Lisa's First American Christmas

Christmas had always been Lisa's favorite holiday in Hungary. Having been born into an aristocratic family Christmas had been such an extravagant holiday. There were balls to go and many luxurious gifts given. Her last Christmas at a concentration camp had been a nightmare. Her husband Oliver, the soldier who had saved her life this May was doing very well as a lawyer and they had just moved into a wonderful apartment. Lisa had a loving mother in law who loved and cared for her like a daughter as well as wonderful friends. She knew Christmas would be wonderful. She also had grown closer to God after Oliver had rescued her and remembered that throughout all these galas that she was attending the real reason for Christmas.

It was the 23rd of December and Lisa had Christmas music on all day. She liked the music in the English language, but wished that she could find Hungarian Christmas music. Oliver was at the office late again and the snow continued to fall. Lisa had a tendency to worry about Oliver, especially since there had been a lot of snow storms this December.

The phone rang and Lisa picked it up hoping it would be Oliver.


"Hi Lisa, its Margret. My grades got mailed to me today. They are the best I've ever had yet. You sound worried is something wrong?", asked Lisa's friend Margret.

"Olivah isn't home yet. Margret that's vonderful about your grades. I hope you can go vork in Vashington DCs someday." Margret was a Sociology major and Political Science Minor who wanted to become a lobbyist or work for an organization in DC someday.

"Lisa, I'm sure he'll be home. I know he's been busy at work. Oh and it's Washington DC!", said Margret.

"That's vhat I said. Ve need to get together before you go back to school. I vant you to try the Hungarian vine Olivah got me", said Lisa.

"That would be very nice. I'll see you at the Opera New Years Gala and maybe before then if we can get together",said Margret.

Just then Oliver opened the door.

"Oh Margret he's home! Have a vonderful Christmas, dahling!" said Lisa.

"I told you he'd be home. You have a wonderful Christmas too Lisa. Bye", said Margret.

"Bye dahling", said Lisa, who after hanging up the phone, ran towards Oliver as she embraced him and gave him a kiss.

"Oh Olivah I vas so voried about you that I vas just going to pray for your coming home",exclaimed Lisa.

"Oh honey, it's alright. I'm home. Would you like some eggnog and cookies?", asked Oliver hugging Lisa and giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Cookies and vine, dahling!", exclaimed Lisa.

"Ok Lisa, cookies and wine it is", said Oliver.

Lisa went into the kitchen and got the cookies and bottle of Hungarian wine out of the refrigerator. Their maid who commuted from her home in Harlem had left for the day. Lisa normally never set foot in the kitchen.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing while having wine and cookies and snuggling on the couch while the fireplace roared. Lisa was looking forward to Christmas Eve with Oliver and his Mother and could wait for tomorrow.