Chapter 4

On New Year's Eve Day Eunice was getting ready for a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, when the phone rang.


"Mother, I would like to apologize for those harsh words and those threats on Christmas Day I will never deprive my child of seeing his or her grandmother. Do you have plans tomorrow? I'm in New York City now.", said Cynthia.

"Darling I accept your apology, but did something change your mind?", asked a surprised Eunice.

"Father called to wish me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I realized that since my child will never know him, it would be wrong to deprive my child of a relationship with his or her grandmother. I shouldn't have been jealous of Lisa. That was foolish of me", said Cynthia..

"Is your father in Texas with his new bride Blanche? He's not coming to visit you, is he?", asked Eunice, her voice fuming with anger upon saying Blanche

"Oh no he's not visiting and I think he won't be spending any time with his former company anymore", said Cynthia.

"Well I'm glad you've came to your senses. Tomorrow afternoon is free, but now I must leave for my meeting with the Met Board of Trustees", explained Eunice.

"Opera or Art Museum?", asked Cynthia because Eunice was on both.

"Art Museum, bye darling!", said Eunice before hanging up the phone and running down to the limo hoping to get to the meeting in time. She did not want to be late especially being the Vice Chair.

Meanwhile Oliver had a call from his father who wished him happy holidays, and Oliver found it difficult after the call to prepare for the court case he was preparing. He loved his father, but was upset about how he had treated his mother all these years.

After Eunice had gone to her meeting she called Lisa to tell her about the new gathering arrangements. Lisa felt hurt when Cynthia criticized the time that Eunice was spending with Lisa.

"Motha, are you too nice to me and are you vith me too much like Cynthia said?"

"Oh no, Lisa darling. I've been spending not enough time with her. She made me realize that when she argued with me on Christmas Day", said Eunice.

"Oh, vell I'm glad ve can have our time together tomorrow. I'll see you at the masquerade tonight Motha."

"Yes it will be fun. Are you going to the matinée of the Barber of Seville before the masquerade ball?"

"Yes I really love that opera. I really vish that Olivah liked to sing opera. Vhen I vas growing up I took voice and piano lessons vith people who used to sing with the opera and play with the symphony in Budapest", said Lisa.

"He likes that old folk music and is always playing his guitar. I do wish he took up piano again. Would you like to be on the board of directors of the Opera?",asked Eunice.

"Oh no Motha, I don't need to do that. I enjoy going to the opera and the galas and spending time vith other patrons and opera singers. I'll see you soon Motha", said Lisa.

"Yes see you a little before 1 dear", said Eunice.

Lisa enjoyed the opera very much as always and enjoyed chatting with her friends at intermission. The masquerade ball after the formal dinner was wonderful.

Lisa, I'm so glad we were able to see each other here. Did you have an enjoyable holiday season so far?", asked her friend, Margret at the ball.

"It has been very good. How has your holiday season been?"

"Oh, wonderful. Good Evening Mrs. Douglas, Oliver", said Margret

"Good Evening Margret. Your parents have told me that your grades this semester are superb. Congratulations dear", said Eunice.

"Congratulations on your grades, Margret", said Oliver.

"Thank You Mrs. Douglas, Oliver. Have a Happy New Year everyone", said Margret.

On New Year's Day, Lisa was a little nervous about how the day would go. She conveyed her worries to Oliver.

"My sister has always been selfish and spoiled. What she said to Mother hurt you and I, but Cynthia normally says things like that. She gets jealous", explained Oliver.

"Motha said she should spend more Cynthia", said Lisa.

"I'm sure this doesn't mean she'll hardly ever spend time with you. My mother loves you very much",said Oliver.

"I know dahling and I love you very much", said Lisa passionately kissing Oliver

When Oliver and Lisa arrived at Eunice's penthouse the first thing Cynthia did was apologize.

"Lisa, Oliver, I have apologized to Mother and would like to apologize to you. I was wrong to criticize the time Mother spends with you. I couldn't imagine what it must be like to lose your parents the way you did. Mother has been wonderful to you and it must feel wonderful to have a friendly mother in law", said Cynthia.

"Vhy thank you! That vas very nice of you", said Lisa

You forgive me then?", asked Cynthia.

"Yes, I do, replied Lisa.

"So do I", said Oliver.

"Thank You, both. Now I hope we can put our differences aside and have our Christmas celebration", said Cynthia.

"Yes, that would be wonderful. Lunch will be served at 12:30, then after that we can open presents", said Eunice

It ended up being a very pleasant afternoon. Lisa, Cynthia and Eunice exchanged gifts of clothes and accessories, while the men gave each other ties and cufflinks. Everyone was able to enjoy the first day of 1946.