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Warnings: Some gay bashing and general douchebagary (that I do not support; obviously or I wouldn't be writing a fic that's boyXboy.) Attempted raped. Also, for Lovi's awful potty mouth.

On with the story!*

Chapter one


"When I get older, I will be stronger. They'll call me freedom; Just like a waving flag." Lovino murmured as he crossed the crowded lunch room. His peace was shattered however when something gross hit the side of his face; followed by a few "Fag" comments. Yep it was just a normal day for sixteen year old Lovino Vargas.

You see, Lovino had the unfortunate luck of being gay in a very homophobic school. But Lovino being the strong willed stubborn person that he is, ignores the insults hurled at him on a daily basis.

Lovino flipped off the general direction that the insults had come from and kept walking until he found the empty table in the back. "Perfect a table all to myself." Lovino thought as he plopped down in a chair.

First he pulled out his sketch book, next he pulled out a can of diet coke and a bright red tomato. Taking a bite out of the tomato, Lovino began sketching the trees he saw out the window.

Lunch was half way done when Lovino's tomato was violently smashed onto his head and diet coke was poured all over him. "What the Fuck!" Lovino shouted as he pulled his ear buds out of his ears.

"That's what you get you stupid queer." Lovino whipped his head around to see the head of the homophobe squad; Sadiq. "What the fuck is your problem?" Lovino growled. Sadiq chuckled. "Does the fairy wanna start somethin'?" Sadiq laughed obnoxiously.

"Why can't you just leave me the fuck alone?" Lovino huffed while gathering his things. "Because you're disgusting, and you should die." Sadiq said calmly; a smug look on his face.

"Whatever, stupid bastard." Lovino grumbled before stalking away his things in hand. Funny isn't it? The leader of the bullies used to be Lovino's best friend. Well that is before Lovino confessed his feelings for Sadiq; effectively outing himself and becoming the number one target at Dullsville high.

For four years now Lovino has been out of the closet, and a punching bag by those who were supposed to be his friends. It used to hurt at first; being alone but after a while he stopped caring.

Now the only one in this godforsaken school that he actually liked hanging out with was a small shy Canadian named Matthew Williams. Speaking of Matthew, Lovino wondered where that kid could be.

After cleaning himself off; the Italian went off searching for said Canadian. Little did Lovino know that a pair of bright green eyes were watching him with interest.


"Skipping lunch are we?" Lovino said sitting across from Matthew in the library. Mattie looked up slightly surprised. "Oh, hey Lovino." The small Canadian said before returning to his book.

Lovino furrowed his brows together. "No 'Oh Lovino I'm so sorry I left you all alone to deal with that douchesnozzle, Sadiq.'?" Lovino bellowed melodramatically. Matthew chuckled in response. "You're a big boy; I'm sure you can handle whatever that 'Douchesnozzle' can dish out." Matthew retorted playfully.

"Yeah but still… You should have seen what that bastard did to my delicious tomato." Lovino whined. "And what did he do?" Matthew asked raising an eyebrow; giving up completely on reading.

"That bastard decided that my wonderful tomato would look better on my head." Lovino's was dripping with sarcasm. Mattie bit his lip. "That sucks." Lovino nodded. "Honestly I don't know why he targets me so much, Feli is twice as gay as I am." Lovino muttered.

It was true Lovino's twin brother Feliciano was much more flamboyant than Lovino would ever be. But of course nobody ever targeted Feli only good ole' punching bag Lovi. Then again, it could also be the fact that Feliciano was the friendlier of the two.

"And do you know why no one ever bullies Feli?" Matthew asked; while Lovino just rolled his eyes. "It's because," Matthew continued anyways. "he has a very strong and scary looking German for a boyfriend, who would not hesitate to eviscerate anyone who hurt his Feli." Matthew stated in a matter of fact way.

Lovino sighed, as much as he hated to admit it; that potato bastard did keep his brother safe. And as long as Feli was safe nothing those bullies could do to him mattered. "Yeah, yeah." Lovino mumbled.

Matthew giggled. "You know, maybe if you got yourself a big strong boyfriend Sadiq would leave you alone." Lovi snorted; Sadiq had tormented him for four years. He doubted getting a boyfriend would change anything.

"And who exactly in this homophobic school am I supposed to go out with?" Lovino asked snarkily. Matthew thought for a bit, before throwing his hands up in defeat. "I don't know dude but you better figure out before things get violent." Matthew urged as the bell rang.

"Riiiighht." Lovino laughed, following Matthew out of the library.


After two uneventful periods Lovino made his way to the last but most dangerous period of the day; PE. Lovino hated PE with a passion. For one, Lovino was never really good with sports (other than soccer.) And two, Sadiq made sure to sign up in the same activity as Lovino in every five weeks.

The only good thing was that Mattie was in the class with him, going through hell as him. Though Matthew did have an advantage; to most people he was invisible. This made things a lot easier for him when it came to dodge ball or any bullying of the sort.

In the locker room Lovino tried to change as quickly as possible, hoping to avoid Sadiq at all costs. "Oh fairy boy~" Sadiq sing-songed. Crap Lovino inwardly cursed. Lovino reluctantly turned around to face his tormentor.

Sadiq Had a huge grin on his face. "What do you want, bastard?" Lovino questioned, dejectedly. Sadiq looked around the empty locker-room before getting closer to Lovino. "You like cock getting shoved up your ass right?" Lovino narrowed his eyes.

"I'll take your feisty look as a yes, so I thought maybe you'd enjoy being fucked by me." Lovino mouth dropped open. Who the fuck does he think he is? Lovi thought outraged. "Look," Sadiq said taking Lovino's chin and caressing it roughly. "I know you want me; you always have. And today I'm horny enough to let you fix it."

Lovino's eye twitched. Let me? Lovino thought outraged. Smiling Lovino quickly kneed Sadiq in the crotch before walking away. Internally Lovino was jumping for joy at what he had just done.

"What's that smile for? See something good in the locker room?" Matthew teased. Lovino laughed a little when Sadiq came limping in. "I wonder what happened to him?" Matthew whispered as Lovino snickered.

Sadiq sent a glare Lovino's way. Lovino in turn stuck out his tongue. Maybe today isn't so bad after all. Lovino's thoughts were interrupted by a dodge ball whizzing past his head.

Crap we're playing already? The small Italian panicked searching for a ball to defend himself.


After PE Lovino changed at an amazing speed. He really didn't want to deal with Sadiq trying to get revenge.

Things looked okay as he was about to leave when he was stopped by to bigger guys. Matthew shot him a worried look but Lovino shook his head; he really didn't want to involve Mattie in something so stupid.

Matthew left slowly; turning around as if to make sure. Lovino kept a confident smile on his face, waiting for the door to close. As soon as it did though Lovino was thrown against the wall.

Lovino clutched his shoulder as he slid down. "Ow fuck! That really hurt!" Lovino held trying to make as much noise as possible. Sadiq laughed as kicked Lovino in the stomach. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt ya." Sadiq sing-songed; before squatting down so that they were eye-level.

Lovino flinched as Sadiq began stroke his face. "So faggot, do you want me now?" Sadiq asked; nodding for his friends to leave. Lovino waited for the goons to leave before answering.

"Why would I want you? Or your small penis?" Lovino replied trying to push Sadiq away. Sadiq scowled; forcefully grabbing Lovino's chin. "Let go of me you prick-" Lovino yell was cut off by a rough kiss being placed on his lips.

Sadiq ended the quickly thankfully. "Why are you doing this Sadiq?" Lovino asked trying not to show fear. "I want to prove that you're a filthy slut, who spreads his legs for anything with a penis." Sadiq growled, forcing his lips onto Lovino's again.

"I maybe gay, but there is no way in hell I'm letting you fuck me." Sadiq laughed at Lovino's comment. "Who said you had a choice?" Sadiq whispered in his ear. Lovino made a frantic squeak.

"Let Go Of Me!" Lovino shouted; tears forming in his eyes. Sadiq ignored this request; instead he began sucking on the neck of the squirming Italian beneath him. "Stop! Dammit! This really isn't funny!" Lovino cried; tears rolling down his cheeks.

Oh god he's going to rape me, isn't he? Lovino's mind screamed, making him squirm more. Sadiq took this as permission to go further; ripping off Lovino's shirt and pulling down the boys pants.

Lovino screamed more and more begging him to stop. Sadiq just laughed whispering in his ear "You're such a slut, stop acting like you hate it. I know you don't."

Sadiq reached for the Italian's boxers and Lovino braced himself for the worst.


Sadiq was forcibly thrown off of the hysterical Italian. Lovi didn't even notice when someone placed a coat over him. After a moment of silence Lovino opened his eyes to see a pair of bright green orbs staring back at him.

The boy cocked his head smiling gently. Lovino was shocked wondering what had happened and if this boy was an angel. Finally, after staring at each other the boy spoke up.

"Are you okay?" Lovino's slammed shut, furiously he shook his head over and over again. "Okay, okay. It's gonna be okay." The boy repeated; calmly pulling Lovino into a hug.

More silence followed; until the boy spoke up again. "So, why was that sick pervert attacking you?" Lovino sighed calm enough to speak now. "Because to him, being gay means being a slut who will fuck anything with a penis." Lovino stated bluntly.

Antonio raised a brow; confused. "Why would he think that?" Lovino shook his head. "He's a homophobe who hates me; and others that are gay. I guess he just wanted to be proven right and humiliate me at the same time." Lovino mused, hugging himself tightly.

"That's a horrible thing to do." Lovino nodded. The boy looked around awkwardly then held his hand out as if he wanted a handshake. "Oh by the way my names Antonio, what's yours?" Antonio smiled widely.

Reluctantly Lovino took Antonio's hand. "Lovino." Lovino muttered, bright red from blushing. "That's so cute Lovi! You look just like a tomato!" Antonio exclaimed. "Stupid bastard." Lovino mumbled as Antonio continued to talk at a mile per minute.

Lovino couldn't help but stare at how gorgeous Antonio was, knowing it was a bad idea to think that. Lovino wondered how interesting things would get. He had no idea just how much things would change and how interesting his life would be from now on.


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