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Wow…I didn't think I'd actually try writing an original fic again after my last fiasco!

Times have changed and I am going to give it yet another try, but this time no drama just humor. 

Bear in mind that this fic will have NOTHING to do with anything of importance…no angels, no death (well maybe a wee bit), and deals with a show I don't own anything of…still urks me.  We can't I own some of this show?



The rain poured down upon Shinji in vales while he kept his silent vigil.  The rain didn't bother him too much this day as he had promised himself that he wouldn't allow anything to dissuade him from the importance of today.

'How long have I been standing here, why do I stay, why didn't I read the damn weather reports?' were the thoughts crossing his mind.

Several early morning commuters slowed down to stare at the young boy that, dispute the torrential downpour stood stoically outside an electronics shop.  Most trying to figure out why anybody would do such a thing.  The rest just wanted a good laugh at somebody else's expense.

After about twenty minutes waiting and a few bouts of sneezing, Shinji finally lifted his gaze from the sidewalk towards the door that he was standing in front of.

The young owner flipped the sign from 'closed' to 'open' and opened the lock.  Shinji wasted no time in getting into the shop.  " What were you doing outside my shop so early?" questioned the owner.

"I…I…I'm out of sdat tapes." The waterlogged pilot commented.

The owner retorted, "You do this every week Shinji, why don't you download music like everybody else on the planet?"

"What do you mean download it?"

While attempting to hold back her laughter, "You have a computer don't you?"

After a moments thought, 'I have Misato-san's old PC I just never hooked it up.'  He responded now giddy owner, " I have one."

Sighing in relief " Thought you were going to say you didn't…and if you did I'd have to question your sanity lil' boy.  Well 'normal' people don't pay for music anymore they download it from other people."

"Isn't that like stealing?" was his worried reply.

"Never mind Shinji, make your selections and bring them to the counter," the owner said and thinking to herself 'What is this kids problem, all he does is worry, kid needs to get laid.'

Shinji picks out a few tapes from his usual categories and heads to the counter to pay.

"Classical and Jpop?  This stuff will rot your brain or make you all depressed.  Why don't you ever pick anything else?" she commented while ringing his purchase.

"I…just like to listen to it I guess, sorry."

'I bet he apologizes for the toilet paper roll being out…maybe I can give him a lil present' after bagging his tapes. "You said you had a computer, Ne Shinji?"

Taking the bag from her hand, "Yeah I do, but I don't want to steal music."

Sighing and tossing a duel CD case, " It's a new game that just came in today, you might like it, being a pilot and all."

Shinji gazed at the cover of the CD and smiled brightly " I can really have this? Honto ne?"

"Yes you can, nobody else would want it.  Now get out before the Saturday rush comes in," she said while shooing him out.

Stilling looking at the game in his hands, Shinji skipped out of the store to find the sun shining down on the streets as if to symbolize the joy he now felt.

"Today's not going to be as bad as I thought it would be," he hummed to himself while the increasing number of passing cars showered him with the rain water that pooled along the road.

While he trekked back to his apartment Shinji never noticed the never-ending showers of road run off, the bicyclist that ran into him, the two girls that tried to talk to him, or his wallet falling out of his pocket.  No his mind was completely focused on the item in his hands, 'I didn't even have to pay for it! Wow I wish I knew they were making it.'

Just outside the door to his apartment a feeling of dread smacked him upside the face.  "Asuka…" with that one word Shinji's mood crashed, 'what would she do to me if she found out about this?" he questioned as he fingered the game in his still wet hands.

Inside said apartment, the first signs of life begin crossing two women's faces.  Both rose and lugged their still tired bodies out of their respected rooms.

"Morning Asuka." Misato mumbled out while images of Yebisu danced in her head.

"Guten…morgen," was the redhead's response as she made her way to the bathroom.

Weather Misato actually heard her over the continual chant for beer going on in her head is debatable.  She resigned herself to the fact that Asuka would always take the bathroom first, and arguing with her about it was as smart as trying to ask the Angels to visit the America's instead if Japan.

Shinji slowly began to make his sneak entrance, hiding the game inside the bag of tapes. 'They should still be asleep, Misato-san never wakes before noon unless we have tests, and Asuka…Well I don't know about her.'

'Beer…beer…beer' was all that Major Katsuragi heard until she sat down, leaned back, and popped the top and "YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!"

In the shower, 'Kami-sama she needs therapy, that aught to wake sleeping-baka up.  He better make something good for breakfast,' Asuka then began thinking of what to do on this lovely Saturday, mostly she thought of ways to antagonize Shinji but lets give her some privacy, Ok?

With the alarm sounded, Shinji was needless to say, but I say anyway for some reason, terrified and made a beeline for his room, but this is Shinji so…

"Shinji-kun, is that you?" Misato called out.

'Shimata!' he cringed " Hai Misato-san, what is it?


"It's done, thanks Mis…" but he was cut off.

"No, I want my breakfast so get cooking.

" I just need to drop something off in my room." He squeaked while heading towards his holy ground.

"You just came from your room, or did you sneak out early again this morning, or is it sneaking in early.  Late night visit with a girl maybe?" She asked coyly.

Resigned to his fate he entered the kitchen bag in hand.  " I wanted some new SDAT tapes, so I went to my favorite store."

"This early and why are you wet?" the astonished Major asked while hammering back a second can.

"Couldn't sleep, and I'm wet because the damn weather man if full of it!" he shouted while putting the bag down and grabbing his cooking utensils.

Now normal people usually can hold back curiosity, or at least wait a few moments before their nosey nature takes over them, but Misato isn't normal.  The moment the young Ikari turned his back she dove for his bag.

"Lets see what you got good, shall we?" she chimed while her rummaging began.

The skillet fell, the food fell, and Pen-Pen was thrilled to be fed so soon; Shinji turned pale as he heard her. " Misato-san!"

"Boring, boring, boring…wait what's this? " she lifted a certain duel CD jewel case from his bag.  "Care to explain this?"

"The store owner gave it to me…said it was a gift and I'd like it because I was a pilot." He then began trying to liberate his newly purchased possessions from his guardian.

"My lil Shin-chan is becoming a man. Just make sure to sleep at night now that you have this," she flipped the cd over and looked at the requirements. " Ought oh."

'I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead' was the internal mantra while he asked, " What's wrong?"

"You cook, I'll explain." She then waited for him to break out new supplies and begin her breakfast. " If you planned on using that old PC I gave you, it won't work."


"Would you two shut up out there! People are trying to bathe in here!" shouted a very annoyed voice coming from the direction of the restroom.

"It's simply to out of date, sorry Shinji-kun.  I guess you could ask Ritsuko for an old PC of hers." She said still repressing the urge to giggle madly at the lack of composure and totally red face of her charge.

After several minutes of silence, unless you count the sound of sizzling food, " I can?"

"Shinji, she makes new computers daily, I'm sure she can let you have one.  So what made you buy this huh?" she asked nudging his sides as he set her plate down.

"It was given to me, um…when can we ask her?"

"After my shower I'll call her, you can take the train to the base and get one." She said between bites, 'I knew it all along!'

He set Asuka's plate down and gathered his items, " You won't tell her will you?"

"Two weeks." She said with a wicked smile on her face.

"What?" was the obvious reply.

"Two weeks of doing my chores will buy my silence," again spoken between bites.

Wiping Misato's egg off his face he nodded and ran to his room to hide his new acquisitions.

Asuka made her way to the kitchen, "Shinji eat already?"

Finishing her meal, " Yeah, why were you in the bath so long?" Misato smiled.

"I think you had one Yebisu to many, keep your perverted thoughts to yourself."

Conversation finished, and what a thrilling conversation it was too, Asuka shoveled her food down, stood, spoke " Well I'm off, Hikari and I are going mall hopping," and left.

Misato was left shocked, 'Who do they expect to clean this mess up!'

Lets jump ahead about thirty minutes.  Misato showered, Shinji listened to his new tapes, and Asuka ran to Hikari's, after a stop at a certain electronics store, and all was merry.  Not really several countries were without food and people were just in a pissy mood, but they don't factor into this story so who cares about them.

Misato made the call to one Ritsuko Akagi and asked about the deal.  They settled that if Shinji signed a release form, with his undying loyalty as collateral, he could have one of her early laptop creations.  Shinji rushed to Nerv to get it.

'I'm getting a laptop this is so nice of Akagi-san!' Shinji thought as he made his progress through the maze like corridors of the Geofront until he reached his destination and knocked.

Hearing scuffling and what sounded like clothing being hastily put on, "Hello, Ritsuko-san it's me, Shinji."

Ritsuko answered the door with ruffled hair and raspy breath, "So soon, didn't expect you till later." She looked back into her room.

"If this is a bad time I could come back later," he asked with a hint of depression in his voice.

Ritsuko shut the door and returned about five seconds later tossing him his new computer; " You'll have to register yourself as the user. I have to worn you though, this was my first attempt at an AI like my mothers' and the brain pattern was…chosen based on availability.  Now if you'll excuse me," that said she shut the door and locked it.

'Those weren't my fathers glasses in her pocket were they?' Shinji shrugged off that question as he headed back to the train station to go home.

"Lets get this registration bit done now." He said to himself, and received a few odd looks in the process.  He booted up the computer and entered all the information asked.

The computer booted up completely, all the while Shinji was contemplating just whom exactly Ritsuko used as a base brain length for his computer.  'I don't need anything this fancy but it was free so I won't complain.'

The Ritsuko Akagi AI was online, with the new feature of voice recognition and feedback.  It truly was an AI as it spoke, "Oh Shinji-kun, you know exactly the right buttons to push."

"Misato-san, where are you?" he asked nearly dropping the PC off his lap.

"In your hands silly, I'm Minato," his laptop chirped.

'She used Misato's brain for her AI!' he thought as he quickly powered down his possession. "This is going to take some getting used to." 

The train arrived and Shinji boarded, laptop in hand.

In another section of the city. 

"What are we doing here Asuka?" Hikari whined as Asuka deviated from the pre-set plans.

"That baka Shinji left early this morning, woke me up, he always comes here when he does."

"And you know this because?" Hikari asked with a look of bewilderment etched on her features.

"I…followed him here once or twice," Asuka let out almost above a whisper.

"You stalked him, I knew you liked him!" the class-rep said while prancing around the sidewalk causing some people to throw change at her.

"I wasn't stalking, I was worried he might do something stupid." She replied to her overly happy friend, 'like going to visit Wondergirl.'

"Wow, look at that crowd, we'll never get it."

Asuka not one to waste time grabbed the nearest kid and asked as nicely as she could, " WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LINE FOR!"

The child wet himself, started crying, and ran away.

Hikari took the next case and asked the next girl in line, " Why is everybody standing here?"

After witnessing what insubordination resulted in the girl answered, "Bishonen Yatta  just released their new album," she gushed while blushing, " I want one."

"Hear that Asuka? Asuka" Hikari looked for her friend only to find her still chasing the boy she questioned. "Never mind."

Scratching her head, 'Now why would Shinji-kun want a boy-band cd?'

In yet another section of the city, damn big cities.

Ayanami Rei woke, showered, ate, and um…well sat back down and read a book.

It was just another typical day for the blue haired child.

-End of chapter-

What book you may ask?

Was it "PC's for Dummies?"

Why did she read it?

What game did Shinji get?

What the hell was Ritsuko thinking of making an AI Misato?

Will Asuka kill the kid that peed his pants?

Will I write another chapter?

Will I bring in Touji and Kensuke?

What was Ritsuko doing?

Will I shut up?

All this and more IF I write another chapter

Now where did I leave that…oh yeah what will happen when the AI is plugged into the

Internet.  Ask Lain…no that's the wired.

(end of mst)

wait this wasn't a mst


Author notes

I got the idea for this fic while looking at a picture in a book of mine.

Shinji's playing a pc game while people look at him.

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