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Harry thought it was just a normal Thursday when Draco kissed him especially hard and gave him a small but heavy box.

"What's this?" He asked with a smile as he opened it to find three special, two inch thick, chocolate fudge bars that promised to break his teeth if he tried to eat them without breaking them into small pieces with the flat chocolate hammer included first.

"Today marks one whole year since you chose me as your second dominant." Draco told him proudly and Harry grinned, throwing his arms around Draco's neck for a kiss.

"If it makes you happy and gets me more chocolate, happy anniversary Draco."

Draco chuckled and smoothed his hair from his scar; he kissed the little lightning bolt before combing through his fringe.

"I was thinking that we could go for a special meal to celebrate, not anywhere fancy like Max took you when he was enticing your forgiveness, just the little family restaurant in Hogsmeade so we're not too far away, but somewhere just for the both of us."

Harry smiled. "I'd like that Draco."

Draco smiled at him and Harry felt elated as he rushed around getting ready for lessons, being informed that he looked like a thirteen year old with her first crush, which earned Max the cold shoulder.

He couldn't wait for lessons to end, which was usual for him, but it wasn't for the usual reasons as Hermione frowned disapprovingly at him as he checked the clock for the seventh time in as many minutes.

"Honestly Harry, I know you want to get back to your babies, but we still have half an hour of Charms left." She hissed.

"It's not that, well it is, but not totally. Draco and I are going to dinner in Hogsmeade for our one year anniversary tonight after lessons." Harry said excitedly.

"You have a free period next, surely that's enough time to get ready, seeing as Draco and Blaise have Potions with me next lesson. I would think Draco takes more time to get ready anyway."

"Oh he does, but I want to settle the kids, have a bath and I need to find something to wear. I want to look good for him tonight."

Hermione grinned and Harry blushed a bit as he realised he sounded like a thirteen year old with her first crush.

"Shut up Hermione." He pouted sulkily.

"I didn't say a word." She defended with a large grin.

"You didn't have to." He informed as he wrote down the homework that was due next lesson.

"Just wait until I tell Ginny."

"Oh please don't tell Ginny, I'll never hear the end of it, she's bound to ask in front of half of Gryffindor if I wore my red and gold skirt."

"You have a red and gold skirt?" Hermione giggled.

"I had a pleated red one but Max burnt it, so Ginny gave me one of her spare ties, she enlarged it as much as she could and sewed buttons onto one half and slit holes in the other to give me a gold and red skirt with a sideways Gryffindor crest on it, Draco hates it. I doubt Max could tell you what colour it was. I'm going to have to get proper skirts soon, the Gryffindor skirt, even after being enlarged so much, is far too small; the thin end of it doesn't cover anything, I've never seen Blaise laugh so hard in his life."

Hermione looked scandalised at the improper use of a school tie, but she let out a giggle regardless, trying and failing to hold her stern look.

"Maybe it would have worked better if you had used a spare scarf instead of a tie?" She suggested and Harry smacked his own head and scrubbed his face.

"Yeah, actually that would have been a much better idea. Draco has four Slytherin scarves. He lost one and it turned up after he had replaced it, one's from his first year and it's faded and the fourth is embroidered with his name in silver."

"Maybe you could wrap that one around your hips for him, like a special present just for him alone?"

Harry grinned in delight. "Oh Hermione, I didn't know you had it in you!"

Hermione blushed, but said nothing as the bell rang. Harry linked arms with her and forced her to go over the enlarging spell with him, the scarf was a bit too slim for him to be comfortable, but if he enlarged it just a bit, he could be decent and naughty all at once.

"So I just point my wand at it right? No wand waving or swishes and flicks?"

Hermione grinned, but shook her head. "No, just point at the object, nice and steady and break the line once it's big enough."

"Do men ever use it on themselves?" He asked curious as a good looking Ravenclaw walked past with a noticeable bulge in his trousers that he was trying to hide with an armful of books, he wasn't succeeding.

Hermione looked at what he was looking at and snorted, going red cheeked. "They'd be unpleasantly surprised if they did. The spell isn't meant for human use Harry, only inanimate objects, if a man wanted to change himself there he'd have to use human transfiguration, which is very hard and very difficult to do and energy consuming to keep it up for any length of time. I dare say if he used the enlargement spell on himself he'd either lose it completely, blow that part of himself off or shrivel it to the size and texture of a raisin."

The Ravenclaw they were following and sniggering about ducked into the boys' bathroom and Harry and Hermione couldn't help but laugh as they walked past.

"Think he had Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall last period?" Harry sniggered.

"The Transfiguration classroom is on the ground floor Harry; it's much more likely he came from the North Tower which meant he had Divina…"

Harry's grin almost split his face as Hermione went slightly green. Harry burst out laughing and had to stop to support himself on the wall so he could breathe.

"What's so funny?"

Harry turned to see Draco and Blaise coming towards them from Arithmancy. Harry tried to speak several times, but just started laughing again. Hermione lost patience and huffed.

"Harry saw a Ravenclaw with an erection go into the boys' bathroom and he joked that he had had Professor McGonagall last lesson when I pointed out it was more likely he had come from the North Tower, which means he had Professor Trelawney last period and Harry finds it all very amusing."

"You mean that bathroom?" Draco asked, jerking his thumb over his shoulder to the bathroom only a few steps away from them.

Harry nodded his head trying to get his breathing under control. The door to said bathroom opened and a very relaxed and sated looking Ravenclaw came out, no longer clutching his books to the front of him and Harry's eyes met the Ravenclaw's and of course Harry couldn't control his laughter and slid down the wall crying in mirth. Blaise grinned at Harry and Draco smirked at the mortified Ravenclaw, who ran off in the opposite direction.

"That wasn't very nice." Hermione chastised, though her frown wasn't as pronounced and her eyes were fighting back a laugh or two.

"I know, I'm sorry." Harry gasped from the floor. "Did you see his face?" Harry giggled and Hermione smiled against her will.

"Are you quite done ogling the Ravenclaws?" Draco asked.

"I wasn't ogling him." Harry defended as Blaise helped him up. "It was just so funny!"

"Hilarious." Draco agreed tonelessly.

"Oh come on Draco, it was funny. Max would find it funny."

"Max is a moron."

Harry scowled at Draco, not liking his attitude.

"Ignore him Mio Bello. He got a question wrong in Arithmancy for the first time ever." Blaise soothed, rubbing his shoulders.

"Whatever." Harry said, kissing Blaise, saying goodbye to Hermione and promising to catch up and walking away from Draco.

Harry made it to his rooms and kicked his shoes off and dumped his bag before scooping Farren into his arms.

"Where's my big boy." He cooed.

"Getting bigger by the day!" Max grinned, pulling Harry into his arms and giving him a big, wet kiss.

Harry smiled, his budding bad mood stopped in its tracks. Max nuzzled Farren's hair before leaning back to his face and kissing his nose, moving down to slip his tongue into his mouth. Harry sucked on that tongue and Max made a small, pleased sound.

"Enough of that, you have a baby between you." Nasta chastised as he entered the room from the bedroom, carrying Braiden, who had a sock in his mouth.

"Is there any particular reason our son is gagged with his own sock?" Harry asked with a smile.

"He likes the taste of his own foot." Max told him seriously.

"He pulled his sock off to suck his toes and then decided he'd rather suck on the sock, he screams if we take it from his mouth." Nasta informed him.

Harry tutted and handed Farren to Max and took Braiden from Nasta with a passionate kiss.

"What am I going to do with you Braiden baby?" He cooed turning his attention to the five month old baby.

Braiden pulled the sock from his mouth and dropped it, leaning forward to drool on Harry's chin instead, little fingers clenching into his hair.

"Well that was easy." Max commented as Harry nuzzled and kissed Braiden, tickling his belly and blowing raspberries on him.

"I've run you a bath Harry." Nasta told him.

Harry sighed. "It doesn't look like we're going now. Draco's in a foul mood."

"You will go if I have to make him go, he can't promise to take you out and then bail." Max said furiously.

"I don't think forcing him to go will improve his mood any." Harry said sadly.

"Any idea what put him in a bad mood?" Nasta inquired.

"Blaise said it was because he answered a question wrong in Arithmancy for the first time."

"That's not an excuse. That's weak." Max supplied. "If he doesn't take you, I will."

"I'm not really in the mood anymore either. He accused me of ogling a Ravenclaw."

"So?" Max snorted. "I would have been as well; some of those Ravenclaw blokes are fit."

Harry grinned. "It was so funny! Me and Hermione couldn't control ourselves. We were walking from Charms to the main staircase so I could come here and she could go down to the dungeons for Potions and this Ravenclaw darts past us, a bulge in his trousers trying to hide it with an armful of books, he practically dived into the bathroom. I wondered if he had had Transfiguration when Hermione pointed out that it was more likely he had come from the North Tower and Professor Trelawney and I couldn't move for breathing. Draco and Blaise found us and this Ravenclaw comes back out all relaxed with a goofy look on his face and I cracked up laughing. I couldn't help it, but then Draco started saying I was ogling him and I said I wasn't, that it was just funny and I said you would have found it funny and he said you were a moron. I just said goodbye to Hermione and Blaise and came here."

Max's grin soured on his face and he sighed. "I know well enough that Draco believes I'm a complete idiot, but for him to actually say it out loud hurts."

"You're not a complete idiot!" Harry hissed, putting Braiden down to hug him tightly. "He shouldn't have said that!"

"I'll have a chat with him." Nasta assured. "I won't have my subordinates bullying one another."

Harry snorted. "Make sure he knows he's on a bed ban until he apologises."

Max chuckled. "A bed ban? Why not just say sex ban?"

"One, because I'd never purposefully use sex as a weapon, two, we haven't exactly had a lot of sex lately, so he could still be in the bed with us as long as we aren't having sex, which is more than likely, so he's banned from the bed, not from sex."

"I respect the hell out of you for that." Max said with a smile. "Not using sex as a weapon, most submissives do, it's the only way they can control the dominant in some cases, though in a few rare cases the dominant does turn around and rape their submissive, not that I'd ever let any of the others do that to you."

Nasta arched an eyebrow up at Max. "Like any one of us would dare do that to Harry."

Harry snorted. "As long as you don't think me saying no is using sex as a weapon, because sometimes I just don't feel the urge."

Nasta chuckled and kissed him. "Of course not. I haven't felt the urge in about three weeks, not really since the quintuplets were born to be honest; I'm just too bloody tired at the end of the day."

"I always feel the urge." Max grinned.

"How can you not feel tired at the end of the day?" Nasta demanded.

"I do feel tired, but nothing can get rid of my sexual urges."

Harry chuckled and sat down on the settee with Braiden. Nasta shook his head.

"Oh no, you will be going for this meal, with Draco or with all of us but Draco if we have to. Go and get in the bath, pamper yourself a bit and then find something to wear. Go on."

Nasta guided him from the room, taking Braiden from him at the bedroom door and lightly pushing him through into the room beyond. Harry laughed, shook his head and stripped off so he could climb into the bath. He wouldn't say no to a bit of rest and relaxation, whether he went to a restaurant later or not.

Hermione made sure she sat right behind Draco, who was sat with a very silently angry Blaise. Professor Slughorn told them what they were doing, complaining once again over Professor Snape's high expectation of his N.E.W.T class, and set them to work.

"I hope you don't expect Harry to speak to you again today." She said loudly enough for the two in front of her to hear, but no one else.

"Shut up Granger." Malfoy spat.

"Well he's not going to speak to you again today, perhaps not for the rest of the week. I've been his friend for five and a half years now, I know when he's hurt and you hurt him."

Hermione watched satisfied as Malfoy gave a quick, almost panicked look to the man beside him, as if for reassurance, but Blaise was cutting up his lionfish fins, not looking at Draco at all.

"He'd be with Max and Nasta right now wouldn't he?" Hermione put in softer, more conversationally. "They'd know all about what you said to him and how you made him feel, I doubt they'll be very happy with you either, especially not when Harry fears his time of the month is coming up."

Both Blaise and Draco stilled and turned to look at her with shock and surprise.

"Harry thinks he's going to go on, you know what?" Blaise breathed, so very quietly in the hustle and bustle of the classroom.

Hermione nodded. "His stomach and abdomen have tightened up and he's feeling more of an urge to eat cereal and toast, especially in the mornings after he's just woken up. He's trying to control it and stop himself from demanding cereals and things, but he worries he won't be able too much longer, the urge is getting stronger. He thinks maybe it will come upon him at the end of February."

"He told you before he told us?" Draco asked.

"Oh don't get your knickers in a twist, he tells Ginny and me everything."

"Not everything surely?" Blaise said a bit panicked.

"If you're on about your sexual prowess' in bed, and any other place Harry can dream up, I'm sorry to tell you he's very loose lipped about it, especially around Ginny as she finds him all the fetish clothing and toys he could possibly want in exchange for details of your bedroom life."

Hermione smiled slyly at the gaping young men who had turned to stare at her in acute horror. "Ginny is particularly interested in a certain move Nasta does with his hips that Harry just can't get enough of, that little hip rolling thing. I'm sure she'd sleep with half the world's population of men to find one who could replicate it, as it is she believes that Nasta's brother Sanex might be a big help."

"Boys, done talking are we?" Professor Slughorn had arrived at Draco and Blaise's table, Hermione made herself very busy with her potion as the two in front of her were being chewed out for talking about non-potions related topics.

"Yes sir." They both replied, getting back to work on their potions.

Hermione nodded, suitably satisfied that she had taken their minds off of their bad moods and hopefully when they reached their rooms, and Harry, Draco was ready to apologise for how he had acted, because Harry was so excited to be going on a solo date with Draco that he had been bouncing and acting like a worried girl, if Draco spoilt this for her best friend, she would have no choice but to tell Ginny and include the twins, there was going to be some pay back.

Harry felt much better as he wrapped a towel around his body and pulled the plug in the bath. He felt relaxed and happy as he dabbed himself dry and went walking into the bedroom and out into the living room.

Max whistled and Harry grinned. "Come to give us a private show love?" Max said lecherously.

Harry laughed but shook his head. "I need help picking what to wear. You know I have no fashion sense, I don't want to embarrass Draco tonight."

"After the way he's treated you why would you care?" Max mumbled darkly, just out of Harry's hearing range, but Nasta heard him.

"Of course I'll help you." Nasta exclaimed, pushing a feeding Calix into Max's arms and herding Harry back into the bedroom, he gave a warning glance to Max over his shoulder.

"Is Max mad at me?" Harry asked curiously with a touch of sadness.

"Of course he isn't, he's angry with Draco love." Nasta assured him.

"Because of what Draco said about him?"

Nasta smiled and shook his head. "No Harry, because of what he said to you, because of how unhappy he made you, Max doesn't think Draco deserves this night alone with you because of how he acted this afternoon."

"It's still our one year anniversary."

"It'll be yours and Max's one year anniversary in a few weeks." Nasta said softly.

"I know, do you think he'd like to go out with me again? Would that be unfair to the rest of you, me going out twice with Max when you and Blaise are still waiting for a first solo date?"

Harry looked so upset about it and so shamed that Nasta just had to hug him, wet towel or no.

"It's alright love, it'll soon be our first year anniversary, and I'm sure if you and Blaise want to spend the evening together, no one else will mind. We love you Harry."

Harry smiled softly and kissed him, letting the towel fall from his body as he wrapped arms around Nasta's neck.

"Oops." He blushed a pale pink, but Nasta grinned and chuckled, caressing a plump bum cheek softly.

Nasta nuzzled Harry's neck, using both hands to touch as much of Harry's thighs, bum and lower back as he could.

He sighed and pulled away. "Let's get you ready love; if we stay here any longer then I'll never let you leave."

Nasta waved his wand and dried Harry's hair for him. Harry chuckled and went to the walk in wardrobe and the section that was just his, even if he did borrow his mates' clothes, most particularly Blaise's as he was closest to his size, but he wasn't opposed to borrowing a jumper or two from his bigger, broader mates when he was particularly cold.

"Here you are." Nasta handed him his best pair of jeans, the ones that cupped and supported his bum and offered it up like a plate of meat. All of his mates loved those jeans.

"They're so tight; I won't be able to eat with those on and I haven't worn them since I put on the baby weight." Harry grumbled, even as he slipped his boxer-briefs on, his shorts were too loose to wear with those particular jeans.

"You'll be fine Cariad. None of us can resist you in those jeans, we just need to find a shirt or jumper that looks just as good, but also keeps you warm."

"Blaise's blue jumper." Harry said immediately.

"I was thinking of Draco's bright green cashmere jumper actually." Nasta replied, pulling the jumper from its padded hanger, taking the plastic wrap from it and then handing it to him.

"Draco loves this jumper; he'll kill me if I stain it, what if I spill food or drink on it?"

Nasta rolled his eyes. "When have you ever spilt your food?"

"Accidents happen." Harry pouted.

"If Draco cares more for his jumper than quality time with you, I'll beat him to death myself." Nasta said seriously.

Harry raised his arms and allowed Nasta to pull the jumper on his body.

"How do I look?" Harry asked self-consciously, smoothing over his thighs and waist, where most of the extra baby-weight was.

"Absolutely gorgeous." Nasta sighed, pulling him into a kiss, those hands gripping his supported bum through the denim. "I'm jealous of Draco; I wish I could have you all to myself when you look as hot as this."

Harry laughed and gave Nasta a coy wink. "Maybe if Draco's still in a bad mood, you can."

Nasta smiled at him softly before walking him out into the living room.

"Hey Max, what do you think of Harry? Is he ready for his date?"

Max turned around to look and then froze.

"Holy fuck, that's not fair!" Max breathed, his voice heavy with lust, his eyes widening. "I'm going to be hard all night now."

Harry laughed and went to kiss Max, who had to take advantage of the opportunity and pulled Harry onto his lap, pressing their groins together tighter than tight, holding his bum between both hands as they snogged furiously.

"Now that's not fair." Nasta commented.

The door opened and Draco and Blaise came into the living room, they just stopped, watching as Max and Harry had a furious tongue battle on the settee.

"Now that's something I want to get in on." Blaise chuckled.

"Go get in the shower Draco." Nasta encouraged. "Harry's ready and you do have school tomorrow, so the earlier you go the better. You both still need a good night's sleep."

Draco dropped his bag, kicked off his shoes, kissed Harry on the cheek and went to get in the shower as told.

"Has his mood improved?" Harry asked Blaise as soon as the bathroom door shut.

"I believe Hermione took his mind off of his bad mood by mortifying the hell out of him, telling Hermione and Ginny about our bedroom life Harry, really?"

Harry grinned unrepentantly. "Ginny knows where to find all of the best toys and clothes, I wouldn't know where to start looking if it wasn't for her, so yes, I don't mind sharing details if she gives me clothes and toys."

"I hope you told them that I'm the best in bed." Max grinned as he massaged Harry's bum before kissing and nibbling his neck.

"Obviously I don't have a favourite." Harry answered. "You're all amazing at what you do, which is making me scream and writhe and making me fist the sheets or your hair, that one time I tore Blaise's shirt from his body in orgasm, when I raked my claws all over Nasta's back, when I almost broke my toes from how hard I was digging them into Draco's back or when I almost tore a chunk from your shoulder Max. You all keep me very satisfied and my orgasms are always blinding in their intensity. It's a wonder I haven't done permanent damage to my spine from how often my pleasure arches it."

Max groped him, squeezing his thighs, bum and waist before caressing a hand over his groin.

"Max! Stop that, I need to get ready."

"You are ready."

"I'm not wearing shoes."

"Draco's still in the shower."

Harry struggled to think of something, when a small cry came from a bassinet, distracting Max for just a moment, but Harry was able to get free and he almost dived on little Leolin, who wanted a bottle.

Blaise and Nasta chuckled, but Max pouted.

"Am I so terrible?"

"No, but you're almost insatiable. If we start anything now, I'll never get to dinner with Draco."

Harry fed Leolin with the bottle Nasta handed to him, checking the temperature out of habit, not because he didn't trust Nasta's judgement.

"Are you sure I look okay?" He couldn't help asking after he had burped Leolin and put him down to sleep. "I feel huge in these jeans." He complained, looking at his thighs and bum critically.

"You look stunning Mio Bello." Blaise assured. "Any slight to your body is imagined. True you have baby weight still, but it only serves to make you look healthy, you look so beautiful as you are, perfect even, don't ruin that by criticising yourself."

"Blaise is right love, you're perfect." Max added. "I'm finding it difficult to keep my hands from you."

"The baby weight adds to your shape Harry, it doesn't detract from it, you need the weight to look healthy and you have never looked more beautiful, you're coming more into yourself as a man now, growing and becoming more defined every day, you're becoming such a handsome, gorgeous man and it's a shame that you can't see that for yourself. You don't see yourself as we see you, as everyone else sees you and if there was one thing I could change about you, it would be that. I wish that you could see yourself as we do just so you'd stop being so self-conscious and self-critical, because there is nothing wrong with you." Nasta told him seriously.

Harry swallowed and nodded, his hands stilling on where he knew the baby weight was. He'd trust his mates knew what they were talking about as he moved his hands to fiddle with the hem of the jumper instead of where the baby weight was most pronounced.

"What about the scar?" He said in a small voice. "It itches and it's painful when stretched."

Blaise came and cuddled him. "The birth of our five youngest caused that scar Mio Amore, how could we be unhappy with it? It is physical proof of your labour and amazing strength of character that created that scar, if we were at all having sex I would not avoid it, I would not shy away from it, in fact I would love to run my tongue along it, kiss it, suckle it into my mouth, because nothing could be more alluring than the physical proof that my lover has bared me children."

"Besides, you know the cream is working well enough that you may not even have a scar left once the course is completed." Max said with a soft smile. "Not that I dislike it, my Farren gave you that jagged tearing on either side of the clean line, how could I not like it?"

"If it itches in the restaurant, just scratch it Harry. If it feels painful, adjust yourself, why should you care what others think of you?" Nasta asked. "If they're as in love with their dining partner as we are with you, then they won't even notice you and Draco, though there is a point to that, if you got up stripped naked and danced the hula then they might take notice, but if you scratch your belly, who will care? If you undid your jeans because they're rubbing on your scar, who would notice except Draco, who would know why you are doing it? You're overthinking everything love."

"Who's overthinking what?" Draco asked, coming out from the bedroom wearing a pair of dark grey trousers and a silky pearl coloured shirt. He looked gorgeous.

"You will freeze to death wearing that." Nasta frowned at his thin shirt.

Draco rolled his eyes. "I'm sure I'll be fine. It's a short walk to Hogsmeade and it won't be any longer coming back."

"It's snowing." Nasta deadpanned.

"I do know how to cast a warming charm." He drawled.

Nasta sighed. "Fine, just be careful, the both of you."

"They'll be fine Nas." Max assured. "I'll have some hot chocolate waiting when you get back, it'll warm your hands up if nothing else."

Harry grinned at the mention of chocolate and Max kissed him with a grin.

"We won't be more than a few hours." Draco told the others as they said their goodbyes.

Harry made sure to kiss everyone goodbye, including their six children, promising to be back for their night time feeds and then he and Draco started the walk to Hogsmeade hand in hand.

"Before we arrive Harry, I just wanted to say I was sorry for how I behaved this afternoon. I shouldn't have said half of what I did and didn't say any of what I should have. I'm sorry for how I acted."

"That's okay; Blaise said why you were in a bad mood, as long as you're not now."

"How could I be in a bad mood now that I am hand in hand with you on our way to our first ever date?"

Harry grinned and moved his hand to lace their fingers together in a more intimate hand hold.

"Granger had some interesting things to say." Draco informed as they made it to the Entrance Hall and then out into the grounds.

Harry went pink cheeked but he still grinned. "Blaise said and yes I do discuss my sex life with Ginny and Hermione, usually in exchange for sex toys and fetish clothing, though that's usually only Ginny, Hermione's there as an extension, she doesn't really like hearing about it, but she's getting better and less prudish."

"She also said that you had mentioned that you think you might be coming onto a heat period."

Harry's face went blank, but he sighed and licked his lips. He nodded gently.

"I think I might be, perhaps the end of next month, then two months and I get a heat period and may be pregnant once more. Joy."

"Don't worry so much about it love, if you get pregnant then you get pregnant, you know we'll support you, even if we have had a few bumps in the past."

Harry smiled at that, they had definitely had a few bumps.

"How much do you want to be a Daddy next?" Harry teased. "How about, we lock and ward ourselves in the bedroom the day my heat happens and have non-stop sex until the others break the door down, or make a hole in the wall?" Harry suggested, giving a cheeky grin to Draco.

"Oh I don't know, if we really want to be sure we should lock ourselves in the bedroom three days before, just to get in some practise." Draco smirked and Harry couldn't help laughing, kissing Draco's chin.

"It's a plan. We'll make a beautiful little blonde baby together sooner rather than later."

"As long as our child has my textured hair, I don't care what colour hair it is." Draco assured. "Though a blonde haired baby of my blood would be a welcomed addition. Not that I don't love our other six. I do…"

"I know." Harry assured. "I know what you mean, if it were me I'd love them all as well, but I'd want one of my own, there's nothing wrong with that Draco."

Draco smiled and held Harry's hand tighter, leaning down for a kiss. Harry obliged him happily as they carried on to Hogsmeade and the small restaurant on the outskirts of the village.

Unlike the restaurant they had been to in Guadeloupe and the one he had been to with Max, this one did not have a hostess or a Maître'd waiting for them, but they found a table for two themselves and then a waiter happily came over to them.

"We don't see many students out on a school night." The waiter winked at them with a smile. "Naughty, naughty, but I won't tell."

"We are seventeen." Harry said with a grin.

"Of course you are, you're in every single paper, it's not hard in a small village like this, and with being so close to the school, to hear all about you and your gorgeous collection of men. Where are the other three?"

"Looking after the six children." Harry replied, thinking that that was a tad obvious.

"I had heard it was only four." The waiter said with a frown.

"Cameron, Cameron, go and get them drinks." An older woman looking a bit panicked came over to usher the young man away hurriedly. "I'm sorry for my son; he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut sometimes. I'm Lucille; you may call me Lucy if you wish, but never Cilla, my grandmother used to call me Cilla, horrible woman."

Harry chuckled. "It's nice to meet you Lucille."

"Nonsense, we're happy to have you here, I take it this is a special occasion?"

"Our one year anniversary."

"Has it been one year already? My, my, how the time flies. I take it you wanted something toned down for the evening, but something a bit more special than the three broomsticks?"

Harry grinned. "This was a slight surprise for me, Draco set everything up."

"Such a sweetheart. Now, I understand you are seventeen now, but I also know it's a school night, so you're limited to one bottle of wine only, but we do a very special range of fruit cocktails that look alcoholic to please you older students."

"Thank you. I think white wine would be best tonight. Perhaps a Chardonnay." Draco spoke primly and Harry pressed his lips together to keep from laughing.

"Our finest white wine then." Lucille nodded and moved over to the kitchen.

"I think Nasta called ahead." Harry grinned.

Draco snorted. "I think if he had we would have been told they couldn't sell alcohol to any students regardless of them being of age."

Harry chuckled and shared a look with Draco as Cameron came over with a tray carrying two glasses of water and two menus. It seemed his Mother had had words with him as he smiled politely at them, didn't say a word and left them quickly.

Harry shared a snort of laughter with Draco as they both sipped their water.

"I'm not sure what I want." Harry said with a frown as he looked through his menu. "It's been so long since I had a choice really, Max has usually starts making dinner before we get back to the rooms to save time."

"Anything you want Harry." Draco assured him as a foot clad in soft leather brushed his calf. Harry grinned at Draco and they started a game of footsie under the table, very glad that the antique style white tablecloths went to the floor.

"I think I want something light, maybe white fish and potatoes." Harry pouted and checked through his menu once more. "Yep, I'm sorted."

"Here is our finest wine." Lucille told them, pouring a small amount into two glasses. "This is a fine Chardonnay with a ripe, crisp flavour of pears, apple and citrus."

"That is good." Draco said after taking a sip.

Harry sipped it and thought it tasted like bitter, battery acid, but he smiled and agreed with Draco none-the-less.

"I really think you and Blaise are more into wine than I am." Harry said after Lucille had left them with the bottle and had taken their orders.

"Don't you like it?" Draco asked.

"All I can taste is how bitter it is." Harry frowned. "Red wine didn't taste like this."

"Red wines are softer." Draco agreed. "I enjoy the stronger, sharper whites. If you want red wine I can order you some, damn what Lucille says about one bottle limits, I'm a Malfoy."

Harry chuckled. "No, that's alright. I think white wine must be an acquired taste though, all you posh bastards like white wine."

"Oh? Is that how it is now?" Draco grinned at him. "You wait until we get out of here."

"What are you going to do to me?" Harry asked softly, giving Draco a coy look and a wink. "Will I like it?"

Draco moved his foot higher up his leg and Harry laughed.

"Maybe you will."

"Are we going to have a night of passion in the Shrieking Shack?"

"No we are not going to have any night of passion in a shack." Draco replied scandalised and Harry laughed at him so hard he had to wipe away tears. "There must be years' worth of dust and grime in that place, it'll be filthy!"

"It has a bed though." Harry said saucily.

"I don't care if it has a…wait, how do you know it has a bed? How did you even get in there, it's completely boarded up?"

"There is one way in, if you want, I'll show you." Harry winked and sipped on his white wine, trying and happily succeeded on not pulling an unsexy face at the taste to ruin the image.

"But…when did you get to go in the Shrieking Shack?"

"Third year, a Grim broke Ron's leg pulling him across the grounds, so me and Hermione followed it to save him…"

"You followed a death omen as it dragged Weasley across the school grounds?"

"What if it had been one of your friends?" Harry challenged.

"Are you kidding? If that was me and a Grim had one of my friends, I'd say fuck it and let it have him as long as I get back to the castle in one piece."

Harry shook his head. "You're despicable Mr Malfoy."

"It's better than chasing a bloody death omen across the grounds, wait until Nasta hears this, he'll freak."

"Nasta's too easy." Harry scoffed.

"Myron's not." Draco put in slyly.

"You dare!" Harry challenged.

"Oh I do."

Harry laughed then, throwing his head back. "I won't tell you the rest of the story then."

"Oh you have to!" Draco complained. "I knew Weasley had had his leg mangled in third year, I need to know the story behind it."

Harry shook his head. "Well it turns out the Grim was an escaped mass murder…"

"Wait, wait, wait. This death omen was Sirius Black? Is that how he escaped from Azkaban?"

"Yes, the Dementors were less effective when he was in his animagus form, something about them not understanding an animal's emotions, he lost so much weight that he was able to slip through the bars in his dog form and he swam to shore where he lived as a stray until he reached Hogsmeade."

"That actually bears some thinking." Draco said consideringly.

"You had better not be planning on being thrown into Azkaban; I'll never forgive you for all the missed sex."

Draco, who had taken a sip of wine, spluttered and coughed as he laughed in surprise.

"You're terrible love of mine." He said.

They both quietened down when two plates of food were brought out by the chef himself, it wasn't any wonder, they were the only customers in the restaurant.

Harry took a bite and made a pleased sound.

"Oh this is gorgeous." He exclaimed, which made the chef beam and Lucille to beam happily at her…Husband? Harry wanted to say her Husband.

"If there is anything at all you need, don't hesitate to ask for it." The chef told them sincerely and bowed away from them.

"Max's cooking is better." Harry whispered a bit guiltily.

Draco smirked and nodded. "I know. I think we've become so used to Max's way of cooking everything, that nothing else compares now, not even restaurant food. Max has ruined us all."

Harry chuckled and clinked his wine glass with Draco's. "Happy anniversary Draco, you've made me so happy over this past year, even though we had a rocky start and more bumps than we have extended family members, the only thing missing now is a baby between us, but we're sure to remedy that soon enough."

Draco chuckled. "I never once dreamed that I could be so happy and when my first submissive meeting was Harry bloody Potter of all people I thought I was out of luck, but you've really surprised me and I've surprised myself over this last year, I never thought I'd be able to share you with Blaise, let alone two others, but I've come to love all of you, even Max and Nasta and though we have six children and none of them are biologically mine, I love them with all my heart, I can assure you, no matter how terrified I was of Braiden in those first few early months."

Harry chuckled as he remembered Draco's face when he had asked him to bathe Braiden for the first time, horrified just didn't quite cover it.

"The truth is Harry, I have never been happier than when I'm with you and though I may say and do stupid things when I'm angry, that anger will pass, but my love for you never will, so please, never take anything I say in the heat of the moment to heart, because I don't mean it."

The two of them shared a soft, sweet kiss over the table and Harry felt a bit too choked up to eat, so he took a gulp of wine instead, waiting for when he calmed down a bit.

They both ate their meal, drank their wine and laughed over the table, Draco's foot on Harry's leg and Harry's foot climbing ever higher until it stopped in Draco's lap as they were brought their dessert. A large slice of homemade winter fruit pie with freshly whipped cream.

Draco almost choked on the spoon of pie and cream Harry fed him when a foot suddenly moved that last inch into his lap, but Harry continued looking at him through wide eyes and an innocent smile.

"You're a shameful flirt Harry." Draco hissed at him.

"Would you like for me to remove my foot?" Harry questioned with a slight head tilt and a grin, his foot applying more pressure, Harry flexed his foot, rubbing against Draco's groin.

"You have to do this here? Right here, right now?" Draco asked. "Did you do this to Max?"

"Yes I have to do this right here and right now and no, I did not do this with Max, you're special." Harry breathed, moving his foot faster.

Harry got a bit of pie and cream onto the spoon he was holding and brought it to his own mouth, making sure to catch a bit of cream on the side of his mouth as he slipped the spoon into his mouth, curling his tongue around it to make sure he got everything as he slipped it back out from his mouth. He moaned lowly and flexed his foot against Draco.

"I love cream." He announced shamefully, flicking his tongue out to catch the spot of cream he had left on the side of his mouth.

"Fuck, you'll be the death of me." Draco said, a low, bass growl entering his voice, his eyes fixed to Harry's tongue, which was tracing the outline of his mouth, looking for more missed cream.

"As long as the fuck comes before the death, we won't have a problem." Harry winked sultrily.

"Max is right. Wine does do something to you."

"Or maybe, I just like spending time with the people I love the very most."

"No, definitely the wine." Draco said adamantly and Harry laughed happily.

"What do you say we leave here and go and fuck in the snow, I've never made snow angels while being fucked before."

Draco closed his eyes and breathed deeply, even as Harry's foot rubbed harder against him.

"I promised Nasta we'd come straight back after dinner."

"Nas doesn't have to know."

"Are you kidding? That man knows everything."

Harry chuckled. "Then we'll have to convince him that it was worth it, that or we tie him up and gag him and have our wicked way with him."

"I think I'm going to keep a bottle of wine in the cold cupboard just for you. But if anyone, and I mean anyone, sees what you've done to me I'm going to hit you over the head with it instead."

Harry couldn't help laughing at that.

"What will your Mum say if she sees her only baby boy in the paper with an erection?"

Draco went pink. "I don't even want to think about it."

"Come on, let's get out of here, it's getting late and Nasta wants us home. I swear that man worries more than a parent does."

Draco smirked and stood up, helping Harry to his feet, they cuddled and Harry found out why when he felt a hardness brush his hip. He laughed and slipped a hand low on Draco's waist.

"You touch it and I'll kill you and leave your body in a snow drift." Draco muttered as Lucille hurried over to them.

Harry laughed and held onto Draco tightly.

"Leaving so soon? Was everything to your liking?"

"Yes thank you. Everything was lovely, we're expected back though, I don't like leaving my babies for too long."

"Very understandable." Lucille smiled.

Draco handed her a full bag of gold Galleons and Harry knew it was far too much for what they had eaten, even with the wine, not that he minded as they moved off.

"But, your change!" Lucille said concernedly.

"Keep it." Harry smiled toothily.

"Bless you both." Lucille smiled at them and they went out the door, Harry holding it open for Draco before following the blonde into the snow.

"Oh hell, is it just me or did it just get colder?" Harry complained, wrapping his arms around himself. "You must be freezing Draco!"

"It's only for a little while." Draco assured.

Harry giggled. "I can see your nipples."

Draco looked at his chest, where his nipples were standing out like pebbles through his thin, silky shirt.

"One problem goes, another arises." Draco sighed.

Harry looked disappointedly to Draco's trousers and the erection that had vanished with the cold. He instead set to playing with and pinching Draco's nipples.

"Stop that."

Harry grinned. "I don't think so. I'd suck on them if you stood still long enough."

"I am not going to stand still so you can suck my nipples in the middle of Hogsmeade, at ten in the night, in January."

"Spoil sport." Harry pouted.

Draco chuckled and knocked his legs from under him, carrying him through the village and into the school grounds.

"You just want to stay warm don't you?" Harry chuckled.

"Partly, that and I like carrying you, it shows off my biceps."

Harry grinned at Draco and set to nibbling and kissing his jaw and neck.

"If my erection comes back Harry, I'll shove it down your throat."

"Oh please." Harry begged breathily.

Draco shivered as they walked down the pathway to the castle and it wasn't from the cold wind that blew around them.

"Tonight was supposed to be a nice evening, just the two of us, bonding and sharing a lovely meal together. It's not supposed to have anything to do with sex."

"It can still be a nice evening if we have sex." Harry whispered into Draco's ear. "I was always more into physical bonding anyway."

Draco shivered again as he carried Harry up the stone steps and into the Entrance Hall. They met Filch halfway to the staircase.

"Students out of bed!" He almost yelled as if they were hiding in the shadows. "It's after curfew! Detention the both of you!"

Draco shifted Harry into his right arm and pulled out a sheaf of parchment with his left.

"We had permission from the Headmaster to go into Hogsmeade to celebrate our anniversary. You'll note that it specifies that we are allowed to break curfew." Draco drawled as he handed the parchment to the caretaker.

Filch looked livid and the parchment shook in his hands.

"Get off the both of you, if I see you again tonight there will be punishment!"

Draco raised a perfect blonde eyebrow, smirked and set off up the staircase after a rebellious pause. Harry giggled and went back to licking Draco's chin.

They didn't make it to the fourth floor before Harry slipped out of Draco's arms and shoved him into a broom cupboard, tripping him onto a box of cleaning supplies and slipped onto his lap, grinding against him, silencing his protests with fast and furious kisses.

Missing Scene

Harry was breathing so hard his belly and chest rose with his rapid inhalations. He cuddled tightly to Draco, who was panting into his ear.

"That was amazing." Draco said his voice still deep, but now raw sounding as if he had screamed his throat raw.

Harry nodded tiredly. "I love you." He whispered, his voice almost gone.

"I love you so much, I'm never letting go of you. Though if we don't get back soon Nasta, Blaise and Max will come looking for us and they'll find us frozen solid in this position. It's freezing!"

Harry chuckled. "I can't move." He rasped.

"That's alright, you've been so active tonight, I don't mind carrying you."

Draco stood up with Harry wrapped around him like a limpet, stooped to yank up his boxers and trousers one handed, zipped them up so they wouldn't fall down when he walked, but left the button and belt open. He dragged Harry's trousers onto his legs and shoved his boxer-briefs into his pocket.

"I forgot what floor we're on." Harry croaked.

"Don't speak love, you'll damage your voice more, we're on the fourth floor. It won't take us long to get back."

"Time's it?" Harry asked, his throat tightening to make the hoarse pitch of his voice waver.

"Almost eleven." Draco grimaced. "Nasta's going to kill me."

Harry snuggled up to Draco as he was carried through the castle, he was regretting his rash decision to take Draco without preparation or lube as he was already feeling so sore. When the endorphins wore off this quickly, there was a lot of pain to come.

They made it to the seventh floor and Draco sighed heavily as they rounded the corner where the portrait to their rooms was located. Draco took out his wand, tapped the keyhole in the picture and the door swung open.

"There you are!" Max said happily. "I thought you might have booked a room at the Three Broomsticks." He wiggled his eyebrows salaciously.

"Is Harry alright?" Blaise asked concernedly.

"Fine." Harry rasped, that one word wavering as he forced it out.

"I told you to stop speaking." Draco admonished as he settled Harry on a settee.

"What happened?" Nasta asked.

"He lost his voice." Draco replied.

"Any idea why?"

"Screamed too loud." Harry told them, his voice dipping even quieter.

All three mates looked to Draco, who glared at Harry. He sighed and nervously gripped his own upper arm.

"We had sex in a broom cupboard on the fourth floor." He admitted.

Max laughed loudly and moved to cuddle Harry.

"You gave him wine didn't you? Little bugger's a demon when he's on wine."

"I had no idea he had it in him to do…that!" Draco admitted with a pink blush.

"He's a dominating little bottom after a few glasses of wine." Max agreed.

"How much wine did you have?" Nasta asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

"We shared one bottle." Draco told him.

Nasta nodded, looking a mite happier. "So neither of you are drunk?"

"I'm certainly not, not from half a small bottle of wine." Draco stated. "Harry was fine as well, even once we got outside, he walked fine."

"Until you're nipples stood out." Harry croaked with a grin.

"You stop talking." Draco ordered.

"Did you have a good time?"

"Yes." Draco answered as Harry nodded.

"Why do I smell blood?" Nasta demanded as he inhaled deeply.

Harry raised a hand and waved it. "Sex was rough." He said hoarsely.

Nasta sighed, gave a look to Max, who stood up to get the salve.

"Did you have to be so rough?" Nasta sighed.

"You're saying that as if it was my idea." Draco defended. "It was all him, he was the one who shoved me into that cupboard, tripped me onto a box and then fucked himself on me. He didn't give me time to even get my bearings, let alone enough time to even think to stop him, by the time I realised he was on top of me, he had already sat down on me."

"Oh I wish I had been there. Gorgeous, hard man Draco being dominated by our sweet, little Harry." Max grinned, throwing the jar of salve to Nasta as he started making five large mugs of hot chocolate.

"There was nothing sweet about it." Draco grumbled. "He was like a ravenous animal, really, we need to give him more sex."

Harry perked up and that and grinned while nodding. "I like that idea." He whispered.

"You would." Nasta smiled, picking him up bodily, setting him over his knees and pulling his loose, undone trousers down. He hissed.

Draco moved to look and he had to close his eyes at the amount of blood on Harry's thighs.

"You should have stopped." Nasta said furiously.

"I didn't want to." Harry hissed as much as he could through his raw throat.

"You're nearly torn apart."

"I enjoyed every minute."

Nasta shook his head as he set to cleaning Harry up before applying the salve. Harry flinched as a long tear was touched. "Ow! Careful." He exclaimed in his pathetic whisper.

"If you wanted careful, you wouldn't be in this state!" Nasta huffed, but he moved that much slower and gentler regardless.

Nasta pulled Harry's trousers off completely before he righted him and cuddled him on his lap, giving him a comforting cwtch.

"What are we going to do with you?" He sighed, laying a kiss to his hair. "Twice you've gone out for a solo date and twice you've gone all aggressive dominant on your dining partner because of wine."

"To be fair, I did go even bigger aggressive dominant on him back." Max said as he handed out the hot chocolate.

Harry chuckled and nodded.

"Did you at least enjoy the meal you went for or can't you remember it?" Blaise asked as he sipped on his own hot chocolate.

"Lovely." Harry said strained. "Not as good as Max's cooking, but I enjoyed it. I was good." Harry turned to insist to Nasta. "I had sea bass, potatoes, green beans and hollandaise sauce, though we did share some winter fruit pie and cream."

"He's never allowed to eat that again." Draco said from the adjacent settee where he sat with Blaise and Max.

"The fish or the pie?" Max asked curiously.

"The cream." Draco elaborated.

Harry grinned.

"You didn't?" Nasta asked.

"It's not my fault it was a big spoon and I got cream on the corner of my lip, of course I was going to lick it off. I was hardly going to keep it there." Harry insisted as loudly as he could.

That made them all laugh as Draco pouted.

"Did you have any trouble? I know the villagers like to gossip."

"No, everything was amazing, except the waiter." Harry said darkly.

"What did he do?"

"Made mention of the papers and tried to correct us when we said we had six children, he seemed to believe we only had four. That put a dark mood over us right from the start, until his Mother came over." Draco replied.

Harry hissed unhappily and Nasta wrapped him in a tighter cwtch.

"I liked Lucille." Harry admitted. "Didn't like her son too much though."

"I think his Mother hit shit out of him in the kitchen for what he said, we were their only customers all night and they could have lost us."

"Is that why you tipped them so heavily? Did you feel bad?" Harry whispered, his voice cracking twice. He moved a hand to rub at his neck.

"I did feel slightly bad yes, because it is a nice restaurant, clean, usually friendly and they have good food and good wine, too many of the villagers prefer the Three Broomsticks though."

"I don't."

"Maybe you should stop talking Prezioso." Blaise said as Harry's pitch went through three different frequencies.

Harry nodded and drank his hot chocolate.

"I want to know what you did to him." Max told Draco. "I want to know what you did to make him scream so loudly he lost his voice, none of us have managed that bar you."

"Don't look at me, it was all him!" Draco insisted.

Harry laughed as he finished his mug of chocolate and whispered the word 'bed' between them. Nasta happily carried him into their bedroom and the others followed, ready to calm down and sleep until tomorrow, then all of the happy, funny, sordid details would come out. Harry could hardly wait as he snuggled up between two warm bodies and drifted off to sleep, hopefully his voice would be fine by tomorrow morning, he did not want to face Hermione and Ginny when they knew he had gone on a solo date with Draco.

A/N: This was planned to be half the length it is now, but as with all perfectly made plans, the plot line didn't want to stick to the word limit, so it doubled before I even thought of editing it.

I left this out of the main story because of the sheer length it was going to be, I wanted it to be about 5,000 words, that in the middle of a chapter would have detracted too much from the main plot, so it was pushed to the side and a good thing too what with the length it has ended at, so I hope you all enjoy this piece.

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