For corlando, who also requested Castle/Beckett, "getting hitched." It's not extensive or anything, but I kinda like it.

Title: Getting Hitched


Castle and Beckett sat side by side at her desk watching the scene in front of them and eating M&Ms.

"Oh, he's forgotten his file again," Castle remarked.

"He'll remember before he gets to the lunchroom," Beckett murmured.

"Last time he didn't realize until he got the elevator," Castle reminded her.

Beckett shrugged. "At least the doors hadn't shut yet."

"True," Castle agree, watching Ryan double back and grab the file off of his desk. "Guess you were right."

Beckett smirked. "Yup."

"Poor guy," Castle said sympathetically. "I know the feeling."

"Were you like this before both of your weddings?" Beckett asked curiously.

Castle shrugged. "Well, not exactly. My marriage to Meredith was a little more, shall we say rushed, than Ryan and Jenny's. There wasn't a year to get anxious about it."

"Other pressing concerns?" Beckett asked.

Castle nodded absently. "And my second marriage, well, I can't say I was all that involved in the planning of that one. Gina was a bit of a…"

"Bridezilla?" Beckett suggested with a grin.

He smirked back. "I was going to say micromanager."

She raised her eyebrows. "Sure you were."

"I was!" he insisted.

"Uh huh."

Castle smiled, turning back to Ryan. "You know, I almost pity him, getting hitched."

Beckett turned towards him again, "Getting hitched?"

Castle tried very hard to keep his expression neutral. "Yeah, you know Beckett, taking the plunge, tying the knot, taking the plunge, strapping on the old ball and chain, …"

"Real nice portrait of marriage your painting there Castle," she told him. "Tell me, do you happen to have any genuinely positive expressions about it?"

"Hey! It's not like I wrote them."

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't use them as a pep talk if Ryan drops by the night before the wedding," Beckett told him.

"Won't need to," Castle told her.

"No, because he'll have the sense to go to Esposito's house," Beckett snarked.

"Nah," Castle said with a shake of his head. "Because Ryan's marrying the right person."

That got Beckett's attention. "And you weren't?" she asked.

Castle shrugged, looking straight ahead. "I thought I was, but obviously not, right?"

Beckett frowned sympathetically, briefly touching his arm, "You thought so at the time."

He turned towards her, "Yeah, but I think marriage would be different if it was with the right person. Really the right person."

"Really the right person?" she asked sceptically.

"For always," he said softly.

"Always?" she said on a sigh.

He watched her eyes a second longer, before smiling. "Eventually," he said after a moment.

She smiled in spite of herself. "Yeah?"

"Yeah.," Castle nodded definitively.

Beckett bit her lip.

He looked like was going to say something else when Ryan ran back in. "Forgot my notebook," he said, before running out again.

Castle shrugged. "Until then, I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through my friends."

Beckett snickered as Ryan nearly ran into a door. "Something like that," she agreed, eating another M&M.


The end