Sirius was drunk again, as he managed every Christmas after flirting with everyone remotely female and some that were blatantly not. Like Remus.

Remus was sitting across the nearly empty Common Room, watching his friend sleep off what he'd consumed, noting that they were the only ones left in the room, the other three Gryffindors left in the Tower having gone to bed hours earlier.

Sirius often flirted with Remus; he wasn't a complete dunce to romance as James kept insisting. He just didn't see how it could mean anything as Sirius only did this when drunk, and had once tried to snog a broom while in a similar state. James claimed he had feelings for him, and that he should just flirt back sometime. Remus wondered if this would at least make Sirius stop.

He'd even tried to kiss him tonight! Remus had been frozen, between hope and fear. It hadn't happened, though. Sirius had collapsed unconscious in his lap, and Remus had shoved him onto the other side of the couch before retreating to the other end of the room to watch.

He hadn't woken up yet, which probably meant he wouldn't at all. Remus sighed, placing his book in the pocket of his dressing robe and walking towards Sirius' prone form sprawled on the couch. He bent down to pick him up, when a sudden yank pulled him over, straight onto Sirius.

He gasped, even as a quiet voice murmured in his ear "relax, go to sleep." He tried to get up, but the hand that had yanked him down had slipped around his back, and he was quite stuck.

"Sirius! What are you doing?" He hissed, trying to get up again before falling down in defeat. On Sirius' chest. Lord, this was awkward.

"We are snuggling. It is part of your Christmas present." Remus froze, and Sirius' hand began rubbing down his back.

"My gift…?" Sirius had said that as he'd leaned in to kiss him.

"Yup! Speaking of which…" Another hand tilted his chin up, and he was staring into grey eyes before soft lips brushed his own.

They left far too quickly.

"Now, sleep…" Remus felt himself unwillingly doing so as he continued his gentle rubbing along his spine, murmuring nonsense. He fell asleep right there, curled up on Sirius Black's chest.

He would have a lot to answer for in the morning. But not yet.


Sirius grinned as he felt Remus finally fall into unconsciousness above him. All was going according to plan. Except actually fainting, that wasn't so great. He hadn't thought he'd been drunk enough to actually collapse, though it'd worked in his favor thus far.

James had come to him last week, saying he'd had enough of the two of them, and that if he was going to make a move on Moony, it had better be soon, because he was tired of trying to clue the poor sod in.

"If you'd just flirt with him sober, or something, I wouldn't have to deal with you two! Do something over hols or I'm locking the pair of you in a closet until you sort this out!" Sirius had waggled his eyebrows and, with a leer, asked him if that was a promise.

James had groaned and walked back out, just as Sirius realized that his coming out of the closet, as well as admitting he had a crush on Moony, had gone alarmingly well.

But now he had to tell Moony, who was asleep on his chest. Hopefully he could show him what he was feeling, so that there would be no doubt in his mind what he meant.

It would be a happy Christmas for the pair of them, he was sure of it.