XXIV. Impulsive Thinking

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How long had it been? She didn't know. Ha! She would like to say that, but she clearly had the days, hours and minutes tattooed in her memory. Over four months have gone by and she still couldn't forget that depressing expression plastered on her…Michiru. Every time she reminisced on the funeral and how miserable the aquanette looked when she learned her father had died, she wanted to crawl under a rock. She closed her eyes; there was nothing she could have done, contrary to what she felt when she remembered why everything happened in the first place. Michiru had toyed with her feelings; she had danced over her heart and destroyed their love.

Haruka walked inside her palace, her head hung low as she read a letter for the third time. A headache was approaching; she knew it by the constant pulsing in the sides of her head. There must be something she could do to dismiss the wave of feelings the simply piece of letter brought.


Marina smiled happily as she descended the stairs. She had been living comfortably all those months. Her smile grew when she thought of the grand collection of jewelry she now possessed, the expensive fragrances and the imported dresses. Nothing could overshadow her happiness, but… She looked at her blonde lover and her smile wiped out from her face.

"Who is it from?" The blunette bluntly asked. She closed her eyes as she feared the answer.

The blonde simply looked at her. There was no sign of any feelings on her handsome face.

"Your Mother."

Marina suppressed the urge to roll her eyes at the blonde's lack of cooperation. "What does it say?" She urged.

"Your sister gave birth days ago." Haruka dryly retorted as she started to move towards her study.

"Ah." Marina simply replied feigning surprise. She, like Haruka, knew that her sister had already given birth or was really close to doing so. "Are you going to see them?"

Haruka kept walking and shook her head stubbornly before entering her study.


"Michiru, Michiru. You never give up, do you?" Marina chucked, talking to herself. I can't let Haruka meet those brats. If she sees them, I'm sure she'll recognize them as hers, and I'm not willing to lose what I have fought so hard for.

The blunette fixed her imported, new dress and moved towards the study. "Haruka?"

Hiding something really fast under a pile of documents on her desk, Haruka glanced up. Intense teal orbs crashed with mysterious brown eyes.


Marina smiled seductively as she walked pass the desk, sitting on the blonde's lap.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?" The blunette asked, her lips against the smooth neck skin of the blonde.

Haruka shifted under her seat awkwardly. "What do you want Marina?"

The Neptunian stopped her ministrations. She crossed her arms over her ample bust.

"Can't I kiss or caress my lover without any reason?" Marina asked, pretending to be offended.

"Gomen, gomen," Haruka apologized resting her hands on the other woman's hips. "So, you don't need anything?" She asked again with a less skeptical tone.

Marina moved her hands with experience, encircling the tall woman's neck. She placed her luscious lips slowly and seductively against the blonde's rosy lips. For just a second, she felt the blonde tense under her touch before the Uranian corresponded by finishing the kiss.

She looked at the blonde intently. "You're mean Haruka."

The blonde laughed, shaking her head with amusement.

"Okay, okay." Marina laughed too. "I was wondering if it was okay with you if I go to Pluto. I want to buy more dresses."

"Ah, see how you really wanted something." Haruka returned, diverted.

"I need to look gorgeous for my prince." Marina winked sensually as she leaned down again, capturing her lips with those sweet from the blonde.

"OK." Haruka conceded, after the kiss.

"Thank you, Haru." Perfect! If Haruka thinks I'm going to Pluto, I'll have enough time travel to Neptune and let Michiru know once and for all that she can't get near what's mine now.

Days later

Sayame hurriedly walked towards the palace. He had traveled to Uranus to personally deliver the good news. Haruka's heirs had come to the world and the blonde hadn't moved a finger to go see them. His anger roused when he saw the blonde casually walking in the vast fields.

"Sayame." Haruka dryly greeted when her eyes found him.

"Good morning Haruka-sama." The silver haired greeted mockingly. "I can't believe you haven't traveled to Neptune. Your children were born days ago!"

Haruka stiffed and her shining eyes dulled.

"So I have heard." The blonde simply replied, starting to move, "Ten days ago."

"You knew?" Sayame yelled indignantly. "You should go meet them. They're your children!"

"I don't want to."

Sayame grabbed the blonde from her arm before she could move further. "You're dying to see them, but you're so stubborn!"

Haruka disengaged from the grip of the old man with an angry expression on distorting her beautiful features.

"You don't know anything." She hissed.

The silver haired man made an extra effort to maintain his calm. "You don't know anything." He spoke knowingly, his eyes narrowing. "You think you know it all. Right? But you're just acting like a spoiled brat."

"Sayame." Haruka barked, she locked her eyes with those intense brown eyes. The man was like a second father to her; she breathed in trying to control her temper. "You're wasting your time. Why don't you go back to Neptune?" The blonde asked irritated before giving her back.

"Haruka." Sayame called softly and the blonde turned around. "Okiru."

A powerful column of winds spiraling around Haruka appeared before Sayame. He wasn't surprised though, he knew about the blonde's power. He had just 'woken' them up. Sayame blinked as a golden light engulfed the woman. The winds ceased and the blonde fell to her knees.

Haruka lightly trembled on the ground. She had felt that immense source of power. Looking up she found the paternal sight of Sayame on her. He bowed and she rose as a glowing sign adorned her forehead.

"My Queen." Sayame murmured, raising his chocolate eyes and looking at the symbol.

Haruka gulped and closed her eyes briefly.

"Leave me alone Sayame." She faintly mumbled, walking slowly towards her palace. She felt weak due to the awakening of her powers.

"If you don't travel to Neptune, you'll always regret it!" A desperate Sayame yelled to his friend as the blonde got lost among the fields.

He shook his head disapprovingly. Why was that blonde so stubborn? If he helped her awaken her powers, it was because he thought the blonde would recognize that no power from the maximum Queen Serenity had created those kids, it was her. Haruka's power and the Neptunian's conceived those defenseless children. He bit his lip after he called her without any answer, Haruka was supposed to receive her powers after the finish of her training, which she never ended.

"Wake up, Haruka."


Michiru walked inside the beach house's study. She held a long piece of cloth, her beautiful features contorting into a frown.

"Nao, we need to buy more fabric to make more diapers."

The babies were so little, but they need it more than their mother's breast milk. There were a lot of things Michiru still needed for her two blonds. She still wasn't totally recovered from giving birth, but the aquanette knew she couldn't just rest on her bed, waiting for food and money to miraculously fall down from the sky.

"It's been almost two weeks since the twins' birthday." Nao snapped the aquanette out of her thoughts. "Have you written Haruka-sama to let her know?"

Michiru started playing with the piece of cloth. "For what? If she cared about them, she would be here."

Nao sighed letting the bills she was revising fall on her desk.

"I think she cares about them."

The aquanette suppressed the tears welling up in her eyes. "She hasn't demonstrated so, Nao." Michiru turned around, trying to hide her sadness, "There is no point in talking about this anymore."

"Doesn't it hurt you?" Nao asked indiscreetly. She bit her lower lip; she knew her girl loved the blonde ruler.

Michiru rested her head against the door. "Of course it does Nao," she lifted her head wiping off any sign of tears, "but right now, I only care about my children." She looked back at her nanny, her eyes shining determinedly, "I'm willing to do anything to have food and shelter ready for them."

The aquanette left, obviously perturbed and sad. Nao rested her head against the wooden table.

"Why are they so complicated?"

•°¤...¤•°… •

Sango walked happily towards the beach house. Since Nao currently took care of the twins and her mistress, the young maid was in charge of running errands outside the house. The gray eyed woman carried two bags that she almost dropped when she saw a carriage standing outside the house. The amber haired carefully got closer; her mouth hung open when she saw who emerged from the carriage. She hurried and turned around, entering the house from the back door.


"Hush!" Nao reprimanded. The nanny had just made the twins fall asleep.

"Sorry," Sango whispered sheepishly.

"What is it Sango-chan?" Michiru asked after kissing her son and daughter and moving towards the young maid.

"Your sister, Marina-sama has arrived." Sango talked, telling who she had seen at the entrance of the house.

"Is she with Haruka?" Michiru automatically asked.

"No. She's alone."

Marina entered the beach house blithely. She took a look at the house, and everything seemed to be fine. She let the servitude take care of her luggage as she started for the study.

"Miss, where are we putting your luggage?" An old servant asked upon finding the young woman comfortably sitting on the study's couches.

"Hmm, please take them to the master room." Marina smiled satisfied, "I'm staying in Haruka's bedroom."

"No! You're not staying in Haruka's bedroom." Michiru walked in, a little agitated upon seeing her sister.

Marina chuckled not bothering to stand up and greet her sister.

"What are you doing here?" The blunette asked mockingly.

The aquamarine tried not to exalt herself. She was breastfeeding and it was bad for her babies after all.

"This is the house of MY wife." She retorted calmly, "What are you doing here?"

"Michiru, Michiru. You still don't understand, do you?" Marina asked annoyed, "Things have changed honey."

Michiru looked at the old man standing to the side watching the altercation between the sisters. She made a gesture and the man disappeared, leaving the two of them alone.

"Why are you here Marina?" The aquamarine asked, not allowing herself to be intimidated by her younger sister.

"Haru sent me to…"

"Haru?" Michiru chortled. "So, now you call her Haru." Michiru did everything possible to control her jealously as she thought of her sister and wife together.

The blunette smiled innocently. "Yes, Haru. I get to call her what I like because I am now her woman."

"Her mistress, you mean." Michiru retorted sarcastically, her face denoting anything but the anger her sister wanted her to show.

"Whatever sis, the case is I'm the one sleeping with her."

Her patience was running thin. How dare she come to insult her like that? Michiru clenched her jaw, her hands curling into fists.

"You hurt her Michiru, you humiliated her. It was only fair for Haru to find someone else to replace and forget you."

Michiru crossed her arms over chest. Her eyes shone dangerously.

"Did she succeed?"

Marina's lips curled into a smile. "Of course. If it wasn't like that, she would have come after she found out about the birth of the twins."

"She doesn't know." Michiru answered completely sure the blonde didn't know about the birth of their children. Unknown to her, her mother had already sent her a letter.

The blunette broke into a fit of laughter. "Oh Michiru, see, you haven't changed at all. You're the same pathetic person." Marina controlled herself as she stopped her mad laughter. "Haruka found out about the twins a little over a week ago. Mother sent her a letter."

Haruka knew about the existence of their children yet she hadn't come to meet them. Her face paled, she felt like she wanted to let her sorrow escape by crying, but she wouldn't cry in front of her sister.

"It doesn't matter." Michiru returned, finding a little control over her emotions.

Michiru had hit Marina's nerve as the latter stood up clearly pissed.

"I don't think Haruka would like to know you're living in her house without her permission." Marina threatened angrily.

"Tell her! Send her a letter or a telegram. I- don't- care." Michiru retorted vigorously, "And I don't want you in here any second longer."

Marina looked at her sister defiantly.

"You can't kick me out."

"Are you sure?" Michiru replied using the same mocking tone her sister used earlier. "Do you really want to find out if I can or not?" She laughed, moving her hands wildly. "Who do you think the servants will listen to? To their Queen or to the mistress?"

Marina clenched her jaw. Her chocolate eyes piercing Michiru's figure.

"See? Now, who's pathetic?"

Impotence was written all over Marina's face. "Things won't stay like this Michiru," She took a deep breath, her lip's curving into a smile, "You will hear from me soon."

The blunette took her hand bag as she hurriedly exited the place without waiting for her sister. Michiru sighed, walking after her towards her bedroom.

"Aghh I hate her! I hate her. I wish I could strangle her with my own hands." Michiru entered her room, making a fist with her hand, emphasizing her rage.

"What happened?" Nao asked, scared. She loved both girls and hearing the aquanette talk about her sister like that worried her.

"Nao, did you know Mother had send Haruka a letter informing her of the birth of the twins?"

The nanny shook her head. "No, I swear I didn't know anything." She furrowed her brows, "So she knows then?"

"Yes," Michiru retorted still agitated. "And she has sent her mistress to show me that she doesn't care about me anymore."

One of the babies started to cry, soon after the other woke up and started crying too. Michiru moved toward her babies, wanting to join them in their crying.

•°¤...¤•°… •

Another day. Another pointless and ridiculous day of her life. Haruka sat idly on her leather chair in her study; the lights were off providing the blonde the privacy she wanted. She had let her blue haired mistress go shopping days ago. Haruka was in absolute solitude trying to figure out what had gone wrong in her life… Why can't I forget you? Why did you have to betray me like that? So many questions and no answer my angel.


"If you miss her, you should go talk to her."

The blonde glanced up, growling when somebody had interrupted her intimate moment.

"What do you want Katsuru?"

Katsuru shook his head, disappointed. "Let's not make a fool out of ourselves Haruka. Everyone can tell you look like a lost puppy ever since Tenoh-sama left."

Haruka stayed silent, lowering her gaze. Was she that obvious? That pitiful?

"I know that Marina-sama 'entertains' you in bed, but…" Katsuru sat on her desk trying to gain her attention. "If that's not enough, if you still feel like your soul is burning, then go and get the one you really love."

"The one I love betrayed me," Haruka got up from her place, moving outside the study, "She humiliated me Katsuru."

The green haired man sighed as he too got up, following his master.

"Well, things might not have been as bad as you think," Katsuru continued, his mission clear. He was tired of looking at how his friend destroyed her life. How the blonde had lost that shine in her eyes and how hard she had become. "You know, I have met a lot of women in my life," He chuckled trying not to lose focus on his topic, "Rich, poor, fat, thin, short and tall. Very beautiful, all of them. Every single one of them had something different within them." Katsuru let out a breath as he put his thoughts together, "The way they look at you, there's something that lets you know at first sight that they're truly worth it." His blue eyes locked with the piercing teal eyes of his ruler. "If you would allow me to say, Michiru-sama had that…"

"That's the problem Katsuru." Haruka interjected, melancholy evident in her voice. "Michiru has the face of an angel, that innocent glance, and when she cries… Oh God. I can't stand to see her crying. It breaks my heart." Her vision became blurry as she shook her head desperately. "That's why I don't want to see her," She looked at Katsuru helplessly, "Not because of pride like Sayame thinks, but because I'm a coward." At this point it was useless to control her pain and sorrow, as fresh tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I'm scared. I'm scared of losing my last bit of dignity," her voice cracked as she closed her eyes in a vain attempt to subside her cry, "To get on my knees and beg her until she returns to my side."

Katsuru looked at his friend without any other encouraging word. He didn't know what it felt like to lose the love of his life. After all, he had never met the right woman.


"Marina is on Neptune?" Amaya asked incredulously. "I need to see her. I need to see my daughter."

Nao looked at her friend with a worried face. "Michiru and Marina had another argument." She shook her head, "Marina has changed a lot. What she's doing to her sister is unforgivable!"

Amaya's eyes widened. "What are you saying Nao?" She narrowed her eyes, "You think what Michiru claims about her sister is true?" The Neptunian queen watched her servant nod timidly. "That's just ridiculous! I don't believe that story about Marina falling in love with Haruka! This whole thing must be a misunderstanding."

"Please Amaya, open your eyes!" Nao knew it was difficult for her friend to actually believe what her youngster had done. "Why do think she has stayed on Uranus this whole time, eh? She didn't even come to the King's funeral!"

"Shut up!" The Queen ordered. Michiru had tried talking to her, but she couldn't believe it. She shook her head. "I won't believe anything said about my daughter until I talk to her."

Nao shook her head, but she refrained from saying anything else.

Night had fallen on Neptune. Michiru currently attended her newborns. The girl was quiet and peaceful most of the time, but the little boy was hard to make go to sleep. She took the little girl in her arms as the small princess started to cry. Michiru unbuttoned her night robe, guiding the baby towards her breast. The blonde began to suckle, Michiru sat down on her bed as she looked down at her daughter. The baby had messy blonde locks like her father, but her eyes were the same intense blue as her own. The boy slept peacefully on Michiru's bed, after a bath and breast feeding, the blond prince had finally let his mother take care of his sister. Michiru smiled; contented with the two greatest gifts life had given her. The baby girl parted from Michiru's breast, and the aquanette took her to her bed placing her next to her brother. Michiru carefully climbed into bed as she let the night cover the skies.

•°¤...¤•°… •

The streets were dark and the road was the same, just like she remembered. '#810' the house number read. The carriage stopped and Haruka drew out a breath, rubbing her hands; the night was cold. She stared at the beach house; the lights were off, and the place was quiet. Probably the servants were sleeping, she entered without any difficulty. The blonde knew her way easily. What was she doing there? She had asked herself the same question a thousand times before, but she couldn't find a proper answer. After she had talked to Katsuru she went to her bedroom, packed a suit, taking the next shuttle to Neptune and leaving the green-haired man in charge of her palace.

"Oh God, what am I doing?" Haruka asked herself one more time as she quietly walked towards the living room.

"Who is there?" A hoarse voice called.

"Shhh Souke! It's me." Haruka replied quietly, "Please help me with my luggage."

The old man quickly moved, grabbing the single suit and proceeding behind his master into the house.

"I would have thought everybody was already sleeping." Haruka commented once inside the living room, taking her coat off.

Souke let the suit on the floor as he held up a hand lamp, illuminating the place. "Somebody has to be vigilant all the time your majesty." The old man replied, "The planet is not the same as it used to be."

The blonde looked at the man. He was right. Neptune wasn't a safe place anymore. "You're right, but make sure you tell some of the young men to help you too." She gave him a thankful smile, "You have worked enough. I'll let you take a few days off when you decide."

His eyes spoke for him as the gray haired man nodded. "I'm so glad you're back your Majesty, your children are so big and so beautifu…"

"My children?" Haruka interrupted. Her face, a mix of surprise and nervousness. "W-When did you see them?"

"Every day," Souke spoke nonchalantly, "When Tenoh-sama takes them outside to the patio."

Her heart sped up. Had she heard right? "My wife is here? Since when?"

"Hmm, she arrived here a little before she gave birth."

Haruka fell silent. Michiru and the children were living at the house.

"Haruka-sama, are you going to have dinner?" Souke snapped the blonde out of her thoughts.


"Do you want me to tell Tenoh-sama you're here?"

Haruka turned around. "No,no."

She dismissed the old man, and a few seconds later she started for her room. Her steps were slow and cautious. She opened the door to the only room she stayed in whenever she traveled to the beach house. Upon entering, Haruka didn't know what to do. The room was dark; the only source of light was that from the moon. She walked a little further, feeling the air being taken out of her stomach when she saw the sleeping face of the aquamarine. Michiru slept peacefully on the big bed; to her right, two small bundles could be seen covered in white sheets. The blonde swallowed the bump stuck in her throat as she approached them. She stood, resting against the bed's column before deciding to get closer. She couldn't distinguish anything outside the sleeping Michiru as she picked up one of the babies, the infant groaned, but kept sleeping. Haruka's lips tugged into a smile, she rocked the baby and carefully placed it inside the double crib next to the bed. The blonde did the same with the other baby. They're so small and warm. Suddenly her face hardened as she remembered the events previous their birth. She pushed a chair close to the bed, and watched the Neptunian sleep.

Michiru stirred in her sleep, moving a hand toward where her children slept. When she couldn't feel the warm bodies of her children she woke up, alarmed. She sat up and took a hand over her chest when she saw who else was in the room.

"My babies?" The aquamarine asked, scared.

"Hello," Haruka greeted coldly, she crossed her legs looking at the perturbed artist. "Why are you here?"

"My mother kicked me out of the palace and I didn't have elsewhere to go." Michiru answered honestly.

Haruka shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Did Marina ask you to come?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow. Why would Marina know her sister was living at the beach house when not even she knew? Besides the blunette was currently on Pluto or Saturn, buying more dresses and jewelry.


Michiru looked at Haruka doubtfully. "Why are you here then?"

"I don't know." The blonde mumbled.

"Are you going to kick us out?" Michiru asked, not knowing what to expect from the blonde.

Haruka stood up, "I don't know that either." She walked towards the bed, taking a seat next to the aquamarine, "Tell me something, convince me," She semi-begged, rubbing her hand against the arm of the Neptunian.

"How?" Michiru asked timidly, leaning towards the blonde.

"It doesn't matter." Haruka launched against the neck of her wife, kissing the smooth skin.

Michiru immediately placed her hands over the broad shoulders of the blonde. "What can I tell you? That I love you, that I miss you." She whispered against the Uranian's ears. "That here are your children." Michiru pulled apart as she placed a hand over the double crib, "Our children, Haruka."

The blonde looked at the crib longingly, and then turned to meet Michiru in a passionate kiss. Her lips brushed against those that she only dreamt of kissing. This time, Haruka was the one who pulled apart, her forehead resting against the Neptunian's. "I tried to forget you, but I couldn't."

Michiru moved backwards placing her fingers upon the blonde's lips. "Don't say things you could later regret." She lowered her head; there were things that needed to be told. That needed to be explained. "We need to talk."

Reluctantly Haruka stood up and moved a bit farther. She knew where this was going. "I'm listening."

"That day while I was descending the stairs and I heard his voice, I felt like I would die of fright." Michiru drew out a tired breath. "After that I met with him at the chapel, I told him that what he was doing was madness, that he needed to leave."

Haruka stayed silent, her jaw clenched. She opted to look away.

"I asked him, I begged, but he wouldn't listen to me." Michiru continued as she could only watch the blonde, "He said he wouldn't leave without me." Michiru confessed ashamedly, "I know that all of this was my fault because when I agreed to escape with him the day of the wedding, in some way, I encouraged him."

The blonde turned, looking directly at midnight eyes. "Why didn't you leave with him then?"

"I was already your woman." Michiru confessed, her eyes never faltering.

"You told him that?" Haruka asked as her blood started boiling.


What, the nerve of that man. "And he didn't care?"

"No." Michiru replied calmly, "He said feelings were the only thing that mattered."

Haruka scowled. "And what were your feelings at the time?"

"At that time…" Michiru lowered her gaze. "I still loved him."

The blonde took a seat back on the couch, massaging her temples as she considered the situation.

"Then your accident happened," Michiru continued, this time she stood up. "I was really scared the infection could killed you," She moved towards the blonde, squatting before her, her fingers making small circles on the blonde's laps, "Something started to change inside me. On bed you looked so weak, so defenseless at the mercy of luck."

"And I gave you pity." Haruka retorted sharply.

"NO!" Michiru took the blonde's large hands on hers. "For the first time I saw you as what you really are, a woman who can also suffer and get overwhelmed by the circumstances. Someone who needs attention and love." She placed both of her hands over the blonde's. "Fortunately, you recovered and as the days passed I enjoyed your company and your talks. The way you looked at me." Her vision started to get blurry, as from her eyes salty drops rolled down her cheeks. "But at the same time I was living a hell, Adoki continued there."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Haruka reproached angrily.

"I was scared!" Michiru looked up, "I was scared of losing your love. Of you becoming a murderer or of him killing you."

"And don't you think that he deserved to die?" Haruka asked irritated as she stood up. "Anyone who aims to steal the woman from another deserves to die!"

Michiru stood up too, glancing over where the children slept. Haruka was being loud. "He was also a victim."

"Enough Michiru!" Haruka barked, angry that her wife still defended that man.

The aquanette turned around. Haruka, enraged, moved towards her, grabbing her by her arm.

"I want you to answer me with all honesty, during the time that he stayed at the palace, was there something between you two?"

"The only person I've been with is you." Michiru answered, her face hung low as more tears fell down her face.

Haruka shook her lightly. She was growing impatient. "You haven't answered my question."

"The babies are yours Haruka." Michiru lifted her head, her eyes meeting those piercing teals.

"That doesn't answer my question. Yes or No." Haruka didn't blink a she waited for an answer, but all she had was an immanent silence. "Then there was something!"

"Nothing compared to what you and Marina have!" Michiru equally retorted. She grew angry and jealous, thinking about the affair.

The startled cry of a newborn made both of them stop their yelling. Haruka carefully eyed the woman in front of her before leaving for good. Michiru hurriedly moved towards the babies and carried them both, after she calmed them. She went and looked for Sango and Nao.

"We're leaving."

"Michiru, are you crazy?" Nao sleepily replied as she got up from her bed.

"Do you know what time it is Michiru-sama?" Sango incorporated, getting suits ready.

"I don't care what time it is. We need to go, Haruka is here."

"Did she kick you out?" The nanny asked, scandalized.

Michiru shook her head as she also took some empty suits. "No."

"Then what's going on?"

"I just don't want to stay." The aquamarine packed a few belongings, "We better hurry."

"Michiru, I think you should think this through again. The cool of the night might make the babies sick." Nao reproached as she rocked the baby girl in her arms, covering her as much as possible.

Sango yawned, carrying the luggage. She looked at Nao and Michiru carrying the babies, and she had to agree that her mistress was possibly making a big mistake. However, she was too tired and sleepy to say anything, so she helped the carriage man put their luggage in the carriage as she just heard the other two argue.

"I already told you Nao. I don't want to stay and give Haruka pity," She climbed into the carriage, rocking the baby boy in her arms.

Reluctantly Nao climbed inside as Sango took seat too. "Where are we going?"

"To my Mother's"

What had she done? Deep down, she knew she didn't have any right to reproach the other woman about her actions. Michiru was right, she had done exactly the same just a few days after she had left. Why did she have to be so light-headed and jealous? She wasn't going to find an answer, so why waste time? Haruka exited the master room furious, angry at herself for not being able to forgive and forget. But the simple thought of anyone other than herself touching and devouring her wife made her go mad. She knew she was exalted, when she heard the children cry she knew she had messed up, big time. Haruka ran away like the coward she was, finding refuge at the other side of the beach house. There, in her solitude, and with the help of a shot of whisky, she could temporarily forget why her life was so miserable.


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