A/N: This might be a bad joke, but it's the truth. Writing smut can be hard. No truly! So here it, the smutty piece of this story.

The bed and breakfast they had been put up in was only a few blocks from the police station, so even though she didn't bother to take her coat with her, Emily barely felt the cold. She stormed into her room, ignoring the lovely furnishings and the fact that the hotel had lit a fire in her fireplace, turned down the covers on her four poster bed and placed a tray of hot cocoa and tasty snacks on the desk. Management had heard about Agent Prentiss' heroics at the mall and had decided to say thank you in their own way. All this was lost on the steaming agent who slammed her door shut and began pacing around her room, trying to work off her anger.

What an insufferable jackass!

And to think that she thought she might have been a little in love with the jerk at one point. At one point. Not any more. And it was only a tiny crush. Nothing significant. Nope, his pissy attitude towards her killed any feelings she might have had, not that they were all that much, plus apparently, he was still dating Beth! Weirdo Beth whom after meeting her, Rossi had told Hotch he'd better run for the hills. Too clingy. She was like one of those Garfield dolls stuck to car's back windshield. Now he was seeing her again or never stopped.

Emily was done. If he just wanted to be a stiff-necked jerk to her, she wasn't going to give him any room to say anything about her performance. She was just going to be the best damn agent out there and hopefully she would get her chance to lead her own team and be far away from Almighty Aaron Hotchner in a very short period of time.

Someone pounded on her door and she had a sneaking suspicion who it was. She stopped pacing and remained quiet, but the pounding continued and this time, she heard his voice.

"Prentiss, I know you're in there, open this door immediately."

Greater, it was Poker Up His Ass Hotchner himself. She still hesitated hoping he might decide he was wrong, but then she heard the tell tale click of a swipe card being used and her door opened and immediate outrage over this invasion of her privacy filled her.

Hotch opened the door and entered the room to find Emily standing in the middle of it, gaping at him in surprise. He always made sure he had a pass key to his agents' rooms when they were on a case. They all knew that, but he never had reason to use it before. When Emily hadn't answered, he became concerned but he could see she was just simply ignoring him. After he had gathered his wits, he had gone looking for her in the police station and realized she had left, without her coat. Concern over her welfare had sent him barreling out into the winter night after her, sans coat as well, and back to their hotel. He had to apologize for his earlier comment, but he could see as her surprise quickly morph into anger. His lips thinned into a line as his own stubbornness reared his head. Dammit! She was going to listen to him apologize!

"How dare you!" she sputtered. "Get out of my room right now!"

He calmly closed the door behind him where it automatically locked and turned back to her. She was flushed, her cheeks red with anger and her body fairly vibrating. His gut lurched and he felt his own body responding to the enticing picture she was presenting. The only light in the room came from the fire in the fireplace and the one lit lamp. It created a soft, warm glow in the room that made Emily look ethereal and luminous, some otherworldly creature too beautiful to exist in this world. Her chest was heaving as her anger made her breathing more rapid and her eyes sparkled with heated fury.

God he wanted to fuck her right then.

Hotch shook his head slowly as if to clear it. "I think we need to talk."

"What is there to talk about?" she said in a crisp, Prentiss tone.

"I think I need to apologize to you about what I said earlier. I didn't mean it to come out the way it did. I wasn't just worried about the Bureau's image when I made sure those cameras were confiscated. I was worried about you too. I'm sorry if I gave you any other impression."

Emily nodded her head sharply, her arms folded across her chest, emphasizing her generous bosom. Hotch found himself staring at her cleavage and quickly looked away before he was caught.

"Fine, you've said what you came to say, now would you please leave," she said in a cool tone.

Well, that didn't go well. She was still angry at him and he had no other reason to stay though every cell in his body was telling him too. His mind scrambled for something that would prolong his visit, increase his time with her. Then for some reason, he heard himself begin to say,

"There was one other thing."


"I'll need the costume back so Morgan can return it."

Hotch nearly smacked himself in the head. That was all his mind could come up with and he actually let it pass his lips. From her expression, he knew it was one of the dumbest things he could have said to her at that moment.

Emily blinked at him. That was it? He wanted the damn costume back. She was seeing red at this point and without thinking, Emily began to peel the offending outfit off.

"Fine!" she shouted. She yanked off the belt and threw it at his feet. With sharp movements, she unbuttoned the dress and pulled it off and threw it at Hotch who caught it in startled hands. She stood before him dressed in her knee high boots, stockings held up with a garter belt, red boyshorts and a black bra. Her chest was heaving and anger had colored her cheeks. She glared at Hotch. "Anything else you want, sir?"

Oh yes, he wanted something else from Emily Prentiss. He stared at the image before him, the pure embodiment of sex and desire and the fragile control Aaron Hotchner had over himself completely snapped. He tossed away the Mrs. Claus dress he held in his hands and in two strides was suddenly before her, pulling her into his arms and snarling, "Yes, you!" He brought his mouth down onto hers for a searing kiss.

She had let out a squeak of surprise when he grabbed her so her lips were parted when he sealed his mouth over hers. She could feel his tongue invade her, twisting and caressing every part inside her mouth. Emily moaned at the sensations and her arms began to wrap around his neck to find something to keep her upright even as his hands came down to cup her ass and pull her towards him. She moaned again, feeling the rigid length of flesh pressing into her belly, and knowing exactly what it was.

She tasted so good, he thought wildly and wondered what she would truly taste like when he buried himself between her thighs and took her with his mouth, for Hotch intended to do that to her tonight and many other things. He wanted to explore and taste and completely immerse himself in Emily. He had denied himself too long and that self-deprivation was over. Tonight he intended to be greedy and take as much as she was willing to give, perhaps more than she realized. And when the night was over, he intended to have her again in the morning and again soon after that, and again, and again for as long as she would have him.

She was experiencing sensory overload. The taste of him, the feel of his calloused hands on her body, the sound of the low, possessive growl in his throat and her urgent whimpers, the smell of their arousal and the stars she was beginning to see on the back of her eyelids, it was all so overwhelming to her that Emily couldn't think straight. She could feel her knees weaken and she clung tighter to Hotch just to stay upright.

Finally, they broke their kiss to suck in much needed oxygen. She was still trying to catch her breath and gather her wits when Hotch shifted his attention to her neck and she moaned loudly as felt him latch his lips there and began to gently kiss and nip at the sensitive flesh.

Emily tried desperately to gather the scattered thoughts whirling around her head. She lunged and grasped onto the one that was the most important and she gasped out, "Hotch! Wha-, what are you dooooiiiinggg, oooohhhhhh!" Her question trailed off into a low moan as he hit a particularly sensitive, highly erogenous spot. She could feel a warm wetness between her legs as her body responded to his expert touch as he began to make her his.

She could feel the smile on his mouth pressed against her neck. He lifted his head to whisper in her ear, "I'm doing what I've been wanting to do to you for years. This time, nothing, no one, not even my damn stubborn self is going to stop me from having you."

Years? He's wanted her for years? Her befuddled mind was working far too slowly to process anything else other than "Hotch wants me." Hotch wants me? For years? Suddenly she felt the very solid presence of the wall as Hotch backed her up against it. His mouth came up from her neck and shoulders where he had been lavishing his attention to once again seal his lips to hers.

Her slow working brain could only get so far as, "I like being kissed by Hotch" when she felt his finger brush against the edge of her boy shorts and she tensed. He immediately sensed the change in her body and pulled back slightly to look into her face.

She saw his eyes were completely blackened with desire. There was a wild, passionate energy there that both frightened and thrilled her. THIS was Aaron Hotchner at his most primal level and he wanted to show that to her, make her experience him the basic essence of who he was, Alpha Male Personified. It sent a chill of delicious anticipation through her.

But even through that, she could see that if she said "no", he would back off. The alpha was telling him to take, but Aaron wouldn't do anything she didn't want to do. Through her own lust and desire, she felt a wave of warmth and love fill her. There was only one thing for her to do. She raised a hand to gently stroke his cheek and moved her mouth to his. When she was just a hair's breadth away she whispered, "Make love to me."

It was what he needed and longed to hear and Hotch closed the remaining distance between them to kiss her once more. No longer confused and surprised, Emily returned the fervor his kisses and wrapped her arms around him, trying to draw him closer to her, into her. His hands resumed their path, down her ribs, briefly touching her waist. One hand gripped her hip as the other moved back down to her panties. She felt him shift the material aside and broke the kiss to let out a long-drawn out moan as one finger penetrated her.

She was hot, wet and tight and Hotch knew it would only get better, but it was pretty damn terrific right now as he felt her clamp down on the single digit he placed inside her body. He watched the various emotions play over her face as he added another finger and stroked deeply inside of her, savoring the smell of desire that filled the air. Her body began to move, riding his fingers as he added yet one more, curling and thrusting, teasing her flesh. She urged him on, begging him to send her over the edge, but he whispered darkly in her ear, "Not yet."

Emily let out a growl of frustration until he suddenly dropped to his knees before her. Almost languidly, he drew one of her legs over his shoulder and pushed the boy shorts further over to one side. She looked down as he gave her a feral grin before he buried his face at the apex of her legs.

She threw her head back and it bounced off the wall, but she didn't even feel it. All she could feel were the delicious sensations Hotch was causing in her already overheated body. Her hands fluttered, unsure what to do. She wanted to stroke her breasts, she wanted to clutch the wall, she wanted to push his mouth and tongue further into her. She let out whimpers of desire and frustration.

As if sensing her dilemma, Hotch pulled her hips further way from the wall, so she was leaning more against it. It was a slightly awkward position for her, but she was stable thanks to the wall and the leg over Hotch's sturdy shoulder. What it accomplished was widening her stance to give Hotch greater access and a better angle to go deeper and making it easier for him to reach up one hand to massage a breast. She let out a noise of approval and moved her hands down to run her fingers through his hair and pull him closer.

Through a pleasure-filled haze she opened her eyes and looked down at his dark head between her legs as he brought her up to such pleasurable heights only to pull back slightly to prolong the delicious torture of her body. She thought it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen until she looked up cross the room where a mirror stood and she saw their reflection.

Her breath caught at the vision of Aaron Hotchner on his knees before her fucking her with his mouth as one long, black boot clad leg was hitched over his shoulder. At some point he had shucked off his suit jacket and she could see the play of the tense muscles in his shoulders and back. She could see his large hand covering and massaging one breast, tweaking the nipple until it was a hard point. Her face was flushed, hair disheveled from his fingers and her lips swollen from his frantic kisses. Her body was undulating to the rhythm he set with his clever tongue and mouth. It was erotic, sensual, earthy, and Emily smiled at the reflection knowing there would probably be even more risqué actions taken tonight. For now, she was simply giving herself over to it all. Her eyes fluttered shut and she let out a moan of approval as she felt him suck and draw her into his mouth.

By God he never tasted anything like her before. Sweet and savory, fresh and tangy. Emily was a heady wine that filled each of his senses and only served to increase his hunger for her. His erection was pressing painfully against his trousers but he couldn't stop tasting her. The sounds she was making only egged him on. The heavy weight of her breast in his hand, the smell of her, it drove him further until he was all but devouring her.

The orgasm slammed her with the force of a freight train and Emily's standing leg buckled. If the wall wasn't behind her and if her other leg wasn't on Hotch's shoulder, she would have fallen onto the floor in an undignified heap. As it was, she slid further down, pushing herself even closer to Hotch's face, where he hummed his approval as he felt her riding the waves of her orgasm.

She didn't know how, but somehow they wound up on the floor, with Hotch cradling her close. She could see her juices glistening on his lips and chin before he brought up his arm and wiped himself clean on the sleeve of his shirt. She frowned, realizing he was wearing far too much clothing.

Emily disengaged herself from his embrace and saw him frown in concern. She smiled reassuringly at him and stood up, offering him her hand. He took it and got to his feet where she led him over to a spot before the fireplace. There she stood before him as she slowly, but methodically began to help him undress.

His shirt and tie was quickly dispatched with but when Hotch began to unbuckle his pants, Emily slapped his hands away. She wanted that pleasure for herself. He understood and watched with amusement as she gave the task her entire focus. It was one of the things he loved about her. Emily never did anything part way or half-assed. It was a total commitment, much like how he did things. His body fairly hummed in anticipation of her putting all of that focus on making love with him.

She made quick work of the belt and pants and began to push them down his legs. Hotch obligingly toed off his shoes and his socks went with the pants as they were pulled off. He stood before her only in his boxer shorts that were tenting sharply. Emily gave him a wicked look.

"My turn," she purred out seductively as she knelt before him. She massaged his cock through his boxers, creating a delicious friction with the cotton cloth. Hotch growled in appreciation but he knew greater pleasure was waiting him when she took him in that glorious mouth of hers.

She dragged his boxers roughly down, causing him to hiss as they went over his sensitive flesh, sending pinpoints of pleasure and pain through him. He glared at her and she only smirked back at him, knowing he enjoyed it. The alpha male in Hotch required a bit of roughness, in giving and receiving it.

He stepped out of his boxers and stood before her gloriously naked. Emily leaned back slightly to appreciate the sight he made. Slim, but broad of shoulder and chest, Hotch was all sinewy muscle, lean and hard. Her eyes dropped and jutting forward, just waiting for her to pleasure him was his cock, a drip of cum beading the head of it.

Emily moved forward and delicately touched the tip of her tongue to capture the bit of moisture leaking out. Hotch dug his fingernails deeply into his palms to stop himself from jerking at the contact. He watched Emily closely as her eyes closed in pleasure from the taste of him.

"Salty and sweet," she murmured in a low voice that sent chills up his spine. Never in a million years had he dreamed he would see Emily Prentiss half naked and kneeling before him, about to give him a blow job that he was certain would be one of the most intense, pleasurable experiences he would ever have.

He watched, mesmerized as she took the length of him between her red lips. His cock slowly disappeared as she drew him into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth, humming her pleasure. Beads of sweat popped up on his forehead as he strained to hold himself still and not ram himself deep into her. That control was almost completely shattered when she wrapped one small hand around the base of his shaft as she began an assault on him that had him seeing stars.

He was like hard steel in soft velvet and tasted like nothing she had ever experienced before. It was salty and musky and simply Hotch. Her lips and tongue teased and tasted and when she allowed him to slide just a little down her throat, he threw his head back, thrust forward into her mouth and letting out a strangled cry. If she hadn't been prepared for it, he would have hurt her, but she got the reaction she was hoping for. Her free hand moved around and began to caress his balls, making his body tense all over and causing him to bark out harshly, "Enough!"

He pushed Emily away, his cock sliding out of her mouth with an audible "plop" and hauled her to her feet where she gazed mischievously back at him. Hotch narrowed his eyes at her. Oh, it was going to be that way, was it? His body thrilled at the idea of the bedroom push and pull they were about to engage in and will engage in for the rest of their lives if he had any say about it.

The idea of pushing her down on all fours and taking her from behind in front of the fire held enormous appeal, but he wanted to be able to look into her face the first time his cock slid into her body. There would be plenty of time for them to indulge in something more animalistic. Right now, he had other plans.

He scooped her up into his arms and walked the short distance to the bed where he dumped her on it, causing her to giggle as she bounced lightly. Before she could even settle, he was kneeling between her legs and caught one on his shoulder. He gave the inside of her knee a loving kiss before he unzipped her boot, the sound of the zipper loud in the quiet room. He tossed the boot aside and grabbed her other leg and gave it the same treatment.

Slowly, languidly, he undid her stockings from her garter and rolled each one down, revealing supple skin that he lavished hot kisses on as it appeared. The belt went next and soon she was only in the boy shorts and bra.

With one hand, he undid the clasp on the front of her bra and Emily rose slightly so it could be slipped off and tossed aside. His eyes lit up with appreciation and delight at the bare breasts before him. They were large with perfect rosy nipples that begged for him to suckle upon. Who was Aaron Hotchner to refuse? He bent his head and took a breast his mouth, grazing his teeth against the sensitive point, licking, tugging and swirling it in his mouth as his other hand came up to massage and play with the other.

Emily moaned and arched towards him, her hands going to his head to hold him to her. She breathless whispered his name as heavy need filled her body.

"Oh, God, please," she whispered as his mouth moved to the other breast.

Hotch's mouth moved down between the valley of her breasts, across the flat planes of her stomach until he reached the waistband of her shorts. Slowly, he pulled them off and threw them off to the side of the bed and sat back to admire the vision before him.

Emily's dark hair was fanned out across the pillow. Her lips were red and swollen, cheeks flushed and eyes bright. The scars Doyle had made were visible, but he never saw them, too transfixed by the beauty that she was in his eyes. An overwhelming emotion filled him and he knew that tonight, it was more than sex. It truly was lovemaking, an expression of how he felt towards her and if he was lucky, she felt even a fraction of the same for him.

She must have seen some of those emotions swirling in his eyes because she held her arms out to him and simply said, "Aaron."

He leaned down to kiss her and lined himself up with her. With one swift stroke, he was deeply embedded. He heard her gasp and he stilled himself though it nearly killed him. The gasp had a twinge of pain associated with it and he wondered if he had hurt her. He looked anxiously down into her face and saw her struggling for breath. She smiled reassuringly at him, trying to adjust to the sudden invasion to her body. It had been a while and he was much larger than her slender body had anticipated. But she felt her body adjusting to him, and she shifted her hips slightly, feeling him go slightly deeper. She let out a moan of pure pleasure that was his signal to continue.

Hesitantly, he began to thrust, slow, shallow moves, still concerned about her welfare, but Emily was having none of that. She lifted her legs to his waist and began to meet him thrust for thrust. Her fingernails raked down his back, eliciting a harsh hiss of pleasured pain from him and a heated stare. She smirked back at him and whispered hotly in his ear.

"Hard. I need you to fuck me harder. You can do that, can't you, Aaron?" she taunted lightly as she bit his ear lobe.

He hardened even more, something he didn't think was possible and he increased his thrusting, accepting the challenge and moving faster with ever stronger strokes into her soft body. Hotch pushed himself up on one arm and roughly yanked one of Emily's leg up to angle himself for deeper penetration. He watched as she threw back her head and arched her back, thrusting her breasts up where he could latch onto one and greedily devour it.

"Yes!" he heard her cry out. "More! More, Hotch! Harder!"

His cock was being squeezed mercilessly by her walls as he pounded relentlessly into her. Her cries nearly sent him into a sexual frenzy. He reached out to grab the head board and rose up to his knees. Emily's body shifted at another angle and if possible, he slipped deeper into her. He began to drive into her almost mindlessly.

She felt him move her body and slide so far into her she thought she would surely split in two. Emily knew she was going to bruised and sore in the morning and that she would be feeling him for days after, but she didn't care. Never had she felt such mind-numbing pleasure like this. Her eyes fluttered shut but snapped open again when she heard his harsh command.

"No! Look at me!"

She stared up at him and saw his grimace of pleasured pain. His jaw was clenched, sweat dotted his face and his eyes burned with a fever of lust and something else. "I need to see. See me and what you do to me. What you mean to me!"

His voice did not sound like his own. It was strangled and hoarse and thick with an emotion he prayed she recognized. From the startled expression in her eyes, he think she did. She let out a soft, "yes". For several seconds, the merely stared at each other as he continued his hard thrusting which she met each time. The fluttering of her muscles began and suddenly Emily's body arched sharply and she let out a loud cry as she fell over the precipice.

Her fall triggered his and with two more thrusts, he was spilling himself in hot spurts into her willing body. Jerkily, he moved his body in and out of hers, empting himself completely. The fleeting thought that they didn't use a condom was dismissed as a vision of Emily heavy with his child flashed in his mind and appealed to his primal side in far too many wonderful ways.

Hotch propped himself up on his arms so he wouldn't crush her and stared down into Emily's face, both of them trying to catch their breaths. When she looked up into his eyes he moved his hips forward. He saw her eyes widen slightly and then roll back as she arched towards him, allowing him to wring another wave of pleasure for both of them with his still semi-hard shaft in her overly sensitive body.

He rolled off of her and gathered her into his arms, pulling the coverlet over their sweat soaked, but quickly cooling bodies. He pressed a kiss to her hair and tucked her securely under his chin.

For several minutes, they simply rested, allowing their breathing and heart rates to slow down and their overheated bodies to cool off. For Hotch, this was simply perfection, but Emily was beginning to worry her lip. After a while, he could feel her starting to tense up and he looked down into her face. When she wouldn't meet his eyes, he became worried.

"Emily? Sweetheart, what is it?"

She didn't know how to ask it and brining up another woman's name while in bed with him seemed wrong, but she had to know this wasn't simply sex for him, that what she saw in his eyes was what she thought.

"I heard you talking to Beth earlier. I thought you had broken up with her."

Beth? Hotch had forgotten about his earlier conversation with the other woman. He knew immediately where Emily's doubts were coming from and he drew her closer to him. "She has some of my stuff at her place. Some of my biking gear. I have a couple of her things too. We were trying to find a place and time where we could make the exchange. With work and everything I haven't been able to find time to do it yet and she was getting antsy." He made a face. "I also wasn't too eager to see her again. I've never knew someone could be so clingy."

Emily stifled a grin. "Yeah, we couldn't figure out what you saw in her."

Hotch gazed at her seriously and brushed a strand of hair back from her face. "I was trying to find a brunette to take the place of the one I thought I never could have." He watched as realization dawned on her and he gave her a small smile. "I never allowed myself to even dream that you would ever want me, Emily. But I've wanted you for a while. I just thought I couldn't have you."

She blinked at him. Hotch had wanted her? For years? "Why didn't you say anything?"

"What could I say? We work together and if I was wrong, and you rejected me, it would be incredibly awkward for both of us. Eventually, one of us would have to leave." His face turned serious. "Those months you were gone and away in Paris were some of the longest, hardest months I've ever had to endure. When Haley and Jack went into hiding, then when Haley died, you made that time bearable. But when you were gone, I didn't have anyone."

"But you had the team. JJ."

He gave her a sad smile. "But they weren't you." He rolled her onto her back and leaned over her. "It's you, Emily. It's always been you."

She could only gape at him in surprise, something he finds utterly adorable. He dropped a kiss onto her mouth and after a moment she returned it. It quickly became heated, but she wasn't done talking so she pulled away and to stroke his cheek.

"So what happens now?" she asked softly as her fingers traced the outline of his lips.

"I'm thinking of round two," he murmured, dropping a kiss onto her neck.

She chuckled lightly but gently swats his shoulder. "I mean us. Outside of this room."

Hotch pulled back with a sigh. "You know how I feel. I'm not going anywhere and if I have any say about it, I'm not letting you go." His eyes dare her to tell him otherwise and while part of her is annoyed with his caveman attitude, another part is thrilled that he wants her so badly. "Work will be tricky, but I think we can make it."

"How?" She starts to worry her lip again. Hotch's finger stills her movements as he gently taps her mouth.

"We show we can be together and not let it affect the job. After six months, if no one has found us out and if our performance remains the same, I'll go to the Director and talk to him personally. The rules only touch upon job performance. If we can show we make it work, and no one was the wiser, he'll have to turn a blind eye. He's actually quite reasonable."

"We remain professional on the job?"

"Mmm hmmmm," Hotch nodded.

Emily gave him a crooked smile. "Well, we've already blown that one."

"This time doesn't count as a violation," Hotch murmured as he bent his head towards her neck one more time. "The professionalism while on the job starts with the next case."

"So, we're good until then?" Emily asks softly as his lips brush against her. She can feel his length harden against her thigh and knew they were about to start another mindblowing lovemaking session.

"Very good," Hotch replied as he kissed her.

"Hey, anyone seen Emily?" Morgan asked JJ and Reid.

"I think she went back to the hotel," Reid replied as he finished up with the cell phones in his box.

"Well, I need to get that costume back to the shop or they're going to keep my deposit," Derek grumbled.

"Just get it from Emily tomorrow morning," JJ told him as she started to put the cell phones back into the box she had carried them in. "She was pretty tired and wanted to get some rest."

"Aww, that's going to be an extra charge!" Morgan whined.

"After what she went through today, the least she deserves is a quiet night to get some rest," Rossi chimed in as he walked into the room. "Just leave her alone."

"Yeah, just let Em have tonight," JJ added. "Probably the last thing she wants right now is you asking about that stupid costume. And let's not forget, she had to wear those shorts that said "naughty" on them."

Morgan gave her a cheeky grin, but nodded. "Okay, maybe I didn't have to get those, but I couldn't resist. Besides, Prentiss needs to let her hair down once and a while and have some fun."

Rossi snorted. "She's not the only one. Hotch could do with some relaxing too."

"Hey, maybe we should get together and send them on one of those spa treatment things. I hear they're very relaxing." Reid piped up.

Morgan snorted. "Prentiss, maybe, but can you see Hotch in a sea weed wrap or whatever they do." His eyes twinkled. "Though, maybe he'll go if Emily goes with him."

Rossi let out a loud guffaw. "Yeah right. Have you seen the way those two have been glaring at each other? I wouldn't put them in the same room together unless you want to see blood drawn."

"Yeah, they have been a bit touchy around each other," Reid replied and Morgan nodded.

JJ remained silent as she finished packing away the cell phones and cameras that were going to be returned to their owners. She picked up some paperwork and while the others weren't looking, casually picked up Hotch and Emily's overcoats to take down to the SUV she would be driving back to the hotel.

She figured what the others didn't know wouldn't hurt them, and would only help Hotch and Emily in the long run. It was her little Christmas present to the brand new couple.

A/N 2: I hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!