Genre: Family/Humour

Rated: T - why? Just to be safe... I mean really, you're around the goddess of love and lust, and her boyfriend, teenager demigods and plenty of gods who are players so... yeah.

Summary: Apollo decides to make an award show, with the demigods and Olympians watching and getting awards. Includes, awards, stupid acts, performances, quizzes and interviews.

Characters: All of the campers, Olympians (Hestia and Hades are Olympians =.= No arguments.) and Hunters of Artemis

Setting: After the Second Titan War.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan. But I own the plot.

Apollo slouched in his chair, as he listened to his music, ignoring most of the other gods drone on about something or the other. They needed to live more... have fun.

That's when an idea came to him. He jumped up off his seat, his mind racing with what could happen.

He didn't notice the glared and stares from the other gods as he muttered to himself and started pacing, turning into normal (human) size.

A harsh punch in the shoulder from Ares bought him back to the real world.

Apollo glared at Ares, while Ares just smirked and went back to his throne and sharpening his knife for the - at least - billionth time.

"Apollo," Zeus' voice was dangerously calm, like he was resisting the urge to throw billions of lightning bolts at Apollo for disrupting his very important (note the sarcasm) talk, "What are you doing?"

"Um... can I be excused?" Apollo asked.

Apollo, have you lost it? Hermes asked in Apollo's mind.

Hermes, shut up, Apollo retorted.

What are you doing NOW? Artemis complained.

Something completely awesome, he answered.

Doubt it, she said sourly.

"No," Zeus said firmly, "Wait until the meeting is over."

"But we're not even talking about something worthwhile," Apollo complained, then froze; what in the name of Hades had he just said?

Posiedon and Hades snickered at their younger brother's expression, whereas Hera was glaring at Apollo. Hestia and her sister Demeter had a small smile on their faces and Ares and Hermes were grinning widely. Hephaestus had a small smirk on his face while a certain love goddess was trying not to laugh.

Strangely, Artemis and Athena were the ones that agreed with Apollo and voiced it.

"Lord Zeus, Apollo, as stupid as he may be -"

Apollo glared at his twin.

" - has a point. Right now, there is no use for a meeting if we have nothing of worth to discuss."

"It would be better to do our duties than spend time doing nothing," Athena added.

Zeus contemplated the idea.

You owe us, Athena said in Apollo's head.

And we won't forget, Artemis smirked.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, Apollo rolled his eyes.

Brother, would you like me to let Father kill you?

Not exactly...

So be quiet.

Finally, Zeus nodded, "Very well. Meeting dismissed."

He disappeared with a flash of lightning.

Some of the more fun-loving Olympians like Hermes, Aphrodite and Ares, and ones that liked to tease their younger brother like Posiedon and Hades, started laughing or smiled.

"Nice job," Hermes grinned, walking up to Apollo, turning into human size, "Got us out of a long, boring, stupid meeting."

Athena and Artemis coughed, and looked at Apollo pointedly.

"Fine," he muttered, "It was Athena and Artemis' awesome persuasive skills that got Zeus to accept that blah, blah, blah."

He shot them an irritated look.


Artemis nodded, smirking; finally, she had gotten Apollo to accept that she was better than him.

Athena didn't look very happy, but nodded nevertheless.

"Feel sorry for you," Hermes laughed, "Being bossed around by two girls."

The two girls rounded on him.

"Er... have to go deliver mail! Ciao!" Hermes disappeared with a flash, not wanting to be on the bad side of two women who could kick his butt.

Apollo looked around and realized that the other gods had already left, and the only ones left here were him, Artemis and Athena.

"Why did you stand up like that?" Athena wondered, out loud.

Apollo blinked, remembering his awesome plan.

"Have to go!" he yelled suddenly, making the two women in the room blink.

He ran out as quickly as he could then disappeared, into his room, leaving Athena and Artemis staring.

They looked at each other, shrugged, and disappeared.

Apollo wrote a quick note to Aphrodite, then one to Hephaestus, after that one to Chiron and then another to Hermes and caused them to disappear and appear by their desired recipients.

Once again, he disappeared from his room, to visit a certain friend of his.

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