Max was angry; he didn't think he had ever been so angry in his life. His hands had balled into fists and both of his arms were shaking with the strain, with how tightly he had clenched his fists.

Harry was so upset, how could his own parents upset Harry so much as to sap the laughter and smiles out of him? Harry had been so quiet, so withdrawn over the past few days and he had been fretting and worrying that maybe he hadn't fully forgiven him and Nasta, even as he assured them he had, only to find out that his own Mother had gone and forgotten something that was tearing the rest of them apart.

How do you ever forget that someone had told you the hideous details of how they had been dragged up through childhood? They had all had to sit and listen to Harry describe in vivid detail the things that had happened to him, the monstrous things that had been inflicted upon him. How do you forget seeing pictures of a bare and bloodied room with several heavy duty locks on the door and a cat flap for food? His Dad had shown them all those pictures, even though he strictly hadn't been allowed to as it could compromise the case, to help them understand what Harry had been forced through and she turned around and forgot all about it, how could she have forgotten?

He spent half his nights dreaming about it, tossing and turning and waking in a sweat as he dreamed of a tiny, toddler Harry being smacked about and starved like a prisoner in his own home. Sometimes it snuck up on him; he would be watching Harry, on the floor playing with Braiden, making their beautiful little son giggle and screech in laughter, a wide smile on his own face, laughing with Braiden and so very happy and the thought would slip over his mind that Harry had had precious little reason to laugh when he was a child himself, that when he had been just a toddler, not even out of nappies, he was being forced to do things that no child should ever know, he had been forced to clean, had been pushed aside and left to his own devices for hours on end, he hadn't been watched, he hadn't been fed properly, he hadn't been changed regularly enough, he had been kept in a fucking cupboard! Yet his Mother forgot, when no one else could get those thoughts or images from their head, when the court date loomed over them like a tidal wave of pain and sorrow and hurt, she could forget all about it. How?! How could she just forget when he knew his Dads' were preparing heavily for the court case, when they had dedicated an entire room in their home for the information they had stockpiled ready for the court date, when they threatened so often to kill the monsters who had treated Harry like an unwanted sickness.

Max's hands tightened further, his short nails digging into his palms, though he was thankful that he had cut them recently along with Braiden's, he didn't need the scent of blood around him just now, he would turn feral. He just knew it.

He breathed in deeply, lingeringly and he scented out his Mother, like he would have scented out prey to offer to his hungry submissive. The comparison was not lost on him.

He pushed past his sister Talia as if she wasn't there, ignoring her gasped exclamation of surprise, he didn't stop, his mind was on one thing as he followed the scent of his prey to where it was most concentrated.

Talia followed him and he grunted in annoyance of having his stealth compromised.

"Maxie, please, what's wrong?" She asked him gently, her black eyes flashing in worry and concern.

Max just huffed and took in a deep breath, ignoring the flowery scent from beside him, it was annoying and cloying on his throat, it wasn't natural.


Max winced as the loud sound pierced his hunter sharp hearing and gave away his position to his prey, he turned to the flowery scent and snarled, advancing on it and pinning it into a corner, it was annoying and overbearing, too loud, too unnatural. Something hard and heavy tackled him sideways and he had been too overwhelmed to sense it coming, that fake, unnatural scent was toying with his hunter skills.

"Maximilius, what is the meaning of this?!"

Max snarled and tried to get that heavy body off of his own, his head was slammed back into the floor and his vision went white with the force of it, he snarled and his head was hit again against the floor, his head and neck twitched, ticking out of his control as his human mind tried to come to the forefront. His head was bashed into the floor a third time and he moaned, rolling his head on the floor until his burning cheek rested against the cool tile of the kitchen floor.

He breathed deeply and calmly, he opened his eyes and looked up at his Father, his very angry Father who was glaring at him through those smouldering black eyes. He wondered how he had gotten here and what he was doing and then it all came back to him and anger tightened his body again.

"Where is she?!" He demanded in a bass growl.

Myron sneered. "You leave your sister alone!" He commanded.

"What? I don't want her!"

Myron blinked, thrown off course and he looked up to his Husband, who had also come running at Talia's scream.

"He was angry when he arrived." Talia said, shaken up by her brush with her feral brother, but there had been many of them over the years, from both of her brothers and she knew they never meant it, that they would never mean to hurt her, her sisters or each other.

"Who are you looking for, whatever your sisters have said…"

"I don't want them!" Max snarled, Myron bashed his head against the floor again.

"Keep control of yourself! Two of your sisters, your human sisters, are here, in this house. I won't let you endanger them!"

"Daddy? What's going on, what's wrong with Max?" Alayla asked from where she was being shielded by Richard.

"Alayla, Talia, go upstairs and lock yourselves in one of the bedrooms." Myron ordered.

"It's not them I want!" Max shouted. "Where is she?"

"I assume you mean your Mother?" Richard answered as he crouched down behind Max and held his head still.

"How could she have hurt Harry like that?!" He roared.

"Mum hurt Harry?" Talia asked, her black eyes narrowing. "Why the hell would she do that?"

"Language!" Myron snapped.

"Why have you only just lost control now?" Richard asked. "This happened days ago."

"Did Harry really only just tell you?" Myron asked, it was his understanding that a submissive would have loved to throw something like this in their dominant's face, surely Harry wasn't completely different to every other submissive, it was illogical.

"Oh believe me he didn't want to tell me or Nasta anything, but he wasn't the only one there that day was he?"

"Draco and Blaise." Richard sighed.

"They sent that howler to her; I had to find out through a damned owl from you what was going on. That she dared to hurt Harry like she did!"

"We're dealing with it." Myron told him.

"I don't care! I want to hear it from her mouth, I want to know why she did it, how she could have done that to him!"

"What did she do?" Alayla asked, her face pulled into a frown. "We all love Harry, he's just brilliant, why would Mum hurt him?"

"She didn't physically hurt him." Richard explained to his confused daughters.

"She might as well have taken a fucking crowbar to his head!" Max shouted. "Where is she?"

"Mum went shopping." Talia told him and Max immediately went to sit up. Both Myron and Richard rushed to pin him back securely to the floor.

"What are you thinking?" Myron demanded. "What are you going to do? Shout and attack your Mother in the middle of a Muggle supermarket? Do you want to be executed? Do you want your entire family to be blood tested and executed as well? Do you?!"

"Just think Max, you're not thinking, you can't put your family in danger like this! Calm down." Richard encouraged, nuzzling his child's face.

"I can't, I need to know what she was thinking!"

"What did she do?!" Alayla demanded sharply, glaring at her Fathers.

Myron sighed heavily, was it foolish of him to have thought he could keep this from his daughters? Probably, nothing got past his shrewd, intelligent daughters.

"We found out that Harry is going to have a heat period in two weeks' time, your Mother told Harry that it is usually the submissives family that look after the children during heat periods when he said he wanted us and Aneirin to look after the babies."

"But Harry's family are in court custody, they're standing trial for his abuse and neglect." Talia said slowly with a frown. "Of course he wouldn't want them looking after his children, not that they could anyway."

"Mum would know this, why did she say that to him? It's cruel." Alayla said.

"That's the kicker." Max snarled. "She turned around and told him she fucking forgot! How does anyone forget that a family member has been through such a terrible, lifelong ordeal?!"

"Mum actually said that? She told Harry that she had forgotten that he had been through so much? But we were talking about it just last week! She was there when we were talking about it Daddy!" Alayla said to Richard.

"I know honey, your Father and I have been trying to figure it out, but she's not talking to us."

"Can't you just order her to answer?" Talia asked.

"We don't want to take her free will away from her like that." Myron answered. "We have always tried to treat her properly, but she is coming to the end of my patience, I want to know how she could have forgotten something like this when we talk about it more often than anything else."

"What has she said?" Alayla asked.

"Nothing." Richard sighed.

"Should we call Caesar and Juda?" Talia asked.

"No, leave it be." Myron said softly. "Your Mother feels terrible enough as it is, without the entire family converging on her at once, plus you know Amelle is pregnant again, Caesar won't want to be from her side."

"I'm sure he would." Talia grumbled.

"Can you remain calm Max?" Richard asked, petting his firstborn's hair lightly, smoothing his hand over his face gently.

"I don't know. I'm so angry with her; I can't believe she said that to him! You should have seen his face Dad, he was devastated and he's hurting."

"Just wait until Granddad finds out, he'll kill her." Alayla said. "He loves Harry more than anyone; it's all he can speak about some days."

Max chuckled. "Everyone loves Harry, who couldn't love him? He's just so amazing and I don't deserve him as it is, without my own Mother starting on him!" Max had started out gushing, but rapidly turned to growling again. His mood changing in an instant, a sign of ferine.

"He chose you Max." Talia told him.

"He didn't though, did he? He got stuck with me! If it wasn't for Draco taking those disgusting suppressants, he wouldn't have destroyed Harry's trust in him and Harry wouldn't have rejected him and started looking for another mate. Harry told us that he always knew that he wanted Nasta, from the very first day he met him, he wanted Nasta, not me! If he had only had the three mates he needed, it wouldn't have been me!"

"But he did have that mishap Max, he did take you as his mate, no one else, you and he loves you so very much or he wouldn't be hurting so much after your fight." Richard explained as he lay down on his back, turning his head to look at Max.

Myron shifted his legs to spread Max's more, so he couldn't get any leverage, so it was only his powerful upper body that could get him off the floor and as he was pinning Max's shoulders to the floor, his son was not going anywhere soon. Ashleigh had been gone for two hours, she would be back soon.

"Uncle Nico said that hundreds of dominants turned out for Harry." Alayla told her brother softly. "Hundreds Max, not one dominant left those meetings of their own accord, they all wanted him and out of all of those dominants, he chose you, he called to you when he went onto his heat, you, no one else. It wasn't anyone else he wanted."

Max nodded and let go of the breath he was holding, he knew all of that, but still, he owed Draco really for taking those suppressants, even though it could have severely damaged the blonde, even though he had physically hurt Harry and broken his trust, if it wasn't for him doing all of that, he wouldn't be mated right now, he wouldn't have two gorgeous biological sons, he wouldn't have four male lovers, he wouldn't have three more beautiful, amazing sons to love, he wouldn't have a daughter he could spoil and buy stunning little dresses for, he wouldn't have a family.

"I can't lose him. Not for anyone." He said with a half sob. "He means the world to me, they all do. How could I live without them? Without cuddling with Harry or teasing Draco? Without laughing with Blaise and supporting Nasta? How am I supposed to live knowing that I have six children growing in the world and I'm not there? I won't let anyone jeopardise that, not even my own Mother, if I have to sever ties, I will. I don't want to, but I will not risk losing them."

Myron felt like his breath had forcibly been expelled from his lungs, which ached and burned as he tried to draw breath through his dry throat. He went from pinning his son to clutching him; the transition was so smooth he barely noticed it. He could not lose his child, their firstborn son, his only biological son. His Dracken bellowed inside of him, lashed at him with claws and made his gums and nail beds ache to shift into their more primal counterpart. They could not lose their baby.

"No!" He snarled, clutching Max to him. "No! I won't allow it."

"I have to. If it will make it right between Harry and me, I have to do anything and everything I can to make it right between us and she hurt him terribly. I can't let that stand!"

"Max love, please, just ask Harry if it's what he wants first." Richard begged.

"Harry's too soft for his own good." Max said.

"I know, but please, it may not be what he wants or what he means."

"I want her to answer my questions first, only then will I put Harry through anymore."

Richard and Myron shared a look. They had been trying for days to get her to speak, but she was being stubborn and not answering. She told them it was just a slip of the tongue, a brainless moment, but they didn't believe her, they could tell she was lying, they knew her too well, had known her for too long.

Ashleigh took that moment to come home and Myron held Max tightly, body to body and Richard sat up to hold Max's hands so he couldn't shift his hands and dig claws into Myron's back, just in case he went feral again. His legs were being sat on by Myron.

"I'm home! Where is everyone?" She called happily and Max stiffened. How dare she be so happy when Harry was so fucking miserable!

She came into the kitchen and stopped, looking at her two dominant lovers wrapped around her oldest son, but it was the look on said son's face that chilled her. She had never wanted any child of hers to look at her with such hate, such cold loathing.

"How could you have said such a thing to Harry Mum?" Talia demanded, staring at her Mother hard, through those gorgeous black eyes she had taken directly from her Father.

"I…it was just a slip of the tongue darling, I didn't mean it, surely Harry knows that?"

"Harry is fucking miserable because of what you said to him!" Max snarled at her and she took a step back, she hadn't expected this, not from her babies.

"No, he would understand, Harry's a lovely boy; he's not like the others."

"Like you, you mean!" Max threw at her. "You're just like the rest of them! Bitches the lot of you!"

"Maximilius!" Myron snarled. "I know you're angry, but you do not speak to your Mother like that!"

"She's not my Mother!" Max hissed. "I have no Mother!"

Ashleigh gasped and took a step back and Myron let go of Max in shock, his fingers felt numb. No, he couldn't let this happen! He couldn't let his family fall apart like this, he couldn't, his heart wouldn't take the split.

"Maxie, please." Richard said softly. "Please, don't do this."

"No! She hurt him! She forgot everything he has had to overcome through his life; he's been through hell and back! He's been hurt and he's still hurting, the court date is this spring! It's so close and none of us can think of anything else, tell me how the hell you forget?"

Ashleigh remained silent, shocked under the words her son was shouting at her, she swallowed and tried to think of something, anything to say that could make this better. She took too long.

"ANSWER ME?!" Max roared as loudly as he could, losing control of himself and trying to throw himself at his Mother. Myron pinned his legs and gripped his waist, dragging him under his body and lying on him.

Ashleigh flinched away from her son and felt her heart break. This was all wrong, so wrong. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

"How could you do this Mum? What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking Laya love, I didn't mean to hurt Harry, of course I never forgot what happened, I don't know why I said it and I will apologise to him repeatedly."

"You're LYING!" Max screamed. "You won't go near him or my children! You stay away!"

Ashleigh felt like Max had crippled her and she felt dizzy, she clutched her chest and looked at her livid son in shocked horror.

"You can't!" She gasped. "Please, don't keep me from them!"

"No, you stay away from my family! I don't want you anywhere near them!"

"No, Maxie, please, you can't keep me from them, you just can't!"

Ashleigh fell to her knees in front of her son and she tried to reach out to him but he lashed out at her, only missing because Myron lunged for his wrists and pinned them both to the kitchen floor.

"You don't deserve to know them! I don't want you anywhere near Harry or my children! I don't want to see you; I don't want to hear from you, I don't want to know the woman who could forget what Harry went through! Let go of me!"

"What are you going to do?" Myron asked, feeling his heart breaking.

"I'm going home away from her!"

"Max, please don't do this, please!" Richard begged, his eyes already tearing up and his throat going tight with emotion.

"I didn't do anything." Max panted harshly. "It wasn't me who did this Dad, it was her! This is all your fault!" Max told Ashleigh, getting his knees under himself and sitting up, his Father still holding him.

He pushed his Father off and stormed out of the kitchen, ignoring his teary sisters, his sobbing Dad and his horrified Father and Mother.

"Please Max, I love them, you can't stop me from seeing them!" Ashleigh begged, coming after them.

"I already have, stay away from my family or I'll…" Max swallowed and looked his Mother in the eye. "Stay away from them, or I'll kill you. I mean it. I won't have anyone hurting Harry, not even you, so stay away from us."

Max left his Mother crying helplessly and rocking herself back and forth on the floor and flooed back to Dumbledore's office, the man wasn't there and Max was somehow grateful for that.

He went straight to his rooms, students darting out of his way, which made a nice change from them trying to question him on everything from what it was like to be Harry Potter's lover to the babies to his other lovers and what was the worst was when some little school girl tried to flirt with him, he always felt dirty and somehow old when he stared down at them in their little uniforms as they tried to flirt with him or pass him sweets, cakes and chocolates that were most likely laced with love potion, he always shoved the boxes back at them or if he couldn't, he just dropped them on the floor. Nasta always gave him a look and said it was rude. Max always said that he didn't care and would rather discourage them harshly rather than let them think he kept their little gifts.


Max turned and looked at the little girl who ran from her group of giggling friends, all wearing a Hufflepuff uniform, blushing pink and playing with her shiny brown hair.

"Do I know you?" He asked testily.

"I…no, but I was wondering if you'd like to come with me for the next Hogsmeade weekend? It's at the beginning of the next month if you didn't know."

"Why would I do that?" He asked as calmly as he could, but his hands automatically formed into fists. "What possible reason can you think of that I would go with you, a stupid little girl, over my lovers? What makes you pathetic little girls think that I would even look at you over the four people I love so very much? I have four lovers, I have six children, I am going to be married to said lovers very soon, so tell me, where do you little shits get off asking me something so fucking stupid?"

The little girl, who had to have been a fifth or sixth year, mouthed wordlessly, her blue eyes flooded with tears and Max didn't care. He stared her down until she turned on her heel and fled from him in tears and he turned on his own heel and strode off down the corridor towards his rooms. They could say what they damn well wanted, but he would never ever be accused of cheating on Harry, he never wanted it to be doubted that he loved his four mates and only his four mates.

He reached the portrait door and jabbed it with his wand before shoving it back up his sleeve and into his holster. He stormed into the room and he knew he was too angry to be near his mates, to be questioned or prodded, so he carried right on through, not making eye contact with any of them and he went right into the bedroom and he let his anger get the better of him as he slammed the door behind him.

He breathed deeply as he heard his children crying and his heart skipped a beat as he knew it was because of him that all six of them were screaming. He clenched his hair in thick fingers and tugged on it harshly before heading up to the platform and scooping up Farren and Tegan. He sat on the bed and held them to his chest, feeling their tears soaking through his shirt as his own tears dripped off of his nose and onto their heads.

As soon as they calmed down, Max put them into their bassinets, even if they were still awake and flumped back onto the bed that smelt like all five of them mixed together. He inhaled deeply and he couldn't imagine not sleeping with his four lovers beside him. He rolled over and buried his face into Harry's pillow. He wrapped his arms around it like it was actually Harry and breathed in as deeply as he could. Chestnuts and the shampoo Harry had used the day before, formula milk that had probably dribbled onto the pillow from a night feed and a hint of Draco's cologne.

He sobbed and smothered it into the pillow. He didn't want the others coming in and he was so grateful that they hadn't yet, he just needed to be alone, he just needed to get his head around everything and to calm down and then he'd be okay. He had made the right choice, there was only really one choice when it came to sides and he had made his choice, the only choice he could live with.

He fisted his eyes roughly and swallowed. He tried to think, but it led right back to tears. He let himself cry while he was alone; he didn't want to cry in front of the others. He couldn't suppress the sob that escaped and once it came, he couldn't stop the next one or the one after, he smothered his face into the pillow and cried until he couldn't cry anymore and at that time he felt bone weary and drained and slightly sick.

He scrubbed his face and stood up, he checked on Farren and Tegan and both babies were asleep once again and he sucked in a deep breath before climbing down the stairs into the main part of the bedroom. He couldn't hide in the bedroom forever, not from his lovers.

He rubbed his face again and looked in the mirror on the other side of the wardrobe door. He looked terrible and there was nothing he could do about it. He went out and all four of his lovers were looking at him, Harry with an armful of plates in his hands. He hadn't even thought of dinner and he felt terrible for that too, it was his joy to cook for those he loved.

"I've made you something to eat if you're hungry." Harry told him softly, looking at him with such love and understanding in those green eyes that he felt choked once more.

He rubbed his eyes harshly and nodded his head, too choked up to speak as he went and sat down at the table.

"Thank you." He forced out, hating how weak he sounded, how rough his voice and throat was.

Harry smiled softly at him and collected the rest of the dishes, Blaise winced opposite him and started up some hurried conversation with Nasta and Draco, Max smiled at his plate as he realised Harry must have kicked him, he appreciated the effort they were making for his comfort and he also appreciated the dinner Harry had had the forethought to make, for one of only a handful of times he didn't feel like cooking, but he would have if Harry hadn't done it.

Harry's syrup sponge dessert was wonderfully light and melt in the mouth and absolutely gorgeous and he was feeling so much better after finishing it. He went and sat on the settee and slipped into deep thought, he was staring at Braiden's little sock, that had been pulled off and left on the floor, but he wasn't really seeing it.

He couldn't believe that anyone could have forgotten that Harry was mistreated so severely, he couldn't believe that his own Mother had forgotten, he would never have believed it of her. Not his Mother, not the woman he had grown up with. Not the woman he had loved unconditionally for thirty-two years.

He swallowed and wrung his hands together tightly, his breathing came quicker and more shallow, he startled as Harry slipped onto his lap and it took a moment for him to realise what was going on, so deep were his thoughts. He slipped his arms around Harry's weeny waist, for all that he complained that the quintuplets had ruined his body, he still loved Harry as much as he always had, more in fact as the more he found out and learned about Harry, the more he fell in love with the strong, independent, feisty, if temperamental and sometimes moody man that had given him five sons and a daughter and he had not once lost his sexual attraction to Harry, not once.

He held Harry tighter; there was no comparison, no need to think about anything, he had chosen Harry over his Mother and he would again and again, for however long he needed to.

Nasta's voice suddenly coming in louder startled him again and he looked up as the older man addressed Harry "Did you do your catch up homework Harry?"

"Most of it." Harry replied, his tone of voice alone let Max know that he didn't want to do it either and he smiled.

"Don't you think you'd best get on with it?"

"No." Harry wriggled on his lap and snuggled in tighter to his chest and Max couldn't help smiling as that tiny body fit so perfectly in his arms. "I'm warm and sleepy. I'll do it tomorrow."

Nasta sighed in defeat. "Alright, but don't forget."

"I won't forget, promise."

Max grinned into Harry's hair and nosed around it, inhaling deeply, but subtly so he could get a lungful of his scent.

"Ah ma!" Braiden called sleepily from the floor and he held his arms out to Harry, pouting that little mouth to get his Mother to do what he wanted. It worked like a charm.

"Oh Braiden, really, right now?" Harry sighed, even as he already moved from Max's lap to pick him up.

Max lamented the loss of Harry's body on his lap and the heat of said body for all of two moments before Harry was back and with a baby in tow. He slipped his arms around them both and cradled them tightly as Braiden yawned, showing off his tiny little teeth, he fisted his little eyes, that he had taken right from Blaise and he couldn't help smiling at the tiny tot. How he loved his family, this was the right choice and he would remain adamant over that, he did not regret a thing.

He held both Harry and Braiden and they both fell asleep in his arms, it made him smile and made his heart melt. He loved them both.

"Can someone put Harry's pyjamas over the grate please, he's ready for bed."

Nasta did as he asked immediately and Blaise came and took Braiden, giving him a lingering, loving kiss and going to tuck him into his cot.

Max cradled Harry tighter and rubbed his nose over Harry's small featured face. He pulled back and let his eyes linger over Harry's face. He couldn't believe he hadn't done so in months, he lifted a hand, pointed a finger and traced Harry's slightly opened mouth around his perfect little lips. He traced his ear, he traced the tiny nose and around Harry's larger than average eyes. He only half wished those eyes were open so that he could see that completely unique colour, but Harry needed his sleep.

"Harry's pyjamas are ready Max."

Max nodded and tore his gaze away from Harry's face. He took the almost hot pyjamas and undressed Harry as gently as he could, he had had a lot of practise over the last several months, and redressed him just as gently, Harry snuggled into the warm pyjamas and Max couldn't help but smile at him.

"I'm going to put him to bed." He told the other three.

"Alright, you'd be best staying with him." Nasta told him gently. "You look shattered yourself."

Max nodded and carried Harry into the bedroom and up to the bed; he stumbled right beside the bed and dumped Harry down heavier than he wanted to. He closed one eye and hoped that Harry stayed asleep, but he blew out a breath when Harry's eyes cracked open and looked at him.

"I didn't mean to wake you. I'm sorry."

Harry made an indiscernible grunting noise and yawned widely.

"'S okay." He murmured as he yawned again, turning his body to face him more, likely without realising it.

"Go back to sleep, you're too tired to be awake." Max insisted to him, feeling terrible for waking Harry up.

"Hmm. Stay with me?" Harry asked softly and Max just couldn't refuse him anything he asked for.

"Of course I will, just let me get out of my jeans."

Max pulled off his jumper and vest and struggled out of his tight jeans and his socks, leaving himself in just his boxers. He looked up and swallowed at the sleepy look of desire he was getting from Harry.

"I love that look on your face. That possessive, lusty expression when you look at me." He said as he drank it in.

"You're all mine." Harry reminded him. "I have a right to be possessive of such a gorgeous body. I get so very jealous when women try to take you from me."

"They'll never succeed Harry. I am gay and I have been since I was a teenager, no matter how much I tried to get myself to like the female body in preparation for my meetings. Plus I love you, very, very much. I'd never leave you, least of all for some woman." Max said sincerely thinking back to the young girl he had been spiteful and awful towards, even if she was in the wrong for trying to come between him and his lovers and children. "And if for some reason I do ever leave you for a woman, please check me for spells and potions before getting upset and shredding all of my clothes."

"They have no right to look at you like that, only I can." Harry frowned, but it looked more like a pout at his tasteless joke.

Max chuckled anyway and slipped into the bed to spoon against Harry's soft, warm body. It was quiet for a while in the bed and Max felt Harry sigh and snuggle down, relaxing himself to fall asleep, he couldn't help himself, he had to speak to Harry before he fell asleep.

"I'm so sorry about what my Mother said, she had no right."

Harry stiffened right up in his arms before letting out a breath. "It's alright."

"It's not though is it. I can't believe that not only did she forget, but she told you she had forgotten. I'm so angry with her right now I don't think I could even look at her." He explained remembering back to that afternoon in his childhood kitchen and the fight with his Mother. He really couldn't look at her.

"Does…does she see me as a person Max?" Harry asking him vulnerably and it twisted his heart until he had trouble breathing. "Does she see me, or does she just see a way to get babies?"

Max swallowed heavily and his arms twitched around Harry's. "I don't know." Was his quiet, almost sobbed answer. "I just don't know." And the saddest part was he really, truly didn't know and it was that, which was slowly killing him.

A/N: I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought I would for all of you who chose to read this companion piece! So this is what happened that day all from Max's POV and as you can see, he is a very conflicted young man and very tortured at the moment by his own thoughts and feelings.

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