are true – I am part of Calex.

Casey finally comes back. I hear her enter and I ask, "Was there a chick in there?" without even looking at her.

"Yes. But she doesn't like redheads so she left," Casey answers.

"Aww, who doesn't like redheads?" I ask, finally looking at Casey. What she's holding in her hands is worse than I possibly could have imagined. "No!" I object, knowing full well what I am in for. "Not Pictionary!"

It's Casey new favorite game. She makes me play it with her all the time at home. And now it's here. I hadn't known she packed it; otherwise it would have been "accidentally" left behind.

Casey clutches the box and smiles sweetly. "Yes, Pictionary. I figured we might have some downtime. It's so much fun to play."

I groan. "No it's not."

"Then why do we both end up in fits of laughter when we play?"

She's right; we do. Neither of us can draw and our pictures are so horrible and messy and we can never guess them correctly, so all we do is laugh. I don't like playing games but once I actually get into this one, it's fun. With Casey anyway. She makes it fun.

I grudgingly sit down at the glass table while Casey gets the game set up. She sweetly labels my drawing pad "Baby's" and hers "Mine" and takes a seat across from me.

"Can we not use the hourglass?" I ask her, watching as she sits it down between us. "Beat the clock is a lot of pressure."

She responds to my request my picking it up, locking her eyes on mine, and slamming it down on the table closer to me.

I guess that answers that question.

Casey volunteers to go first and as I watch in amusement as she draws her card and studies it, then flips over the hourglass. She goes to work drawing on her pad. I should be watching what she's drawing, but instead I'm watching her. She's adorable. She has a little piece of hair that keeps falling in her eyes as she looks down and draws. She keeps pushing it away with her left hand but it just keeps falling back over her eyes. She's busily sketching away, totally unaware that I'm staring at her. I stifle a laugh. Could she be any cuter?

She finally finishes her drawing and turns the paper around so I can see it. It's a series of four drawings. Only one of which I can make out – the first one looks like an eye.

And the rest? The rest would be pure stab-in-the-dark guesses. So I start tossing stuff out there. "An eye for eye?" She shakes her head. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" Again, no. "The magic eye?" No.

If I can't even guess what the first drawing signifies, I might as well give up on the rest. Having half the puzzle won't do it. The hourglass is getting down there and I toss out a few more guesses; really stretching it now.

After I've exhausted my imagination on Casey's bad drawing, I give up.

"Okay, I give up! What the heck is it?"

Casey smiles. She points at the first picture. "That's an eye."

"I got that," I tell her. "I can tell that's an eye."

She taps her finger on the next picture. "That's a heart."

It doesn't look like a heart to me. It looks like a bad circle with a dent in the top. I scrunch up my face at it. "Wow. You better not quit your day job."

She kicks me under the table and keeps going. The next drawing I have absolutely no clue about. It's a stick figure that looks like it's clutching its chest. "This one?" she asks.

"I have no idea. A heart attack?"

That makes her smile a little. "No, dummy. The person is pointing at themselves."

I frown in confusion. "It looks like they're clutching their chest…"

"Well they're not. They're pointing," she clarifies. "And the last one." She points to the final picture, which I can now tell is two fingers with a ring on each. "It's supposed to signify 'wife'."

I raise my eyebrows at her. "Okay…"

She laughs in amusement. "Alex, you are too cute. For a smart person, you sure are naïve sometimes." She rises out of her seat and comes around to where I'm sitting. She sits right on my lap, and I intertwine my fingers with hers. She points to the series of drawings again. "Put it together. Eye, heart, person pointing at themselves, wife."

I think for a moment. And then it occurs to me. "I love my wife," I say with a proud smile. Casey nods. That is so sweet. I give her hand a squeeze and kiss her neck. "That's adorable, baby. But I know that's not what you card said."

"No; it's not." She tucks her head under my chin and I start to stroke her arm. "But it's what my heart said."

That simple statement leads to us somehow ending up on the hardwood floor of the kitchen. I'm on my back and Casey is on top of me, feeling me up underneath my shirt while our tongues fight for dominance.

"God you're sexy…" I manage to eek out in the split second that Casey's mouth is off mine. She quickly reattaches it, preventing me from speaking further.

When she's finished assaulting me with her mouth, she tears my Calex shirt off and sits up just long enough to remove hers as well. My back is hurting from being pressed against the hardwood floor but that doesn't stop me from clawing at her in anticipation.

"God, we're like horny teenagers! It's like I'm about to score with the cheerleader!" I tell her, my voice full of amusement.

Casey – now devoid of her shirt and bra – places one arm on each side of me and leans down seductively. "We're newlyweds; nearly identical to teenagers in terms of sex drive. And besides, I was never a cheerleader…I was a geek."

"Mmmh…hottest geek I've ever seen," I tell her, placing my hand on the small of her back as she feverishly works to unclasp my bra.

And then it happens.

There's a loud gasp behind us, followed by an abrupt exclamation in an accented voice. Casey jumps off me and we both scramble for our shirts desperately.

It's Marta, our hired maid. She's to come by every afternoon at two…and I guess we got otherwise occupied and forgot today.

I steal a glance at Casey. She looks as about embarrassed as I am. She has her shirt back on already and I can tell her brain is trying to get the appropriate words to her mouth so she can come up with some sort of explanation for what Marta just saw.

Luckily my brain works faster. My shirt is back on as well and I feel my face growing crimson red. Marta is staring at us as if we just set the place on fire. I can't tell if she's angry or embarrassed or both.

Finally, she speaks again. Her English isn't that good and her voice is laced with a heavy Spanish accent but I can make out her words perfectly. "That for bedroom. I must do my job."

I nod civilly and respectfully and start to gather our game up off the table. I'm still so embarrassed that I can't look the woman in the eyes. But what did she expect, really? Even though we should have been more careful, she has to know we're a lesbian couple…a 'honeymoon' doesn't mean two friends hanging out.

Casey starts to help me put the game away and when I lock eyes with her she bursts out laughing. Long, uncontrollable laughter. The kind that makes you have to sit down because it's taking over your body and you can't do anything else. She falls into the nearest chair at the table and buries her face in her arm, her entire body wracked with laughter.

I can't help but release a small smile as I see Marta turn around and look at us from the living room. She can no doubt hear Casey laughing and I'd love to be able to hear her thoughts. The look she gives me before she begins her cleaning is a little…judgmental.

"Casey," I say quietly, trying to hold back my own laughter. I can feel it coming. I'm starting to see the humor in what just happened. "Casey, stop it. Help me get this game put away and let's go to the bedroom."

She finally lifts her head and looks at me. She's still laughing, and her face is red and she actually has tears running down her cheeks. She manages to get up out of her chair and help me gather the rest of the game. We leave the box on the table and make our way quickly towards the bedroom.

We almost make it before I finally lose it – almost. We're a few feet from the door when Casey stops laughing long enough to say – in a perfect imitation of Marta – "That for bedroom. I must do my job."

I can't take it anymore. I completely fall apart before we even reach the door. My laughter is even louder than Casey's and once we reach the bedroom, we fall into a heap of giggles and immaturity on the marshmallow bed.

We're both lying on our back staring at the white ceiling, trying to regain our composure. My ribs actually hurt from my laughing fit and I start to cough.

"Going to make it, blondie?" Casey quips, grabbing me and pulling me close to her and guiding my head to her chest. She starts to run her fingers through my hair and I close my eyes and savor her touch.

"I can't believe that happened. And I can't believe you started to laugh," I finally say.

"So did you!"

"Only because you did first."

"The look on her face was priceless. She's probably going to quit her job after this. And she'll forever tell her friends and family about this crazy American lesbian couple that were about to have sex on the floor of the kitchen when she walked in."

"Were we about to have sex?" I ask, already knowing the answer. "We've been married a week already…are we still that spontaneous?"

"We probably have a couple more days of it," Casey says jokingly and I get goosebumps as I feel her soft fingers graze my scalp. "And don't worry, babe – what happens in Costa Rica, stays in Costa Rica."

I like the sound of that. And I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

The next day brings sunshine and warm air, so Casey and I take the local taxi service to the nearby outdoor marketplace.

There seems to be some type of festival going on. It's really like a large glorified flea market. Booths are set up housing crafts and paintings and fresh produce. People of all ages are tending the booths – even children. One child in charge of a produce booth doesn't look more eight years old.

It's really hot today. We've been walking around hand in hand less than a half hour and I'm already sweating through my light tank top. And having a mini-backpack singed across my shoulders doesn't help either.

Casey and I agreed to stay together. We're in a very safe part of Costa Rica, but we're still women and we're still Americans. Both desired and easy targets. Every day you hear about Americans coming up missing on trips to Central American. We're better off being safe than sorry.

Casey pulls on my hand, signaling she wants stop in front of a homemade jewelry booth. She starts to admire the beautifully crafted bracelets. They have all sizes and colors. Some are beaded, some are leather and some have charms dangling from them. Casey seems to be drawn to a turquoise color beaded bracelet. She picks it up and tries it on under the watchful eye of the teenaged booth operator. As if she's going to steal it.

It fits her perfectly and goes together well with the red tank and dark denim capris she chose to wear today. "That's cute," I tell her with a smile.

She looks up from the bracelet, a hint of sentimentally in her eyes. "It reminds me of one my mother had years ago. She used to like to go to arts and crafts shows. One time she bought a bracelet almost exactly like this. I remember it so vividly because I always wanted it. I must have been about twelve or thirteen. She wore it often and I'd nag her to death asking for it. She'd always tell me no, that she would give it to me one day when I was older and had a better sense of value and taking care of things." She's running her thumb along the bracelet as she speaks. "And then one day I stole it from my mom's jewelry box. I don't know why; I guess I thought I would be a rebel and wear it while I was still young and careless. I wore it to school and at some point during the day it was lost. I remember coming home in tears and telling my mom what had happened. I don't think I was crying for the bracelet really; I was crying more for the fact that I went behind my mother's back and did something she didn't want me to do. And mom was upset with me. She appreciated me being honest…but I still got punished. And that disappointed look on my mom's face stuck with me for a long time."

I feel my heart doing flip-flops as Casey concludes her story. There are tears shining in her eyes as she gazes admiringly at the bracelet.

I know I have to buy it for her. I catch the attention of the booth operator to ask him how much for the bracelet. Casey's look of wonder as I speak fluent Spanish to him is adorable. I don't think she was aware that I know Spanish.

The bracelet is a bit pricey for what it is, but I don't care. Casey is more than worth it. I pay the man, completely ignoring Casey as she tells me I don't have to buy it. After I've completed my sale, I turn around and sling my arm around Casey's shoulders. "I know I didn't have to buy it…I wanted to."

Casey is still looking at it as we walk towards the next booth. "I didn't mean to make you feel guilty…"

"I know. But it was a sweet story." A grin spreads across my face as I think of the perfect thing to say now. "Even if I did just find out my Casey was a little Klepto."

My insult wins me a jab in the side from Casey's elbow. I guess I deserve that so I let it go without retaliation.

"I didn't know my wife could speak Spanish…" Casey says, raising an eyebrow.

"Is it sexy?" I ask.

She raises them again. "Very."

We pass a couple more booths but don't pay them much attention. We're too busy chattering away about how much fun we're going to have on our beach tonight. And Casey is distracting me with her cuteness; she's wearing these adorable brown and pink sandals that she has to keep adjusting, and the look of sheer concentration on her face when she does so is indescribably adorable.

I know; I'm biased. I can't help it. I find everything about my wife cute.

The next booth we stop at houses paintings. Very good paintings, I may add. Most are still-life sunsets and beach scenes, but there are some of animals as well. I love paintings. The talent and imagination behind them impresses me.

I take my time looking at every single one. Casey doesn't share my appreciation of art and I can tell she's growing bored, but she sticks by my side for my sake and endures this torture I inflict upon her.

"Do you see anything you want, baby?" she asks me sweetly, resting her chin on my shoulder and putting her eyes on the sunset painting I'm currently admiring. "Pick one out – I'll get it for you."

I smile at her. "Thanks. But I already have enough. I just like admiring them."

After a few minutes, Casey leans into me and says, "Do you mind if I check out the next booth? I saw something there that caught my eye when I walked by."

I'm immediately on alert. We had promised not to separate. I let my eyes wander to the booth we just passed. It's less than ten feet away. What could happen? We'll practically still be next to each other.

I give her my best serious expression. "Okay. Just be careful, all right? Don't let your mouth get you in trouble; use your filter. I'll meet you there in a minute."

She puts her hand to her forehead and salutes me with a cocky smile, and then disappears over to the next booth. I shake my head and go back to my paintings.

They're all so beautiful. I'd take them all home if I could. I'd love to have one room dedicated to all my art. I actually have a vast collection of paintings and sculptures that many people know about. Most of them are in boxes at my parent's house. I simply don't have room in my apartment. Maybe when Casey and I buy a house I can bring more of them out.

After a few minutes I finally peel myself away from the paintings. I feel badly leaving without buying one…but I really do have enough.

I wander over to the booth Casey went to with a sigh. My eyes are scanning the items as I approach it. It looks to be homemade purses and photo frames and such.

It's crowded at this one. I have to fight my way through the crowd towards the back of the display where I assume Casey is, since I don't see her out here in the front.

But I get to the back of the booth and find her not there, and my heart drops to my feet. I spin around in near-panic, scanning the crowd around me. She has to be here somewhere.

My heart is pounding in my chest and I feel sick as I head back towards the front of the booth. I keep telling myself that I overlooked her and she's probably standing there getting a good laugh at me running around crazy. But I don't find her there either. Ever face is a stranger.

I feel sick to my stomach as I call out her name, "Casey! Casey, where are you?"

I'm moving quickly now, in full panic mode. My breathing is actually becoming rapid. I don't remember ever being this scared. Scenarios from the movie "Taken" are playing through my mind at frantic speed. I never should have let her wander off on her own. What if someone has her in the back of an unmarked van right now, taking her somewhere to do unspeakable things to her?

I'm nearly in tears now. I'm standing in front of the booth, spinning around in all directions looking for Casey and she's nowhere to be found. I run my hand through my hair and desperately try to collect my thoughts.

And then a soft voice behind me says, "Alex? What's going on?"

I turn around and see Casey standing there. As calm as can be and unhurt. She has a confused look on her cute face, as if she has no clue that I've been running around looking for her.

I'm so relieved to see her that I let out a little half-cry half-cheer and throw my arms around her, squeezing her so tightly she actually whimpers. "God Casey, where did you go? I couldn't find you and I thought…I thought…" I can't get the words out. They're too unspeakable.

Casey hugs me back and I release my tight grip on her when I am satisfied that she's real and actually standing in front of me and not an apparition or figment of my imagination.

"Where did you go?" I demand again, my voice less panicked this time. I'm slowly calming down and my heartbeat is returning to normal.

"I walked over to the painting booth and you weren't there so I figured you were over here looking for me. I guess we just missed each other."

Such a simple explanation. Why hadn't I thought of that? Why did I jump to conclusions and panic the way I did?

I slowly release the breath I didn't even know I was holding and pick up Casey's hand. "God, Casey…I totally freaked. I thought someone abducted you."

Casey smiles and tries to make light of the situation. "Me? Come on. You know they'd bring me back."

I appreciate her making a joke, but it doesn't change the fact that I was scared to death. I love my wife so much that not being able to find her for two minutes nearly sent me into hysterics.

Casey seems to read from my body language that I'm still quite upset. Her smile fades and she drapes her arm around my shoulders. "I'm okay, Alex. I'm right here. Alive and annoying and everything you love about me."

I can't help but smile at that. I bury my head into Casey's shoulder and inhale her sweet perfume. She's wearing the perfume I like. The smell is so uniquely Casey; I've never smelled it on another person before.

After a few minutes, I take another deep breath. "Let's go get lunch and go back to the beach house. I've had enough excitement for the day."

We head back to the beach house after a nice lunch on the outdoor deck of a nice little seafood café. I was served the best lobster I've ever had. It was delicious. And Casey? Well, Casey talked them into making her a grilled cheese. She won't touch anything having to do with seafood but insisted we go to the café anyway because I enjoy it so much. I don't think I'll ever stop making fun of Casey for ordering a grilled cheese at one of the best seafood joints in Costa Rica.

"Look what I made," Casey calls to me from a few feet away.

I turn my head to the side and look at her. She's kneeling in front of a pretty elaborate sand castle, beaming at me proudly as if she just won first place in a contest with it. I don't make any attempt to get up and go look at it. I'm way too comfortable where I am.

I'm sitting in a beach chair on the sand of our private beach, armed with my sunglasses and lathered up with sunscreen. I'm not usually one who likes to sit and bask in the sun, but the bright warm rays feel good on me and it's so relaxing sitting here listening to the light waves lap at the shore and staring at the clear blue water.

When Casey realizes I'm not getting up to see her castle, she comes and stands in front of me, crossing her arms in front of her chest and pouting.

I can't help but smile at her. She's so beautiful. She bought a new bikini for our honeymoon that flatters her figure in a way that drives me wild. It's a yellow floral design and the bikini top is skimpy…I believe purposely so.

Her hair is still damp from our swim a few hours ago and it falls down her shoulders in in light curls. Casey's hair tends to be a little curly if she leaves it to air dry.

"Aren't you going to see the castle I built just for you?" she asks in a very whiny voice.

Those green eyes are breaking me down. I feel my resolve crumbling away. She's doing the bottom lip thing she always does when she wants her own way…knowing it breaks me every time.

I'm about to get up and give in when she comes over and sits right on my lap. She lies right against me and tucks her head under my chin, picking up a strand of my hair. "Please, wifey? I love you."

How in the world can I resist that?

"You smell like sunscreen," I tell her with a smile. "It's not becoming."

"So do you," she snaps back. "And you shouldn't be wearing any at all. You need some color. And I need to rub Aloe all over your naked body in a very sexy and seductive way."

My eyes widen at that suggestion. "All right…as long as Marta doesn't walk in on it."

I give Casey a quick kiss and demand she remove her cute boney butt from my lap. Once we're both up, we walk hand-in-hand over to where Casey has built her castle. She kneels again and pulls me down beside her.

"It looks like any other sand castle," I tell her, acting completely unimpressed.

"It's not. It's 'Casa Alex'."

I laugh at that. "Casa Alex, huh? What's so special about it?"

"There's a moat," she says, running her finger in the trench she dug around the castle. "Where poor unfortunate people who try to hit on my wife will perish." She gets a very serious look on her face. "There's crocodiles in the moat."

"Wow? Really?"

"Yep. And they're purposely kept hungry. And there's a drawbridge leading up to the castle…"

"Your drawbridge looks like a clump of moist sand," I point out, trying to hide the amusement in my voice.

"You're supposed to use your imagination, Alex," my wife scolds me. I apologize and she continues her explanation. "Anyway, the drawbridge is guarded by a very tough former Marine I hired to be our bodyguard."

"What's his name?"

"George." I laugh at the name she chooses. "He's very intimidating." Casey picks up my hand as she wraps up the castle tour. "And here, madam, is Casa Alex. I know it doesn't look like much, but in my head it's a six story Victorian castle with beautiful winding staircases and secret vaults. A dining room large enough for two hundred people and an indoor pool and hot tub. And there's also a game room on the first floor with a really big flatscreen and every game console imaginable…for the Queen's wife to occupy herself while the Queen reigns over her fair kingdom."

"Do the Queen and her wife live happily ever after?"

Casey's grin spreads ear to ear. "Of course. Because they have each other."

She's at it again. Being completely cute and sweet. I shoot her my best 'I love you' look and she lets go of my hand, turning her attention on the castle. Without warning she plunges her hand into it, completely obliterating the entire thing.

I gasp. "Casey! You destroyed Casa Alex!"

Then I see her remove something from the sandy remains of my castle. It takes me a few minutes to realize it's a plastic bag. She takes it out and brushes the sand off it.

"What's that? Did you put that in there?"

Casey rolls her eyes at me. "No. Someone came onto our private beach wearing an invisible shield and put it inside my castle while I was building it."

I laugh at myself. "Okay. Point taken. But what is that? Why did you put it in there?"

Casey shrugs, brushing more sand off the bag. "You know me. I like my surprises to be unique and special." She turns to me and hands me the plastic bag. I can feel something hard inside and it's tied tightly at the top to prevent sand leakage.

"Open it," Casey instructs eagerly and I can tell by the anxious look on her face that she's excited about this.

I carefully untie the bag, fully expecting a sarcastic comment from Casey about my opening style. She always nags at me that I open packages or gifts too daintily as opposed to her Tarzan approach of just ripping them open.

I finally get it open and reach inside and pull the object out. It's wrapped in white tissue paper which I carefully unwrap as well. Surprisingly Casey doesn't say anything about this either. She's still anxiously watching me to gauge my reaction when I see whatever is inside.

Finally, it's completely open. And I smile when I see what it is.

It's a medium-sized picture frame and a small zippered plastic bag containing some kind of bracelet. I open that first. It's a really beautiful silver charm bracelet with one charm hanging off it – a ring charm.

Casey slides up next to me, taking the bracelet out of my hand. "I bought this before we left on our honeymoon. It's a life stage charm bracelet. You get a charm representing every stage of your life as it happens. The ring signifies marriage. They also have house charms so I'll get that for you after we get our house. There are all kinds of charms you can get." Casey puts the bracelet on me and I choke back tears. It's so beautiful and thoughtful. Once she has it fastened on me, she smiles at her handiwork. "A perfect fit. Do you like it?"

I respond by giving her a deep kiss. "I love it. It's beautiful, just like my wife." I look at her bracelet I had bought at the market. "Now we both have bracelets to wear every day."

My attention is on the picture frame now. It's really pretty; a light blue color with objects representing the beach all around it. Casey takes it in her hands and begins explaining it to me. "I saw this at the market. At that booth I went back to when you thought I had been abducted." She laughs a little at that but I don't find it funny at all. When she sees I'm not laughing, she goes back to being serious right away. "I know we have frames at home for our wedding photos but I thought this would be perfect for your office because it represents our honeymoon at the beach. You can have our wedding photo inside surrounded by scenes from our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I know it's not the most expensive frame…we have all those beautiful gold and silver ones at home…but I thought it was cute and kind of perfect. If you don't want to use it, it's okay."

Casey thinks I don't like it because it's not insanely expensive or made of gold; but she's wrong. It is perfect, and I love it. I will proudly display it on my desk at work so I can look at it every day.

"Remember what I told you before about that other frame I gave you?" she asks, locking her eyes on mine. She runs her finger over the glass on the frame. "It's just a frame until our picture is trapped under that glass. And then it becomes a storyteller. It then holds all the memories and love contained within the picture it displays. Beneath this glassy surface our love will be intact and whole – forever."

"Oh Casey, that's so beautiful. Of course I'll use it; I love it," I tell her, tears in my eyes. She smiles at me and leans in for a sweet, gentle kiss. Some of her lip gloss rubs off on me and I run my tongue on my lips to get it off after she pulls away. "You're wearing that lip gloss I like."

"I know," Casey states matter-of-factly. She gets comfortable in the sand next to me. "Isn't this beach beautiful? Beautiful and private…"

She says that with a hint of mystique, so I raise my eyebrows at her questioningly. "What have you got going on in that pretty little head of yours?"

That look she's giving me now means only one thing – trouble.

Instead of answering right away, she stands up and pulls me to my feet beside her. She still has that mysterious look on her face as she says, "Let's skinny dip."

I start laughing. "Really, Casey? We did that already – at my parent's house."

"Yes. And it was fun, wasn't it? Well this is a different venue. And it's our honeymoon. We absolutely must do something nuts…to make up for us not having a bachelorette party."

I'm actually considering the idea. The water is beautiful, warm and clean. The beach is private so there's no chance of anyone seeing us. Marta has already come by for the day. We'd be in the clear. And what could it hurt, really?

I grin ear to ear and respond to Casey by taking my bikini top off and tossing it several feet away into the sand. Casey smiles at what she's looking at and then removes her own top and bottom. She takes a step towards me seductively and I feel my breath hitch in my throat; God she's breathtaking. Her body is perfect.

"Stop staring; it's impolite," Casey teases, her mouth right to my ear. She nibbles on the lobe and I let out a small groan as she moves her hand down towards my hips. She fingers my bikini bottom. "This needs to come off."

"I require assistance," I rush out.

"Okay. Then let me help you." She slides the bottom down until it's bunched at my feet. I step out of it and kick it away. Then I pull Casey's body to mine, rubbing my hand over that tattoo I love and holding her. "I think you had it wrong with the castle – I think you are the Queen."

Casey kisses me on my neck, and then pulls away just as I'm getting aroused. She grabs my hand and tugs me towards the pure blue water. "Come on, babe. The water is calling us."

"But I want your body," I whine to her as she drags me into the water.

"You can have it later."

The water is nearly as warm as a hot tub, but I don't care. It's still refreshing and submerging myself in it feels good. We wade out until we're a little more than waist deep. And then Casey falls right into it, taking me with her.

We're both laughing as we break the surface of the water. We're drenched already. But does either of us care? No.

I get this impulse and I start to thrash around, purposely splashing Casey in the face. She shrieks and starts to splash me back. Soon we're trying to outdo each other with our splashes, and giggling like two teenage girls sitting on a bed looking through a teen magazine.

"I was a better prosecutor than you," Casey says, just to get me to splash harder. I happily oblige and give her a face full of blue water for that comment.

"Well I'm better at your stupid Mario Kart game than you," I taunt her. She gasps and opts to introduce a new play to our act; holding me down underwater. She keeps me there for a few seconds, and when I pop back up I'm ready for revenge. "You are so paying for that No – " I almost call her Novak, and Casey notices. "Cabot," I quickly correct, liking the way it sounds.

"Catch me," Casey teases in a sing-song voice, and then takes off for the shore. It's hard to run in the water but I nearly catch up to her as she reaches the sand. But I don't quite make it and I fall down onto my knees.

Casey turns around and points at me, laughing. "Looks like I swept you off your feet again!"

I shoot her a look and she stands perfectly still, allowing me to capture her. She gives me a tight hug and I whisper to her, "I love you."

"I love you too," she quickly answers. "So, so much. I'm so happy we're here together. I'm so happy to be your wife."

I feel the unfightable urge to show Casey how much I love her right here and right now. So I push her down onto the sand. She hits a little harder than I wanted her to and starts to ask what I'm doing, but I get down on top of her before she can form the question.

We don't do anything at first; we just lay there looking at each other, Casey underneath me. I'm stroking Casey's forehead gently and she's nuzzling my hand. "You have made me the happiest woman on this planet. Actually, happiest in the universe. I don't tell you that enough, Casey."

She smiles and rubs my arm. "Yes you do. I know how you feel. I feel the same way."

"Let's take each other here, right now. Sand and all. I can't think of a more beautiful place than this."

Casey eyes are filling with tears. "Neither can I," she says, barely above a whisper. "Let's do it. Show me how much I mean to you."

I start out with Casey's breasts, fondling and kissing them. This always arouses her pretty quickly. She's lying back enjoying what I'm giving to her, completely relaxed. But that changes when I slide my hand between her thighs. This time I don't tease. I go right for her sweet spot, using two fingers. She closes around me and moans the entire time I'm fingering her. I start to get really aggressive with my fingers, and it causes Casey to get more vocal.

"God, Alex…I..can't…take…it….anymore!" she manages to get out between moans, but I know that she can and she wants to.

I keep my fingers inside and start kissing my way up her hips and stomach. She's still moaning and crying my name, and it's music to my ears. The more noise she makes, the more I know she enjoys this. She suddenly grabs the back of my head and shoves my face into her breasts, so I give her what she wants. I kiss around them in a circular pattern, and let my tongue trace around the curves.

"Oh my God…Alex…Alex…"

Once she reaches her climax, she's actually sobbing in pleasure, begging me not to stop. Her breathing becomes more rapid I feel her tighten even more around my fingers. She's clawing wildly at the sand, so I take one of her hands in my free one and kiss the top of it.

She's able to take nearly twenty minutes of me pleasuring her until she pulls me down against her, signaling she's had all she can take. She's breathing heavily and shining with sweat and repeats over and over that she loves me.

I remove my fingers from inside her. It slides out easily thanks to Casey's juices.

It always takes Casey several minutes to come back down after sex. I kiss her neck again and I'm able to feel her pulse there; her heart is beating very rapidly. I know she needs to calm down before we go any further.

I lay there beside her, talking to her and stroking her while her heartbeat returns to normal and her breathing evens out. When she's able to speak, she says, "That was wonderful."

A few minutes later it's my turn. I'm surprised Casey has any strength left at all, but somehow she manages to roll on top of me. She's full of sand and I feel it cascading down on my naked body, but I don't care.

Casey begins a little differently than normal. She gently forces my legs apart and instead of sliding her hand between them, she lowers her face to my core. Her hair brushes against my inner thighs and I feel myself stiffen, anticipating the pleasure I'm about to feel.

She kisses the inside of my thighs, wanting to tease me first. But it feels so good I don't complain. The inside of my thighs are so sensitive that even her touching them nearly sends me into an orgasm. She makes sure she's kissed each side equally, and then moves back to my core.

I wait for it, and when it happens, it feels better than I remember. Casey starts to suck on me, and I completely lose it. It's all over at this point. She makes me reach my climax in a fraction of the time it took me to make her reach hers.

I'm a pretty good vocalist when it comes to sex too, and I give Casey a run for her money here. I moan out her name and every sentiment I can think of while she continues to pleasure me for several minutes, moving up my body when she's finished with my lower region. She plays with my breasts in the same fashion I played with hers, and then starts to lick and suck on my neck.

I'm probably going to have an old-fashioned hickey. Alex Cabot is going to have to hide a hickey. But I don't care; I'm going to wear it as proudly as Casey wears that tattoo.

By the time Casey has finished with me, neither of us has an ounce of strength left. She rolls off me and collapses by my side as I struggle to catch my breath and lower my heart rate.

"That was perfect Casey…I – I'm so exhausted…" I manage to get out.

Casey rolls over so she's facing me and pulls me to her. I rest my head on her stomach and she strokes my hair. "I love you, wifey."

"I love you too. Can we stay here like this forever? Can we put this under that glassy surface too?"

"Sounds perfect to me," Casey agrees, sighing and closing her arms around me.

And then we fall asleep there on our beach, naked in each other's arms. Not a single care or worry. It's just us in this moment of time…trapped under this glassy surface of happiness forever.

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