Since many are requesting a short summary of how BTS was going to end, I decided to post another chapter dedicating for that reason. So, here it goes.

Continuing to the previous chapter, Ross Kirkland wants Arthur to go back at England because of Alfred's unexpected arrival. However, the two took refuge in the Vargas household which Lovino was reluctant to accept. Meanwhile, Alejandro suspected that Alfred and Arthur might be hiding in the Vargas household, so he decided to apprehend Lovino in World Academy. Rather than answering Alejandro's question, Lovino starts questioning Alejandro's relation with Alfred and their exact goal here. Alejandro snickers and tells Lovino that "he should've known that himself."

Meanwhile, Alfred suggested that the two should elope and go back to America. It was obvious he didn't want to leave this place, but something holds him back from saying so; thus, Arthur could only say yes. Overjoyed, Alfred planned to leave the house at night, so no one would notice that they would be gone. Arthur only smiles at Alfred, saying that he hasn't changed a bit, but was saddened because all of this happened because of the Britishman's fault. On the other hand, the two brothers, Jose and - confronted Antonio and asked him to "do justice of the Osamu Dazai Massacre." But, Antonio did not agree because "what happened, happened. You can never change it". Before a brawl had started, Matthew came and fetched the two, but without saying that "she's waking up soon..."

At the exact day, Alejandro had told Ross that Arthur was hiding in the Vargas household. Ross immediately stormed at the household and demanded to see Arthur. He wasn't able to stop the guards, who tried explaining the situation. Ross arrived just in time when Alfred and Arthur were ready to leave. Alfred offered to battle it out with Ross because the former refused to part with Arthur. But, before it could start, Arthur mustered his courage and told Alfred that he can't go with him, and that told the American that "leaving me would be the best decision you'd ever choose." Arthur chose to go back with Ross, leaving Alfred disheartened. When Lovino and Feliciano came home - along with Gilbert, Ludwig, and Antonio who heard of the situation, they only found a depressed Alfred and the remains of the mess. When Gilbert tried to persuade that Alfred should take Arthur's advice, Alfred shouted: "If you had never fought with here, then things would've never gotten this far!". Alfred decided to leave the household, but not without throwing a hateful glare at Lovino.

Having heard of the mess, Lovino decided not to mingle in the mess no further. Antonio had agreed - surprisingly, but others gave him a silent disapproval for it. When Lovino met Matthew and told that everything that was happening around here was connected to the Osamu Dazai Massacre, Lovino became interested in the situation. The Canadian proposed that if Lovino fixes this problem in a way that both parties benefit from each other, then Matthew would "shed light" to the suicides. Lovino, at first, rejected the offer, but when Matthew gave a picture of him, Antonio, Jose, Manny and a strange girl he found in the photos of the school records, he chose to consider. That night, Lovino dreamed of the girl, who was telling him the possibilities of happiness in death.

The next morning, Lovino and Gilbert - he asked Gilbert for help about it, which the Prussian agreed - went to the Kirkland home to sort things out. Lovino was surprised on Gilbert's diplomatic skills upon talking to Ross, which made him conclude that "Gilbert was going to be a good leader someday". When Ross was going to approve of Arthur staying here, Alfred walked in and demanded to see Arthur. Seeing that this situation has no resolution - not anymore, Gilbert called Ludwig and Kiku, but not Antonio. Lovino comes to see Arthur, who was crying and telling him that it was his fault. Arthur wanted a future with Alfred, but the British knew he didn't deserve it, which is why he chose to go back to England. Lovino advised that Arthur should tell the truth that he was hiding if he wanted a future with Alfred. Mustering up his courage, Arthur came into the living room and offered an explanation to all that was happening.

Alfred, a chubby child back then, was like a maidservant of Arthur. Arthur bullied Alfred, although the American was oblivious about that. However, since Alfred insisted to become Arthur's "best friend" and was sincere of his want, Arthur started softening up towards Alfred and treated him more of a younger brother. Alfred was always happy to catch the bullet for Arthur, but the Britishman admitted that he was inclined to catch the bullet back then. So, when Arthur was involved in the Osamu Dazai Massacre, Alfred was the one who caught the bullet for him. Alfred was convicted of being the one behind the Osamu Dazai massacres. Arthur promised that he was going to do Alfred justice, but Alfred was sent back to America. Alfred still hoped that Arthur was going to save him, but Arthur did the opposite. He did nothing. He let Alfred in America where he had few relations. He crushed Alfred's dreams to become an army doctor. He let Alfred be scorned by others. At first, Arthur didn't care, but when he started to miss Alfred's company, he felt guilty for doing nothing and went to England, before he came back to Japan to study in World Academy. Upon explaining that situation to Alfred, Arthur apologized for betraying Alfred's trust. Alfred was astonished but said nothing. Alfred decided to go back home. Ross announced at the next day, they will catch the flight back to England.

The next day, Kiku went to Lovino and explained that Alfred and Arthur loved each other. Kiku tried to convince Lovino to make them realize that, because, for the whole period Arthur was seated as Student Council President, Arthur admitted that he was involved in the Osamu Dazai Massacres and insisted that Alfred was innocent. But, the school didn't hear his plea. Instead, they dismissed the idea. Which is why Arthur tried finding evidence and raise the matter to court. Kiku gave Lovino a bag to show Alfred of the truth. Then, Lovino came to Alfred and explained what Kiku had explained to him. When Alfred didn't believe it, Lovino gave the bag to Alfred. In that bag lies the evidences, papers and letters that declared that Alfred was innocent and he was not. Alfred was surprised, but he was astonished when he discovered that Arthur still kept the Captain America figure he gave to Arthur when he was a child and a plastic ring that signify that they were going to be married in the future. Alfred made no time to go to the airport, where he caught Arthur. The two kissed and Alfred said that he was never going to leave Arthur again. Ross just sighed and admitted defeat. He decided to take Alfred to England so Arthur could be happy. For the first time, Arthur called Ross 'brother', which made the red-haired brother happy but didn't say out loud. The exact same day, papers were arranged and Arthur and Alfred fled to England, leaving the Student Council President position, vacant.

Three weeks later, the student population chose a new president, and it was Jose. Lovino could feel the tensions between Antonio and the Filipino student, but Antonio won't give a straight answer about it. Antonio was more protective than usual, but he was the same tomato bastard he knew. Matthew, who chose to stay at the World Academy which Francis seemed so worry about, fulfilled his promise and gave an old USB containing pictures and files. Surprisingly, he found pictures of Gilbert, him and the mysterious girl together; Anri and the mysterious girl; Feliciano and the Indonesia girl he saw before. He also saw pictures of Alejandro, Jose and Manny, as well as photos of Alfred, Arthur and Matthew together. Upon viewing these pictures, he remembers some parts of a memory, about the mysterious girl named Marianna. Lovino demanded to know more them but Matthew was resistant to directly tell the truth because "it's not the kind of truth anyone would want to know." Instead, Lovino sought the help of Jose.

Antonio didn't like Lovino being with the Filipino brothers and Antonio. This caused an argument between them that broken them apart for a short time. Lovino was sad but Gilbert was there to comfort him, though Gilbert would not jump on the situation since he was there as a friend, not a bouncer. When Gilbert knew about what Lovino had been doing, Gilbert advised him "to forget it" because the truth won't make the situation better. Suspicious, Lovino started pressing questions at Gilbert but Gilbert dismissed all of them. Seeing that everyone was acting suspicious, Lovino tried questioning everyone but everyone dismissed those questions. Kiku and Feliciano looked like they encountered bitter memories when Lovino asked his questions. So, Lovino decided to seek the help of Alejandro and the Filipino brothers.

Alejandro and the Filipino brothers gave cryptic puzzles in which Lovino had to find the answer. If Lovino completed a puzzle, the trio would reveal a location where a dusty old letter would be located. The trio reminded Lovino that he should never open these letters, and if he found all the abandoned letters in the campus, then he would give it to them and they shall reveal the truth. However, during Lovino's quest, Antonio had been picking a fight with Alejando and news about the Student Council's instability had been spreading around. Learning that this mess had been caused by these letters, he decided to open one, which was addressed to Katyusha. Lovino was horrified to learn that this was his handwriting, that this letter was a letter convincing Katyusha of her demise under her IRIS, and this letter was from 'Osamu Dazai'.

Then, it hit him. Marianna Magdalena wasn't Osamu Dazai nor was she the cause of the Osamu Dazai. It was him. Then unknown memories started flooding into his mind, and he blacked out. Ivan, finding Lovino passed out in the gardens with a letter addressed to Katyusha in his hands, took Lovino to the infirmary. Then, the Russian informed the Prussian of what had happened. Meanwhile, Antonio was at the local hospital, together with Alejandro and the Filipino brothers, since the doctor revealed that Marianna had woken up. Matthew, on the other hand, continously informed Alfred and Arthur, who were overseas, of what was happening with Lovino and company. Arthur decided that this was the perfect time for Lovino to know the truth. After all, it was inevitable.

Antonio was horrified to learn from Gilbert Lovino may have remembered the truth. He disagreed on the vote of Lovino to know the whole truth, but Alejandro argued that Lovino would just learn it later on. The nurses dismissed the guests upon learning that a brawl would happen in the patient's room. Then Kiku visited and placed a bouquet of roses and a letter on the table, and kissed Marianna's forehead. After that Marianna's eyelids fluttered open.

When Gilbert was going to visit Lovino, the Prussian found that Lovino was gone. He alerted Antonio who was still at the hospital that time. It turns out; Lovino was headed at the hospital to talk to Marianna, even in his confused state. But, he can't talk to her because she hasn't woken up yet. With these new found memories jumbling his brain, he felt betrayed when Antonio didn't told him the truth, so he ran towards the rooftop. Gilbert and the company arrived at the rooftop as well, as they were afraid that Lovino might kill himself. Lovino threatened to kill himself if no one would explain what the hell was happening, so Feliciano stepped up and told him the truth.

Marianna Magdalena was the daughter of a OFW and she worked in Antonio's household. It was revealed that Antonio and Lovino were childhood friends and they already had a strong bond with each other. She has an IRIS that could foresee the future, an IRIS similar to Heinrich's IRIS. Marianna Magdalena, due to her life and isolation from her home country and from the normal society, always felt depressed. During high school, Marianna and Lovino became friends.

At that time, Gilbert headed a group of student with IRIS. Groups were formed by those with IRIS to avoid being isolated. Gilbert's group encompassed Feliciano, Antonio, Francis, Arthur, Alfred, Katyusha, Ivan, and many others. Everyone – other than Feliciano and Antonio – were reluctant to include Lovino in the group, but Gilbert persuaded them since "we shouldn't treat ourselves different from those normal people. We are both humans, after all." So, Gilbert took Lovino under his wing, which was a decision not regretted.

However, Gilbert's illness caused him to be absent frequently. So, Gilbert appointed Marianna to lead the group. But, she always had a complex about authoritative figures like Arthur so the two argue a lot. It was obvious that Marianna wasn't the leader type, so Arthur leads the group, but Marianna still insisted to be the leader. So, Arthur gave her that space. Her psychological and mental status, however, couldn't handle the pressure of being a leader and caused the group's instability. But, all she wanted was happiness.

Until she read those Osamu Dazai books and she was convinced that suicide would make everyone happy. Her frequent listener of her happiness theories was Lovino, who was criticized for mingling with the IRIS holders. He didn't agree with her version of happiness, but seeing that she bullied and discriminated for having an IRIS, he started writing the letters. Marianna took this chance to promote her happiness by death and manipulated Lovino. Thus, the Osamu Dazai Massacre began.

Since Lovino was such an observant fellow, and he was the only normal human in World Academy, a place students with IRIS mingle in, he knew everyone's IRISES, which made the Osamu Dazai letters possible. Marianna also helped by infiltrating the secrets of others.

At some point, students tried to ignore the letters and throw it to other parts of the campus – hence, the old dirty letters – but it was no use. Many committed suicide. Others were convicted of being Osamu Dazai. One of those was Arthur, but Alfred caught the blame which is why he was forced to return to America because of the hate and shun that everyone gave him.

Lovino, realizing the sin he had done, was distressed. But, Marianna felt guiltier because she was the one who manipulated Lovino in doing all those deeds. When Marianna committed suicide, Antonio blamed Arthur for that incident because he was the one who always criticized Marianna. Meanwhile, Lovino jumped off a 3 story building, which didn't kill him but made him lose his memories.

Learning everything, Lovino cried in despair for causing such a massacre. Antonio tried to console him, but Lovino stated that his sin didn't deserve any forgiveness. From that moment, he jumped.

He expected that he would slam on the concrete and die, but he was proved wrong. Antonio chased after him and caught him. Gilbert caught Antonio's foot and the others supported Gilbert by pulling him. Antonio felt his hand was slipping and told Lovino to hold onto him, but Lovino told Antonio that he didn't deserve forgiveness. Antonio told Lovino that he'll always love Lovino no matter what and if Lovino dies, he will follow suit. Then, Marianna came at the spur of the moment and convinced Lovino not to commit suicide because it was all her fault. She convinced Lovino that if he has the happiness he deserves and she'll never forgive him if he dies. Marianna also added that everyone has forgiven both of them, and he should not waste this forgiveness. She was wrong about believing happiness in death because happiness was already in front of her eyes. In those words, Lovino hold onto Antonio ,and Gilbert and the others gave one big pull to get the two back on the floor again. Lovino cried on Antonio's arms and Antonio just kissed him, saying that he will love Lovino no matter what.

Years later, Lovino was finished writing his memoir about the Osamu Dazai Massacre, hiding his identity in a penname: "Forgiven". He is a culinary chef now, living in Italy where he and Antonio are married and living together. After finishing his memoir, he read a letter which was from his brother, telling him that Feliciano and Ludwig are okay in Germany. He also received a postcard from Gilbert and Ivan from Saudi Arabia. Lovino decided to watch the news and chuckled when Arthur and Alfred appeared in the news as promoters of peace. Then the news showed that in Japan, a commemoration of those who died in Osamu Dazai took place in World Academy. Lovino identified one of the couples there as Marianna and Kiku.

When Lovino was reminiscing the bitter memories, Antonio came and placed his hands over Lovino's eyes, telling him that everything is in the past now. Lovino just smiled and smacked Antonio, who just chuckled. The story ends with Antonio and Lovino kissing and exchanging their 'I love You's.

Actually I was also planning a sequel to BTS. It's only a one-shot where Lukas, a Norwegian exchange student and the few students having an IRIS ability, reads Lovino's memoirs and disagrees that humans and those with IRISES will ever get along. Then, Lukas meets Matthias, a Danish exchange student who was determined to prove Lukas was wrong. But, because I'm not finishing BTS anymore, then this one-shot would not happen :p

Anyway, for those people who wants to adopt the story, please PM me. First come, first serve.

Also, thank you for all the readers who continued to read BTS until the end. I really appreciated your patience and concern, but I can't continue this story anymore. I'm sorry to hear that. But, as I've said before, I'm not leaving the fandom and I'm working on a new Hetalia story which I am determined to finish.