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Chapter 1

First Sight

Bella POV

I breathed in deeply and looked up. The sun looks so beautiful from down here. It was covered by the clouds, but a few rays escaped and lit the water, making it mesmerizing to see. I lightly pumped my tail as I thought. After several minutes, I gathered up the courage and swam up. I felt the gentle breeze hit me as my head slowly came above the water. I blinked, getting used to the dryness of the air and took quick breaths, so I could get used to the thickness of the oxygen. I looked around and sighed happily when I realized no one was on the beach. I drifted to my rock and lifted myself out of the calm, soothing waves. I've always been an independent person, so the mermaid behavior just comes naturally to me. I'm sixteen years old and I will be for the rest of my life. Mermaids don't age and we don't die. The only thing that can kill a mermaid is another mermaid. That's why I mostly keep to myself. I'm the type of person who enjoys the little things in life. I always have. I admired alone time more than anything else because I try to keep distant from anyone I meet. I couldn't handle losing everyone I had when I was human, so I'd rather not risk it even though it is very unlikely that one of my sisters would be taken from me.

I shook out my long brown hair and felt it stick along my back to the bottom of my ribcage. I smiled as I lightly ran my fingers over my tail. It's so pretty. I loved my tail. I thought of my original color and my tail turned opal. I smiled again and admired it as it reflected the sunlight. My nails were the same. They both match all the time. I think it's pretty cool. Especially since our color changes depending on our mood. I turned my head and stared at the shore. I caught a glimpse of a group of couples walking hand in hand. I dipped into the water and stared at them, wishing I could have that. I miss having someone hold me like that. I miss having someone look at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I actually get the second one a lot. We mermaids stand out to humans. We naturally attract boys with our hour glass figure and we're flawless. Our voices attract them too, especially when we sing.

A boy that was trailing behind the couples looked towards me and I didn't bother hiding. I just stared at him. My tail had changed. I looked down and saw its bluish gray color turn to a bronze color. I looked back at him and it matched his freaking hair. I gulped. That's never happened before. He is really cute though. I shrugged and jumped on my rock, thankful that my tail was facing the other direction so I wouldn't get caught. I watched the beautiful sunset and then I heard something behind me moving in the water, so I pulled my tail up and wrapped my arms around it. The human got closer and my tail automatically dried, leaving two legs in its place. My toe nails matched my finger nails. Same color. Right now, the bronze color made me curious. I flicked my hair over my chest, so it wouldn't see my bare chest. I held my legs, so they covered me and I heard it approach my rock, so I spoke, "Please stop." The swimming stopped and he began going around, "I said stop." My voice came out a little more forceful and a velvety voice came from behind the rock, "Are you okay? I saw you and I got a little worried." He took a breath to continue but I interrupted, "You saw me?" He hesitated and when he spoke I could hear a hint of embarrassment in his tone, "Yeah… I was kind of watching you and I figured maybe you needed help. You looked like you wanted to be on land." My eyes widened. He couldn't possibly have seen that. I stared at my hands and the bronze color faded away, leaving an opal color. I blinked, really confused. I only get that color when I feel so comfortable I want to pass out. Or if I feel like I belong. Why does being around this human make me comfortable? I didn't say anything and I let him get on top of my rock.

Oh wow. He was really, really cute. Okay, he was hot. For a human. I shrugged it off, ignoring the butterflies I felt in my stomach. I raised my eyebrows at him and he just stared at me for a few seconds. "Hi, I'm Edward. Edward Cullen." I nodded to him and looked back to where the sun was about 10 minutes ago. I stared at the stars and smiled when I noticed that the ocean looked like it went on forever. "Hello Edward." I gave him a warm smile and thanked God my voice didn't come out nervous or squeaky. "May I sit with you?" I felt my heart beat pick up when he gave me a crooked smile and his topaz colored eyes bore into mine. "No." I turned back around and he blinked at me. "Well, you never answered my question. Are you alright?" I nodded, "I'm perfectly fine." "You're not cold?" I shivered noticeably. He took in my appearance and stared at his shoes. He took his shirt off and my eyes widened. Mmmmm… 6 pack. Nice. I tore my eyes from his body and looked nonchalant. He handed me his wet shirt and I watched him. "I know it's wet, but please?" I took it carefully, watching my nails flash a deep blue; a warning.

He turned around and I figured I could wear it, to make him more comfortable. You just want to see if he smells good. SHUT UP! I don't! Sure. I inwardly blushed and put the shirt on. I sniffed discreetly. I closed my eyes. He smelled wonderful for a human. I told you! I rolled my eyes and tapped his shoulder for him to turn around. He did, but didn't look up from his shoes. I wonder why. I'm pretty. "Thank you. Why are you wearing you're shoes and pants?" My inner voice was telling me to tell him to go away. "I told you. I got worried when I saw you out here." "So, you swam out here just to see if I was okay?" He nodded. Awwww.. how sweet. Now tell him to go away. "It's getting late. Maybe you should go." He nodded, "Alright, come on." He grabbed my hand and I felt an electric shock. He let go and I shook my arm out, wondering why that happened. Oh, I hope I didn't shock him. He got into the water and I gulped when he turned around for me. I slipped in and it took all of my concentration not to let my tail come out.

I pushed him in front of me and he swam ahead. I swam with him, hoping I wouldn't get caught. We reached the shore and I stumbled out of the waves, sighing as soon as the air hit my legs. I felt water trickle down my thigh and I tensed, "I need to go, now." He nodded and stepped towards me, "Okay, where do you live?" I shook my head, "Goodbye." I turned but he grabbed my arm, "I don't want you walking home like that." "I live really close, Edward." "Just, please let me walk you home." I shook my head and he crossed his arms over his chest. Mmmm… biceps. Really? You're about to expose mermaids to the world and all you can think about is how yummy he is? Yummy? I never said that… oh my gosh I'm going crazy. I'm arguing with myself! "Come on, let me walk you." I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest, "I need to go." He nodded, "I know. Now, tell me where to walk you." I grabbed his face with both of my hands and forced him to stare into my eyes. I felt my eyes flash white and I said, "Go home. I'll be fine." He nodded and left, leaving me to myself. My eyes returned to their normal warm brown color. Ugh with humans. They can be so annoying and pushy. Well, to be honest, it's not like I really care. I decided I'd go for a walk into the woods under the beautiful moonlit sky. HA! Right, like I'd do that. I took his shirt off and walked into the waves slowly. I waited until my head was completely underneath the water before I let my tail unfurl beneath me. I sighed again and swam out calmly and carefully. I passed my rock and put Edward's shirt out to dry. Not that it mattered. I just needed to hide it from my sisters.

They freak out when one of us says we have fallen for a human. Obviously, I haven't fallen in love with Edward since I barely met him, but they would jump to conclusions. The breeze hit me and I blinked. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I muttered under my breath. I slipped back into the waves and swam towards their voices. They were singing again. I began humming my melody when I swam deeper into the cave. They heard me coming and as I surfaced, they looked at me. Almost immediately, their legs turned back into their tails. I smiled as i watched my sisters brushing each other's hair. This was our cave. It was too deep for humans to discover and even if they did, they'd have to hold their breath for a really long time before they got here. In other words, the human would die before it reached the surface. It was very well hidden and had a surface, so we could practice using our legs. There was a huge waterfall inside of our cave which made it perfect for when we wanted to bathe. We loved waterfalls. The falling water made a soothing sound as it hit the stilled sea. In our colony, we had a total of 150 mermaids. That's a hundred and fifty too many. More than half of us were once human. We were each on the verge of death when our eldest sister found us. She saved us all, turned us into something more, something capable of surviving almost every kind of life or death situation. Once we're changed, we usually forget our past life.

We're very dangerous. We attract humans in general, but we focus on boys. Why? Because living forever gets lonely and mermen don't exist. That's why we're called mermaids. We're all girls! People can't seem to get that through their thick skulls for crying out loud. I love being flawless. I remember being self conscious as a human, but now, I'm hot. And I love attention. I used to hate it, but living alone without a mate for 106 years makes you crave attention from boys. Sad, I know.

I pulled myself out of the water and sat on the edge, using my tail to push around the water. "Bella!" I looked up and smiled when Cynthia swam up and sat beside me. She was about 15 and her story is pretty gruesome. I instantly thought of her as my daughter since she resembled Renesmee. I lost her when I was changed. Cynthia always got her way with me, unless I thought she was in danger. I played with her hair a bit, "You have such pretty hair, Cynthia." She smiled again and hugged me. She thought of me as a mom because she lost hers as a human. She has only been with us for 6 months and she took an instant liking to me. She needed comfort and I was willing to give it. We developed a very strong bond after that.

"Bella, why do we forget everything except our death?" I sighed and smoothed her hair down with my hand, "I think of it as a way to move forward." She nodded and got quiet. For some reason, my thoughts shifted and once again found their way to Edward. My tail went from a grayish blue to bronze almost instantly. She eyed my tail. "I've never seen that color. It's pretty. What are you feeling?" I answered automatically and truthfully, "Confused." She laughed and I brought my tail up and smacked it against the water. She sputtered from the water and pushed me in, "No fair! My hair just dried! Do you know how long it took for me to get all the water out?" I laughed and jumped back up. I thought about being dry and smirked at her when all the water lifted into the air off me. I threw it at her and she shrieked. She splashed water at me and I laughed harder.

I finished washing up and began to brush my hair. I absentmindedly hummed my melody and glanced at my now topaz colored nails. I smiled and hummed louder, allowing my thoughts to once again drift to Edward.

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