Seto awoke early, and immediately felt as though he needed to remember something important.

Business deal? Problems at Kaiba Corp.? No, no work this week, it's Christmas… Jou was here somewhere still, he could smell breakfast.

That's it! Something with Jou… but what? He ran through his memories of the night before, finally lighting on the last one of the night. Jou kissing him.

Just on the cheek, but it was still a kiss. That implied romantic feelings.

Seto shook his head, looking around. In his daze, he appeared to have gotten dressed and was standing in the bathroom with a toothbrush. He glanced at the shower, before deciding it was too much hassle (and he was, as previously stated, dressed already), and he would wash later today.

Well, I'll just try and ask later today, before he leaves… Ah, that was another thing he wanted to discuss. Jou's working habits. Being prepared was fine, as was wanting to be active, but all that work was too much. Seto wondered if he could talk him into something less stressful at least, if not just quitting and getting a hobby.

He wandered downstairs, to find Mokuba shooting past him for the kitchen, yelling "Pancakes!" at the top of his voice. That was breakfast solved, at least. He did wonder when Jou had gotten up this time, to already be cooking. Seto was no slouch.

By the time he reached the kitchen (running was undignified, panting triply so), Mokuba was on his third plate, mumbling about how Jou was a god in punk's clothing, and how he should never leave, and why couldn't their regular cook manage something like this?

"Our regular cook only makes dinner, Mokuba, and occasionally lunch. How would you know if she can make pancakes?" Jou grinned at him from where he was flipping the rest of breakfast at the stove. Who knew they could nearly reach the ceiling?

"You guys don't have breakfast prepared? Why's that?" Seto shrugged, going across the room for the coffee machine.

"I prefer nobody having access to the house while I'm asleep, so no workers come in before noon. Security lets them in. Maids and such clean up and leave before we arrive, most days, and they try and stay out of the way when we're around." Jou raised a brow, but nodded.

"And you don't want any of them living in-house? Not even security?" Mokuba shook his head this time.

"Seto doesn't like the idea of them being in the same building, so they live on-property, in another building closer to the entrance. It's weird, but Roland doesn't find a problem with it, so I guess it works." Jou frowned, tossing the last of the pancakes in the air.


"Seto's main bodyguard. I think you met him once or twice, but he doesn't really bother with introductions. He's around somewhere, probably doing security checks again. He's a bit paranoid." Seto snorted into his coffee.

"That's an understatement. But you haven't been kidnapped lately, so it must be working." Mokuba glared at him, but turned back to his food after a moment of no reaction. Jou stifled a small laugh, before glancing at the clock.

"It's only eight? Jeez, you guys get up early." Seto made his way over to the table to eat, grabbing and dragging Jou along with him.

"Sit. Eat. I get up early because I need to work. Mokuba would be dead to the world if he hadn't smelled food." Another glare, but this one turned to a sheepish grin as it became directed at Jounouchi.

"I can't help wanting to sleep in! I'm a growing boy!" Jou ruffled his hair, grinning.

"Sure ya are. Soon ya'll be as tall as Yugi!"


Another peaceful morning, Seto thought as he sipped his coffee.


"Jounouchi." Jou looked up as Kaiba called his name, confused. He hadn't left dishes out or something, had he?

You know that's not it. He growled, trying to will the voice away. It stayed, instead replaying the evening before, with commentary.

"Jounouchi?" Kaiba was peering at him in confusion now, and he realized he was supposed to respond.

"Er… yeah?" He was given an odd look for his troubles. Really, he knew that having conversations with himself wasn't the greatest of ideas when other people were around, but Kaiba could at least be polite and ignore it!

"We need to talk. Come with me." He began walking away, not even bothering to see if Jou was following. Which he was, but that was beside the point! It was still rude!

"You could ask," he grumbled under his breath. Wasn't Kaiba all nice and polite the other day? Was it the Christmas spirit, or had Jou ruined it when he'd kissed him?

He wasn't sure what answer would be worse, honestly.

They entered the living room, or whatever it was called, Jou wasn't sure. He wouldn't put it past Kaiba to change the name just because he could.

Kaiba sat down, and gestured for him to do the same. As he did, he saw the chess set still sitting on the floor near the couch. He'd have to remember to grab that, when he left.

"Jounouchi, I may have romantic feelings towards you." Well, he didn't beat around the bush, did he?

"…" His mouth didn't seem to be working. Really, why was it that he could never stop talking when he needed to shut up, but be entirely silent now?

"And from what happened yesterday, I'm inclined to think you feel the same. So, I propose we explore this."

Huh? His mouth did manage to work this time, though that really shouldn't count. Kaiba rolled his eyes.

"I'm asking you out on a date, Jounouchi." Come on, please be able to speak! This muteness was incredibly annoying!

"I… erm… well, okay then," he finally sputtered out. Well, he had a hot guy who he'd recently discovered not to be a total asshole, and even more recently found the guy could be kind to someone other than Mokuba. He could be a little flustered, right?

"Eloquent, pup," he smirked at him. Shouldn't dating make him seem less evil, not more?

"Yah just asked me out, and now you're goin' back to insulting me? Man, we gotta work on yer people skills!" Jou shook his head, not understanding him at all.

"I'm not trying to insult you. Why is everything I call you besides your name an insult?" He sounded annoyed at him, nothing new. Still, that was something to think about…

"Ya know tha I hate bein' called a dog! If not the first time you did, than every time after tha'!" He huffed, settling further into the couch.

"I can't really help the fact that you remind me of a dog. Any nickname I end up with is canine-related. Why do you hate it so much, anyway?" Jou twitched.

"It was a gang name o' mine. Hound, or mongrel sometimes. An' whatta mean, I'm dog-like?" He wondered if Kaiba was smart enough to avoid insulting him with this. He was supposed to be a genius, after all.

"You're loyal, can be playful, or vicious if needed. Not to mention you have puppy eyes that rival Yugi's, which should be illegal, considering he looks like a baby panda." Jou snorted, mulling the answer over. It technically hadn't been insulting, but he felt like he was supposed to take offense to it.

"If it bothers you so much, I can stop… But I make no guarantees that I'll always remember." Oh my god, Kaiba was willing to compromise with him? Hell, maybe he was serious.

"Don't sweat it. I just won't guarantee not decking yah if I'm inna bad mood, deal?" He held out his hand, and was mildly surprised to find Kaiba's in his.

He was somewhat less surprised to find it being used as leverage to yank him forward into Kaiba's lap.

"Kaib'! Wha the hell?" Kaiba leered, literally leered at him, before he simply leaned down and kissed him.

Katsuya's mind exploded.

One part was running around screaming in shock. It usually did that, so he ignored it.

Another was ignoring the entire mess and watching their surroundings; listening for possible threats and the like. This part was annoying at some times, but had saved his life before, so he moved on.

This part of his mind was actually concentrating on kissing back, which he commended, while another part sighed that 'Seto was such a good kisser!' Hmm… that part of his mind might actually be useful in the future, now that he was actually involved with someone.

There were other parts of his mind working as well, remembering what time it was and when he worked, trying to solve that one problem on the homework assigned before break that he couldn't solve, or other mundane tasks, but these were largely ignored as irrelevant.

Katsuya decided that he could go back to just kissing now.


Seto was very pleased. Jou returned his feelings, they would organize a date for later this week, and more to follow if it went well, and he was currently engaged in a rather nice make-out session.

"Kaiba…" Jou broke away, murmuring his name.

"It's Seto, if we're going to be dating," he corrected, running a hand through Jou's messy locks.

"Seto, then. You… can call me Katsuya if you really want, though I kinda prefer Jou," he leaned into the hand in his hair, smiling faintly.

"Jou it is. What time did you have work again?" Honestly, he'd never thought he would have to ask anyone that, especially while not having anywhere for himself to be.

"Mmm? Oh, at three. It'll take me an hour to get there, though…"

"I'll drive you. Come on, we're going upstairs," he stood, grabbing Jou's hand again. Jou balked.

"If you think you're getting sex this early, you-" Seto silenced him with another kiss.

"Relax, even I'm not as socially stupid as that. But I don't want Mokuba to walk in on us, thank you very much." He began walking again, only to stop short when Jou responded with, "But he already did…"

"What?" He turned sharply. Jou blinked at him in confusion, tilting his head to the side. And he thought he didn't resemble a dog?

"He walked in a few minutes ago, stared for a second, and bolted out. It was kinda weird, since we weren't doin' nuthin…" he trailed off, staring at him. Seto wondered what kind of face he was making.

"You… how do you even know that? You were facing away from the door!" He began leading them towards his room again anyway, figuring that, if nothing else, they could have more privacy for these conversations. Plus, there weren't security cameras in his room.

"Reflection in the glass o' tha paintin across the room," Seto turned slightly to stare at him. "It was really shiny!"

"You're something else, Jou. Not sure what, but something." Jou frowned, still looking confused.

"Wait, how did you not see him? You were looking at the door!" Seto rolled his eyes, opening the door to his room, and flipping on the light.

"I was a bit preoccupied watching you, oddly enough. Was I not as much of a distraction?" Paying attention to your surroundings was one thing, but he would have had to be actively looking at the glass to see anything!

Realization finally seemed to dawn in Jou's eyes.

"Oh! No, I was watching you, I just… another part of my brain wasn't?" He grinned awkwardly, shuffling his feet.

"What." How did that even work? He had different parts of his head? Granted, Seto could multi-task fairly well, but that seemed to be pushing it. On the other hand…

"This is one of those ex-gang member street kid things I have no hope of understanding, isn't it?" Jou stared at him, before nodding.

"I see. In that case…" he pounced, dragging Jou straight onto the bed and continuing where they'd left off.

Two hours later, after dropping Jou off at the grocery mart he was apparently working at today, Seto decided they really did need to talk about his work schedule.

After he organized a date for the two of them. Maybe Mokuba had some ideas…

A.N. Well, that's it! For this story anyway. I hope to write more with them soon, though, so if any of you enjoyed this, keep on the look-out for more!

A quick word on the POV changes and characterizations:

There are multiple reasons for each characteristic they have. Seto is a major CEO and a genius inventor, so he needs to be able to focus on one train of thought while having momentary lapses into other things. That's why his is more structured and focused.

Jou, on the other hand, has no need for that kind of focus, and considering his background, if could actually be harmful. He would need to be able to process multiple threats coming at him at any given time, so his thoughts need to be fluid and shift easily. That's why his thoughts are so scatter-brained at times. As for his multiple-head bit up there…

When he's truly surprised, and he was, just not that Seto did it, he needs to process quicker. So, he essentially sets parts of his mind to different tasks so they can prioritize. So, one is 'working,' and the others are processing random bits of information. In this case, he turns off this 'mode' of his head so he can focus on making out, which is part of the reason he didn't react when he saw Mokuba. He wasn't really aware of what he'd seen until later, when he could focus on something other than Seto.

So yeah, amateur psychology here! Happy holidays, hope you enjoyed, now go do something important!

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