It's a Wonderful Life

Christmas with Dana Marie Gibbs, Ducky had decided, was much more homely that the last few he had experienced at the Gibbs household. The woman was busily chopping at a board in the kitchen, every few minutes turning to check the oven as the timer, which had been broken for what seemed like a century, rang experimentally in shrill little bursts.

"Oh, Anthony! Anthony, you!" Dana's face twisted in frustration as she turned to the corner of the busy kitchen and dining area to once again see the oldest of the Gibbs boys puttering about where he was not supposed to be, "Oh, Doctor Mallard, I'm so sorry to ask, but could you please see to the boys?"

Ducky raised himself from the dining table all decked out in its festive settings with a chuckle and scooped up Anthony as he attempted to yet again stick his foot on his brothers stomach, "of course my dear, you are quite busy enough without having to deal with troublesome Anthony! And please, it's Ducky."

"Ducky then," she smiled charmingly and watched her one year old son Timothy breathe huffily on the ground, tucked nicely on his play mat under an abundance of hanging toys, "I don't know what it is with those two, but ever since Tim came along Anthony has been wandering all over the place just to get to him."

"Ah yes, sibling rivalry," Ducky smiled at the girl as she turned back to her cooking, listening to Jethro as he hammered away at the border of the house outside, fixing up the last of the lights that had been pulled down in the previous nights storm, "now Anthony, if I put you down and you promise to stay away from your brother for a while, I think I can swing you a gift a little early my lad!"

Anthony beamed and in his proudest display, hopped off of Ducky's lap hands on his hips, "I promise Ducky, can we do it now?"

"Hmm, I think maybe we should wait for Caitlyn to wake up and then have a go," Ducky smiled at the boy though his face fell a little, and as Anthony ran off to the living room shouted after him, "and don't go waking her up!"

Dana laughed from her position at the counter and then blew her fringe from her face, "you're very good with him Ducky, I shall have to call you next time he decides to throw one of his tantrums at me."

"Oh no thank you dear," Ducky chuckled himself as he straightened a knife and stood back on his feet, "Anthony's tantrums could rival a nuclear war. I shall much prefer to go entertain him whilst you finish, and if you need a hand do call me."

Dana thanked him and Ducky disappeared into the living room, Timothy returning to a peaceful sleep and Caitlyn still napping upstairs. As the doctor reached the living room he discovered the oldest Gibbs boy staring puzzled at the television.

"What, Anthony, are we doing in here?" Ducky pulled his trousers slightly to sit down, and Anthony turned towards him, for once ignorant of Kate quietly snoozing on the other couch, "oh! It's a Wonderful Life! How marvellous."

"Why aren't there any colours?" five year old Anthony scratched at his head and cocked it to the side, looking back at the movie as the music began to play over the fading opening credits, "are they sick or something?"

Ducky laughed, "No dear boy, a long time ago when movies were made, there wasn't any colour on the televisions, so they were all black and white. Sometimes, the films were even silent if you go back far enough."

"They didn't speak either? Were they mu-mu-muuu," the boy tried to sound it out and ducky prompted him with the end, "yeah, mute. Were they that?"

"No, the television just didn't have sound either," Ducky left his explanation simple as the movie started, capturing the boys' attention. He asked a multitude of questions as children were prone to do, leaning against the older man taking everything in with interest. When his father walked in he merely nodded at his presence, entranced by the film. Jethro smiled and kissed the top of his head, moving to help in the kitchen.

When the film was finally done Anthony seemed to break the spell he had been under. Dashing into the kitchen to where all the adults had settled, he ducked under the hand of Mr McGee as he tried to pat him on the head and ran straight to his father, "Daddy, can we have Christmas like in movies, all black and white and smiley?"

Jethro chuckled at his son and pat him on the head, "anything you want Kiddo, but first I think you should say hello to Mr and Mrs McGee, they arrived here half an hour ago."

"Yes, Dad," Anthony shuffled over to the McGee's and tried not to bunch up his face, he wasn't really that fond of the McGee's, "Hello, do you want me to get Katie?"

His dad gave him a nod of approval and Anthony ran back to the living room, roughly shaking his sister's shoulder as she tried to roll away from him, "Katie, I have to tell you something, there's this old person movie and it's really great..."