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Chapter 31


Bella POV

I was still struggling with my inner demon as he stopped walking. I clutched the bottom of his shirt and tried to control my frustration. I growled and hissed as I glared at my hair. Please, don't let go of me. I didn't think I could handle myself if the man put me down. I'd go straight to the ocean and swim to Kate. I'd find her, and I'd pin her to the sandy floor as I admired the fear in her eyes. Then, I'd lean forward and lightly scrape my fangs across her trachea until I felt her erratic pulse on my lips. And I'd bite. I'd feel the hot blood spill into my mouth and I'd pull away so I could see her eyes go unfocused from the loss of blood.

I'd carefully sip at the bloody water until it had nothing to offer me. I'd end up sucking the blood from my sister and I'd love every second of it. I wouldn't be able to help myself as I quickly drank from her. I'd only slow down in anticipation when that lovely little ball of light slowly exited from her mouth. I'd lean in again and suck it from her and hum in pleasure as it would fall down my throat, and her life would course through my veins.

The man let me down and I shuddered from excitement, adrenaline, and want. I looked at him from underneath my eyelashes and gave him a very taunting smile. I jumped at him and hissed menacingly while running my tongue over my fanged teeth. I stalked forward and kicked him in the gut with my right foot while my left leg threatened to give out. I glanced at it and let astonishment cloud my thoughts. I had dark red blood slipping down my thigh. When had that happened? Kate.

I growled and purred as my knuckles came into contact with the man's nose. I heard the crack that I love so much and I mentally planned out his death. I could do this. I could easily do this and I'd love every second of it. I was brought back to reality as a strong arm wrapped around my stomach and pulled me into his chest. His scent hit me and I turned in his arms. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist as I nuzzled his neck. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He smells so good. My thoughts went from death to love instantly. I put my chin on Edward's shoulder and purred into his ear, "You're so yummy."

Edward POV

I looked to Leah, Bella's sister. She gave me a wide eyed look. Bella just called me yummy. I know I'm rather good looking. That's the point. Everything about me draws humans in and yet, I felt something run through me when she used that word to describe me. I was more than shocked when I recognized that feeling. It was confidence. It felt good to know that Bella liked the way I looked. I mentally shook my head to get my thoughts back on track.

Leah answered my silent question, "Bella just got into a fight with one of our sisters. I guess seeing you changed the need for my sister's soul into… well, need for you." I raised my eyebrows and Bella ran her lips along my neck. I tried to put her down, but she didn't let me. She kissed my jaw and then ran her lips along my cheek until she reached the corner of my mouth. She gave me another kiss and I smiled. She pulled back and then kissed the same spot three more times. I couldn't exactly kiss her back because she wasn't kissing me full on the mouth.

I tried to kiss her, but she pulled away. I looked back to Leah and she explained, "When we give into that," she gestured to Bella and then continued, "we like to be in control. In other words, she will let you kiss her when she feels like it." I nodded and Bella continued to kiss my face. I felt her legs fall from my waist and then a strong, slimy rope wrap around my leg. I looked back to Leah for help. I noticed Jacob Black hug his mermaid tightly to his chest. He eyed me discreetly, yet threateningly.

Leah ignored our glares and said, "Edward you need to get her out of here, now. She's obviously distracted by you and I'd rather her lose control with you around because then she will want you and not to kill my sister." I nodded and stared at Bella's tail. Leah sighed and said, "She stopped fighting it. In other words, she isn't exactly herself right now. And if she gets a whiff of my sister, she will hunt her down and devour her soul without a second thought."

I frowned. Bella would be very upset with that. I noticed that I didn't really mind Bella slipping up. I mean, who was I to judge? After all, I did rebel against Carlisle. I thanked Leah and Jacob before turning around to leave. I turned back when Leah thought my name. She answered aloud, "Take her somewhere secret. I'm sure she has a place that she has hidden from us. All mermaids do. Has she taken you there?"

I nodded and she said, "Take her there and do not let her go if she tries to go for Kate. Don't let anyone see or hear you. Got it?" I nodded again and she brokenly whispered, "Take care of my sister, Edward." I gave her a small smile and kissed the back of her hand, ignoring Jacob's reaction.

"I will. Thank you for helping me find her. I'll have her call you when she's back to herself." I easily supported Bella as she clung to me. I decided I should go away for a while with Bella. I knew the perfect place. It was a small island that I had bought decades ago when I wanted to get away from my family. No one knew about it, not even the Volturi. It was in the middle of the ocean, which was perfect for Bella because she loved to swim and perfect for me because I could freely hunt the animals that lived there. Well, I should talk to Bella about it first.

I picked Bella up bridal style and ran with her. I heard a woman's thoughts behind us and picked up my speed.

I know you can hear me. Please, stop. I need to talk to Bella. I didn't listen as I continued to put distance between us. The voice stopped and I sighed in relief. I prepared to jump into the water, but Bella stilled in my arms. She had been playing with my hair for the past 80 miles, but her hand stopped. Her eye brows furrowed and then that blue color of her eyes became more pronounced. She hissed and pushed away from me. I grabbed her stomach and held her to my chest as I murmured into her ear.

She didn't listen to anything I had to say and she simply pushed away from me and used my body as a wall. She sat on my shoulder and then her tail hit my stomach roughly, making me stumble a bit as she dived into the water. I saw a very worried mermaid in the water. Her eyes were the same color as Bella's. A very intimidating blue. I dove in after Bella and tried my best to restrain her. She squirmed and flapped her tail at me very annoyingly.

She got away and I winced as I realized I had to grab her tail. I gripped it tightly and pulled her to me. The water went back, revealing coral and seaweed, as if there would be a water storm. That's not good. Bella's slippery tail squirmed in my grasp and she clawed at the sand as I pulled her back. I tried to gently pick her up, but that didn't work. She simply slapped me across the face with her tail and tried to jump back into the water. We were still a good 20 miles into the ocean, but the water was far in the distance. Bella hissed and pulled her arm back, making all the water come back to us. I noticed the speed of the water, so I got a good hold on her and braced myself for the impact of the ocean. It hit and I only slightly faltered. I caught myself quite easily and put Bella on my shoulder.

Her tail smacked my back and I ignored it while she struggled to get out of my grasp. I pulled her out of the water and ran further into the woods. I stopped when Bella relaxed into me. I glanced at her and noticed she was sliding her hands down my chest. "You're so strong, Edward." I bit back a relieved chuckle and stilled as I heard that voice again.

Edward, stop. Please, I won't attack and I'm not with the Volturi.

I rolled my eyes. Of course she isn't with the Volturi. I can read her mind. I think I'd know if she was a threat. I looked at Bella, who gave me an adorable smile as she stared at me upside down. "Would you like to speak to a vampire, love? She won't hurt you, I promise." Bella's smile dropped and I stared as her brown eyes returned. Her eye twitched a bit and then she ended up controlling herself.

"Better?" She gave me a smile and nodded. "Did you want to talk to her?" She shrugged and I asked, "Will you be okay if I put you down?"

She shook her head and I tightened my hold on her lower back. At least she was being honest. "Edward, can you get me out of here?" I instantly broke into a run. Bella relaxed and started to hum softly, making me slow down a little. This isn't good. I know she can easily make me do what she wants. All she has to do is tell me to let her go. I continued running and she murmured, "Run faster, Edward."

I ran faster and noticed my thoughts become coherent again, much to my relief. At least Bella wasn't going to take advantage of me. Her voice distracted me, "Edward, what does she want?" I listened for the woman's thoughts again and noticed she had stopped chasing me. Her thoughts were a little harder to read because there was a pretty good chunk of space between us.

My name is Victoria and I figured you would listen if I thought it to you, so that's why I'm not talking. I need to talk to Bella about my mate, James.

I stopped running and looked at Bella. "She wants to talk to you about her mate, James." Bella gave a nod and then I focused on the slightly fuzzy thoughts that I picked up.

Did you try to take him from me?

I heard her growl and I got into a crouch and muttered, "If you try anything, I won't hesitate to kill." Bella patted my abdomen and I gave her a small smile at her attempt to calm me. I normally would calm down, but I couldn't let my guard down.

She didn't answer and I straightened up, lightly tossing Bella up to get her balanced. She tittered and I smiled at the sound. She was herself again. "She wants to know if you tried to take James from her." Bella shook her head, put her hands on my chest and pushed herself up so she was staring ahead rather than staring at the floor. I turned around so she would be looking in the direction of the woman.

"'I didn't try to take him from you. I just needed to know how many of your kind there were and if I should be scared. I did convince him he was in love with me, and he did tell me he had you. And I didn't do anything. I sang him a song and then kissed his cheek in thanks for the information before wiping his memory."

I tensed at the thought of her kissing another vampire's cheek. Bella kissed me and all the anger left as I tasted her sweet lips. The woman's thoughts came closer and I didn't move because they weren't threatening. They were relieved and a little guilty. She wanted to apologize to Bella for something, but she was keeping the subject from me so I wouldn't know ahead of time.

A red head stopped in front of me and she held her hand out. Bella gave a friendly smile and shook it with her own. Victoria gave me a nod and I nodded back. "I want to apologize to the both of you. I had no right to jump to conclusions. I let my jealousy take over which wasn't a smart idea. I want to apologize for Tanya as well. She went to the Volturi, not me. However, I did know that she was planning on doing that to get both of you into trouble, and I should have stopped it."

Bella gave her a smile. "Thank you for that, and I'm sure I would have done the same if I had heard you kissed Edward. I mean, I nearly killed Tanya a little while ago." I blinked in shock. I didn't know that. I noticed a heartbeat getting closer to us and Bella's smile vanished along with her brown eyes. Her eyes went blue and I noticed her teeth turn to fangs as she hissed. She began to squirm in my arms and I tightened my hold on her. Unfortunately, Bella's sister came into view and ran towards us, and I pushed myself in the opposite direction. I got far enough for Bella to slump in my arms and I sighed in relief.

She painfully spit out, "Edward. Get me out of here." I glanced at Victoria and she gave me a smile and a nod as she held who I assumed was Kate, back. I took off further into the woods and decided since the mermaid was out of the water, it was safe for me to take Bella into the ocean now. I dove in and quickly swam out to the hidden cave that Bella had shown me not too long ago.

It took us about an hour of swimming and when I finally pulled Bella completely into the cave, she relaxed and scrambled onto the land portion of the cave. Her tail dried and she clutched her legs to her chest. She stared at me with need and I wasn't sure what to do. She launched herself at me and kissed me roughly as her legs wrapped around my waist. I noticed her legs disappeared and her tail returned within a few minutes. I slowly sat down on the rough, wet floor. She kissed me deeply and pushed me back, so I was lying underneath her. Her tail tightened around my leg and I kissed her back carefully.

She pulled back and hissed at me, her icy blue eyes glaring menacingly, "You can't hurt me." I got the message and cupped her neck. I kissed her back just as roughly as she had and let her hands relax my tense muscles. She bit my lower lip softly with her fangs and pulled back. She dropped my lip and I could see she was struggling with herself. She began to shake and pant above me, her eyes rapidly changing from blue to brown to blue and then to brown again. They settled for a bluish brown color and then they went an even colder ice color that had me forget everything.

"Bella." She hissed and glanced at the water around us. She wanted to go find her sister. I shook my head and cupped her cheek, sitting up. I put my forehead on hers and looked into her deep blue eyes. "Bella. It's okay. I'm here. You don't have to be careful with me." Her eyes went dark with want and I knew she wasn't sure what to do.

Before I could really think about anything, her lips were on mine. She kissed me deeply and roughly, growling loudly. My thoughts went fuzzy and I completely pushed them aside as she whispered, "Don't let me go, Edward. Please." I rolled us over and reluctantly pinned her to the floor.

"I love you." I saw her blue eyes fade back into her brown ones once again quite slowly. She gave me a smile and kissed my lips softly yet passionately. I let everything I felt for her seep into the kiss until it became a deep, love filled kiss that made us both gasp for air when we pulled away minutes later. We caught our breath and then connected lips again. I allowed myself to get lost in my beautiful mermaid that needed me as much as I needed her. I pushed away all of my worries when I felt her arms lock around my neck and pull me impossibly closer. I ignored the fact that my mermaid was the reason I was a wanted vampire. I ignored the fact that I may have to run for forever. I knew I wouldn't make it far considering the Volturi had certain powers.

And as Bella mumbled, "I love you with all of my heart Edward," I couldn't bring myself to care. I had my mermaid and she was all that mattered. She was all that would ever matter, and I'd do anything and everything I possibly could to stay with her for the rest of eternity.

Cynthia POV

I kissed Jason one final time as I unlocked my door and entered my apartment. I felt a sense of loss as I walked into the bedroom and noticed Bella's things were gone. It's been about a month since I last spoke to her. I sniffed and blinked back the tears that had welled up in my eyes at the thought of my 'missing' mother.

I sat on the bed and clutched the pillow that used to be hers. I breathed in her beautiful scent and was instantly relaxed. I shut my eyes and pretended it was her. I held the pillow tighter to me and squeezed my eyes to hold the sobs back. I miss her so much. She said she wouldn't ever leave. And I know it's not her fault, but I'm an emotional teenager. Of course I'd feel a little upset that she picked him over me. I took another lungful of her scent and succumbed to sleep as my emotions had drained me of energy for the past few weeks.

My eyes flew open a few hours later. Demetri was standing over me with his finger to his lips. He held out my phone and held up 1 finger. I nodded and dialed 1. It rang a few times and I glanced up at Demetri who gave me an apologetic look and mouthed, "I'm so sorry," before jumping out my bedroom window quickly.

Bella picked up and I felt relief and comfort hit me at the sound of her soothing voice. "Mom?" I couldn't keep the tears back as she apologized and told me she loved me. Everything I had been feeling for her for the past few weeks vanished and I only thought of her with love.

I heard the front door bang against the wall and I blinked as the phone flew from my hand. I instantly turned my eyes white and stared at my attacker in the eyes, but the vampire just smirked. He wasn't affected by my manipulation. I tried again, but he just stalked towards me as the other vampires did. I gasped and kicked up the bed until I hit the headboard. It was so quiet that I could hear Bella's worried voice from the phone across the room. I glanced at it and then back to the vampires who were all staring at me intently with amused expressions.

I jumped for it and one of them grabbed my ankles and yanked me back. I grabbed the edge of the bed, but it was no use. I landed on my stomach on the hard wood floor. I called for Bella, begging her to save me. Her name blended with an ear piercing scream, and my nails frantically clawed at the wooden floor as I was dragged out of the room.

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