At the point where hope and reason part,

Lies the spot where madness gets a start.

Hope to make the world kinder and free-

But flowers of hope root in reality.

(The Book of Counted Sorrows)

Spectre Groove Monogatari Version Vongola (Giotto)

Chapter 2: Doomed

Because he was blocking the sun, Tsuna couldn't figure his face out even if he was standing just a few feet in front of her.

He was dressed like a prince in a war-like suit with a matching cape but without a headgear. A cape flowing graciously was adorning his back.

She was astonished to find someone in that kind of suit. There was not a war going on, in fact, it was a feast that was going on.

Moreover, he was in all black. Midnight black.

Tsuna was scared, trembling.

The figure withdrew his sword, turned a step into his left and stopped. He gazed back at her. He seemed mystified, but it wasn't expressed in his face nor did he utter a single word about it. It can be just sensed by his actions.

Tsuna can hear the thumpety-thump of her heart. It was beating fast. 'It hurts.' She thought. She was gasping out for breathe because she was starting to run out of it.

'Calm. Calm, calm.' She repeatedly told herself. 'Hell. Crap.' She was scared, really scared.

She then saw his face.

It wasn't distorted or something. It looked human. Seemed human. He was fairly white, cute, and handsome.

His eyes were cerulean, her favorite color aside from orange. His hair was blond, like how children color the sun in their artworks.

'Scratch that. He looks like an angel. Wait, an angel? Oh, god. Am I dead? Holy-' Then, she fainted.

Angel. Is he really?

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